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application search optimization

application search optimization in 2021 (ASO)

There are more than 6 million apps available for both android and IOS users, meaning that getting your app discovered is going to be a challenge. 

The main problem that marketing teams are experiencing these days is not the investment stage, but it’s the discovery stage of the app that troubles them.

Think of this article as an app store optimization guide, in this article you will learn about:

  • What is app store SEO and optimization? 
  • understanding ASO 
  • Improving your organic ranks by using app store SEO
  • app store optimization tips

Whether you are a newbie in the app store SEO or just interested in improving your view of application search optimization, This app store optimization guide will share some insight on this matter.

What is App store optimization? 

App store optimization or ASO is also known as mobile app SEO or app store marketing. ASO is basically about improving your app’s visibility in app store search engines like Google Play or Apple App Store. 

If your app ranks high in the search results your app’s chance of visibility to users goes higher. By increasing impressions, you can focus on your other goals such as bringing more traffic and increasing download rates of your app. 

The main goal of ASO is to excel at improving mobile app rankings by app store SEO in app stores like google play. Itunes, and windows store.

The main phones for which applications are created are iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. 

In the app store optimization, we usually focus on gaining more downloads, but supplementary goals can include:

  • More brand exposure 
  • Frequent and positive app reviews
  • Engaging the audience
  • Additional diversification of marketing channels.

People who are considering investing in ASO apps should pay attention to the rapid growth of app store users and app downloads. Statics shows that the number of downloads of global mobile applications has continued to grow, 

  • in 2016, there were 140.68 billion times.
  • In 2018, it was 192.45 billion times. 
  • In 2019, there were 204 billion 
  • 218 billion in 2020. 

Benefits of app store optimization 

As we mentioned earlier, most users find apps by searching in the app store keyword search volume. This is why if you want your app to be noticed by your target users, app store optimization is a must. Additionally, many experts believe that choosing app store optimization techniques like apple app store optimization is the most effective app store optimization strategy. 

Here are some ways to benefit from app store optimization :

Visibility in app stores

If people can’t find it, they can’t download or use your app. So no matter how good your app is, if it’s not easy to find, you won’t get the success you deserve. 

If you want your application to stand out you can choose an app store optimization strategy and start to use app store optimization keywords for increased visibility in app stores. 

Importance of target audience

Your app store optimization strategy should lead to getting discovered by relevant and high-quality users. 

Discovery and visibility aren’t the only important things, it must also be found by the right users who are looking for an application like yours.

App store optimization puts you in the path of finding the right audience by matching your app with the high-ranking app store optimization keywords people use These search terms to find your application.

Organic download rank

Having a good app store optimization strategy will sustainably improve your organic app download. A well-thought app store optimization strategy also guarantees long-term results This is because when people search for keywords related to your app, they will always find you. By regularly monitoring and updating, you can ensure the success of your efforts.

It’s cost-effective 

Using app store SEO cuts user acquisition expenses and brings you spreading growth. 

focusing on the organic growth of your app store optimization Instead of spending money on advertising, helps you reduce user acquisition expenses. This will not only save you money but also ensure continued growth.

Revenue and conversion

There are multiple ways to monetize your application. This includes in-app advertising, in-app purchases, and subscription models. Therefore, many people decide to advertise to attract more users and thus generate more revenue. However, if your app’s product detail page does not convert, it means that you are persuading users to download your app, and your ad spend has been wasted. Remember, app store optimization also involves conversion rate optimization, which makes people click and download. So try to increase your App Revenue and Conversion Rates.

Global audience

You can make your application available to users around the world through the App Store optimization process called localization. App store optimization can help you globalize your application and reach a global audience.


As the penetration rate of mobile devices continues to increase on a global scale, applications have become a new marketing platform for global companies. Just as it is important to optimize your website for search engines, it is also important to do the same for applications. Of course, the difference is that the app is optimized for app stores where users will search instead of search engines.

But this question might occur to you: will ASO beat SEO? Currently, there is no simple answer to this complex question, because it depends on what you want to achieve.

But let’s talk about the similarities first: Both attach great importance to the relevance of results and queries. Therefore, keywords are very important for both SEO and ASO. Secondly, both ASO and SEO are organic traffic and user search queries based. 

The main difference between ASO and SEO is that SEO is about ranking websites or content in search engines, while ASO is about ranking applications in specific application stores. Therefore, the results you get from these two are completely different.

But let’s dig in a little deeper:

Users search behavior

When users search in the app store, they will behave differently from search engines and expect different results. 

For instance, Searching for the term “marketing” in the Google Play Store and on the browser’s Google search engine page will produce the different results described above.

Search semantics

When performing a search query in an application store and a web browser, the way users perform it is different. From the above example, it can be seen that the user’s intention when searching in the app store is different from the same user’s intention when performing the same search on the network.

When searching on the web: 

  • Looking for information to learn more about something 
  • They want to visit a certain website 
  • They are asking about a transaction, or they want to buy something or take certain actions

When searching in app stores:

  • In most cases, users will search for a few words to find the functionality of the application.
  • users also search for specific brands
  • users generally search for applications that meet their exact needs


There is no doubt that web search and app search trends are used to optimize results for users. In other words, the trends of the two are usually very different. 

In web searches (especially when users search for specific applications to provide services for them), the search trend is mainly related to the characteristics of the application. On the other hand, in the app store, trends are mainly related to app ranking factors, such as the number of installs, data in the last few days, and frequency of use.

There is no doubt that SEO and ASO are both good ways to increase optimization opportunities to increase the visibility of search engines and application stores. Therefore, instead of simply focusing on the battle between the two, it is better to approach the problem and think with due complexity.

App store vs google play 

App Store Optimization (ASO) is an effort to improve the positioning of your app in the app store. If your business has applications, you may have heard of ASO as the “search engine optimization (SEO)” for applications. You may even know that an app store optimization strategy is important to drive your results. Unlike SEO where all targeting rules are determined by Google, ASO needs to understand the difference between Google Play (Android) and apple app store optimization.

Metadata indexing 

The metadata of the application is the information you enter on the iTunes Connect page. Metadata includes content such as age range (a measure of suitability for children), keywords, contact information, and more.

The speed difference between apple app store optimization and google play is one of the possible reasons for the misunderstanding. These two results are expected to improve at the same rate. When the App Store results have already started and the changes to Google Play are small, a sense of frustration can arise. 

ASO related fields

Some elements differ in app store optimization rankings. Some rank in google play but don’t rank in the apple app store optimization. In google play, the keywords, title, bundle, short and long description, rank but the what’s new section isn’t included in the app store SEO. in the app store, keywords, app Id, title and subtitle rank, but release notes, descriptions and promo texts aren’t included in the ranking.

The description seems to be one of the most important contents in the app store, but it is not rated for iOS. There are some details for Google Play as well: while the description should seem like an accurate long-form feature of your app, if you want to focus on ASO, you’re repeating enough keywords to add value to your ranking. Although the text looks a bit odd, using the right keywords will make it more likely to rank high in search, Google Play allows more characters in the description than the App Store

Another thing to keep in mind: It is estimated that only 2% of people read the full description of the app, so if you decide to use this space to improve keyword ranking, you don’t need to worry.

Regarding app ID/package and title: When launching an app, keep in mind that these factors will affect its ranking, as the process of changing them afterward is usually long and arduous.

Icons and screenshots

So as we know, apple app store optimization and google play are quite different. Google play’s terms for icons and screenshots are the following: 

  • Weapons are allowed in the icon but there is no explicit violence 
  • If a weapon is being aimed at a living being screenshots will be rejected 

And for the app store: 

  • When the topic is violence, it is extremely restrictive, and the use of weapons or any other reference to violence in the icon is not allowed 

Taking shooting games as an example, you need to change the way of A / B testing and try different icons on each platform. The weapon icon results in these types of games are usually better than the disarmed icon because users often want to find this type of item when searching for shooting games. For these situations, it is better to keep the weapon icon on Google Play and adjust the icon according to the rules of the App Store. Last but not least: if the game detects nudity or some sexual cues, both stores can punish the game or even reject it.

When demonstrating the interactive possibilities of the application, imagine that you are making a trailer for a movie. Edit your possibilities and choose the best one to attract the user’s attention. The ideal is to strike a balance between the “game” and “advertisement” sections and even respect the policy of each store.

How does App store optimization work?

As a mobile app developer, getting your application downloaded is the ultimate goal for your team. Because of numerous applications existing on the app stores, it would be challenging for your app to be more visible and increase downloads.

App store optimization is a set of activities that helps to increase the visibility of apps in the app stores and also the conversion rates. It helps to achieve a high ranking in search results of app stores. Having increases in click-through rates is possible by ASO. This is accomplished by ensuring that people will click on the app in the search results. Optimizing the app can be done by actions like choosing appropriate icons, screenshots, app names, and above all improving the app rating.

There is a cycle in this process which is explained like this: The main rule in the app store is, the more your app is getting visibility, the more it is going to be downloaded. Likewise, when the app is being downloaded frequently, it is gonna be more visible to people who search for a specific application. 

Here is why App Store Optimization is so important in promoting the app:

How does app store optimization help to improve and grow your app?

  • The fact, there are a bunch of different applications in app stores, reminds us that there should be a lot of effort to defeat the best apps. 
  • The most obvious purpose in the process of App Store Optimization is to increase the number of downloads and decrease the number of uninstalls. So, the community of loyal customers of your app will grow.

To reach these goals, first, we have to figure out how people search for specific apps. Here is what researches show:

Most users look for the apps in app stores more than searching in browsers or by word-of-mouth. This means how important app store optimization can be and why we have to invest in it.

App Store Optimization mechanism:

Generally, the basics of the ASO are similar to the basics of SEO. Still, in detail, there are some differences.

  • Choosing the right title for your app:

The first practical step in ASO is choosing the name of your app. This name should include something that people search for a lot. If the name (or title) is so far away from what people are looking for, your app will not be in the first search results. An appropriate title can attract users to your application and make them download it.

  • Be smart in keyword selection:

Get to know your audience. Study what keywords they may use for searches. Your app ranking will be improved in search results.

  • Ask loyal and happy users to leave reviews:

People’s ratings and reviews influence your app’s rank in app stores such as google play and apple store.

  • Increase number of downloads:

By critical reviews, you can improve the features of your app. Use the user’s comments and get to know what they need.

App store optimization tips 2021

Internet marketing teams use SEO strategies, application developers work with app store SEO or as we know it the ASO.

As we mentioned earlier, ASO or app store SEO helps with increasing the search ranks to appear in the search results of Google or to keep the app at the top of the results. 

You can say that The app store SEO is effective. Just like SEO methods, the true method for the apple store optimization and the Google Play store is not known and will be changed regularly. 

However, some elements have a deeper impact than others in the ranking of their App Store. 

using these application store optimization tips, your application becomes more classified and seen by more people and can receive more downloads. 

Let’s go over these important steps that you can take for apple app store optimization and google play optimization:

Detailed title

In the app store SEO, the name has plenty of impacts and goes a long way. The keywords that you use for your titling, are more effective than any other keywords in the apple store optimization.

When the title of your application contains keywords, the probability of ranking higher is 10% higher on average than apps without keywords. 

However, there have been some cases that the app store optimization keywords have been ignored and the short titles which help with branding have been chosen instead.

Even though this kind of title choice might make sense, you can’t quite separate these two.try including the most high-ranking app store optimization keywords, and create relevant content that expresses your application and your business.

apple store optimization: you are allowed to use around 250 characters on your IOS app in the apple store. A compressed and short title can indeed help with building brand image, but it won’t help you in any way if you want to improve apple app store optimization.

As we mentioned, the title is too important in the ASO. make sure that your title hasn’t been used before, and make a descriptive title mixed with high-ranking keywords and create your subtitle keyword-rich as well. Doing these simple steps helps you with your rankings.

Google Play: The process of creating a title is slightly different from the Apple app store. So you need to be very reinforced since you can only use around 30 characters in the title. But you must worry about the keyword of the Android application title. 

Consider the app store optimization keywords

Similar to SEO, app store keywords ranking is one of the vital app store seo factors.

Like the app title, how should you handle the app keywords in each store?

In the apple store optimization, the limit is 100 characters for the keywords, so you have to choose your keywords with research. It should be close to the 100 character limit.  

However, on Google Play, there is no specific keyword field. However, the app description is searchable and you can easily use 4000 characters. 

For a precise App Store optimization process, put your high-ranking keywords in your description, and repeat that for five times or so. However, don’t use your keywords too much since the description becomes wordy and invaluable. keywords will penalize your app, which decreases your ranking place.

There is a subtle difference between app description optimization and filling in keywords. The important thing for a description is being smooth to the person reading and makes sense to the readers as well as the App Store algorithm.

Conduct a keyword research

However, before publishing your application with your team’s chosen keywords , you need to do research to understand the ranking and requirements of these keywords, and how many applications are applying these keywords.

So adjust the keywords that you pick in your app title and description. This step may increase your ranking and cause a noticeable change of positions. 

Pay attention to app store keywords ranking

look at the apps in the higher position for every considering keyword to understand what users demand when searching that specific keyword. check  your application’s performance, if it’s doing completely different actions from the top applications, then you might need to try something else.

Here are some other points on choosing the most suitable keywords for your application: 

  • put the main keywords in the application title, an experiment showed that only putting keywords in the name can improve the app, The quality, and the app store keyword search volume by around 10%. 
  • Use words instead of phrases, unless the phrase is without a doubt a comprehensive keyword
  • When searching for app store optimization keywords, check the singular and plural numbers, and pick the keyword with the better number. 
  • Commas are a better option for separating keywords. 
  • Use numbers, not spelling. 


In IOS and Android applications, the description of the app is like the login page of your website. 

If you bring potential buyers here, you want to complete the transaction and make a sale.

Therefore, the description part of your app in the app store must be considered a vital part of the app store optimization strategy. 

First, assume that the user doesn’t have any clue about your app other than the title. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Here are the main points to consider:

  • What is your application made for? 
  • Does it solve any problems? If yes, what?
  • How can you make buyers’ lives comfortable? What is the price explanation? 

is persuasive but concise, and keeps longer articles and instructions for your application website or application process. you need to pay more attention to the keywords described by Google Play. 

you need to include screenshots that are useful and match the app’s description. Being relevant to your customers’ demands is another factor. These reveal your application’s highlights, make it look easy to access, get downloads, and thereby improve rankings.

Quality of screenshots

It only takes 7 seconds for people to decide whether to download the application. The appearance of the page is a key factor in your users’ downloads, screenshots that have good quality will make a difference in the numbers.

When persuading users to start downloading your application, they are considered the second most influential factor.

use your screenshot space to highlight the main advantages and most attractive elements of your application. 

Application preview

Around 80% of the US Internet viewers watch online video, and most of the video content is watched via smart phones.

You can use the impact that video has on your app store page to let potential users better understand the potential of your app.

people are likely to watch the video you uploaded on mute. Therefore, use subtitles to show the relevant part or function you are displaying. Upload images from the application, don’t start photographing people using the app.

Previews in the apple app store optimization can upload a video for up to 30 seconds so the user can see a preview of the app’s features. 

show the recording app experience, so checkout your mobile app user experience,and matches the content your users demand/

This will help the App Store optimization technology for the App Page Store convert more when you provide valuable content.

App category

Putting your apps in the appropriate categories will not only help users’ category search, and it’s also a good practice to help your apps ranking. 

If your applications suitable for multiple categories, you have 3 options for solving your problem: 

First, you need to choose that one category that is more descriptive of your application. 

The next step is to check the number of apps in categories; you can choose the category that has less competition; this will give your apps a chance to rank high. 

At last, check the EAW of the top apps of these categories. Putting your application in the smallest number of applications may also be beneficial to you. 

remember don’t put your app in the obviously wrong category can cause problems. 

Apple reviewed all submitted requests before uploading them on the App Store page, putting your request to the wrong category may result in brand rejection. 

Users can report violations in Google Play. If you find a major bug, users will point it out.

Icon design

It is important to know how to design an attractive application icon. You will only get a picture to show to the app store of why your app is good.

Try four variations of the application icon before launching. Your target audience probably has different opinions as tastes from you when it comes to icon design. The application icon is one of the first things people see about your application. Impression, the correct use of it is essential. 

And since icon design has been shown to play a big role in the downloads of an application, it’s definitely worth spending time on designing a great app. 

it’s worth investing in a designer for your icon development. A visually appealing application that best represents the actual function of the application.

Remember, if you can somehow draw the app store users by icon design, they will see it and the download probability goes high. 

Reviews matter

Positive reviews and reviews are impactful on your optimization. The best thing for you is to get as much as possible. they must be reviewed by the users who downloaded the application. 

For app store optimization nothing is more suitable than user experience.

If users understand this application, like it, can easily incorporate it into their lives, they will be happy to provide an enthusiastic review. 

One way to get reviews is to send push notifications for users to comment about your application. 

plus, pop-up notifications in the app, asking users to comment if they like it. 

We recommend that notifications appear after the app is opened sometimes; if the user opens the app most of the time, They are likely to like it and give a good comment. If they don’t use your app frequently, the reviews will not accurately show their experience.

Efficient App management 

managing applications can be tricky, especially when you have multiple localizations. If you have multiple applications, the situation becomes more complicated. 

With the right tools, you can simplify your App Store optimization process. Let’s see show see how to do it:


The first step of simplifying your App store optimization process is to analyze your app’s visibility in the app store. As we mentioned earlier, many people are actively searching for apps in the app store. This is why it is important to understand how people find your application. 

A good way is to see what search terms people are using in the app store to get your app to appear in the results and check your keyword rankings. Instead of manually searching for this information, you can use the app store keyword tool and app store keywords ranking. 


Optimizing your app is a process that requires time and patience as well as practice. It typically involves endless spreadsheets, vast amounts of numbers, and information.

With this knowledge, we recommend you choose a more smart and efficient way to apply your app store optimization strategy. 

By using an ASO app and other tools such as an app store keyword tool, you can save yourself time and money. 


After the optimization is completed, the application can be released. To get the best information about what is valid and what is not, you should submit updates regularly. The best practice is to release core information updates every two weeks. If your app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, you can imagine that this task involves a lot of clicks and navigation. 

By using optimization tools, you can minimize the time spent preparing and launching. The best part is that you can publish and distribute all the applications with a single tool.


There are many ways to earn money from your application. One option is to resort to advertising and paid user recruitment channels. This includes app stores, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any search engine like Google. 

Another way is to provide paid applications, which means that users must pay for the installation of the applications. You can even charge for special features and updates that count as in-app purchases. 

So let’s sum up the efficient app management:

  • App Store optimization is a necessary and important part of your app store optimization strategy
  • Winning at App Store optimization is more than just finding the right app store optimization keywords
  • App store optimization is an ongoing process. 
  • app store optimization tools can help you go smoothly

Mobile app design and development

Designing and developing a mobile app is applying a set of actions to create a mobile application from scratch. Dewzilla can help you to create your mobile app with the functions and the appearance you desire. 


If you want to have a successful app, with a lot of popularity and downloads, and earning potential, you need to pay close attention to your app store optimization strategy. Although Apple and Google did not share their exact method for setting an app’s rating, it has been determined that certain things will have a positive impact on your app’s rating.

FAQs about ASO

What factors should we check for App store optimization? 

Get to know your customers and your competitors
Choose the correct name for your app
Maximize the use of keywords
Create a description with keywords
Stand out with a good icon design
Add screenshots and videos
Localize your app 
Increase traffic through foreign promotion.

How do I choose keywords for app store optimization?

Think about the keywords you want your app to rank for
 Distribute your search terms into the keyword, caption, and application name fields
 Separate keywords with commas
 Avoid repetition of keywords
 Update your iOS keywords regularly.

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