Why should our business have an app?
Mobile app
Why should our business have an app?

Mobile applications are a new tool these days to attract more customers. By designing the application, you will be on users' mobile phones and every time users need to use your services and products, they will open the app very quickly and make their purchases. Making an application is a pure opportunity for you to keep your loyal customers and get more market share. Application and website design is a must for businesses because these days almost most people make online purchases and get everything they need from the internet world. Building a store application is an opportunity for your business to ride this wave and increase your income and profit.

Advantages of designing and building mobile applications Here we will fully explain the advantages of having a site application:

You increase your accessibility

Think that your customers want to buy a product. If they have your application. The first place they open is your app to check and see if you have this product or not. If your application is not installed on their phone, they may google the desired product and enter other sites and buy from them. As a result, you lose the opportunity of a transaction. This is the first and most important advantage of building an application. Users buy directly through the app whenever they need something. Big brands mostly have mobile apps because some people may forget the brand name. But this does not happen when you have a dedicated application. Users go directly to the app and find the product they want.

You build loyal customers

Availability for customers is very important. When we want to buy something, we usually go to the nearest store. It is possible that a store has much higher quality products, but because it is far from our home or workplace and we don't have enough time, we usually go to the nearest store. The fact that you can be close to the user every moment and every second with just one click makes your users and customers not search for other sites and places whenever they need something. As a result, these users become your regular customers. If your services and products are at a high level. This permanent customer becomes a loyal customer.

You attract more users

Some people like to keep the things they need close at hand. For example, if a person has a carpentry job, he may install stores that sell carpentry tools on his mobile phone so that he can buy anything he wants when he needs it. If you have a dedicated application, even those who do not know you may find your application from Google Play or App Store so that you are always at their fingertips. Or someone may introduce your application to others.

You make the service process easier

Some people don't like to buy from sites because they think they are not trustworthy. But when you put your app in Google Play, market, or other places in an authentic and legal way and many people download it, you can easily create an authentic image of yourself. This is why most marketing and sales professionals believe that a website application is essential. That is, even if you have a website, it is better to give new life to your website by creating a dedicated application and making the purchasing process easier for users. It is much easier to track purchases and send and use services in the application.

It helps your branding

A brand is the experience that users and customers have from being with you. The more you make this experience more enjoyable for them, the more lasting your brand will be in their minds. Application and website design has a great impact on this issue. Because you are always with them. You have made the service process easier. They have easy access to your products and services, and their communication with you has become easier. All these things make the branding process continue on its own path with high speed.

Can the site be converted directly into a mobile application?

Yes! There are several ways you can convert your website directly into an app. Such as using application builder plugins or using Web App that are done by browsers. This method of converting the site directly into an application works for all types of small and home businesses or large businesses. Of course, you have to weigh and see what facilities you need. Maybe you have special applications that are not ready in the apps and you need to customize a little. Of course, creating and designing a dedicated application is also an option, which means that you can make any changes to it. Add any new features to the app. Customize it well and change its user experience. While in other direct conversion methods, your hands are a bit tied and you may not be able to implement some changes you have in mind on the site. But in terms of cost and time, it will be a different story. What is the best way to design and build a store application? There are many ways to build a mobile app and you have many options. You as a business can try one of these methods.

Hiring an application developer

If you have a developer on your team, you can entrust him with the task of building the application. Or you can use a freelance developer to design the app for you remotely. You can monitor different stages of work. Of course, you have to provide him with the resources. For example, if he needs graphic designs, highlights, etc., you should prepare for him.

Cooperation with application design companies

App design companies provide all services related to app design for you. From app design consulting to graphic services, testing, optimization, and coding, it is written exclusively for you. Of course, cooperation with these companies costs a lot compared to other methods. As a result, you should first evaluate your budget and then make a decision.


There is another less expensive method. You can learn app programming yourself or one of your team members. There are different platforms for app development. You can use these platforms. This work requires a lot of energy and time. It all depends on your decision, resources, time, and energy. You should weigh and see which method of website application design is economical and time-saving for you.

Use of ready-made applications

This method, which we mentioned earlier, is the most economical and optimal method that you can easily launch your own store application without having any programming knowledge. Of course, depending on each type of business, it is not possible to determine the best method of building and designing a store application in general, and the options should be checked on a case-by-case basis. Every business decides according to its needs and resources and chooses one of these methods. But what is certain is the choice of the best. That is, if you cooperate with the developer, measure his records and level of literacy and knowledge. If you cooperate with design companies, see which companies have successful examples and see the portfolios of design companies carefully. If you are using app builders, the place you are getting services from should be reputable, and check the portfolios of those who have used their services before.

The cost of making a store application

It is not possible to definitively consider a fixed fee or tariff for the design of exclusive apps because there are various options involved. Also, there are different methods for this work and each developer or company has a specific tariff. But the price of ready-made applications is clear and completely economical. Among the factors that are effective in the pricing of non-ready apps are:

The quality of work you expect

Of course, if you want an advanced, ultra-professional application that has new and innovative features, you have to pay a lot. If you want an attractive, complete, and exclusive design, or if you want a user interface design and work experience that fits the visual identity of your brand, your costs will definitely increase. The quality of work you expect will largely determine the costs.


How much time a designer or developer company spends on a project is known to the company or developer and can offer you a price that fits the amount of work. You can contact developers on an hourly basis or pay them for the completion of the project. There are different payment methods and you should weigh and see which method works best for you.

Innovative design or ready-made design

In general, if you want the application you design to be completely different from what others are using, it will cost you a lot. But some developers or design companies may have ready-made designs that have already been coded and apply only the changes you need. In this case, because they spend very little time designing it, it will be relatively less expensive for you. Some sites or designer collections mention the services they provide at the very beginning along with their own tariffs. But the way to negotiate is always open to you. You can negotiate with them and announce your price offer.


Building a store application for your business opens up new opportunities and doors for you. Opportunities that you may not be able to get with other methods. The experience that an application gives to your user is special and unique and will have a great impact on your sales. If you haven't done a website application design yet, it's better to carefully check the methods and tips mentioned here and make the final decision. Find out which method is best for you. Which method matches your budget and which method works better in terms of time and economy? Finally, make a decision and build a beautiful and powerful application for your business.

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