Methods of attracting customers through the app
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Methods of attracting customers through the app

It is possible to attract customers with the application in different ways. If we visit the Google Play Store, we will find that there are many applications and the number of them increases every day. According to the statistics provided by the analysts, the number of these applications increased from 140 billion in 2016 to 204 billion in 2021, and their number increased every year and this trend continues. But according to surveys, it was found that most users usually delete the application after three months of installation. In today's article, we want to check what methods can be used to attract customers. If you are interested in today's article, stay with us until the end of the article.

Attracting customers with a mobile application using App Store Optimization (ASO)

Attracting customers with a mobile app using app optimization for the app store is one of the best ways to attract users to the app. Optimizing the app for the app store increases the number of visits and eventually they become downloads. Optimizing the app for the App Store is very similar to optimizing for search engines (SEO). To optimize it, the following are important:

  • Application name
  • key words
  • Sub-headings
  • Application description
  • Icon
  • Video
  • Feedback and consent
  • Localization Weblinks

Successful methods of attracting users to the application

Note the key components of the page

One of the most important things to optimize the App Store for visitors is to pay attention to the key components of the page. For this purpose, research keywords and put them in the title and subtitle. Make an attractive icon, use attractive words in the app description, and focus on features. If the application supports video, link and "latest changes", use these features to attract the customer's attention.

Application localization

In order to keep your customers, you need to localize your application. Even if the desired application is used in one region and one language, versions in other languages can be made and users of other languages can be attracted. After finding the keywords of each region, place them on the localized pages.

Make regular changes

If you regularly improve your pages in the App Store, you can find out which changes are most effective for app growth. For this purpose, make one change at a time and measure its impact to understand which one has a greater impact on the results of your page. Attracting customers with the app with organic mobile marketing Attracting customers with the app with organic mobile marketing is especially important for online stores and end consumers (B2C). Organic traffic comes from various sources and channels such as social networks, websites, etc. To attract more users, observe the following:

Working on your website

To attract more users, you need to optimize keywords on your landing pages and website. To launch a mobile advertising campaign, you need to create a landing page so that you can attract more traffic. Do not forget that the information in your ads should be consistent with the information expressed on your pages or website.

Don't just focus on SEO

To optimize your blog, you should not sacrifice quality over quantity or change the readability of content by adding keywords. Rather, you must make sure that the desired content can be displayed on mobile devices. After that, prepare a content plan for the blog. Each part of content production is suitable for a specific audience. If you are promoting an application, make a blog that teaches the user how to use the application.

Optimizing content with appropriate advertising formats

High traffic volume of publishers leads to more income. Each additional visit leads to more income. Programmatic advertising technology connects publishers to advertisers. Algorithms of programmed advertising personalize the advertising messages of the recipients, which is beneficial for advertisers, publishers and users. When you want to develop in-app or mobile advertising content, try to design ads with appropriate height, width, and resolution, and use call-to-action (CTA) buttons and links in your banners that easily lead to landing pages. to be

Attracting customers with the app through advertising

If you are looking to attract customers to the app through advertising, you can use CPR advertising services. For this purpose, advertisers must register on this platform and launch a campaign. When real-time (RTB) ads are shown, the system automatically sets a price on the ad space and mobile ads are made for the selected groups. For this purpose, pay attention to the following:

  1. Using the possibility of targeting Targeted advertising allows you to segment your audience and show specific ads to each group that they are interested in.
  2. Variety of media with suitable formats The best way to monetize free apps is to monetize through banner ad formats. This method is affordable and convenient, and almost all user attraction platforms support this application; We can also use 30-second video advertisement formats. Native advertising formats are also suitable for this purpose. If your main concern is creating interaction, choose premium videos and playable formats.

The method of attracting customers with the application through influencer marketing One of the ways to attract customers with the app is to use influencer marketing. In this type of marketing, you can promote your products and services with the help of famous personalities. These people are the owners of famous blogs, celebrities, vloggers, famous people, or experts in social networks, etc.; In addition to famous people, organizations or associations that people value can also advertise. The goals of brands in cooperation with influencers are as follows:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Educate the audience
  • Improving the performance of search engines
  • Show complex products in detail
  • Increasing the number of followers and participation in the brand's social accounts
  • Increase sales
  • Increase brand loyalty

To increase the number of customers through influencer marketing, follow the following steps:

Defining the target audience

If you want to try the method of attracting users with the app through influencers, you should know that audience targeting is very important. In this method, you should choose an influencer whose audience is similar to yours. After finding him, examine the aesthetics of his speech.

Choosing the right platform

Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok and personal blogs are among the platforms where many influencers are present; Therefore, to be successful in it, it is possible to determine which platform your contacts are on the most and at what time they are on them the most.

Attracting customers with mobile application through email marketing

Another way to attract customers with the app is through promotional emails. This method is more effective than Twitter and Facebook if used at the same time. When the email is opened on mobile, it creates a high percentage of clicks on the links. When you are planning a mobile email campaign, different emails and applications are shown in certain ways; So first test your newsletter on IOS, Android and other smartphones. In order to successfully attract customers with the app through email marketing, it is necessary to follow these points:

The shorter the better

In order for users to use the application for a longer period of time, it is better for the email title and email text to be shorter and clearer. For example, the title should be up to 50 characters. When placing images and call-to-action buttons, you should optimize for mobile.


Personalization is very important in mobile. Prepare a separate list for different groups of your contacts. Because the audience of most mobile applications are scattered in different parts of the world, segment and separate email lists to distribute them according to geographic region; In this way, emails are sent to users at the right time; You can also segment these lists according to the tastes of the audience and their behavioral information.

Include deep links in your email

By means of these links, if customers have not yet installed the application on the device, a deep link will direct them to install the application; In this way, these types of links are a good user experience and help your efforts to attract better customers.

Final word

Today, we see various applications in Google Play, App Store, etc. In order for these applications to be well received by the audience, so that customers do not uninstall them after a short period of time, the creators of these apps need to pay attention to some things. In today's article, we introduced some methods of attracting customers with the app. If you need more information about this, contact our consultants.

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