The need for businesses to have an app
Mobile app
The need for businesses to have an app

If you compare the amount of use of your mobile with a laptop or computer; You will understand the importance of having an application. In this article, we will not only answer the question of why the application, but also introduce you to the benefits of having an application. In this way, you can make a better decision about having an app or not, considering your business.

What is the application?

Computers, mobile phones, and tablets have software called applications, or apps for short. You must have played music on your smartphone using a special application on your phone. Or you have entered the Play Store or the Apple Store to install new applications. All these programs are applications that are installed on the mobile phone and meet your needs more easily.

What is the difference between an application and a website?

The main difference between the application and the website is the freedom of action, which it gives to the user. An application has the ability to be used by the user without being online (i.e. offline). Also, the mobile phone is much more accessible to the user than the laptop. So he can easily communicate with his desired business application with his phone without needing to turn on his laptop and search the Internet. But the big problem with websites is that they only work in the browser window and they can't get out of it! That is, if you close the browser program, you will no longer be able to see a trace of the website and the information you need. You should always keep up with the latest technology to grow your business. Today, a significant percentage of the market is made up of Internet businesses, and many people have expanded their relationship with the market by using websites and applications.

Is having an application suitable for every business?

The advantages of having an application are many because the application is considered a communication channel with the audience. But you should check your business and audience to know if this communication channel is suitable for him or not. For this purpose, you can check the customer's behavior to know how he is on the Internet and which communication channels he is most comfortable with. Some people search for the information they need with a computer and through Internet browsers (they surf the web in a way), and on the other hand, there are people who like to have the content they want available in the form of an application on their mobile phone. to be But overall, users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and only 14% of their time on websites.

What are the advantages of having a mobile application for business?

If you don't know whether having an application as a communication channel with the audience is suitable for you or not, read the advantages of having an application to make a better decision.

Having an app will increase your sales

With a store application, your relationship with the customer becomes much closer because you are constantly in front of his eyes and on the screen of his mobile phone that is always with him.

  • Promotional, discount, and bonus notifications
  • Types of notifications, such as notifications of new products
  • Direct communication with all users who have installed your app
  • Ability to buy and pay via mobile
  • Encouraging customers to buy by facilitating shopping by mobile phone and not needing to leave home
  • Send your special offers to customers who are near your store or workplace, with the help of geographic technologies and offline.

Having an app will increase your audience

One of the advantages of having an application is the possibility of presenting your application in markets such as the App Store. Because it makes a lot of people get to know this application and your business. In this way, not only will your audience increase and it will not be limited to the site, but by using gamification and the introduction to friends section in the application, the number of application installs and customers will increase very quickly. In order to speed up this process yourself, you can also consider a reward or discount for introducing your friends.

The importance of having a mobile application to introduce your brand

Most of the successful and popular businesses also have an application. Because for them, close communication with the audience and staying in their mind is important. As we said before, installing an application on the customer's phone means the most possible connection between the business and the customer. **In addition to this;

  • You can use mobile apps for internet marketing of your business and to draw the audience's attention to the brand. For example, you can publish news on related topics or send press releases.
  • Having an app allows you to get feedback from users. You can conduct a survey through the mobile app and allow your users to freely share their positive and negative opinions.

With a store application, you are always available

Another advantage of having an application is that; Your smartphone app is available 24/7 for both regular and potential customers. Even when your office or store is closed, your customers can easily review your services and products in your dedicated app. With today's busy lifestyle, online shopping with mobile is the best option for those who want to shop.

The necessity of using the application to always be in front of your customers

Statistics show that every person spends an average of two hours of his time working with his mobile phone. Of course, in a realistic view, most users during this time use a number of limited applications, which are mainly social networks and messengers. But in general, users unlock their phones dozens of times during the day and scroll up and down the first page containing numerous applications!

Therefore, even if your app is not an application needed by users on a daily basis, you have not lost the chance of being seen by users. Being seen several times a day by target users is a special and unique situation that few advertising methods can provide. Even if your application is not used by the user at that moment, or even if the user has forgotten why he installed the application, multiple viewings of your brand icon will create a mental image of you in his mind. As a result, whenever he needs services similar to your business, you are definitely his first choice.

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