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10 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs an Overhaul

If you are not having any results from your previous marketing campaigns and looking for certain solutions to change the current situation, look through our list. Of course, detecting whether your digital marketing needs a sweeping change is not that simple, while there can be a lot of loopholes in your current strategy. 

The point is, you might not know whether your digital marketing is good if you do not know what correct metrics to check or how even to track them. Even more, you may have good revenue incoming, however, how can you know if it is the best you can generate?

You are not maximizing your return on investment

Having good results from your marketing work is the usual aim, however, are sure you are obtaining the best return on your investment (ROI)? This all should bring to defining your cost per acquisition (CPA). Ask yourself, how much it costs to get a new customer? In controlling the success of your existing marketing campaigns, you are more likely to find out that some channels you use are more effective than others. 

Your aim should be to get the maximum number of clients or customers for the lowest amount of expenses. You can discover your working ROI by comparing the results across all campaigns and channels, seeing which your methods trigger the best result. If you are not sure that you are exactly maximizing your ROI, it might be time to change your marketing strategies. 

Your social campaigns are lead nowhere

One of the worst mistakes companies make when it relates to their social media marketing is using a “post and pray” approach. This means they just post random content and hope it creates engagement they aim at. 

In reality, companies should be posting content they know will relate to their audience on various levels. Each and every social media platform developed its version of analytics or performance metrics.  

Social shares, likes, comments, and clicks are the indicators of your engagement with followers. If you are posting social media content and get no reaction, this means that things have to change. Whether you are working on your own or cooperating with the agency to post content on your behalf, that is an investment that should provide you results. Your failure in posts is a sign that your marketing strategy needs change. 

You have traffic but no conversions

Traffic generation is only a small part of the full equation when you want to have thriving marketing campaigns. You could have thousands of hundreds of visitors each week, however, if they are not converting into your paying customers or clients, you will not see aimed ROI. Thus, whether you are working on your own or with an agency, you need to make sure that your marketing is turning into conversion, not random website visits. This leads to using various analytics tools like Google analytics to control your conversion on your website, relating them to the correct channel, and defining ROI on every campaign. 

For instance, a lot of businesses invest their money in search engine optimization (SEO) to get organic traffic to their websites, however, this is not a common final goal.  You will want your traffic to be more targeted so that your website visitors are interested in your product, buy them, subscribe to your newsletter, or look for possibilities to communicate with you. 

You are having zero or not enough traffic

have 0 or little traffic

If you are having little or no traffic, this also can be a bad sign. In the case of no traffic, this means your marketing strategy is not really working to attract users to your social media platforms or website.

Almost all platforms have their one-of-a-kind algorithm that defines what content should be shown to users. In the case of Facebook, this means companies mostly rely on organic reach to be noticed by potential clients. In the case of Google, this means companies optimize their websites to be shown to users in the organic search results. 

If you are having not enough traffic from your main primary marketing channels, it is a clear sign that you need to change your marketing methods. As a rule, the proper marketing strategies will help you benefit from these difficult algorithms and attract more traffic to your business through the correct platforms. 

The returns on the paid aids are very poor

Pay per click (PPC) ads are a great way to create more leads quickly, however, they are quite expensive if you do them wrong. In the end, many companies have horrible results from their paid ads mainly because the targeting is done wrong, the cost per click (CPC) is high, or users are not converting.  

Whether you are working with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, youtube ads or others, you need your campaigns to be precisely focused on your perfect audience and content that is relevant to them. As the cost per click can be quite different, you need to make sure you are getting what you paid for. This means a lot of testing of ad groups, keywords, ad copy, targeting to receive the lowest CPC, and maximize your ROI. 

Your campaigns are done in the last minute

Probably many of us have launched marketing campaigns at the last minute, however, if you use this approach regularly, you should start looking for a new one. 

Efficient marketing campaigns need time to make them, especially when you should analyze data, segmenting target audience, testing ads, etc. If you wish your digital marketing to be strong, then you have to plan all your campaigns in advance.  This means considering all your steps to organize your campaigns, like setting the ad targeting, doing keyword research, finding professional copywriters, etc. 

Let’s think of the great relief of making your campaigns planned quite well in advance, without the need to create them at the last minute. Do you think your marketing would be better if you have done it from the very beginning? 

Your website is hidden in the search results

be at the top of the search results

People search on Google to find services, brands, information, and products every single day. If your target audience is making use of Google to search for brands like yours, however, your website is not on the top of search result, you are likely to lose many and many possible customers. Some websites can be ranked naturally, however, the rest will not have such an opportunity. That is why more and more brands start investing in their SEO to get to the top of the Google search results. 

Once more, you can not use the “post and pray” method if you want to the best among rivals in Google. To help yourself rise from the bottom, you need to have a strong SEO strategy. This includes posting related and relevant content, optimizing your website for search results, finding the right keywords, and engaging valuable backlinks to your website. Do not leave everything to a random chance, ensure your website a good SEO strategy that can help you go up to the top in search results. 

You do not know about analyzing the performance of your campaigns

Many previous signs include analyzing whether your marketing efforts are having any actual results. However, what if you do not how to measure those results?

If this is true, then your digital marketing approach needs full change and as soon as possible.  It is not good to just run a campaign and have some uncertain idea of how many customers or leads you are generating during it. With such an approach, you will not get the data you need to define your cost per acquisition or the amount of revenue you get as a result. 

For each marketing platform, you use, ensure you have proper analytics that is set up to control key performance indicators (KPIs) for every campaign you have. These KPIs have to be formed on which metrics you will study to measure your success. 

For SEO, this can be a bounce rate, page views, or conversions. For ads, this can be CPC, clicks, or click-through rate. For social media, this can be likes, shares, comments, or clicks. Setting your KPIs and strictly knowing how to check them will help you evaluate whether your campaigns are really providing any result you are looking for and whether you are maximizing your ROI.

You do not possess wholesome, multichannel marketing strategy

If you are banking on one marketing channel, you are just putting all stakes in one place. If this channel fails, you risk losing your new customers and leads.

use the best marketing strategies

In the meantime, if your marketing strategy is incoherent, you are likely to have huge gaps in your digital marketing. This may lead to losing your potential customers, communicating some incohesive brand identity, or having your prospect disappear during any of your sales cycles.

Thus, your aim should clear with a multichannel marketing strategy that can attract possible customers across multiple channels. At that rate, your brand value can be communicated efficiently among various channels, and you many possibilities to attract new customers. Along with that, you can be sure that your marketing campaigns are working unitedly to engage with your perfect customers. 

You are not getting the revenue numbers you are aiming at

The last and probably the most crucial sign that your marketing needs fixing is if you are not getting your revenue goal. If you are concentrating money or time in your digital marketing, you should ensure the real result of your revenue. 

If we assume your marketing suits all the conditions of attracting leads and traffic, you will need a certain way to define what is attracting your revenue numbers. Which channels are having the best results? Are your investments into campaigns are paying off? If you are not sure that the marketing results are worth their expenses, it might be time to change your methods and strategy. 

Aimlessly channeling money into your digital marketing without the knowledge of how to calculate results in terms of revenue number is dangerous, while you are more likely to throw away your budget or even become bankrupt. 

Thus, whether you are doing digital marketing all alone or cooperating with an agency, hold on and assess whether your digital campaigns are having the result that you need. If you are not having leads, traffic, and income, it is likely to think of a new strategy.

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