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digital marketing tools 2021

Digital marketing tools 2021

As the digital marketing world continues its rapid growth, companies tend to reach out to digital marketing tools to provide an organized and optimized experience for their users and audience. 

In the following article, we will take a look at the definition of digital marketing and how it is important, and how a digital marketing strategy can change considering your business’s aspects. We will also take a look at some trending digital marketing tools of 2021 such as Hubspot, google analytics, SEMrush, and what are the benefits of these tools.  

But first, let’s see what’s digital marketing and how can it affect different aspects of your business:

The definition of digital marketing

The internet is continuously growing, and so is its user base. This might come off as surprising when we think about how accessible it is today, and how much the world around us has been transformed by it. But the truth is that in the past three years internet usage has increased by 5% among adults!

The age of internet domination has just started, and the world around is going to change and evolve much more because of it. The internet is everywhere and affects all of our daily tasks. What this means is that offline marketing is no longer the answer you are searching for.

Marketing is integrated with being up to date and connecting to your audience’s current status. It is way harder now to connect to the audience via everyday physical ads and banners than it is to connect with them on their phones and laptops, where they are spending most of their time.

This is a new era for marketing, an era where the audience is more accessible than they have ever been. This is also the era of quick clicks. The era in which the customers are surrounded by so many advertisements that they learn to ignore, and not even notice them.

Digital marketing is all and any kind of marketing that is done online. It is more cost-effective, efficient, and effective than offline marketing can ever be now. In this article, we try to explain the importance, benefits, and types of digital marketing and familiarize you with the best digital marketing tools in 2021.

Digital marketing is:

All marketing that is done through the internet or meant for electronic devices is digital marketing. There are different methods and ways to connect to your audience and potential users in digital marketing. Some of these marketing channels include search engines, social media, email, and all other websites out there.

Through digital marketing, you can target and contact new potential customers who might be interested in your product or service and keep your contact with your current customers as well.

There are minor differences between inbound and digital marketing that set them apart.

Inbound marketing is:

A marketing methodology that focuses on attracting the best matching leads. With the inbound marketing methodology you do not intend to only make your name heard, but to create the content your audience is craving for.

The key here is to give out valuable information and context your customers can use.

The difference between digital marketing and inbound marketing is:

Inbound marketing is a specific tactic and methodology marketers might use to attract and keep customers. On the other hand, digital marketing refers to any kind of marketing strategy that happens online. Digital marketing is HOW you represent yourself, but inbound marketing is the way that message is architected, and why it is architected like that.

The importance of digital marketing 

We have already discussed that there are no smart marketers out there these days that ignore digital marketing. With the growing presence of electronics and social media in our everyday lives, digital marketing is the most efficient way to reach out to your audience and target potential new users.

Having an authentic online presence will make you familiar, make your name heard, and finally make you seem more trustable. An authentic online presence will keep you in your user’s mind.

The right place to find your audience

The internet has changed its face and meaning since its beginning. While it was initially somewhat like a library, as it grew, the internet was redefined as a tool to get tasks done, and virtual space and living room. People use it to communicate with each other, find what they need, entertain themselves, study, and much more. At this moment more than 7.7 billion people are using the internet worldwide, and the number is only growing.

Rather than pinning out physical methods, locations, and different media to market to your audience through you can now get to them through their electronic devices. It is no longer guessing and hoping that your audience will see these ads. Everyone is online, and methods such as Search Engine Optimizations allow you to get to the right customer that has searched just for what you are offering.

It is very common to research products and services online before purchasing them. It is also common for the whole buying process to happen online, from the beginning to the end. So by not having an online presence, not only do you lose the potential customer that may find about your business online, you have a chance at losing your current customers as well. As they browse and look through the internet, they face a market you have no part in.

It is necessary to compete in the market

Digital marketing has a lot to offer, and businesses have already noticed that. Most businesses have an online presence now and are working on how they are presented and their marketing strategies. Not using digital marketing means you are giving your competition the upper hand. Businesses are now present on social media, optimizing their websites for search engines, many are also running advertisements to find new potential users as well.

This is one of the main reasons it is important to use digital marketing, and to use it right. If you do not do it, you are emptying the field for your competition to win all the leads. If you ignore this chance, you are falling behind on what most businesses have been doing for years by 2021.

Searching and browsing online has become the go-to answer for many people now, and by 2021, if they search for what you are offering and you do not show up, they will not even know that you exist. Let us imagine you are running a small restaurant. The days of people just walking into the first restaurant they see are far gone. They now search Google for restaurants near them, and if you do not come up, then you are not an option.

It is essential to be present online to remain an option.

You get a chance at playing with the larger companies

Big names such as Amazon and Walmart, and the ever-growing chain businesses are making it harder and harder to survive and grow as a small business. With the number of concentrated resources and the name they have built, they are wiping out all other businesses there are, transforming the competition into a private game among themselves.

People are used to the presence of these companies, and most of them have become household names by now. They have heard their name so many times and crossed paths with them over and over again. This constant touch is not only the result of their big size, but also the fruit of good marketing, and especially digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing gives you a chance at playing the exclusive game. With the same methods and strategies the large corporations are using, your company can access and attract valuable leads.

You only need to learn to correctly use the tools that are put in front of you. Search engine optimization and PPC advertising, give you a chance at being seen once they are used efficiently.

SEO, aka search engine optimization, cannot be bought by big dollars. Big companies use that money to hire SEO experts instead. Search engine optimization presents you when you are relevant to a user’s search. For example, when a user searches for the best alternative prep schools, your art school for children has a chance at popping up and being the first thing they lay their eyes on. Big companies have to optimize their web pages just like any small business would have to.

This is an amazing opportunity for smaller companies to put themselves out there and grow. No amount of big-name money can buy out the right keywords. 

You can reach out to the most fitting audience

This is one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of digital marketing. It has always been important to target the right audience. The audience that is interested in your product or service, needs it and will become part of your following. It is not very wise to market bras in a cartoon channel with an audience of little boys, or medical gadgets on a TV channel famous for soap operas. Marketers have always struggled to find the correct media for attracting the most leads.

Digital marketing makes that easier than ever. You no longer have to wait and hope for your potential interested users to notice you, you go out and find them.

Tracking with digital marketing is more precise than it can ever get with traditional marketing. You have the capability of directly marketing to the right audience. If the audience you are looking for is upper-class middle-aged housewives, you can set these parameters for your social media ad campaign.

Your ad is not thrown out there but seen by only the right people.

The other great option digital marketing gives you, is the ability to customize your ads for a different target audience. For example, if you are providing a service or product both teenage boys and middle-aged working women are interested in, you can create customized ads for each group. And that will be presented to them through the algorithm you decide on. 

The better you get at targeting your audience and designing advertisements that suit them, the better results you will get too.

Campaigns can be monitored and tracked to get the most out of

It is not as easy to monitor how ad campaigns are doing with the traditional methods. In the traditional method, the true results of a campaign are always roughly estimated. This makes it easier to make mistakes and way more room for errors. But with the digital marketing methods, it is easier to see the results of the time and money you have invested in these ads.

Digital marketing tools make it easier to track campaigns. This helps prevent losing time and money.

Imagine we were back in the early 2000s and as a small business, the best marketing strategy you could imagine was to put advertisements on local TV. IN this scenario the only real way of knowing how that campaign performed would be asking every single customer that came to the store how they found you. Of course, this would be both very time-consuming, and inconvenient to your customers as well.

You do not have to worry about such things with digital marketing. Everything a customer does is easily tracked. You can effortlessly monitor a campaign as it runs and see if it is driving your preferred results or not. To analyze a campaign, you have metrics such as impressions, clicks, likes, comments, conversions, and more. You can set up a tracking system to track your desired metrics. The metrics vary on the platform you are using.

With the ability to monitor an ongoing campaign, you will have more flexibility to make changes to drive in better results or fix mistakes. This is not the case with traditional marketing as the results only become visible after the campaign is over. What you find out will only benefit your next campaign.

Save money by changing what you need the instant you realize the need to change it.

Enough guessing; digital marketing is precise and measurable.

With digital marketing, you can view all of the metrics that might matter to your company, from the beginning to the end. The ability to precisely track clicks, views, impressions, shares, and the time spent on your web pages, is one of the biggest pros to digital marketing. Of course, traditional marketing is still usable, and even the right choice for many situations, but its biggest drawback is its difficulty to be measured.

While this is not possible in traditional marketing, you can see precise results in real-time with digital marketing. You can never tell how many people read that advertisement you put in the newspaper. How many people didn’t even notice it? How many of those viewers were people who met your target audience criteria? How many read it but were not attracted to its content?

But with digital marketing, you can tell how many times an ad was viewed, and by who. You can tell if the person clicked on the ad, you can tell how much time they spent on your website, and how many of these clicks led to an actual purchase. The return on investment is almost always measurable, on any part of your marketing efforts.

An example of the digital marketing metrics is:

All user activity on your website (website traffic)

By using digital analytics software, you can view accurately how many people have visited your website’s homepage. The website traffic can be checked in real-time in digital marketing platforms such as HubSpot. And that is not all!

Many other metrics related to the website traffic, such as the number of pages they visited, the user’s device, the user’s location, how they got to your website, and more can be viewed as well.

This valuable information makes it possible for you to plan strategies and decide on your next steps. By understanding how most of the users get to your website, you can recognize the best channels, and focus your resources on them. For example, if advertising on a particular platform brings you the best return on investment, you can invest in it more. Another imaginable scenario would be finding out that only less than 5% of your visitors get to your website from organic search. In this scenario, you would probably decide to lay back on the advertisement, and focus a bit more on your Search Engine Optimization.

When it comes to offline marketing, you have no chance of understanding how the audience is engaging with your business until the last stages of the buying channel. That is where they come in contact with a salesperson or make the purchase. This means losing many potential leads.

With all the analytics digital marketing provides, you get to understand the user’s behavioral patterns, up to the buying stage. This knowledge can be very useful, and help you make the correct strategic decisions.

You can tell how well your content is doing

This is about the newspaper advertisement example we made earlier. When you put out offline advertising and content, you have no idea how many times it is even read.

With a newspaper ad, you have no idea if even all of the published papers will be read by people. It is certain that a quantity of the newspaper gets out of date and ends up in the trash. With the number that is read though, you do not know if the readers even read your ad, or completely ignored it. And at last, among the people who read the ad, how did they like it? Did they share it with anyone else? Did the ad lead to them purchasing the product?

All of these factors are total mysteries in offline marketing but are easily viewable in digital marketing. In digital marketing, you can analyze and even download the contact information of the people who fill out forms on your website. They can later be targeted via email marketing.

 The golden metric: attribution modeling

If digital marketing is done right and the right tools and strategies are used, you can follow a customer’s buying channel back to their first digital touchpoint with your business. This is what we call attribution modeling in the digital marketing world.

It helps you understand the patterns and trends in how your website is discovered and engaged with. When you are aware of how you are researched and the shopping channel, you get the chance to make better, more informed decisions. You get better insights on what parts of your marketing strategy need more attention, and which parts need to be reformed.

Companies need to be correctly aligning the marketing and sales analytics. While companies that were correctly linking marketing and sales had over 20% of annual growth, companies that failed in aligning them declined by 4%.

The return on investment is better than in your wildest dreams

The straight-up answer to why digital marketing has kept getting more and more popular is that businesses have been driving amazing results out of it. The return on investments was never as good in an old-fashioned way. Online marketing strategies bring out the best results. Marketing campaigns and operations are easier to monitor and more predictable.

Possible errors and mistakes can be easily recognized, and when a campaign is not working out, you can tell before it ends.

For instance, let us take a look at email marketing. With a return on investment of over 4400%, email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing methods. Roughly estimated, in email marketing, a business typically earns 44$ for each dollar they spend. Methods such as email marketing are especially safe, as you can easily tell when an advertisement is bringing back the results you are craving or not. You are aware of the views, reads, and clicks, and can easily tell which email template is earning your website the most visits.

This is one of the main reasons most companies have turned to digital marketing. It just works well! You can grow faster, and bring in more traffic than even imaginable offline.

Finally, the final reason digital marketing has such a great return on investment is that the costs are extremely low in the first place. When you do not need to spend a lot of money on an ad campaign, you are guaranteed to get a better return on investment as well.

The costs are incomparable.

An ad banner on Facebook, easily catches the same amount of views, if not even more, like a banner on the side of the road, but with a way lower cost!! The digital marketing possibilities are endless!

Digital marketing is defined through your business

Digital marketing is simply a term that refers to all marketing activities that are done online and on electronic devices. What digital marketing means to your business, is defined through it. There are infinite imaginative ways to connect and communicate with customers where they are currently living most of their life out: online.

Digital marketing is by no way limited to digital advertising, email marketing, or social media campaigns. The internet is constantly changing and evolving, and therefore more and more tactics are created and thought about daily.

Each of these methods and strategies brings in different results and can be used for different purposes. An experienced digital marketer knows exactly how to use digital marketing tools and platforms to plan out future customer engagement.

Digital marketing has many sections and types, and therefore different types of marketers use it in various and creative ways. For example, in content marketing, the most suitable type of content, such as blog posts or Youtube videos, is created to attract the right users, and generate leads. In social media marketing, you have the immense power of direct communication with your users. A skilled social media marketer, has great communication skills, and knows how to use tools such as simple posts, or paid ads to bring in loyal and returning customers. Email marketing is perfect for staying in the audience’s mind.

In this article, we will discuss different types of digital marketing and examples of them done right.

Types of digital marketing 

As we have said earlier, the internet is a flexible and constantly changing environment. It is a playground for the creative. New digital marketing strategies are created every day, and different types are combined to bring out a new result.

We will cover some of the most common digital marketing types.

Search Engine Optimization, as known as SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to be most suitable for search engine crawlers to read through. The goal of search engine optimization is to come out as one of the first results when a user searches for something related to your business on a search engine.

Nowadays, SEO is a necessary digital marketing strategy for all websites, blogs, and infographics. To be easily readable by crawlers and rank higher in search results, specific factors must be taken into order. Some of the possible approaches to search engine optimization are:

On-page SEO

On-page SEO aims to optimize the content that is on the page. This includes the optimization of keywords, title tags, internal links and URLs, and the content in general. Publishing high-quality content that your audience craves is vital, but it is not all it takes to be noticed on search engines. Nonetheless, it is also important to keep in mind that Google takes notice of factors, such as how much time a user spends on your webpage. Even such small details can determine your rank in the results.

Tricks such as having a frequently asked section, give you a higher rank, and even a chance of being featured in Google’s answer box.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about the activities related to your website, but not on it. This might seem confusing at first, as you might think you have no control over what is not on your website. Off-page SEO is mostly related to inbound links, also commonly called backlinks.

The focus here is on your website’s communications and your position on the web. The number of other publishers related, linked, and in dialogue with your website, and these publishers’ roles and authority are important here. These factors can make your On-page SEO work shine, or go to waste.

The best off-page SEO strategy is to have a true presence. Be present, and in contact with the world around you and all that is happening. Write guest posts on other websites and link back to your website and answer to other websites’ posts. Here, the attention of other publishers and websites is just as important as potential customers.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO aims to create an architecture and framework for your website that is most readable to the crawlers and users alike. Technical search engine optimization is all about the backend. It focuses on factors such as image compression, structured data, and CSS file optimization.

Technical SEO can help your website load faster. Not only is this a vital factor to your ranking, but it also highly affects the number of people who stay on your webpage, becoming potential customers.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the term used for the creation of high-quality, strategic, creative, relevant, and consistent content that interests and retains a group of well-defined audiences. Content marketing is used by many marketers and is known to bring in a consistent and long-term return on investment.

Content marketing creates a trustable face for your business. Instead of pitching your product or service just like sellers have been doing since the prehistoric content, you are helping your audience out!

Many big-name companies such as Microsoft, as well as smaller family businesses, are using content marketing, and the reason behind it is that it works!

The relevant and valuable factors are what set content marketing apart from other strategies, such as advertisements.   When the message you are sending the audience is useful to them, it is no longer considered spam. They consume it, use it, remember it, and with it, also remember your business. You are no longer just a business that wants to earn money out of them, but more like a trustable resource, or even a friend they can count on!

Good content marketing means great customer support in the audience’s mind, making you the safeties option for making a purchase. 

Here are a few popular types of content marketing:

Blog posts

Blogging is one of the most popular and commonly used content marketing forms. Many businesses and bloggers have been using this strategy to attract and retain loyal customers. Blog posts are extremely helpful to show your expertise and skillfulness. Having a company blog helps generate organic search traffic. Blogging is especially a powerful digital marketing tool when it is combined with good SEO.

The main cost of blogging is the time it takes to create the valuable, relevant, high-quality content the audience craves for. Other than the time factor, blogging is especially low in cost. If you are a small business or do not already have a team of writers, you can always outsource to get the best quality and the lowest costs.

The best way to approach blogging is to aim for lengthier content and focus on great SEO. This way you save more than you can ever imagine on your ad costs.

Case studies

Case studies are amazing for the more expensive products and services and scenarios where you truly need to earn your customer’s trust. A case study is an article, or perhaps a video, in which you tell a successful customer story, and outline the customer’s journey.

Case studies are especially popular in the business-to-business industry, as the costs are usually higher and therefore riskier.

It is important to remember that customers always come first in case studies. Most of the piece must be focused on them, and your relationship with the customer, your product placement comes in last. This way your priorities come through clearly: customers always come first.

Case studies are like stories. They are a great chance for you to show off your customer skills, and how dependable you are. You could even get some help from your customers themselves, and start your story by how they found you. Go on to describe the initial interactions and even the hardships and struggles you faced along the way.

A very helpful factor in making case studies more effective is to include a comment or a note from the customers themselves!


Here is a random example: if you were to visit a doctor, which would you choose? The doctor that has a book out in their name, or the one that has none?

Although that example was not the smartest, it clearly shows how E-books can make you seem more knowledgeable and skilled, and an authoritative voice in the industry. They are amazing in attracting interested leads and getting your name out there.

E-books are also amazing for getting the customer’s contact info. If you publish a free Ebook, you could ask the potential customer to subscribe to a newsletter or provide their email to be able to download it. This valuable information can later be used for analytics, or other digital marketing methods, such as email marketing.

If your E-book offers high-quality, informative, relevant content, users might share it with others. People might even get interested in your product after they have read the book.

The best E-book offers truly actionable tips and valuable content. When the audience gets their desired results, their faith in your product will build up as well.

GIFs and Memes

GIFs and memes are the new way of communication. No matter your age, you come across many of them daily, you probably use them yourself.

When we mentioned that blog posts have a better effect when they are longer, by no means we meant that all marketing content must be lengthy. Shorter content does way better in many situations! It all depends on your audience.

Just like in all other types of marketing, it is your target market that defines what content brings out the best results. Not all audiences have the time or even are interested in long content. Sometimes the audience just wants to be entertained. Even if your focus is more on blog posts, memes and GIFs can create a humorous and refreshing contrast.

GIFs and memes are content that big players such as Gucci have come to adore in the past few years.

When it comes to the viral marketing world, memes and GIFs rule. People love sharing these simple humorous posts. The content multiplies extremely fast. Because of how interesting this type of content marketing is, if it is done creatively, the audience might try to imitate it, resulting in an AMAZING boost in social media.

If you are trying to reach new audiences, memes and GIFs do it just right once they are combined with other types of content marketing. They create a unique and chill voice for your business but remember not to hurry and make sure if the attention you will be generating is exactly what you want.


As kids, all of us used to hate big, lengthy textbooks, with no images attached. It is still the same. The human brain is made to be sensitive to visuals, and visually weak content can seem like just a list of words. No matter how used to reading a person is, infographics can make reading a more pleasurable experience.

But the truth is that most probably your audience on the internet is not made of literature professors. On the internet, everyone has the attention span of a five-year-old. Either something catches our attention and succeeds to maintain it, or it does not. If we get bored, there is always more entertaining and easy content available.

This is why infographics are a digital marketer’s go-to strategy. Infographics are visual representations of data in a particular topic. They are creative and made to communicate a large amount of data in one bite.

Infographics are made out of a combination of images, icons, data, graphs, text, and diagrams. They level up your blogging and do great on social media as well.


A great business-to-business digital marketing strategy, webinars present you as an expert and thought leader in the industry.

Webinars put your name out there and here about the business related to, or in your industry. It is estimated that around 74% of professionals are interested in training to improve their skills at work. Learning became more accessible through the internet and made it even a more important competitive factor. Webinars have become quite popular for that reason, and many business to business companies claim that they have generated the best quality of leads out of webinars.

Recording some more popularly demanded webinars and keeping them on your website, will increase your traffic, and make your website seem like an authoritative source.


Podcasts are digital audio files that are published on the internet in installments. Podcasts can be found on platforms such as Youtube or Spotify, listened to on websites, or downloaded.

Podcasts have had an interesting growth in popularity, and the reason is that they allow people to multitask. One could say that podcasts are taking the place TV used to take as the background noise generator. People love podcasts as they can listen to them and learn new things while fulfilling other tasks and going on about their daily lives.

Other types of content such as videos, blog posts, and e-books require more attention. Because it is harder to multitask while consuming them, people tend to look away.

Podcasts are also a great opportunity to earn money, by working with sponsors or using affiliate marketing.

If you are just starting your podcast journey, it is a great idea to invite experts and well-known people in the industry to generate trust. 

Video marketing

Video marketing has been getting more and more effective as platforms such as Youtube and Tiktok grow.

Statistics show that over 93% of brands that used video marketing-generated new valuable leads.

Video marketing works like a charm for business-to-business companies, and business-to-customer companies alike.

Platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, and even Instagram have created an amazing marketing playfield for all companies. With the growth of these platforms, the marketing competition has evolved. Video marketing is starting to be a must.

Only a few types of video marketing are:

  • How-to videos
  • Behind the scenes
  • Question and answer videos
  • Customer stories
  • And interviews with the experts

As these platforms are used by normal people as well as big companies, there is no necessity for formalities. Authenticity can be important. The videos that you create do not need to be polished and expensive but are simply in line with your branding.

You can use parts of longer videos from Youtube and your website, and use them on other platforms like Tiktok, to increase website traffic or get more youtube subscribers.

The best way to approach video marketing is to be active on multiple platforms to gain maximum reach.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the act of creating and sharing content, and promoting your brand on social media channels to get your name known, earn traffic, and generate leads. Posting images, texts, and videos, directly communicating with users, and choosing the path of paid advertisement are all parts of social media marketing.

This is the era of social media. We now have the possibility of marketing in the audience’s safe space, where they do most of their socializing, and there are so many different ways to do it! Different social media channels, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and Snapchat, provide you with different marketing opportunities and a different audience as well.

Different businesses use the flexible environment of social media to achieve different goals. For instance, a company could use social media to answer frequent mentions, and monitor social media conversations, and reach a good understanding of how it is seen. If a business is wondering how they are performing on social media, it can use accurate and real-time social media metrics such as shares, likes, and saves to analyze its reach and engagement. And if a business is interested in reaching out to a specific target audience, they can use highly targeted ads to reach out to the users they want.

Pay per click, aka PPC

In the pay per click method, you pay for every time your ad is clicked on. Pay per click is a great advertisement method with an extremely high return on investment. The reason why pay for click has such a good ROI is that you are not paying for the number of times your ad is shown to users, but the exact traffic you drive in.

Many digital advertising channels offer pay-for-click advertising services, but the most famous of them all is Google Ads. In Google Ads, you can buy the top slots of the search results with a set price for every time your ad is clicked on.

Some other pay per click channels are:

  • Facebook: Facebook is famous for its customizability. You can create exactly what you want and show it to the people you want to show it to. Videos, images, posts, and slide shows are only some of the options. Through the precise targeting abilities, Facebook provides, you have all you need to generate high-quality leads that will result in purchases. 
  • Twitter: Twitter Ads offers businesses pay-per-click services for posts and profile badges. Companies use these services to reach various goals. These goals might be anything from gaining more site traffic to gaining more Twitter followers, more engagement on Twitter, or even gaining more app downloads.
  • Sponsored messages on LinkedIn: LinkedIn offers pay-per-click messaging services. In this service, you target specific users based on metrics such as background and industry and directly message them.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other businesses and companies for a small commission for each purchase. Affiliate marketing is performance-based, meaning you only get paid every time you drive a purchase. You have probably already seen the words affiliate link or sponsored posts on your adventures around the internet.

Affiliate marketing owes most of its popularity to Amazon. Amazon set up an affiliate marketing program in which bloggers and websites discussed and reviewed some products on Amazon and then put links to the site for the users to follow. Of course, they earned advertising fees for every time a purchase was made.

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry, and it owes its success to analytics and cookies.

Businesses interested in this marketing method can hire an affiliate. Affiliates own websites or email lists, and the more websites and internet connections they own, the wider network they have. The affiliate then proceeds to promote the service or product on their network and earn a percentage of the profit for each purchase that is made. An affiliate might do this in many different ways, such as running banner ads, creating custom content, adding links, or sending emails.

Affiliate marketing has very interesting mechanics and has been growing in popularity. It aims to create a relationship, in which both the business and the affiliate profit.  

Native advertising

Native advertising is the definition used for ads that are not set apart from the environment in which they are advertised. They look and feel the same way. The key difference between native advertising and pay-per-click banner ads is that they do not ruin the user’s flow. Native ads do not stick out and disrupt the experience.

Native ads can be easily found on any social media platform, or as recommended content on a web page. Since native ads look just like regular content, the audience sees them as organic content and doesn’t realize that it is paid.

The statistics are very fond of this method. Users consume native ads 53% more than regular ads. Native ads have been shown to increase actual purchases by 18%. The audience is just as engaged with the native ads as the rest of the content. Engagement with the ads might even be slightly higher. 

Native apps act as a great cure to audience ad fatigue. People learn to ignore advertisements, but they usually still notice native ads. Although they do notice that what they are seeing is an ad and not truly part of the content, they are still affected by it.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation refers to the act of using software to automate repetitive marketing work. Marketing automation is most commonly used in combination with customer relationship management, and customer data platforms. Through these platforms, marketing messages and content can be customized, personalized, and automated.

The goal of marketing automation is to decrease redundant work and increase efficiency. Marketing automation tools are meant to help you do more with less effort. These tools can bring in amazing revenue but only if they are used right.

A familiar example of marketing automation you have already come across is automated emails. These automated emails might be sent as a welcome message to a newcomer, or to remind a customer of the abandoned products in their shopping cart.

Like all other marketing, automation marketing aims to produce qualified leads. With tools such as scoring models, behaviors and patterns can be monitored and used for personalized content and messages. Sending the right message, to the right audience, at the right time is the way to generate high-quality leads. Through marketing automation, messages and content will be sent to the customers at the right time, making them feel more connected to your business.

It feels like a taste of customer service to potential users. With marketing automation tools, you get a chance to be present in your customer’s life, taking up a place in their mind.

Here are a few types of marketing automation:

Automated emails

Email marketing has been around since the beginning of emails, but it still has the best return on investment. It is the most popular form of digital marketing, as the combo of history and ROI is something that cannot be topped by anything else.

But the main problem when it comes to email marketing is the reach. Automated email marketing tools enable you to send emails to your audience without the need to attend. These automated emails can be triggered by you, called email blasts, or triggered by the user’s behavior, called trigger-based.

Automated email marketing tools allow you to cover a larger scale. They provide performance measurement tools and make creating personalized content easier.

Quality is a vital factor. People receive tons of emails every day if not more. With all the tools this software provides, it cannot be that hard to make the user feel like the email is meant for them, and only them.  

Social media marketing tools

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing channels existing today. It provides a direct way of communicating with the audience, creating familiarity, brand awareness, and trust.

Through social media, brands promote engagement and communicate brand personality. This can be done by posting content and quick updates. Experience has shown that social media works best when it is not used for directly promoting products and services. The audience best responds to originality and authenticity.

This makes automating social media a very hard task, as the nature of automation makes things robot-like. However, social media marketing tools can still be used for performance measurement, network engagement, and scheduling.  

Campaign tracking and reporting

The ability to monitor and measure the performance of marketing strategies accurately in real-time is one of the biggest perks of digital marketing. That is exactly why marketing analytics should never be looked past.

Marketing analytics enable you to quickly recognize errors and predict a strategy’s failure in the least costly way possible. By understanding what marketing strategies best pay off, you maximize your return on investment.

Marketing analytics software provides you with valuable data like user behavior and activity. They can also integrate data from different channels to allow easier comparison.

The most popular and complete analytic tool right now is Google Analytics. Some other popular tools are SEMRush, Buzzsumo, and Ahrefs. 

Email marketing

Email marketing works as a communication channel with the audience. Businesses have been using emails to stay on top of their customer’s minds, providing them with content, information on discounts and events, and as a way to direct users to the website.

Email marketing has been around since the first email sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 or 1978. This was the beginning of the new communication era. The first commercial email was sent years after that. But still, email marketing is the oldest digital marketing strategy out there, and it still has the best return on investment!

People are receiving more commercial emails than they can read, but yet, no one can deny that if a message is written right the impact will be incredible.

Some of the commercial email types are:

  • Blog subscription newsletter
  • Follow-up emails for when a user has downloaded something
  • New users welcome emails
  • Emails offering promotions
  • Emails containing personalized custom content

Online PR

Online PR is also known as digital PR. The term is used to refer to a link-building strategy that includes creating content such as a story. The content is then published and distributed in target media and platforms to secure coverage including backlinks to the website. Online PR is used to improve SEO and the webpage’s ranking. 

The goal with digital PR is to create a scale of quality links on other relevant and authoritative publications. This creates a positive reputation as well as getting your business’s name out there.

There are many differences between digital and traditional PR. The key difference between the two is the measurability of online PR.  While traditional PR aims to create brand awareness through stories and press releases (such as TV, radio, and newspaper), digital PR focuses a lot on SEO and backlinks.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a term that refers to a marketing methodology targeting your customers in every step of their shopping journey. The focus is on attracting them, retaining them, and satisfying them.

Every digital marketing strategy listed above can be used in this method. In inbound marketing, you are going with the customer’s flow, not standing against them, promoting their things and services.

Here are a few examples of inbound marketing versus traditional marketing:

  • Video marketing vs. commercial advertising
  • Blogging vs. pop up banners
  • Email contact list vs. email spam  

Top digital marketing tools of 2021

So far we’ve talked about the meaning of digital marketing and its variety. Now that we have an understanding of the importance of digital marketing for businesses we’re going to need a plan and the proper tools to stay on schedule.

There are various digital marketing tools out there. However, choosing the best tool out of all these options can be overwhelming. 

In the following, we’re going to take a look at the top digital marketing tools of 2021 and evaluate the tools to see if they are worth your investment or if you need to choose another one.

The right digital marketing tool will take your business to the next level, most companies don’t simply rely on one tool and have multiple digital marketing tools for each aspect of their digital marketing plan. 

Without further ado, let’s go over the most effective digital marketing tools of 2021:

Google analytics 

One of the first tools that come to mind when we’re talking about digital marketing in general, is google analytics. Even Though google analytics might seem a little advanced at the beginning, it’s the best tool around for gaining insight on user engagement rates of your website when you reach its full capacity and start using its features correctly. There are free courses that help you learn how to use the google analytics platform to its full potential. 

Google Analytics is commonly used with the google search console. These two tools are the best options for search optimization and you will receive data on where your website’s traffic is coming from, what keywords users search to reach to your services, and your total performance rates. 

By search optimization we mean SEO, if your SEO strategy is based on keywords and you aren’t in the top 5 search results and aren’t satisfied with your traffic, you need to focus on improving your content which leads to more organic traffic rates. 


Another tool for a digital marketing strategy is Hubspot. But what’s Hubspot commonly used for in digital marketing? Hubspot is known for its seamless inbound marketing strategy. Hubspot can be used to build landing pages, social media marketing strategies, and blogging tools. 

Hubspot has advanced tools that allow you to review your most important key performance indicators. The charge of Hubspot is plan-based, meaning that depending on your plan you can use it for free or pay up to 3000$ for your plan. 

Hubspot is best for customer relationship management, CMS, marketing use, and it’s often considered as an all-in-one marketing software that helps you through gaining an audience, engaging your users, and boosting their experience.

Another benefit of HubSpot is its support system, it allows immediate access to the customer service team. Hubspot also offers a personalized dashboard that can help you manage all your marketing campaigns.  


Semrush is one of the best tools that can help you improve your SEO strategy. Just like HubSpot, SEMrush is also an all-in-one marketing tool. Semrush can provide improvement in your keyword research, tracking the position, and identification of backlink opportunities. 

Semrush can also perform a full technical SEO audit and has shown improvement in content marketing, social media tools, and advertisement.

Even ThoughSEMrush offers free plans too, you have limited access to some features and its paid subscription starts with a $119.95/month price. 

Semrush offers organic reports that help you find out about your competitor’s keywords focus. Your Content Marketing Potential will be rising and This will give you more information on the words your competitors use and the words you can rank for.


Canva is one of the best tools for advanced graphics. Canva offers the opportunity to create call-to-action buttons, social images, and infographics in both free and paid subscription for team options. The custom enterprise subscription is around $13. 

Canva is best for the times that you need a graphic designer and you’re low on budget, with Canva as the graphic design platform you can easily create business cards, Instagram posts, invitations, etc. 

There are various templates available on canva, they offer a professionally designed template for almost anything. They also offer clip arts and fonts that can help you to have a personalized editing experience while designing your Instagram posts, zoom backgrounds, infographics, etc to have a better marketing appeal. 

Canva also provides an easy editing experience with outstanding results. You don’t need to be a professional to use canva since it provides an extensive suite of features and tutorial videos. 

You can upload your icon, logo, etc to get a customized design quickly, the main use of canva is creating gifs and infographics for websites. 

Screaming frog 

So what’s next on the list? Let’s talk about the screaming frog. The screaming frog is mainly used for crawling SEO. If you’re looking for a marketing tool that focuses on improving your technical SEO, the screaming frog is the right tool for you. 

No matter what your SEO campaign is, the first move you need to do is to make sure that your website is SEO-friendly and optimized before making any other move. 

As we mentioned above, the screaming frog is used for crawling SEO since it is a noticeably powerful web crawler tool. With the screaming frog, you can receive information about your website’s metadata, architecture, and content which can help to have an in-depth analysis of your users. 

The screaming frog makes it possible for you to download or keep on file pieces of information about your website’s SEO. it also provides features for both on-page SEO and more advanced SEO-related features for Javascript, HTML, and CSS. You can also use the screaming frog to recognize any SEO errors that might affect your SEO strategy and you can link the screaming frog with google analytics, Moz, and other marketing tools.


Like other digital marketing tools, Moz doesn’t expedition in offering both free and paid SEO features. Moz provides a good range of SEO tools and guides you through monitoring your search rankings, conducting keyword research, and performing website audits. 

Moz also offers a chrome plugin that makes it easier to instantly view your webpage metrics. 

Moz pro

Moz Pro offers one of the best page authority tracking algorithms among search engine optimization analytics tools, and it is considered a top SERP tool as well. 

SEO analytics is a crucial aspect of your digital marketing attempts and helps you gain insight into keyword opportunities, domain authority links, and the creation and tracking of backlinks profiles. 

Moz Pro makes it possible for you to take a look at the authority ratings of the organic ranking alongside identifying new keywords and their difficulty rate. You can use Moz for highlighting your web pages and targeting specific keywords.

Moz open site explorer

You need to have a successful online presence in order to make it in the digital marketing world. One of the most crucial SEO practices that make your online presence possible is link building. Moz open site explorer allows receiving a detailed report of the pages that we’re connected to by just entering the URL of the webpage.

Moz open explorer provides a ling building analysis that ensures being found by users through other websites by generating an overview on the links from the URL that you’ve entered, Moz also allows you to create a CVS for exporting all these links and you can see how backlinks affect your webpage.


Another perfect tool for content marketing is BuzzSumo. This platform allows you to find different solutions to get the best interaction ratio. Being cloud-based, BuzzSumo enables you to find trending stories, keywords, and other useful stuff to make you get better engagement in social media and search engines. These operations wouldn’t be completed if you could not monitor the process. So, the developers of the service have added the feature to the tool, too. Currently, more than 900 companies are using this solution and it’s a sign for those who are looking for something serious. 


One of the most important objectives of a website for a company is to convert its visitors. Convertflow is one of the best options out there to do so. To use this tool, you don’t have to know anything about coding. The service provides A/B testing, sticky bars, and landing pages. In fact, the main purpose of developing the service has been enhancing the landing pages, but little by little, it has brought on more and more. 

Digital Marketing tools for businesses

Nowadays, using digital marketing tools is the best way to make yourself visible among the unlimited brands and competitors who want to be seen as much as you and even more. So, you have no other choice but to count on these tools. But it might cost you time and money to do so. So, there is another way and that is getting some help from the professionals.

Dewzilla can help you all the way to make it happen, right and easy. 


Digital marketing is growing faster than we realize and alongside it, digital marketing tools change too. The marketing tool that we’re using right now can lose its advantages in the growing process of the digital marketing world. It’s best to keep our marketing strategy flexible and use digital marketing tools that have already proven their flexibility through the marketing changes. Looking at the digital marketing tools of 2021 once again shows us the importance of search engine optimization and its direct impact on digital marketing.


Does my company need a website?

Yes, but not necessarily. It really depends on the type of your business and you may need just an app to reach your goals. But having a website is not a bad idea all the way. If you don’t need the website to do something special for you, you can have a cheap website. But if you need your website to deliver something for your company, you have to have a functional website and if you can’t develop it on your own, it will cost you.

Does a website increase my sales?

It, again, depends on the type of your business and your website. If it is made to sell, it will. But developing a website to increase your sales has many tricks that you may not know. So, don’t hesitate to talk to the experts and getting help from them.

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