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Custom Web Applications

Why do successful businesses build Custom Web Applications?

In any business, regardless of whether it is a small agency or a huge corporation, the software is an integral part of everyday processes. It helps in organizing all the operations, filing the reports, setting tasks, and ensuring that all the company is working at the same pace and is able to access all the required documents, files and track their current tasks. 

While there exist tons of ready software on the market, being accessible and relatively inexpensive, there are businesses that prefer the custom-made web applications. The last ones require more investments and time, but more and more companies are ready to give the budget for their development. 

Let’s look at the main reasons for building tailor-made applications and find out how businesses benefit from investing in them in the long run. 

It is all about integration 

Not a single business works the same way. They all differ in terms of processing data, organizing everyday processes and interacting within the company. The applications that can be easily bought will not be flawlessly integrated into the company’s system. Some of the processes will work slower, others will need to be adjusted within the software. The purchased application might work well at the beginning when the company needs help with business management and control but might fail in the long run.

Custom Web Applications Development
Custom Web Applications Development

It is an absolutely different story when it comes to custom-made software applications. Employees will not need to adjust processes and suffer from a slow working system as the web application will be adjusted to their needs and preferences and will be easily integrated into all of the existing systems. This will make it faster and more convenient for the company to manage all the processes in different departments.

Individual customization 

Ready-made web applications have a general set of features that might fit or, unfortunately, might not fit with all the company’s requirements. They are not targeting to satisfy all the needs but are aimed at providing a set list of products that can be beneficial when it comes to simple processes and does not involve complicated operations. 

When it comes to tailor-made software, it is all about customization. They are made for a specific company, according to its specific requirements, considering every aspect and detail which is important for a successful and easy everyday working routine. The customer gets a web application that perfectly fits their company, eases all the processes and will be highly beneficial for all the operations.

Guaranteed quality 

Although ready-made software is truly accessible and may vary depending on the existing features, the overall quality of the end product will drastically differ from a tailor-made one. That software that is available for an instant purchase is created for thousands of companies having a set number of features that the customer might not actually need. It is like buying a mobile phone with a limited number of default applications, half of which you will never open or use, but they are still there, taking the storage and not allowing you to customize your phone according to your needs.

If the company requires a high-quality web application, building the customized one will be the right decision which is sure to pay off in the future. It allows the company to have only the features they need, without useless applications, get better results and improve the overall performance and quality of business. It is all about quality rather than quantity when it comes to having a smaller amount of features with an opportunity to benefit from each and every of them.

Required flexibility 

Apart from having a set number of features, off-the-shelf applications cannot be adjusted. If the company doesn’t need some of the existing features or wants to change them, ready-made software doesn’t offer it as an option. If the company needs more features than the application offers, it might need to buy different software or an additional one. 

Talking about tailor-made products, it is important to point out that one of their advantages is flexibility. All the changes or add-ons that the company might need along the way are easily installed at any stage of the development process. The company can choose what are the most important features they might need and get the most out of it without investing in things which do not fit or are absolutely useless. Available flexibility, therefore, saves a company’s budget and allows it to pay only for the things that it can benefit from.

Provided Support 

Provided Support
Provided Support 

One of the biggest differences between a customized and a ready-made system is the availability to receive constant support. When it comes to the web applications that are ready to use, they, as a rule, have a limited amount of provided services, including a weak support service or an absolute absence of it. It becomes difficult to address any possible issues and easily resolve them.

The web application, which is custom-made and adjusted to the company’s overall activity, provides the users with a good quality support system. The team, which was involved in the development of the software, can help to resolve issues and fix any errors that the company might face during working with the system. It allows the company to avoid unnecessary hitches and makes the overall working process even more efficient.

No User Limitation 

One of the biggest disadvantages of ready software is its limits in terms of the allowed number of users. As it turns out, such systems can be used only by a limited number of people and in case the company wants to add more users, it needs either to pay additional fees for an upgrade or purchase another software with a bigger number of users. While it might not become a problem for small agencies that are not planning to expand, it definitely makes it difficult for bigger companies that need to give software access to all of their employees.

Companies that  invested in building their own software don’t face such a problem. First of all, the system, as a rule, doesn’t have any limitations in terms of the quantity of users allowed to use it. Secondly, the software is fully owned by the company which gets the access to all of the existing features without the need to buy add-ons. Again, being a more expensive option, the custom-made software saves the budget in many ways when looking at its usage in a longer perspective.

Variety of Upgrades 

Everyone is familiar with constant phone software updates that fix bugs, errors and improve functionality. Sometimes those updates are long-awaited and desired, while other times, they make it even worse than before. In any case, in order to get the update, people need to wait until it is being released. The same thing happens with the off-the-shelf web applications that companies purchase. They do provide regular updates but new features will not necessarily bring benefits to the company and might, in the end, turn out to be completely useless. Companies, unfortunately, cannot influence anything here and are left there without a chance to get the desired tools for better work.

It is different when it comes to customized software. The company employees not only can make whatever changes they wish but also implement them whenever they feel like. No one needs to wait for the updated version of the system and hope that it will be at least slightly better than the previous one. The company rules the party and adds only the features it needs for more efficient work and process optimization.

Advanced maintenance

Both software, ready-made and custom-made, offer maintenance that is constantly ongoing. It means that whenever there is an issue, the developers of the system will eventually fix it. But the difference is that any errors in the ready application will be resolved after the new version of it is being released. That might be a problem for businesses as any existing bugs will slow the overall working process. 

With customized products, the company can be ensured that whenever there is a bug, it will be fixed at the earliest. The company does not need to wait until another update or write endless messages to customer support in order to make sure that they notice the issue. This is very useful in terms of flawless work operations and saves time.

High-quality security 

High-quality security
High-quality security 

Each and every business is highly concerned about the overall security. It is essential that all the documents and data are secured and kept confidential. When buying software, one of the first things that everyone pays attention to is the level of security from a cyber attack. No one wants their private information and valuable files to be stolen. With that in mind, companies are constantly looking for those systems that are able to provide the highest level of cybersecurity. While the off-the-shelf products apply a general set of security measures, the customized system works on enhancing the provided security system and makes it almost impossible to hack it. Such features will be highly appreciated by the companies as safely stored data is always a priority.

Financial side 

It is a well-known fact that customized products are always more expensive than the ones that are ready to be bought and used. It happens due to the complexity of a requested set of tools and features that the software should have and the amount of time required to create it. System developers use a lot of resources in order to build a system that will fit all the company’s needs.

However, as was already mentioned, the custom web application can actually save time and money. The ready-made application will constantly require updates and upgrades in terms of available features and allowed number of users. After purchasing such software, the company will be required to fit a big system into a small box with limited features and will need to spend much more money than anticipated for any changes.

The customized system, in reality, is not as expensive as it might seem at first glance. The overall cost will vary depending on the company’s requirements and the complexity of the system. Most of the time, it turns out to be even less expensive than the ready-made one when it comes to calculating all the add-ons and not included features.


While there are a lot of companies that are overly satisfied with the purchased ready software, more and more big and small agencies and large corporations are choosing to invest into the customized product. The reason for that is the number of obvious benefits for the company’s everyday operations and overall efficiency.

The company with its own software has an opportunity to integrate all of the existing applications with the new system and receive all of the requested features which can be adjusted, changed, deleted or fixed any time the company needs it. Moreover, advanced support and ongoing maintenance are other advantages that cannot be left unsaid with strong security and the ability to save money being the cherry on top.

Having considered all the pluses and minuses of ready-made applications and customized systems, no wonder that most advanced companies tend to choose the latter.

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