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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We are currently living in a highly technological world where everything can be done through a mobile device or a laptop; where all the daily processes have been influenced by new tools and technologies; where every and each company has experienced massive changes due to a fast-changing digital environment. 

In easy words, the world has gone online, expanding and distinguishing new ways of communication, interacting and doing business. It is rather difficult to stay away from all these innovations and keep up with doing work in an old-fashioned way. Big and small companies, retail and beauty industries, sports and healthcare need to adjust and get used to the highly digitalized world in order to keep the existing clients, get new ones and increase their interaction with the brand.

Digital transformation is something people have heard of but have not yet seen or tried implementing it. Nevertheless, it is something that will affect them all, either they want it or not.

What does digital transformation mean?

Digital transformation is all about new technologies and digital tools which are already being implemented in all types of businesses and their work models. Entering the digital world means changing the way the brand interacts with its customers, the way all the inside systems work and the way the company organizes its day-to-day activities and tasks.

It is rather difficult to act according to familiar methods when the whole world is going digital and does not want to accept the old ways of doing things. Even though there exist a lot of industries that are still loyal to working the same traditional way, they will not be an exception and will anyway have to adapt in the near future. 

Digital transformation is important due to several reasons and helps with: 

What does digital transformation mean?
  • Increasing customer satisfaction;
  • Increasing interaction between the brand and its clients;
  • Updating work processes;
  • Upgrading business models;
  • Developing digital skills and discovering new talents.

Tools of digital transformation help companies to keep up with the trends and survive in a fast-growing environment. In order to provide better customer service and a higher level of customer satisfaction, companies need to change multiple ways of interacting with their clients and learn more about digital transformation. 

How to implement a digital transformation?

While thinking about digital transformation, a lot of people will agree that it is mainly about technologies which, as a rule, is not particularly true. Digital transformation covers a lot of aspects of a company’s organization and cannot be successfully implemented unless they all are covered in the process. 

Among the things that need to be involved in the process of digital transformation are:

  • Digital-oriented leaders; 
  • Soft-skilled talents; 
  • Digital trainings; 
  • Digital tools; 
  • Investment; 
  • Inside communication. 

Developing a new digital strategy, companies have to make sure that each and every aspect is reviewed and implemented in order to get a successful new model of doing business.

Digital-oriented leaders 

It all starts at the top. Unless the company has a good leader, regardless of how hard people work, or how talented they are, all the work will be useless. Employees need to have a good example and someone who will guide them through all the new processes and implementations. When leaders are familiar with all the new technologies, it is much more effective and beneficial for the company. When they are fully involved with the process, know how the new system works and ready to help everyone with better and faster adaptation, the company is meant to succeed in digital transformation.

An interesting fact about modern recruitment is that no matter how valuable hard skills are, more and more employers tend to choose people who are creative, fast-learning and curious towards new knowledge and experience. And the demand is only increasing as the companies are implementing digital transformation.

It is very important to have talented people in the team, those who will be able to adapt and change when needed, who will be flexible and skilled. Technology, as a matter of fact, will not function without people who are able to make it work while people will not succeed unless they get acquainted with all the technological innovations.

How to implement a digital transformation?
How to implement a digital transformation?

Digital transformation opens doors for many new directions and job opportunities and it is just the right time for people to realize that the more adaptable they are the easier it will be for them to upskill and get a place under the sun. The companies, in return, should see people as the main mechanics in the whole system of digital transformation. Investing in people with smart minds will give an opportunity to benefit from digital transformation faster and more efficiently.

Digital training

Getting the right leaders and talented people on board is half of the battle. Both of them require good training and day-to-day practice in order to understand the way digital transformation works. It all starts with distinguishing the differences and advantages of the new business model, practicing it and discussing all the possible ways it can make everyday working life easier and efficient.

It is essential to show and teach people how to integrate digital transformation into traditional processes in order to avoid massive confusion. Hiring professionals who are strong at technology implementation and integration will help to speed it all up and provide a better understanding of all the technical features of new and unknown technologies.

Digital tools

Digital tools are vital for implementing the transformation itself and making the overall process easier and more accessible. The company can step-by-step start using numerous available digital tools and make them an integral part of everyday workflow. Some of them will perfectly work, while others will be useless. Every company can give it a try and practice various methods in order to find the perfect one.

Getting rid of paper stuff, downloading smart software, digitalizing to-do lists with numerous dashboards that help keep the tasks unified and track the results of the whole team are just a small part of available things on the market. The only thing left is making the whole team involved and encouraging them to try it.

While it may seem quite a tough thing to accomplish, it is true that everyone will eventually get used, as they once did with new smartphones.

Inside communication

Having so many new things to get acquainted with, people might get lost and confused unless there is good communication established in the first place. Digital transformation requires constant interaction among all the employees with them sharing their results and overall impressions.

First of all, it is rather essential to explain what are the new things that are planned to be implemented, what is the main reason for changing the business model and how everyone will benefit from it. The more people know, the more eager to participate they will be.

Secondly, it is important to establish new ways of communication. Old-time favourite emails are a bit outdated way of communicating with colleagues and companies have already come up with new and more convenient ways to be in touch. The company can create a general chat on one of the social media platforms where people can share updates, give ideas and conduct discussions.

Thirdly, communication between the leaders and the employees is vital like never before. When the company is undergoing a so-called renovation and redevelopment with the implementation of digital transformation, everyone should be involved. A good way to integrate technology is asking for constructive feedback every now and then. It will help to understand whether the company is moving in the right direction and get rid of those methods which do not seem to work properly. Regular meetings with all the departments, product development, marketing and others, will be beneficial to brainstorm and come up with new and creative solutions.

Soft-skilled talents
Soft-skilled talents


The fact that all of the new tools and technologies require financing is not new and rather obvious. Technology implementation managers, digital-oriented employees, a set of digital tools along with regular training can be quite expensive. Companies need to be ready for that and what is more important they should want it and understand that it will all eventually work for the common good.

Another helpful thing is understanding that each and every aspect is needed. A company can buy all of the latest technologies, but without a professional ready to show how to implement them and people with required skills, the investment will not bring any results. The same works when there are enough people and tools but there is no available training material to implement it in the best possible way.


Digital transformation is something that sooner or later every company will face and undergo. It doesn’t really matter whether it is a big company or a small agency, the fast-changing world will make everyone play under new rules in order to catch up and not lose it all.

Those companies, who are already working on implementing digital transformation or just starting the journey, need to remember that the process includes many factors, each of which is very important and cannot be left behind. In order to make new technologies work and bring positive change to the company, it needs to have smart and skilled people who will, on one hand, show how to use the tools and, on the other hand, integrate them in the most efficient way.

Digital transformation is changing the way people interact in the work environment, the way they address their customers and stay active on the market through social media platforms. Although the process of implementing new technology and various digital tools might, at first sight, seem challenging and costly, it is indeed worth it.

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