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What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional

Dewzilla is a full-service web design and development company. We strive to provide creative website development solutions by delivering flexibility and creativity applied from initial stages of development process. Having developed into a top provider of website development services, we put priority on upholding customer values by delivering deeply personalized approach to development process.

Websites and widgets, multimedia applications, interactive services and non-standard promotional products are developed by our  professional in-house team. On top of that, we have an excellent website support service as work never stops when development process is finalized.




Dewzilla is focused on employing top-notch professionals in the field of website development to deliver outstanding design personalized to individual preferences of each client.


As good as the final look of your website may initially seem, there is a decent piece of code implemented beyond what lies on the surface. This is something where Dewzilla truly shines, as we are constantly employing dedicated professionals to ensure maximum functionality of your website


Providing feedback and support to our is an indispensable part of customer satisfaction. With Dewzilla, you can rest assured that any issues arising from the post -development stage will be addressed accordingly


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Since establishment, we have successfully completed many projects to ensure success and satisfaction of our customers

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15 years

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