About CRM

This portfolio is simple, elegant yet straightforward with a simple learning curve. We have made it with the aim of making work easier for our clients. You will be happy to use this theme for your website for you will spend more time communicating with your client than inputting data. 

We have installed powerful reporting and analysis tool to guide you while making your business decisions. Everything in this website is automated to make it easier for your business process. The website is adaptable and fully responsive. You can easily customize it to suit your company’s goals. 

We also integrate seamlessly third party apps that you use daily. Once you purchase this portfolio from us, we will customize it and you can start selling on that day if not in the first hour of the launch. 

We have made it effortless to migrate your work from spreadsheets to other CRM systems. Our portfolio is easy to incorporate into your business, it is inexpensive yet fully responsive and intuitive to use. We have made some updates automatic so you don’t have to worry about any enhancements.

You do not have to worry about how you will communicate with your clients for we have also installed multiple channels such as social media, live chat, email and telephone. We have also installed features to inform you when customers visit your site and give notifications when they send messages to your website.

The portfolio has excellent plugins and the amortization schedule collapses vertically on the small screens. It has powerful back end features which are easy to modify and the back-end settings also include numerous options which are customized and personalized.

The translation is ready with translation files with different currency formats. The portfolio is compatible with any standards and WordPress theme. We will customize to suit your business once we partner with you.

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This portfolio is simple, elegant yet straightforward with a simple learning curve. We have made it with the aim of making work easier for our clients. You

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About CRM

Organize And Interact With Clients Using Dewzilla CRM

Dewzilla customer relationship management or CRM helps you engage with leads and customers, build a scalable sales process, get insights about your business and grow your business faster.

Our CRM forms a contact base where all the information from the interaction and history of contacts are managed and stored. All new events (meetings, messages, and phone calls) are connected with a company or contacts are easily logged and can be planned including using integrated tasks. 

Interaction Management

Our CRM contains instruments which are vital in creating reports, carry out analysis, import/export contacts a perform target audience segmentation. This is done precisely as required. Incoming contacts can be divided among sales managers. The marketing campaigns can be analyzed and permission for access can be granted for any deal or lead depending on the status or other parameters. 

The CRM interface is intuitive, convenient and includes CRM-only activity streams. The stream is universal and enables actions such as emails, notes, phone calls, and meetings; to be initiated on any object(s) in the CRM from a single point. Most importantly, Dewzilla helps you decide whether to store data in the cloud or your own server.

Reports And Sales Funnels

This gives you an immediate transaction account in progress and their particular stages. Stages can be easily added and each one appears in a separate line and different color. The length of the line corresponds to the total sum of deals at that stage and table with numeric values is displayed below the funnel. Importantly, Dewzilla lets you build multiple sales funnels and have unlimited sales pipelines. This is important especially if you have several products lines or centers.

CRM Dashboards

These are instant snapshots of the most important sale activities. Every agent can see the number of deals they have won, the number of clients that haven’t yet been invoiced. They can also see the agents’ rating in comparison to other sales team members and much more. Dashboards are currently available for leads, deals, and invoices. They are in the process of being added to all other CRM entities such as contacts and companies.

What Our Quotes Entail

  • Add items from product catalog or manually
  • Customizable fields
  • Convert quotes to CRM documents (invoices)
  • Customizable statuses
  • Flexible taxes and discounts
  • Print or email quotes

CRM Invoices 

The Dewzilla CRM allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. The client data is automatically inserted into the invoice. You just need to select the appropriate contact or lead. Recurring invoices are also supported. 

Products and services included in an invoice can be selected from existing items or create new ones. When you are through with the changes, you can directly send the invoice from the CRM to your clients email. You can also save as a PDF file and even print it outright from your web browser. 

Sales Targets And Quotas

 You can get your sales targets directly from Dewzilla CRM. This means you can easily set goals for each and every sales agent, the entire company and each pipeline. You can also track their progress in real-time. They can be set in two different ways- either as a number of feels they gave won for a period of time or the minimum required sales volume.

CRM Website Forms

The free web builder in the Dewzilla CRM can be used t create any form. The templates for popular form types are included in the CRM. The forms are customizable. This included custom CSS and images and can be embedded into websites or hosted using Dewzilla public pages. Our forms support fields (conditional logic), product catalogs, online payments a post submit redirects. Information submitted on these forms serves as contacts, companies, quotes, deals, invoices and leads depending on the settings selected. 

Open Channels

These connect the most popular social networks and messengers with Dewzilla CRM. Client messages such as VK, Facebook, Skype, Telegram and other platforms are distributed with Dewzilla CRM in accordance with our rules and regulations. Despite our employees also use Dewzilla CRM to communicate with our clients’ real-time, they will see all their replies on social network or messenger; whichever they initiated contact with. Open channels work with desktop, mobile and other web versions of Dewzilla apps.

Mobile CRM

CRM is accessible in the mobile app so it is easy to find all the information you need on the go. Dewzilla CRM gives you the freedom to be creative by allowing you to edit the CRM entries and invoices directly from your mobile phone. You are free to use the product catalog, make calls from your mobile CRM and browse clients’ records. If you so wish, you can download the app from your Apple App Store or Google play market and install it on your phone or tablet.

Emails to clients

Dewzilla CRM is free. You can send group or individual emails to your contacts, leads or companies. Every CRM manager can use a separate account or assign a single email address to be used by everyone. To add to that, mail merge and integrations, message templates and other forms of email marketing platforms are available.

Whatever you decide to use; be it webmail, the mobile email app or email the client directly from CRM, all messages will be synced with CRM and affixed to the appropriate CRM object.

Calls to Clients

This can also be made directly from the CRM using IP telephony. this is an in-built integration that allows you to make web calls directly from your browser or desktop app. The beautiful thing is that the prices are lower than skype. You can also record phone calls that you make from the Dewzilla CRM. Moreover, it is also possible to use IP-telephony applications (Lync, Skype or any other).

The Role Of CRM and Access Rights

You can assign access to CRM elements in a flexible manner. This entails dividing them among company employees at any stage of the customer engagement process. This can be carried out by any group, individually selected user or department. They can be assigned roles via the intranet such as administrator, sales manager, team leader, administrator and many more. These roles are then be allowed access to the CRM elements.

Dewzilla keeps a detailed log of the employees that have accessed your CRM records and whatever activity they did. As the head administrator, you have the ability to view this information and restore the previous values if obligatory. 

Marketing Automation

There is a good figure of sales and marketing automation rules inside Dewzilla CRM that can be prompted by a diversity of events. For example, you can add or remove customers to and from remarketing lists based on their activities. Or you can mechanically call or send emails to customers a set number of days before their present subscription expires. You can fully automate your segment leads, sales funnel, based on their actions and responses and push deals down the tube with marginal human participation.

Business processes in the CRM

Leads and Deals can be handled with significant automation using business processes. A business process can comprise of any and all probable actions with CRM elements: assigning responsibility, sending email, setting tasks and many more. Business procedures can change the status of elements, fill in fields, and create new elements such as transactions.

Check out our website for more information on our CRM. Business procedures in the CRM and document library are the best way to make Dewzilla a perfect fit for the unique operations of your company. Our website shows how to set up an automatic yet simple action that sends notifications to users located anywhere in the world. This is based on the properties of the CRM object itself.

Apps & Integrations

  • Xero
  • Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc
  • MailChimp
  • Gmail
  • Data2CRM (migrate to Dewzilla from other CRM systems which are popular)
  • Web forms from other sites
  • Helpdesk

Integration with your Website

This is easily integrated using our free CRM with your website. Dewzilla will capture tools such as website forms, live chat or callback widget all come with embed code that works with any CMS or eCommerce platform – no coding necessary! 

6 Reasons To Choose Dewzilla CRM

  • User-friendly – this is the ability to set up and start selling from day one. It needs to be simple and straightforward with a minimal learning curve. A user should easily migrate from spreadsheets and other CRM systems
  • Customizable – this will be done effortlessly without necessarily writing a single line of code. Easy integration with third-party business apps will ensure adaptability to meet different specific needs
  • Feature-rich – we have the best in the world automated features for your entire business. This allows you to spend more time interacting with your customers without manually entering data. Reporting and power analytics allow you to make smarter business decisions.
  • Reports and insights – get powerful real-time analytics that will help you make smarter business decisions. Measure an manage your company’s territory-wide sales performance. Track your key performance indicators which include future predictions and current trends based on the vast data captured in your CRM.
  • Own your CRM – customize your CRM to suit the specific requirements of your organization. Add buttons, custom modules, fields to manage your unique needs. Multiple business processes with your CRM suing layouts
  • Automate routine tasks – for every incoming lead, create a pre-defined condition and automate your lead nurturing process. Automate each and every aspect of your business and cut out time-intensive, repetitive tasks. You also implement scoring rules that help prioritize your work so you can concentrate on the right set of contacts, deals, leads, and accounts.
  • Website and landing page creator –from your Dewzilla accounts, you can create a free website and landing pages that are linked to your CRM directly. We utilize visual block-based editor and you don’t require any HTML coding. We also come with free templates as well as royalty-free HD images. They place nicely with Dewzilla email and marketing automation tools and we’ll give you free hosting with unlimited pages and bandwidth.

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Organize And Interact With Clients Using Dewzilla CRM Dewzilla customer relationship management or CRM helps you engage with leads and customers, build a s

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