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11 Website Design Trends For 2020

11 Website Design Trends For 2020

In the modern world when everything changes and develops, web design does not stand aside. The year 2020 is not any different for this creative field. Of course, there are some immortal styles like minimalism or flat illustrations that will stick with us. However, as a number of tools for web designers grow, so new trends emerge. 

Based on the opinion of professionals, who have seen and studied development over the years. we prepared for your list of Top – 11 web design trends of 2020.

11. Dark Mode

The dark mode is considered to be one of the sexiest designs and it slowly but steadily gains proper recognition. What has caused its popularity?  With the rapid development of mobile apps for smartphones, developers have thought about such features as a dark mode. At first, it was used to lower pressure on eyes when you have bad lighting or no light at all around, however, later statistics show that many users apply it for neat and simple appeal. 

So, what is so special about a dark theme?  If we talk about dark backgrounds it creates contrast ratio to make other elements (like buttons, text or side columns) more noticeable. Meanwhile, such contrast does not lower eyestrain in general. 

Another big plus about dark background is when it goes sitewide with colorful call-to-action buttons, the web design shines out even when the experience itself more subtle and smooth than you would expect with some white options.

Remember, sometimes the development of web design lies in the practical sphere. For instance, to create a robust design, the dark theme is used to the immensely better appearance of other important accents. Dark backgrounds also help OLED screens to reserve power or to enhance the life of the screen. Surprisingly, a utility is out of the way of good looks of dark mode. 

Moreover, the dark mode perfectly blends in with other trends of 2020 in the design industry. Among dark mode’s friends are neon graphics on moody backgrounds, dark dystopian and futuristic cyberpunk styles.

10. Free-Hand Graphics And Elements 

Old fashion always comes back. That is what designers state who have seen the comeback of old ways. However, the modern world tends to challenge old techniques, thus they always return with a certain present twist. Thus, we see free-hand animations, static cartoons, handwritten graphics or iconography or cozy and warm elements in customized web designs that arise like a phoenix. 

In the modern world, where we see many futuristic and tech look-like web designs, hand-drawn designs are like fresh hair and a reminder that humanity still has a hand in design development.  Somehow there is a certain tendency. The more we use the latest tools and technologies the more we try to make a final product to have a human soul or element in it. 

There is another moment about hand-drawn elements. Nowadays one of the main aims of businesses is to attract users through the website as soon as it’s possible. Designers have thought this feature through and as a result, put a CTA (call-to-action) button at the top of the website. This is going to be the first thing users will see. These days most users of technologies do not have enough time and attention to look through the website fully. Thus, all bounce rates are fast and if you want to get attention do it at once. Do not wait for the other 5 seconds to do so.  Therefore put subheader, headline and CTA button at the very top for that matter. Handwritten elements come here really in handy for such a situation if you want to have more personal touch. 

9. Visible Grids

Having erratic free space can be tricky for websites. Thus, for such moments there are visible grids. This feature consists of various vertical and horizontal lines that intercross between each other. Initially, it was used to help the designer create proper work. However, this trend has stepped even further.  Now, after the design is finished the grid itself does not vanish. These grids can be soft or bolder on web design, however, they still help create a more organized and professional look for a website.  

8. White Space 

To make your users more focused on your product or service you offer to opt for a real game-changer. Minimalism never looked so good as in 2020. This is thanks to designers who create frames with white spaces to center the main content. What else is so good about white spaces? Not only dark themes can put extra emphasis, however, if you use white space smartly it will do just the same thing. It also attracts attention to specific words or visuals that are important for achieving some goals.  

Designs with full bleeds have been dominant for a long period. At this point, the rules of the game have changed, designers use more and more firm structures and try to play with white space as much as they want. This way they try to make designs look more organized and stable. 

The year 2020 brings firm structures for websites in the form of white space frames. If you think about how to make your content or visual stand out more but you still afraid to use some extra colors or other trends that can be too much, opt for frames with white space. This way all things will be properly ordered and favored accordingly to business’s needs.

7. Extreme Typography

Now people gradually but surely cease to be afraid of big fonts in web design. The 2020 trend can be proof of it. Over the last years, designers have started to use bigger fonts. In such a manner they are trying to attract user’s attention with only the most important but large words. The main condition of such big fonts, they should be eye-catching.  

Such trends come from designs of printed posters. The target audience might see this poster from afar, thus, the designer should do the most in such a situation. The big font is the best solution. Still, doubting big fonts? That’s a shame. These extreme fonts can be used for any website. Any. 

Designers also prefer massive fonts for their high level of readability and perception. Moreover,  they help to create a certain structure and highlight those things you wish your customers will see at first.  This trend works not only for the desktop size of the website but also for the mobile version. 

6. Chaotic fonts

Continuing the topic of typography there is another trend worth mentioning. Chaos always follows us and businesses of the 2000s, surely, tried to ignore this fact.  However, the tables have turned these days. Try to tilt a little bit one letter to the right or left, adding some grunge and rebel movements to your business. 

If your business is about a little bit of drama or suspense opt for less perfect looking design. Such intrigue makes the audience more interested and, as a result, you will have a higher level of engagement with them. However, be very careful with this trend. One moment you have uniqueness, another your website will look like chaos. 

5. Geometry In Design

At last, businesses have understood that geometry in designs can be a nice touch for visuals and experience. This 2020 trend proves that geometric shapes have a wide range of options to attract users’ attention exactly where you want them to be.  Feel free to use squares, stripes, triangles or any other possible shape that you will like. In the end, your website will look fresh and modern. 

4. Glowing/Neon Graphics

Hello, the 1980s, nice to see you again. Neon elements and graphics are back and on high-demand.  To make your website look more cyberpunk or futuristic way, use some bold flashier colors that you would never use in the previous decade. Neon elements always look good on dark background this way making graphics more noticeable. Moreover, in 2020 we might see a combination of neon elements in 3D that will lift a bit a veil to the future. 

Designers are not afraid anymore to use wild color pairings. This way they try to make web designs more tangible. Try to be more daring. The neon trend is about trying highly-saturated colors with dark backgrounds and glowing neons that will create a shining and mysterious experience for users. 

Duotone is worth mentioning. It is bold and futuristic while combines neon colors with strong color opposites. If duotone is used right it can make web design really intriguing and more visually appealing. Moreover, duotone can turn any picture or image into your brand.  2020 trends prove that unusual color combinations can level up any web design. 

3. Minimalism In Navigation

The less, the better. An abundance of buttons has proved itself as a not effective feature for websites. Thus, designers start to complect all buttons into one drop-down menu.  This way users can put their attention to the most important parts of the website. 

You probably have noticed the tendency for putting more video content with voice script. You see less and less text but more and more precise information. The easier you explain features of your product or service to your customer, the better the chances of them sticking with your business in the future. 

To fit small devices and still get needed engagement, designers opt for stunningly simple navigation. As strange as sounds, however, if a user looks around for less time, he or she will be more interested in the content already having the support of scrolling around and not learning how to do it. 

In addition to that visuals like photos or videos have stepped up in this game. Your content should have less text, however, it should not lose high-quality content because you will not have another chance to impress your audience. Stunning visuals are everything. 

2. 1970s Color Schemes

We have talked about the 80s, however, 70s do not lag. You can opt for cyberpunk neon looks or try retro ones and make use of palettes represented in pastel colors. Being modern does not mean looking only into the future but also the past. Sometimes we all need a bit of nostalgia and warm memories with classic-looking design. It is up to which side you choose. 

1. Immersiveness Of 3D Elements

Now graphic and interaction designers have become more interested in 3D technology than ever.  In the creative world design and technology always motivate each other to develop. Thus, there are a lot of options for 3D. This trend changes the rules of game making it more immersive and stunning. 

As soon as 3D shapes have emerged, they have never left the scene after that. The only reason such a trend was not used widely is because of a lack of technologies and the expensiveness of such creativity. However, now the 3D trend, tech tools, and prices have balanced, creating more opportunities for designers who are interested in creating 3D visuals. 

3D trend’s main peer is VR, however, for now, it is as not mainstream and reasonable as realistic 3D. Another plus about this trend is that it helps engage with the audience and communicate with them much longer then if you tried other visuals. Thus, we are looking forward to how designers put into practice 3D visuals that give tons of opportunities. 


Despite the variability of trends we still recommend you to study and use them smartly.  Such practice will help you follow tendencies in your market and find out how tastes of target audience change. 

Remember to use these trends with connection to your business and not just because you like it. If you mix all the trends you see without thinking such a risky decision is likely to end badly for your business. For your information, businesses pay about $2000-$9000 for single web design. Thus, if you do not wish to lose this money in vain, think first or contact the professional web designers who can give you a consultation on this matter. 

Most analytics shows that users are more interested in content that looks well-designed. They fill on a subconscious level more safe and relaxed. Thus, they are likely to engage more with something they find attractive. 

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