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44 ways for making money online

44 Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

With the Internet taking over and impacting a huge part of our lives, particularly now that work from home and social distance circumstances are in place to tackle coronavirus, more people search for ways to earn money online and maximize their financial inflows.

In this article, we are going to introduce online money-making solutions for anyone who wants to earn money in 2021. We update this article to add new ways, so you can go ahead and bookmark it. 


1. Freelancing

If you have an in-demand skill that companies and individuals are looking for, you can do it for them.

There are platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, etc. that can help with the matchmaking of freelancers and clients. This way, you can just make a professional profile, upload your portfolio, and bid for the projects that appear on the platform.


Freelancing is the best choice for those who are experts in their skills and know how to get and deliver to customers. Several freelancing websites allow companies and entrepreneurs to define their projects and hire freelancers. Freelancers and freelancing teams can offer bids and proposals, from which the clients can choose. Some of these freelancing websites such as Upwork cover many skills and projects from writing to narrating and from programming to design, while other sites like RentACoder specialize in software programming.

How’s freelancing convenient?

The convenience of freelancing mostly varies depending on the type of work. The line of the industry makes a significant difference on whether freelancing is the right option for your company, or you should hire full time? Or if you’re the one on the job hunt, you need to consider if you prefer full-time employment or various experiences? 

With that being said, let’s take a closer look into the advantages of freelancing, and reach a conclusion about how it’s suitable for you:

Flexible work schedule 

Having a flexible schedule and adjustable working hours is one of the main reasons people tend to transition from full-time employment to freelancing. 

With freelancing, you can pick your working hours or even where you’re working. You can easily sit in a coffee shop and start working while drinking your coffee. 

Additionally, freelancing gives you the opportunity to focus on your personal projects as well as your customer’s needs. 

The main advantage of working as a freelancer is that you own your hours, if you procrastinate you don’t have to stay after hours, you can just dedicate an hour or two from your night.

Freelancing doesn’t bind you to regular working hours and you can work in your most productive and focused hours. 

Client diversity 

When you’re a full-time hire, you don’t usually get to choose who you provide services for and you don’t have the option of choosing your co-workers. 

However, freelancing gives you the option of choosing clients, and if you don’t like their work ethic, method of payment, or even personality you can pass that opportunity and move on to the next one. 

With freelancing, you can work with any range of clients. You can work anywhere from small startups to hotshot clients with well-known brands. One year of working as a freelancer can bring you more experience than working a good full-time employment job. 

The diversity of clients and jobs helps you to stay interested in your field of work, also you don’t have to be bound to one industry or line of work only. 

You’re considered first-rate in your field

Expertise is the most common reason companies consider hiring freelancers. So if a company has offered you a job this means that they consider you an expert in your line of work. 

Companies will consider every advantage and disadvantage there is before hiring someone, and freelancers are often considered skilled hires. 

If a business is looking for someone for a short period of time like six months or so, they will look for freelancers and they tend to find the best one they can find. 

Possible income increase 

Depending on your work field, freelancing can bring you noticeable income. If a freelancer knows how to handle money and balance the work and home situation, working from home can be significantly beneficial. 

Freelancing can be challenging compared to being a full-time employee. You don’t have that secure payment and freelancing money has no set rules. The beginning of working as a freelancer can be low income but after gaining experience this will rise. 

Additionally, all the profit is yours. No matter if your job is big or small, all the money goes into your pocket and you don’t have to work as a flat rate employee.

You aren’t bounded to a location

You have a choice for your working environment. You can have your own home office and work consistently in one place or you can just take your laptop to a local coffee shop and work from there. With freelancing, you have the option to even work from your vocation. 

You can choose the location that you are on your most productive side, and start working where you’re comfortable and relaxed. 

There’s room for creativity 

While working as a freelancer you can expand your personal brand and apply changes however you prefer. There’s room for pivot and you can promote your services with more creativity.

Freelancing can be a huge boost for you to upgrade your skill set, as we mentioned earlier there are diverse clients in this field and if you have the right skills you can work in different industries as well. For instance, you can handle social media management, but if you have what it takes you can work as a marketing consultant at the same time. 

Another good point in freelancing is networking. Networking in freelancing is a piece of cake if you make calculated moves. If a client is satisfied with your services they will recommend to their acquiesced and there you have it, your next customer.

Downsides of freelancing

You need to weigh both upsides and downsides of any decision-making process, this includes converting to freelancing as well. Earlier we talked about the positive aspects of choosing to become a freelancer, but how can freelancing have a negative impact? And do the upsides beat the downsides of freelancing or is it the other way around? 

To answer these questions, let’s take a look at some cons of working as a freelancer:

Diverse work pace 

While working as a freelancer you might experience busy months or slow months, especially the first few months of converting to freelancing from full-time employment can be challenging. 

In the freelancing world, sometimes you might have multiple projects a month and there are times that your projects are limited. 

To maintain a balance you need to know what to do between contracts. For instance, if you’re experiencing a slow working month you should put more focus on creating and nourishing your personal brand, and market your services in a more advanced way than before.

Lack of employee benefits

Being a full-time employee comes with some advantages that freelancing doesn’t provide and you have to find a way to access these benefits on your own. Matters like paid off-time, health insurance, or vacation time are crucial factors that you have to provide for yourself while freelancing.

Paid time off

As a freelancer, you’re responsible for your vacation and sick days compared to being a full-time employee. Paid time off is built into an employee’s salary. 

When you freelance, you have to take a calculated guess on whether you can afford a vacation or day off based on how you charge your time and whether your vacation interferes with the time that you should put into your projects or not. However, in some cases working remotely while traveling is an option.

Finding insurance 

Another issue with freelancing is that you have to find your insurance and your employer doesn’t provide it for you. When you start freelancing, you don’t receive the employee’s benefits package that comes with insurance. 

There are a variety of insurance plans you can choose from but they have one thing in common and it’s that they are expensive. And since you are working as a freelancer, make sure you include travel insurance on your list.

Short-term contracts

In freelancing, there’s always the possibility of terminating your contract, and cycling between clients it’s a common aspect of freelancing. 

Knowing that every contract is temporary is a part of working as a freelancer, and if a client renews the contract is something to be thankful for. 

You should always look for more opportunities as if you’re working as a freelancer, it can be exhausting sometimes but it’s also a very good option for freelancing work.


When you’re working as a freelancer marketing your services is something you have to do best. 

In other words, working as a freelancer means that you’re your own voice. 

In freelancing, you have to kill them with kindness! If you think that a customer has more demands than the contract contains you need to handle the situation carefully for maintaining peace and trust. 

Additionally, if you feel like you can’t deliver the demanded work or a contract doesn’t work for you and it’s not what you expected you’re going to need to speak up for yourself. 

Looking for new job opportunities and marketing yourself for better networking is also a part of freelancing and you have to deal with rejections as well. 

Late payments 

Even though not all of them, some clients don’t pay on time or fairly. In freelancing, there are some cases where you need to be straightforward about delays in payments.

When you’re working as a full-time employee your payment method is obvious and you receive your salary on a regular basis. However, in freelancing you’re the one who determines the method of payment.

In freelancing, there’s always the possibility of not getting paid, and sometimes you need to track your customers down and constantly be in touch with their accounting team. 

You need to take the necessary actions by setting a detailed contract.

To conclude, if you’re looking at freelancing as your career path you need to weigh all your options. As you can see there is a lot to consider when you enter the freelancing world. You need to see if the pros of working as a freelancer outweigh the cons or if it’s the other way around. If you play your cards right, working as a freelancer can bring you more success than being a full-time employee.

2. Starting your website

Let’s say you know a thing or two about owning a website, or you’re simply looking into owning a website as a hobby. At first, you might need to pay a fee for your domain and web hosting, but if you work hard for a bit, you will be able to earn a bit of cash to at least cover these expenses from your own website. One way to earn money from your website is to have a pay-per-click contract.

Pay Per Click: Advertisement and cash, with a simple click

Let’s say you know a thing or two about owning a website, or you’re simply looking into owning a website as a hobby. At first, you might need to pay a fee for your domain and web hosting, but if you work hard for a bit, you will be able to earn a bit of cash to at least cover these expenses from your own website. One way to earn money from your website is to have a pay-per-click contract.

Pay per click is essentially selling clicks and views to companies. You can make money based on pay-per-click (PPC) plans by selling space on your Website or blog for advertisements. By PPC you earn when the ads on your website are clicked by visitors to your site.

You can sort the type of ads you want to show on your website. Also, you choose where the placement of the PPC ads on your website will be. The money you can make through this method depends on the traffic level of your website, the clickthrough rate, and the cost per click of your website. For this purpose, you can opt for AdSense, which is the most popular option among pay-per-click solutions on the web.

Google Adsense

This service is extremely easy to use: Define an ad space on your website, Adsense does the rest. Adsense matches ads to your content; for example, if you’re a website dedicated to reviewing books, chances are that a website like audible would be interested in having an ad on your website. The ads are premade by advertisers, and in a real-time auction, the highest-paying advertiser will be the lucky one to have an ad on your website.

It’s free and vast

One of the beauties of Adsense is the fact that it is free. Signing up won’t cost a dime, and the number of advertisers at hand is huge. Google Adsense uses Google ads, which means that the number of advertisers that participate in ad auctions can be relatively high. This high demand for ad space results in better pays, and more relevant ads. Then, you’ll get paid depending on who won the auction, what type of ad they are using, etc. Also, if by chance, you don’t like an ad that is being shown on your website, you can simply block it. Go to your Blocking control page on your Adsense account, and manage the ads you wish to get rid of.

Cons of using Google Adsense

Every great deal has a few catches. We recommend that you read through their program policies and terms and conditions before signing up, but here are a few drawbacks to look out for: 

  • Payment: First off, we should mention that you’ll only get paid if you make at least 100$ on your ad revenue. Yes, this might not seem to be a huge amount of money, but keep in mind that companies can pay as little as 3$ for ad space. Before you begin, we suggest you at least use their revenue calculator for a little insight.
  • Account removal: As we mentioned earlier, Adsense has quite a few policies that you have to adhere to. They are not kind when it comes to policy violations, and your account can get deleted without a warning.
  • You have to have a high ranking on Search Engine Results Pages: This is almost a general rule for having income through ads. You must be “visible” enough for the advertisers to want to bid in an auction for a space on your website.

There are other options like BidVertiser, Text Link Ads, and Blogads, as well. If you have a valuable website, you can also get direct banners and RSS feeds as other forms of advertising, and make money from them.

But beware: Ads can get annoying or be considered unprofessional. Your audience is your greatest possession when it comes to having an online presence, so do not put a dent in your popularity by displaying too many ads on your website.

3. Become a reseller

With a little bit of luck and hard work, it is actually possible to make money by being popular online. If you have an audience who follows you on social media or even your blog and website, you’ll be able to think of your website as more than a hobby that brings in some cash. You have the potential to generate income by promoting various sorts of products and services offered by companies.

Keep in mind that all the money you’ll make is directly related to your popularity, so we recommend building an audience before milking your website for cash.

Affiliate Links and Marketing

Ever seen one of your favorite content makers advertise a product that they find useful, and give their exclusive link for purchasing that product? This is what they are doing: Affiliate marketing. Becoming an affiliate marketer or reseller is a good way to earn money online, by working on your selling skills. As an affiliate marketer, you get a commission for selling products or services promoted by you. You can promote all sorts of product offers on your website, social media, or eBay.

How do you make money by selling someone else’s product? 

There is no need to own the product yourself. This is how it works:

You sign up for affiliate programs with companies that you like to promote their products.  You’ll promote their product however you wish (on your website, E-mail subscription, etc.), and encourage people to use your link for purchase. Then, you will start selling their products using your unique referral link, which is connected to the products or services. Depending on your contract with the company, a percentage of the price of the product is considered your commission. This commission can range from anywhere between 30% up to even 70% of the product’s value.

How to find a product?

It’s actually rather easy: Look into the products that you already use, and would recommend; especially the products that you’ve hinted at in your content. If nothing comes to mind or companies seem uninterested, there are companies such as Commission Junction or Clickbank, on which you can find suitable products among their vast range of offers:

  • Commission Junction: They know what they are doing: The products that they offer for affiliation are mostly reliable, and the payment is on time and reasonable. Look into this website for a headstart on where to begin
  • Clickbank: This website is very intriguing: The pays are relatively high. But there is a catch: the number of good products to advertise is relatively low. We recommend you look into each product you advertise, before recommending it. Your reputation can be more valuable than the money you make right now, especially if you plan on becoming a big name on the internet. 
  • ShareAsale: Want to promote goods like accessories, clothes, etc? This website will help you quite a lot. Find offline goods that you can support, and promote them via your affiliation link.

4. Taking surveys

Taking online surveys is a popular way of making money online. Research companies always require people in various locations around the world to answer surveys.

You can earn money online only by filling out questionnaires and surveys. The companies pay it to you as cash or reward, based on their plan.

Companies tend to use paid surveys as a way of collecting user data and consumer’s reactions. User experience and feedback have significant importance for companies and they need this feedback for understanding the value of their products and services. 

With the rapid change of technology, market researchers have inserted online surveys into their marketing strategy. In online surveys, you can express your honest opinion about the product and get paid. It’s a good way to earn money and you can do it on a flexible schedule. 

Companies can reach a larger audience via online surveys in a short time and get opinions from consumers who are leaving a review willingly.

Are online paid surveys legal?

If you choose a legitimate company, the answer to this question is yes. Paid surveys have been around longer than we realize, and nowadays they come in online formats. There are various surveys for almost any type of service or product. To recognize whether you’re suitable or not, companies will ask you a few questions and if you are a match to their target audience you can enter the survey. 

There’s this one problem about the accuracy of paid surveys and it’s the fact that some online participants might give dishonest answers since the number of surveys they take is more profitable for them than the quality so they take the surveys quickly and randomly to finish faster. Or in some cases, people register with a number of emails and retake the survey to earn more money and some people lie about their demographic data to cheat the survey. 

Payment method 

There are various methods that companies use to pay for their online survey participants, and the rewarding system is mostly determined in the beginning. Companies use payment methods like donations, gift cards, e-vouchers, cash, etc to reward their participants. Another common way of payment is using PayPal, PayPal is an online payment system that transfers cash to survey responders. It’s easy and convenient for both parties and most importantly it’s a secure platform. 

5. Review for websites and apps

Give your opinion and get paid. It’s a fun job!

Businesses want to discover customer insights on their websites and apps. There is an opportunity for you to make money by providing your feedback. is a platform on which businesses are willing to pay people who review their apps and websites and provide insight into their experience. The platform pays $10 for 20 minutes of review and even more for interviews.

6. Become a virtual assistant

Many small businesses need human resources to run their processes, but they don’t have the resources to hire full-time employees for them. That’s the time when they look for virtual assistants.

Basically, you’re here to make someone’s life easier. Virtual assistants are responsible for performing almost all administrative tasks of a traditional assistant or secretary. You can do the tasks from home, interacting with clients, and delivering files and reports online. All in all, your job might be as traditional as booking appointments or organizing monthly expenses in Excel, or it might be as odd as replying to comments on an Instagram page. Nevertheless, the amount you can make depends on your skills and expertise. If you have no suitable skills for this job, your pay could even go below 10$ per hour. But, with the right amount of experience and expertise, you could make up to 35$ per hour as a virtual assistant. 

We have listed a few skills to look into before considering this freelancing job, to ensure a better success rate at landing well-paying gigs:


 A virtual assistant won’t have to meet up with their employers or clients in a face-to-face fashion, instead, they rely on Emails, phone calls, texting, etc. You might need to video chat sometimes as well, but at the end of the day, being able to communicate efficiently with everyone without the help of a facial expression is crucial. Be good at writing and have an even better attitude. 


 Being able to efficiently use the time that you’re working is important for you and your employer. You might end up having multiple employers, and keeping everything on schedule for every single party is crucial. Important events and dates should be accounted for, and unexpected latencies and drawbacks should not oppose too much of a challenge. Develop a system of time management for your own style of working, before getting hired.

Organization and Batching

You have to be organized; it is probably one of the reasons employers hired you to begin with. By keeping everything in neat bundles, it’ll be pretty hard to miss out on details or feel confused as to where important information is stored. We recommend you look into Batching. Simply put, instead of replying to emails as they come, specify a special time in your workday for replying to emails. This way, it’ll be pretty hard to overwork yourself or miss out on an important task. 


These last two skills are rather optional. Sometimes a business relies heavily on creativity and brainstorming. Your employer might ask you for new ideas or insights into your project. Simply put, they want you to think alongside other employees to come up with new innovative ways to expand or enhance the business.


Occasionally, they might ask you to do some basic accounting. This means that you might have to point out which business deal is more profitable, or calculate the expenses of a recent project. If you are completely oblivious to accounting, take a look at balance sheets or income statements online.

7. Translation and interpretation

If you can speak another language, then you can find ex-pat communities, where English is not their first language, and promote your interpreting and translation services.

You can also find online translation websites like Welocalize and make money online and remote by translating.


8. Become an e-Tutor

Becoming an online tutor provides you with a flexible lifestyle besides your branding as an expert in a specific field. The good part is that you can do e-tutoring from almost anywhere in the world.

To get more success in this business, you can offer discounts to the clients who promote your business and encourage other clients. This way you can attract new clients by word of mouth, which is a valuable marketing tool for any business. 

9. Sell course

Apart from becoming an e-tutor and webinar organizer, you can make passive income with your knowledge and skills. By creating online courses with videos and PDF exercise files, your clients can go at their own pace and post questions related to it in a group.

Using platforms such as LearnWorlds, Kajabi, and Teachable, among others, you can make money by creating online programs.

10. Organize webinars

You can sell on your knowledge. Websites like TutorVista, e-tutor, SmartThinking, and are among the websites you can use to earn money by organizing webinars on them.

The important thing is to gain a good reputation as a coach in your specialized field. Then, college and university students are willing to pay for your webinars and lectures.

11. Social media management

Enhance your knowledge on social media and find your way to become a social media strategist and make money online. Social networking platforms are getting increasingly important for connecting people to each other, as well as businesses to people.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are used by companies and brands, and as a social media manager, you can embrace this opportunity.

Creativity is the key in social media management, as the competition is high and the attention time of online viewers is low. You need to create innovative posts, videos, stories, etc. to grab the attention of social media users to the benefit of the business you are working for.

Benefits of becoming a social media manager 

From the outside perspective becoming a social media manager is an easy job and pays well. However, there’s much more to do in social media management than you think. In the following, we’re going to talk about some benefits of becoming a social media manager:

You get paid to spend time on social media

An average social media user spends around 1 hour on social media on a daily basis. Working as a social media manager means that you need to spend your working hours on social media which takes up around 8 hours or so. 

Keeping track of other influencers that are considered as competition is part of a social manager’s job description. You need to be aware of your competition’s moves to understand new trends and how users engage with them. 

Another part of working as a social media manager is to write captions and in other words, add a voice to the content you’re creating 

Consistent updates 

Posting on social media usually gets forgotten due to busy schedules and daily responsibilities. People tend to postpone posting on social media since they get so caught up with daily tasks and urgent errands but if you own a business regular posting plays an important role in its success. 

That’s exactly where you see the impact of having a social media manager. If you want your brand to stay in the consumer’s minds and sights you need to offer them fresh content on a regular schedule mixed with creativity. It’s also important to have your business information up to date and focus and your shared content.

You can go viral

When posting on social media there’s always the possibility of going viral, whether it’s the post you’ve made or a message that you’ve sent to one of your followers. Going viral means that your content can make a positive impact on someone. 

Going viral means that the posts you’re creating have the opportunity to get attention and shares from celebrities and influential people and actually get the attention your content deserves.

Analysis matter

Even though it looks like you can easily realize your engagement rates by going through your likes and comments it’s much more than that. You need to see the demographics of your content from different perspectives and to do so, you’re going to need to use report tools. Report tools help you get some insight into when to post, which posts have the most engagement, how many clicks your post has gotten, and etc. so simply going through your likes and comments isn’t going to give you an understanding of your engagement rates and it’s a bit more complicated than that. 

One of the best ways to see your engagement rates is by doing a monthly post-analysis. By doing monthly analysis you can update your strategy based on effective and valid content and this change of strategy is important. If you do this analysis continuously after a while you can get a precise answer to your question and put more focus on specific target audiences. 

A social media manager can use specific tools for your content and post-analysis that leads to getting the mentioned reports and seeing how your content is doing on a monthly basis. Your manager can analyze different aspects of your posts and come up with a long-term schedule for more engagement.

Research for content 

Finding relevant content and regularly posting them on your business’s website can be a time-consuming process. One of the important factors of having an updated website is creating eye-catching content that attracts users without the risk of them being duplicated. 

To avoid these kinds of incidents you need to keep track of your competition’s behaviors on social media to stay ahead of them. 

Interesting content for users has significant importance, in addition to being interesting and attractive enough, you need to post different types of content as well. This way you’ll create a closer relationship with your users and you can count on them for long-term engagement. 

Social media managers use tools for keeping track of the most relevant keywords for creating content and they will research engaging content for your target audience. They’ll also learn the newest technologies and information about your line of work to outstanding your business.

More user engagement 

Constant account monitoring is as important as constant posting on your social media. This is one of those tasks that you might miss due to daily struggles but you need to be sharp about it. Missing messages from consumers or possible collaboration opportunities aren’t healthy for your business’s growth. 

However, a social media manager will put this as one of their priorities. In addition to monitoring your accounts, social media managers will also get involved with users. This way they’ll get an insight into what’s really going on and what the user’s needs are that show consumers that you care about them and hear their voice.

Instant feedback 

In the social media business receiving rewards can be a motivation booster. When you get feedback from actual users, this can improve your performance a lot. When working on social networks, instant gratification occurs to see a commitment to its contents and ideas through analysis tools, all in real-time. 

Seeing your followers grow, content engagement rates etc can have a noticeable impact on your brand’s recognition.

Social media management drawbacks 

Since we’ve talked about how working as a social media manager can be beneficial let’s see what are the downsides of it? 

Constant performance evolve 

Social media grows rapidly and with it, the patterns change too. With this change of algorithms, the amount of time that your content is showing up in your audience’s field changes too. 

This way, you know that it’s a competitive world and you need to up your game in order to stay on top of the game. Modifying your social media strategy is an unbreakable part of working in the field and if you don’t you’ll lose engagement. 

Too much time online

excessive use of social media has a direct link to mental health issues such as lack of self-esteem, sleep deprivation, social isolation etc. Now imagine if being on social media for more than 8 hours a day is your way of income. So social media managers tend to use their phones as little as possible when they aren’t working. When you aren’t working, turn off notifications, leave your phone out of reach and create mobile-free zones in your home. Stick to doing one task at a time when you’re working to avoid getting overwhelmed. 

Viral mistakes 

Getting recognized on social media has its good and bad days. If you get a huge noticeability on social media your every move is out there and you’ll get instant feedback. An insensitive post can bring your brand down and cause permanent damage to your business. 

The nature of this work requires lightning-fast work, but it is not worth it to skip basic knowledge such as proofreading and reading for sensitive reasons.

12. Web design

Do you know how to develop websites? If yes, then you can promote your services to anyone interested in having an online presence on the web.

making money from designing websites

The demand for having a website is high and rising. As not all business owners are tech-savvy, you can help them with your expertise. So, start your online web design business and earn extra money online by helping businesses with their web development task.

You can use a website design software such as WordPress, Weebly, or Wix for this purpose. You also need to know how to code.

The good news is that most websites will need maintenance and updates after launch, which can add to your revenue as a web developer.

13. Content writing

If you find it difficult to run your own blog, you can still indulge your passion for writing by becoming a content writer. You can start writing articles for other blogs such as Weblogs, Helium, or PayPerPost.

These online platforms are a good starting point. You can also promote your content creation services to businesses and write posts for their blogs.

Try becoming an expert in a niche field and build strength in that domain to get the attention of businesses, and make money online by sitting and writing from the comfort of your home.

14. Copywriting

Copywriting is ideal for anyone with the ability to combine content writing and marketing knowledge. It is a mega-industry full of opportunities. It is the art of writing persuasive content that motivates readers to take a specific action. If you have copywriting skills you can earn good money online.

To make money as a copywriter you can sign contracts with companies and brands on an hourly basis or material-based payment.

The hourly rate for a beginner copywriter can start from $65, rising to $300 or more for professional ones with 10+ years of experience in the field.

If you or your client opts for material-based payment, you will have to negotiate rates for each blog post, sales page, sales email, landing page, etc.

15. Blogging

Will you have a field of expertise? Share your advice on a series of posts. If travel is your area of interest, think about what you want to offer: do you have experience as a luxury traveler or budget traveler? Can you share tips on such things, such as hiking or shopping? The more specific your field, the better it would attract a loyal audience and make revenue on your blog.

Starting your blog doesn’t need extensive technical skills. You can begin making your blog using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, or website builders such as Wix and Squarespace. Follow the tips on such platforms for tips on how to create blogs and host them.

Writing about your passion is an enjoyable task for you. And it can provide knowledge and experience that people with similar interests are looking for.

You can earn money with blogging by luring advertisers, writing paid reviews, or doing affiliate marketing.

16. Vlogging

Just like blogging and podcasting, vlogging can be a good way to express your thoughts and experience. Vloggers can earn money online, and many of them do it from home.

If you have valuable content to offer and there is a hidden performer inside you, then vlogging is for you. Vlogging which stands for video blogging or video logging is a form of web television. Depending on your interest there are some categories of content that you can offer on your YouTube channel:

  • Online journals
  • Tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Comedy
  • Trending technologies

You can make money online with your videos by displaying ads. It is similar to pay-per-click (PPC) plans. You can also monetize your video content by charging on a subscription basis or providing password protecting content for paying customers.

How much you can make by vlogging depends on your content and presentations. But, on average, you can make $3 for 1,000 views. So, if you create a valuable interesting video with 1,000,000 viewers, then you can make $3,000 for that single video.

Emphasize making quality content in a niche to generate views. Quality content:

  • Looks good
  • Sounds good
  • Is enjoyable
  • Is useful

17. Create eBooks

Making e-books is a great way to make passive income. You write your eBook, publish it, and earn 35% to 70% royalties on each sale.

Another way to make money by creating eBooks is by finding a book that is already published in print. You can either pay the author 8-15% royalties based on sales, or one-time payment for the online publishing rights.

Interesting topics for eBooks are those that are valuable and easy to digest. You can simply bundle solutions you compiled on a common problem, and present them in a convenient format.

You can make $2,700 to $3,000 monthly income by making interesting eBooks.

18. Sell old clothes online

You can earn money by getting rid of junk. Vinted and eBay are good places to sell, buy and swap second-handed clothes.

Some eBays pro sellers keep track of trends and try predicting what is going to be the next big trend. Then, they buy early and inexpensive and sell on when the demand increases.

19. PTC

Several websites give money (after a certain level of earning) by clicking on ads. They are therefore called paid-to-click (PTC) sites. One needs to be enrolled before the project starts. Not all of these places could be real, so be careful. You may also refer friends and make money in the process., BuxP, and NeoBux are a few of these PTC sites.

20. Peer to Peer

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms are the marketplace for lending money. P2P lending platform is an easy and organized way to lend money to others.

The P2P systems have a recovery mechanism in place and one can consider it before accessing the platform services. As this is an unsecured loan where there is no face-to-face contact, the P2P lender must be aware of the risks involved. As with any other form of investment, you should consider the risks and rewards of P2P lending.

Some lenders earn an average of 10% on P2P lending platforms.

21. Data entry

Data entry is severely challenged by automation. But there are still some available data entry jobs that you can do online and remote. Data entry is one of the easiest jobs you can do online to make money.

Also, it doesn’t require any special skills. The most important ability you must have is attention to detail. Fast typing is another skill you need to have to get a data entry job.

You can earn an average of about $13 hourly income by data entry.

22. Searching the web

If you are not a writer, coder or designer, you shouldn’t be disappointed about making money online. You can earn money by doing what you already do online and lack of talent cannot stop you.

By doing research online and for a few hours per week, you can earn extra bucks. Some people don’t have the time to do the research themselves, and you can embrace the opportunity to make money out of your time.

The good thing is that surfing the web is what we do already. So, this can be one of the easiest ways of making money online without a significant change in your behavior.

You can get the research job by finding organizations that provide funding for research and online investigation. You can earn $1000 – $2000 per month by becoming a part-time researcher.

Qmee is a platform by which you can earn money from your search results and surveys. It pays $0.05 to $1 per search.

23. Online market trading

Although this is not always an easy way to make money, trading in stock markets can be profitable if you know to do so appropriately and wisely. In the same way, if you don’t take it seriously, you can suffer huge losses.

Entering the stock/forex market might seem a little risky. However, you can start a little and continue your investigation until you gain expertise in this field. When you do this, it would be easy to benefit from the trading of foreign currency and/or stocks. Their prices fluctuate based on supply and demand and the economic and political factors of the globe.

The purpose of every stock trader is to see which currency/stock is likely to increase or decrease in value against another. The more time you bring in, the more money you can eventually earn.

24. GPT sites

GPT stands for get-paid-to sites which are growing in popularity, esp. among teens. With these sites, you can sign up for free on websites, newsletters, play games, and fill out surveys to get paid.

They’re perfect for people who don’t have a talent but want to make extra money. The money is not that much to make a living out of it but is good as pocket money.

The subject of the websites you sign up for vary from shopping to politics. GPT websites reward you in cash and vouchers when completing specific activities.

25. Become a Clickworker

The concept of internet crowd-sourcing is realized on Using this platform businesses can outsource scalable tasks that can be distributed among many individuals so that they can be completed fast.

This is a way to generate income right from your home.

26. Get Cashback

It is not just a way to earn money, but also a chance to save money. If you look at it differently, you’re making money on anything you buy, the cashback is whether it’s 10% or 0.5%.

Cashback deals range extensively, but you can see yourself earning as much as £100 or only a few pennies for a single purchase, depending on what you buy and what brands you buy from.

Cashback can sound a bit complicated, as earning money by shopping is a surprising concept. But it’s very easy. They have a nifty business model.

Steps to get started earning by cashback:

  1. Sign up for Quidco or any other cashback website.
  2. When you want to buy something on the web, open your cashback site and sign in to see which companies offer the best deals or the brand you like.
  3. Search the retailer name on the cashback site.
  4. Follow the link of the brand provided by the site.
  5. Make your purchase just as usual. As you were referred from the cashback site, it will automatically register you for the cashback.

27. Review music

If you have thought of sitting back in your home, listening to music, and earning money at the same time, your dream can come true!

You can review unsigned bands and artists online and for cash, with Slicethepie, and get paid. The earning from this method is not much, you may earn about $30 a month. It’s good for those who already enjoy listening to music and reviewing it. If you don’t enjoy it, then opt for a more efficient way of making money online.

28. Buy and sell domain names

A domain name is simply a website address (e.g. or ‘’) and there are a number of extensions available (.com, .net, .fr, .io, etc).

Buying a domain can cost as little as $0.99 on, but premium domain name values can increase to up to $1,000s if not millions.

Trading domain names is another money-making method for working from home. It doesn’t need much time or investment to get started. You buy domains cheap and sell them at a profit, that’s the rule.

You can check domain auction sites for an estimate of the high-demand names. One easy way to find good domain names is to use terminated domain lists. These are the sites that are expired and are available for buying.

29. Sell old CDs, games, and movies

You may not believe it, but you can sell your old CDs, games, and movies online, and make money. The best thing is that you can save all songs and films on your external hard before giving them away for cash.

You can earn from about $15 per item, and it can be a great amount if you have a large collection for sale.

You can use Amazon Marketplace or Preloved. Also for buying and selling refurbished and second-hand electronics, you can use the MusicMagpie platform.

30. Sell photos

Do you have photo skills? Then, we have a passive income source for you. By uploading your photos to stock websites, you can earn money each time a company or designer buys your photo.

Shutterstock and Getty Images are two of these sites. These websites offer incentives for photographers to make money just by shooting, uploading, and waiting for them to be sold.

31. Sell stories and videos

You can earn some extra bucks by selling your stories to papers. Anything that the audience likes to read can be sold this way. You can earn about £50 or more for an interesting story.

Also, if you can film the misfortune of yourself or your friends, You’ve Been Framed is willing to pay you £250 for your video.

32. Watch videos

Do you like sitting back and watching videos? Then, this one is definitely for you. You can watch videos online and get paid. This can be the easiest way to earn money online.

Websites like Swagbucks and Inboxdollars are among the sites that pay you for watching videos and advertisements that hope to go viral.

33. Making themes

The increasing demand for having an online presence leads to more and more people looking for website templates and WordPress (WP) themes. If you have a web design and coding skills, you can make money online by designing WP themes.

There are marketplaces like TemplateMonster and ThemeForest, where you can present and sell your themes. 

34. Become a code fixer

Another way to make extra bucks online is by fixing other webmasters’ coding issues. For this purpose, you must have good web coding knowledge.

This type of job is a support job and you can do simple things like adding a script or more complex tasks like setting up sites. Also, you can offer support for web CMS like Drupal and Joomla.

35. Sell your design

If you’ve got the passion to design cool images, don’t worry about creating your inventory. You can earn money online by designing, as long as your design can be printed on a product.

You can upload designs to different platforms, such as CafePress, and if someone orders these designs, the company will print them and distribute the products.

Your designs can be printed on T-shirts, hats, bags, posters, and other materials. You will get a commission for each of your designs ordered for print. Zazzle is another website for this purpose.

36. Inbound call center

Many companies, esp. during the pandemic, prefer employing workers outside of their office. One of the processes that many companies outsource to remote workers very easily, is inbound call agents.

You can work with as many companies as you can handle and make your inbound call center. A call center representative can either work part-time or full-time, depending on company requirements.

37. Create applications

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, there is a high demand for their apps. You can embrace this opportunity if you know how to make apps. Developing and marketing your mobile app is now a profitable way to make money from the Internet. 

App developers have little cost, as there are no storage or shipping costs included. So, app developers enjoy a relatively high-profit margin.

Generally speaking, there are 2 ways you could make money from mobile app development: 

  • Purchasable or in-app payment apps
  • Free apps

Depending on the demand that you anticipate for your app or its popularity, you can choose either route. The first approach is pretty self-explanatory, now let us explain the second route a bit further:

How to make money with Free apps?

We all have free apps on our phones, ever wondered how they make money? And how can you do the same? Here, we’ll explain a few common ways to make money from your free app:


You’ve probably seen ads pop up on various occasions while using a free app. This method of money-making is probably one of the easiest and most popular routes to earn cash from your app. There are a number of ways by which ads can appear in your app:

  • Add banners: A small portion of the screen display will be dedicated to ads. This method is consistent and you’ll make money based on the number of clicks, impressions, etc.
  • Pop-ups: Ads can pop up on the screen while a customer is using your app. This method can get rather annoying for the customer, but with proper ad distribution, it is possible to earn cash as well as keep your customers. 
  • Videos: Seen as a pop-up or simply a way for the customer to earn some bonus points in your app, videos are seen as one of the best ways to make some money from ads. They usually pay per impression, and some are skiable after a few seconds. But beware, long videos can be extremely annoying! Be sure to make it while worthy for the consumer to watch them.
  • No ads: As odd as it may sound, you can make money from not having ads on your app. Just offer an ad-free version of your app for a small cost.

In-app purchase

This method is based on the freemium model. You’ll offer your app for free, but a few premium options will require in-app purchases. Before you design your app, make sure that it is possible to incorporate this method into your app by designing consumable goods, such as currency, or achievements, such as additional levels or treasure maps. This is a rather popular strategy, with more than 50% of popular apps using this method to earn most of their revenue. 


Design different levels of access to the contents of your app. Make a free app with enough great free qualities that your consumers would look forward to having an upgraded version as well. With this method, it is possible to have a win-win situation: App users are free to enjoy whatever level of services that they want, and you’ll be able to put a price tag on advanced services without annoying your consumers with ads. 

In the end, making money from an app is completely possible, and there is no single “right” way to go about it. You can even mix and match some of the ways we spoke of. Our only advice is to look at your audience and look at the value of the app you’re offering. No one will pay 5$ for an app with little to no advantages compared to the other 15 free apps that they can download.

38. Transcription

If you are a fast typist, without any other special training or experience, you can start your transcribing job right from home to earn extra bucks.

Sites like TranscribeMe and Quicktate are among the platforms that can help you get started. You can transcribe audio files of general notes, to-do lists, conference calls, etc. using these sites. You can earn from about $15 – $22 per audio hour on TranscribeMe. 

39. Proofreading

Proofreading is another good way of making online income. Many agencies pay about 25% of the price of translating a document, to its proofreader.

For example, if a six-page document costs $100, then its proofreader can earn about $25. It is a good amount as it takes less time to proofread than to translate. You can proofread full-time or part-time, depending on your availability.

Here are a few websites to get you started with your proofreading journey:

  • Scribendi: If you can proofread 1000 to 1500 words per hour, Scribendi is a great option for you. Put your language skills to good use by proofreading resumes, thesis, essays and so much more. The average pay is about 15$-20$ per hour.
  • Prompt: Help out those who are still in school and need your assistance with their essays. The only drawback is that you need to at least commit 4 hours per week to your job. The minimum pay at Prompt is 20$ per hour.
  • This website is an international service that hires proofreaders for various proofreading projects. This website requires you to pass a preliminary test to show your language capabilities before you begin. The pay varies between 19$-46$ per hour, and the work hours are extremely flexible.

In the end, we recommend a thorough search for clients before you begin. Be sure to get paid for whatever skill you have, by choosing the right proofreading job. 


40. Become an Audiobook narrator

Audiobooks are getting increasingly popular among various audience groups, and one of the significant reasons for it is the prevalence of smartphones. This brings an opportunity for freelance narrators.

If you have a talent for narrating and you like to be heard, you can start narrating audiobooks from the comfort of your home. Audiobook narration is a lucrative profession, even for beginners.

An experienced narrator can earn about $170 per finished hour. You can also negotiate to get royalties, e.g. 20% on audiobook sales.

41. Teach English

You can earn money online with an ability that you may have not recognized yourself. If you’re a native English speaker, you should know that it’s a high-demand language that many people around the world try to learn. So, you can find them and teach them online.

There are platforms like TeachAway, EnglishHunt, and iTutorGroup that can help you find students from around the globe.

If you want to become a professional teacher you can work on your presentation skills and also get teaching certifications.

English teachers can make in the range of $10 – $40 an hour online.

42. Make Podcasts

You can make podcasts pretty easy. If you know about an interesting topic you only need a microphone, a laptop, and recording software to make your podcast. You don’t need to create a new podcast every day. A short one and once a week works.

There are different monetization models for podcasting, and the most obvious one is sponsorship. You can also use podcasts as a promotion tool for your products or services.

43. Become a life coach

Life coaching is a kind of wellness profession that helps people prosper in their life. Life coaching has many variations and specialties. For instance, here is some type of life coaching:

  • Addiction and sobriety coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Financial coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Fitness coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Mental health coaching
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Life skills coaching

To start your coaching business, you can follow training programs online and get relevant certifications. You can use your mix of skills and abilities and create your coaching field. If you are an expert traveler, you can become a travel coach.

44. Become a digital marketer

After the development of a website and optimizing it for search engines (SEO), the process of search engine marketing (SEM) and digital marketing begins. A digital marketing expert is responsible for marketing a website and promoting it in different ways and various channels.

A digital marketer can do this by writing press releases, article marketing, forum posting, submitting websites to directories, etc. Many companies hire a full-time in-house digital marketer, while others prefer remote ones.

The list can go on with many other creative ideas. Don’t forget to bookmark the page, as we will update it to add new ideas. And please let us know your favorite online money-making strategy in the comments below.


In this digital world, there’s always room for growth. Using online platforms can help you earn some side hustle or you can transition from your full-time employment to being a freelancer. Working online is becoming the new normal and as far as we can see people are moving towards expanding their online business ideas. 

Earning money online from legitimate and secure options can lead you to gain financial freedom, improving your financial security if you put in the time and effort.


What is the easiest way to make money online?

Working online covers a lot of surfaces, you can start your online business, or play online poker, and as simple as that you’ve made money. However, making money online has its challenges, let’s take a look at some of the easy ways that you can earn money online:

Starting your own blog
Try for becoming an influencer
Publishing your own Ebook
Taking online surveys 
Try online tutoring

How can I make money online with no money?

Luckily there are various methods to make money online without having starter money. However, it’s important to choose a money-making way that is legitimate and you can jump on it quickly with your laptop. In the following, we’re gonna take a brief look at a few legit and easy online jobs:

Freelance writing 
Editing videos
Graphic design
Freelancing in your line of work
Starting your website to get private ads

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