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Crucial web development elements to build a memorable brand

Crucial web development elements to build a memorable brand

While many brands facing intense online competition, those companies that want to distinguish among their rivals should develop a powerful web presence and keep their customers engaged. However, not many entrepreneurs understand that a website means so much more than some random place on the Internet. Nowadays, it is a fully functioning part of an appealing and coherent story that engages with its audience.  If you plan on developing a strong online brand, take into consideration a list of useful web design elements and some branding strategies that will help smooth the path to success.

The meaning of corporate identity

Cambridge Dictionary has a perfect definition for a corporate identity that sounds like this: “ certain qualities of an organization that differentiates it from other organizations.“ These qualities can be linked visually ( color palette, slogan, logo, and fonts) or through other elements. 

For instance, Coca-Cola is associated with red color, and almost everyone has heard about Nike’s slogan “Just Do It.” The practice shows that even unique customer service from Zappos can be perceived as part of a company identity. 

Nevertheless, small companies or startups can also try to work on their corporate identity and turn their business into more engaging and recognizable once. To tell the truth, they need to work on it to become prosperous. 

Reasons why corporate identity is crucial for startups

Many startups do not understand the true value of corporate identity and branding. Nevertheless, it is one of the main factors that turn startups into leaders in their industry. Among other important reasons are:  

  • Brand identity consolidates your credibility, helps your startup create loyalty and trust with your clients. 
  • It makes your business messages more coherent across all channels and teams.
  • This corporate identity plays a part in the personality and voice of your startup. 
  • Strong brand identity can help you find a unique style among the rivals.
  • With forming a strong startup brand identity can help you find investors, catch the interest of your target audience, and find professional talent.

Technical problems

Before you decide to tell a story about your business on your website,  remember to develop a digital asset that works in a seamless way across your website.  When you are creating a company’s website, always take into consideration such elements like navigation, mobile-friendliness, speed, attracting visual elements, unparalleled premium content, security, and other things. As soon as you work on these elements, you can work on branding and your unique business story that should sound convincing. 

 Also, try to understand UX design elements. They are not only about website looks but also its operation and user interaction with it. 

different brands logo

When we think about some well-known brands, usually the first thing that we remember is its logo. Then you will remember a certain image that related to its story. Thus, beginner startups and entrepreneurs should consider several things before making a logo: 

  • Choose an image or symbol that will set apart you from your rivals;
  • Develop a logo that specifically speaks about what your brand is related to and who its audience is;
  • This logo should also reflect your startup’s values;
  • You should be able to adjust the logo to certain platforms, device types, screen sizes, etc. 

Apparently, the creation of a logo can involve a lot of your time and efforts that will result in extra expenses if you will opt for professional designers.  Yet, if you want to develop a brand identity without investing a lot of money you can always shop for the logo maker on the market.  Search for a platform that permits you to choose the best for your vector icon that will feat your vision, personalize the icons, fonts, shapes, colors, and other possible elements, export your final logo in the needed format, and be used by your without any restrictions. 

Some platforms for logo making have a lot of advantages (like tools for full website creation) that any beginner can work with. All in all, remember to place the logo on the top-left of your website. Many studies hand tracking of heat maps have shown that is the best place for a logo. 

Placing of brand elements and color scheme 

Many brands invest in the psychology of colors in brand identity and web design developing and you should also do it. According to experts in this field, a small manipulation with colors may enhance the conversion rate of your website up to 25%, so color branding and color combinations are quite important. To improve this process, consider these pointers:

  • As a rule, black is associated with sleek brands or luxury products;
  • Pink is cute and womanlike, and associated with brands that work in the health sphere;
  • Orange is used for call-to-action elements on a website, such as buttons, logos, shopping cart icons, etc. 
  • Blue suggests a feeling of seriousness, trust, and security; it is widespread among manufacturers’ and banks’ websites;
  • Green soothes and makes you feel safe, mostly associate brands that work in the health sphere;
  • Yellow easily grabs your attention and makes you feel jolly, is usually used for a laidback and young audience. 

The choice of correct colors needs more effort than you may think. If you go for a platform for a website developing with customizable layouts and templates, make sure you choose the right color scheme that mirrors your business and retells its story word for word. 


different fonts

Many people miss this detail while they develop a website. Thus, always try to choose a font that is readable, easily adaptable to various screen types and device sizes, correlates with the purpose and tone of your business and website, etc.  Moreover, the color of typeface should be suitable for the color scheme of your website. Thus, do not try to write in purple or pink colors. 

Multimedia and graphic elements

When it comes to making use of images, graphics, and other multimedia elements in development and web design, you should remember these nuances: 

  • Do not use low-quality photos;
  • According to website eye-tracking studies, all images should be related to the user’s task and purpose;
  • All videos, images, graphic elements should be integrable with different screen sizes and devices and send a single message;
  • All videos, images, and graphics should deliver and create certain emotion for the followers of your brand; 
  • Delivering a strong story and customizing your website means using a lot of people’s images. 

In addition, never try to use bland stock photos that can be used by anyone. Moreover, never upload re-touched, generic, and unedited stock photos if do not want to look useless, bore your visitors, and create a feeling that you make no effort at all. 

Elements of business storytelling 

Nowadays, new and strong marketing campaigns concentrate not only on recognition of brand but also on the brand’s ability to present twenty-four-seven, listen to users, and even join their conversations. 

To achieve a successful storytelling strategy, besides the tone of voice, you need to build and deliver some other crucial elements that should be essential for your efforts in website branding. Among them: 

  • Setting the mission of your company loud and clear and keep it;
  • Create a sense of trust in the mind of your visitors. Ensure you provide security certificates, a Privacy Policy, Term and Condition pages that clearly set how you make use of your visitors’ personal data, testimonials’ and reviews’ page, a Contact page with correct company data, and social media accounts. Check if you are providing a phone number and an email address your answer, otherwise, you will lose your audience.
  • Developing an honest About Us page that does not repeat the same general content of different pages, but emphasizes on your goals, people and other crucial aspects; 
  • On-site SEO. Of course, your website can be unique in any way, however, your target audience will not reach it without help. Thus, developing a website with SEO can help you save time, expenses, and trouble in your future. 

How to develop a brand identity for your startup?

For now, there is no unified solution to the development process of brand identity. But still, you can follow the specific guidelines that will help you avoid widespread mistakes and develop a strong brand image. Among these guidelines are: 

  • Learning about the market you will work with.

The best way to do it is to start with an analysis of competitors and brand audits. Later, this will help you find out a unique value proposition and discover how to enhance it with your branding. Besides that, learn more about your target audience, their profession, age, and interests. In this way, you can use your newfound knowledge into words with a tagline, slogan, and statement of mission. 

  • Turning your brand message into a visual concept.

After collecting data about your audience and market, you can now work on your design. Start with developing a logo and choosing according to color that will represent your vision and goal and engage with a certain target audience. 

As we said, implementing a powerful association with the help of colors and visual elements is a great way to develop a strong and memorable brand image. Once you have your color scheme and logo, you can create the secondary elements of your brand identity – pattern, signature, typeface, business cards, etc. 

  • Collecting feedback and updating your brand identity.

The way your clients communicate with your brand can clearly say a lot about your brand identity strategy. Of course, not many startups can implement the proper branding strategy from the very beginning. So, as practice shows, you will have to test several variants before you implement one of them. By testing your brand identity on small focus groups, you may gather important information and update it. 

  • Keeping your brand identity relevant.

While your business develops, your philosophy, values, and mission statement might alter, which should be shown in your brand identity. Besides that, some standards for design may also change. For instance, now we see the influence of material design. More brands you think renewed their logos and then their brand identity, after implementing the new design standards. This is why it is crucial to check on design trends and standards and to renew your brand identity accordingly. 


The practice shows that a strong website that tells a relevant story that turns into sales or traffic does not appear in a second, no matter what some people will tell you.  Thus, go slow to develop an engaging website that will be suitable for your audience and, most importantly, value all your clients.

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