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Making effective apps is our weakness

Dewzilla develops and designs mobile apps that expand the potential engagement of enterprises, brands, causes, and campaigns. We make mobile apps for Android, tablets, iOS and the web. We are experienced and focus on doing more than coding native apps. We are customer-centric and create strategic solutions that deliver tangible results for your business.
We work with ground-breaking entrepreneurs to launch products to launch apps that will solve real market needs and create enchanting experiences. We have experience in developing mobile apps in various industries and verticals from on-demand services, marketplaces, financial services or IoT, media streaming to real estate recruiting. Our app development enables your brands to navigate every facet of the digital space.

Harnessing The Power Of The Web

We use digital experiences and touchpoints to enhance the experience of the customers while using your brand. The mobile apps help provide customer feedback, guided shopping experiences, mementos, social and email sharing of products and services and; information experience for customers, users and staff.

Studies have shown that the time spent by mobile users on digital media is approximately 2.8 hours daily. This is the reason we are passionate about making exceptional and user-friendly apps. Our app developments extend into contests, games and other types of promotions. Our goal is to build highly operative, informative and engaging digital tools for brands and the general public.

As one of the leading app developers, we create high performing, digitally transformative and feature-packed mobile experiences. You can trust that we will deliver as we have done for numerous years. Our reputation exceeds us and we have extensive experience and expertise. We have applied innovation and inspired possibility on countless recognizable brands and yours will be no exception.

We build fully ascendable, robust and secure enterprise grade instinctive apps on iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, our team of HTML5 experts build cross-platform apps that work seamless on any platform or device. Companies who have entrusted us have that our final product delivers quantifiable results irrespective of the technology it is built on. Our apps are of top-nothc quality and have been thoroughly tested. our apps are completely sustainable in whichever environment they are hosted.

Apart from the app development, we offer design, migration, upgrade, strategy and integration. We have a team of experts round the clock to answer to your needs. Do not worry we deliver no matter the deadline.

Mobile Apps Can Unlock New Business Opportunities

Mobile apps allow your users to get deeper in their engagement with mobile devices. They allow brands to drive more relevant and customised interactions. At Dewzilla we help our clients achieve their app creation and mobile strategy goals. We measure app engagement to design, test and drive meaningful customer interactions.

This Is The Process We Take In Making Your Mobile App

  • Product and market strategy – our team of agile experts are all in and will give guidance in every area of the of your mobile application lifecycle. We can translate user data and market information into influential strategies that enable you to achieve your business goals
  • IU/UX Design – we have a philosophy on mobile app designs that drives and guides our every creative move. Our mobile app department is specialized in decoding your clients’ prerequisites and wishes.
  • Built-in App Development – we develop first-class iOS and Android mobile apps from start to end. We do this exceptionally well. our team of engineering experts use agile development methodologies to ensure effective and efficient cooperation.
  • QA and testing – we are driven by quality and will make sure that your app is exceptional. We will work on it till every bug is fixed and the app can run smoothly. We’ll nacre sure your app is in top shape for store launch and will deliver as per your goals or even go overboard.

6 Reasons To Choose Dewzilla

  1. Our App development package – We cover the entire process from the idea to the launching of the app to the market as a full mobile product. We carry out the UI/UX design, product strategy, go-to-market advising, native and cross-platform development for iOS and Android. We have tremendous experience in developing dynamic apps. We are confident we will deliver and supersede your expectations usinf out creative designs and cutting edge on your app.
  2. Our creative team of experts – this team is experience led and outcome focused. Approximately 40% of our team members have reached senior expertise level in their particular field. You can therefore rest assured that your work is in proper hands. We have built exceptional apps for our clients and know what it takes to build an engaging, strong yet easy to use mobile app.
  3. In-house app developers – we do not need to outsource because we already have a strong and sturdy team. All our personnel are well trained in mobile app process and have specific focus to the nitty-gritty of the app development. The aim of this team is to bring your dream into reality. Our apps will reduce your business coast due to its efficiency; you will reach more customers and rate us highly due to our exceptional service.
  4. Focus on productivity and effectiveness- our mobile MVP solutions and precise prototypes bring our clients lucidity and incredible product value. Through effective communication and agility, we advise on fast endorsement and carrying out user testing as early in the development and as often as possible. We usually take advantage of the unique iPad capabilities such as the 3-axis accelerometer, pop-over interface and build unique, innovative apps that drive your sales up the roof.
  5. Great communication – we will keep you aloof in every step of the way. This strong bond matters to us because it reduces hiccups brought about by outsourced development. We will contact you frequently to ensure that the app development reflects your company’s values. We are transparent and collaborative. You will have complete honesty and visibility during our partnership with us. We are available 27/7 and we will continually update on the progress of your work. So you can trust that every process of the journey is in accordance to your expectations and it is satisfactory with regards to your company’s goals and objectives.
  6. Open technology – we use cross-platform experiences and leading open technology frameworks such as SproutCore, Node.js, Angula JS, Backbone.js and PhoneGap. This is usually combined with Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5. Our aim of using all these latest technologies is to develop apps that look, function and feel the same way on any mobile device platform. Our app development supports these features and capabilities as geolocation compass notifications, contacts, photos, sound, vibration, alert, offline storage and many more. Our cross-platform development options consist of mobile web app, hybrid mobile app development mobile website development.

App maintenance

It is important to always update your app so as to remove bugs and correct any slowness or unsoundness. Your clients will appreciate any future enhancement to your current app and you will have more user loyalty. We will schedule and organize your next maintenance after the launch of your final product. This is after tracking the progress so we can monitor its effectiveness and customer feedback.

What it entails

  • Hardware – some apps will not be effective or may not work as intended and are therefore termed as obsolete. These apps will need repair so as to be effective and generate the sales as was the goal of the business. At Dewzilla we will repair the hardware for your apps before the launch and we can also correct any malfunction if you had your app developed by another company and the outcome was not impressive.
  • Operating system – updates are carried out by iOS and Android annually. This keeps us on our toes with the apps we have developed so they can be compatible with the newer versions
  • Programming language – this is usually based on the changes done on the programming language. This can ve HTML5, Java, Objective C and Swift).
  • Designs and styles – in the past we used skeuomorphic design principles for the mobile UI but currently both Android and iOS are using material design. This resulted to apps updating to these type of principles as well.
  • Libraries – we usually use third party libraries and dependences which frequently change. These apps will be rejected unless they are updated recurrently.
  • Usage patterns – as the app matures, the user base will mature and the UI will need refreshing to reflect the changes
  • Infrastructure – if the infrastructure on which your app is hosted changes. At Dewzilla we help you update. It can be self-hosted to AWS.
  • Security bugs – apps are usually affected by security holes more often than not and it is important to keep updating in order to fix the susceptibilities.

What Other Companies Say About Our Services

We are really not blowing our own horns but just want to build your faith in us prior to our partnership. Below is a list of what other customers before you have to say about our app development agency at Dewzilla

  • Sprightly mobile design and development methodology
  • Inherent, cross-platform and HTML5-based mobile app resolutions
  • Cross-practical team of 300+ experts based in Europe, America & Asia
  • Reasonable rates for top mobile app developer capacity
  • Continuing production arrangement and reporting accessibility
  • Incomparable support with the Google Play and App Store recognition
  • Award-winning mobile design and development results
  • Cooperative, translucent and forthcoming client-focused attitude
  • All-inclusive quality assurance (QA) testing before project “Launch” event
  • Internal, front-end professionals: Creative designers, Business Analysts, and UX/UI Experts
  • Confirmed track record of efficacious mobile project delivery
  • Swift, economical services for mobile platform development

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Dewzilla is renowned for its intuitive user interface and customized functionalities. We develop the best app and games for smartphones and tablets. We are motivated by excellence and are committed to the efficiency of our end product. Our mission is to ensure that your product connects to the global audience.

We develop native and cross-platform apps for multiple mobile phone devices such as Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, and Android. Hire the best app development agency today to develop a high-quality app which showcases the best for your brand.

We will also build your game from scratch. The services we offer include arcade, board, racing, puzzle, PRG, action, music and captivating adventure. The game demographics are included.

We also do mCommerce. This is the latest development after E-commerce. You can easily buy or sell goods and services using mobile/wireless technologies and devices. More companies are now embracing this new technology and yours will be no exception. There is a surge of more than 10x increased investment on mCommerce and companies are going further to bring in speech recognition to increase the safety of the customer’s sales and reliability of the app. Mcommerce will expand in the near future for both consumer and enterprise markets.

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