As strategic partners, we develop influential brands, cross-device experiences, and creative strategy that connects and aligns with your audience's ever-changing expectations.


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Bringing your brand to life and dominating the market

Branding is so essential for your website online. It is what cements the connection of your company with the world. In this digital era, the consumer does not just buy a brand but they are wholesomely involved. This is why it is important to have a brand that is impossible to brush off and is easy to comprehend.

At Dewzilla, we aim at building brands that are authentic, clear and express themselves in unique ways. We work hand in hand with our clients to implement their desires, strategies, goals, and passion into their brand messages, moments and content.

Our Branding Process

We first get to know more about the personality of your company; the objectives, goals, ideal customers and current placing. This enables us to have clarity of what the company is all about to make a brand that is impressive yet simple that will increase your lead generation and overall sales.

We then come up with a strategy. We share our thoughts and ideas with you and plan the brand’s ambition, design, iterate and deliver several impeccable options for you to choose from. This process entails creating content that is engaging and worthy of your brand. We also do video and photography depending on the client’s need.

After strategy, we develop the brand. This is where we implement our ideas. We also explore ideas of stationery and marketing materials. Once we are done, and you are impressed we will launch the brand!

Our main services include     

  • Brand identity – these are visual elements that can be used to identify your company.
  • Rebranding – this happens when your company has outgrown the current brand or is implementing new strategies and changing course
  • Logo design – a logo is essential for your company because it is the initial point of contact. Clients associate your logo with your business. it needs to be simple yet impossible to forget
  • Stationery design – these include business cards, pens and notebooks. Their importance is to enhance your brand and build consistency.
  • Print design – these are important to your brand image because it is a constant physical reminder of your business. your client keeps the print or brochure to connect with your brand.
  • Packaging design – it is important especially if your company manufactures products, that the package is enhancing your brand. A well-branded package will help your product to sell and also be conspicuous.
  • Branded ecommerce – this is not just a platform or an isolated strategy. It is very important for the brand and business. it has the potential of increasing your customer initiatives and increasing the sales.
  • UI/UX Design – the clients’ experience is more important to your brand than a design is.  This is strategic to your brand as it provides technology, data-driven insights, cultural behavior and creative vision.
  • Digital marketing – when we partner with you to create a brand, we help you define and express your story. We then invent a unique brand campaign that engages and connects with your clientele.

6 Reasons To Do Branding for Your Business

Brand Development imperative for your business because of the reasons:

  1. Advertising – this is a component to branding and it directly reflects the brand’s portrayals.  Using our impressive advertising techniques such as promotional products will create a consistent and alluring strategy that works well for your brand.
  2. Recognition – branding should be powerful and easily remembered. It should make a first and lasting impression. The logo is what becomes known and is fundamentally the appearance of the company.
  3. Trust within the marketplace – this is what people see and relate to when it comes to your business. It is therefore important to have a professional and well-strategized brand. This gives the impression of loyalty and clients can trust your product.
  4. Increase in business value – it is essential in sales generation. To get those future clients or investors, you will need a brand that will increase your leverage. This will make it more appealing because of its establishment in the marketplace.
  5. Employee satisfaction and pride – when they work for a strong reputable brand that they believe in, they are proud to be associated by it. They will find their work fulfilling and will work harder to drive results.
  6. New customer acquisition – an excellent brand will have no trouble drumming up sales. A strong impression will lead to familiarity and dependability

Dewzilla is passionate about excellence and providing quality services at affordable prices, in the nick of time and at the clients’ expediency. We pride in our quality of expertise, customer-centric marketing; service diversification and a wide range of promotional items. We are committed to providing high standard services to clients who believe in us and ultimately develop long-term relationships.

Our Goal

Our principal goal is customer satisfaction. We deliver this through teamwork, innovation, top-notch quality products, and superior service. We aim at being the preferred leading branding company through the provision of high-quality products and services. Our core values include:

  • Professionalism
  •  Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Creativity
  •  Affordability