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Facebook Ads for Local Business

Facebook Ads for Local Business. It that works?

Every local business owner wants to make money, which means that more customers pay through the door, but the Facebook ad campaign, that focuses solely on this goal, is too broad. For your ads to succeed, you need to break this overarching goal into two aims:

1. Brand awareness. You have to make more of the right people (your local, target market) to know about your business. So, the next time they need a business that includes your product or service, you will be the first one who comes to their mind.

2. Social proof. Make your business trustworthy, reliable, and popular in the community. So what you need to do is encourage the online community to share the information about you and your business through the digital-word-of-mouth (for example, a Facebook share with a friend). This will create a buzz around your business and you will look like a place that people have to visit (in your area).

facebook local ads
Facebook Ads for Local Business

Why is Facebook suitable for advertising?

Advertising on Facebook is the main way to expand your reach on social media platforms.

Besides, Facebook can increase the awareness for your product or service and even alter the users to consumers. 

Listed below are the reasons why you have to choose Facebook as an advertising tool:

  • Inexpensive ads:

The cost of the advertisement depends on you. You just need to set the budget and when you reach that point, Facebook will stop promoting. Naturally, more money brings more users. 

  • outstanding functionality: 

The majority of social media marketers consider Facebook as the best social media platform for return on investment (ROI)  

  • Specific targets: 

Facebook can specify your audiences. You can benefits from this by targeting the users who might be altered eventually to your customers. You can specify your audience by norms such as age, location, gender, marital status, job titles. You can also filter them by connections like friends of your target users. 

  • Easy to run ads: 

The process of creating an ad on Facebook is super easy and customizable. Select what type of ad you need, define the target audience, and set the budget. You are free to choose from a variety of options:

  1. Carousel ads: this form of advertisement combines multiple videos and images into one particular ad. Therefore, they are considered to be the most effective format of advertising on social media.
  1. Slideshow ads: this format combines videos and images with text and audio to narrate an event or story. It can increase the convincingness of your campaign.  
  1. Video ads: there should be no surprise that this format is by far the most popular kind of Facebook advertisement system. This type of ad draws the audience’s attention to the content and partakes them in a useful engagement.
  • Useful demographics

Facebook lets you be aware of your user’s mindset and that’s a good opportunity. Even if people don’t end up purchasing your products or services, it still helps you to improve your brand awareness. In addition to data about impression and frequency, you will obtain information such as likes, shares, and comments. All this information allows you to make changes whenever it was necessary. 

Bottom line, the Facebook ad is essential for expanding brand awareness and local businesses. It also improves your reach on social media platforms.


In the world of technology, Facebook ads are easier and more effective for local businesses than print ads. Listed below are the reasons why online advertisement for local businesses makes more sense:

  • There is no online search on the internet for purchasing daily stuff:

Buying things on a regular basis doesn’t necessarily demand online searching and advertising. When it comes to groceries or dry cleaning services, people tend to find the nearest place and get the job done at the moment. Facebook is the only site that allows you to target the local people and introduce your products or services to them.

  • Targeting the accurate population:

Targeting the people within certain geographical areas will lead to bringing more customers to your in-sales store. 

  • You can easily provide coupons and offers. 

By utilizing the third-party Facebook coupon app or the Facebook Offers app, you can easily advertise your coupons and drive people to ask them on Facebook.

  • You can reach out to the people who have dealt with you already. 

Facebook Custom Audience allows targeting options that will reach people whose email address or phone number you’ve collected. And if you use any loyalty program, you will have such information.


The average cost of advertising on Facebook for local businesses is $0.97 per click (CPC) and $7.19 per thousand impressions (CPM). If your advertising campaign is aimed at getting likes or application downloads, you can expect that on average you will need to pay $1.07 per like (CPL) and $5.47 per download (CPA). 

Average Facebook Advertising Cost for Local BusinessBidding Model
$0.97Cost-per-click (CPC)
$7.19Cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM)
$1.07Cost-per-like (CPL)
$5.47Cost-per-download (CPA)

Although these data are based on in-depth research, which estimates nearly $300 million in Facebook advertising spend, these numbers are only average. 

Your local business may see higher or lower Facebook ad costs.


The most effective way to attract new customers is to use Facebook ads and offer people something valuable for free. Unlike Google Ads, people are not actively looking for your products, so you cannot expect them to buy something from your ad, even if they are interested in it. Google Ads are so powerful as you can show them to people who are interested in purchasing your products or services right now. With Facebook ads, you don’t have the same intention to profit. You don’t know what people think about when they are on Facebook. So you need to give them something to arouse their interest – something that brings value to your audience.

Instead of directly promoting the product or your business, you have to promote the value or benefit that customers will receive by clicking on your ad. As we mentioned before, users can be not interested in buying your product right now. However, if you choose the right target audience, you can easily offer your consumers something valuable related to your products or industry to attract them as qualified leads for future conversion.

Now, let’s proceed to the 5 main ways of how to run Facebook Ads for a local business: 

1. The process of determining the accurate audiences takes time. Focus on your geographic location and don’t forget about the customers who were previously interested in your industry and services. Don’t forget to Upload the email addresses and phone numbers that you have already collected. You have to consider elements like age, gender, and other metrics mentioned in the first paragraphs of the article. Your audiences should be trackable and easy to access. You can use lookalike audiences who are similar to your current audiences. That will result in finding new targets with the same interests. Facebook will find the targets matching the generalized information.

2. Give people the urge to click. As mentioned before, offering coupons and calling discounts is a great way to bring more customers to your page. When scrolling aimlessly, there should be a spark that drives users into the page. Turn them interested in purchasing your products by making curiosity. The coupons should be reasonable. The discounts up to %15 seem to be natural and accessible.  It will create clicks if it belongs to the nearest direction from them.

3. Tracking Facebook ads. So, you have landing page settings for your ad and coupon. Now it’s time to track your ad statistics. If you use both Facebook Advertising Manager in Wishpond and the coupon application, you can automatically track all indicators of both your advertisement and the landing page, from the number of ad views to the number of conversions (declared coupons) on the coupon page. The only number you need to focus on is your cost per conversion. It will show how much you spend to get one sale lead for your business. And as long as the cost of one sales lead exceeds the amount that you pay for it, your Facebook ads are profitable. And you may keep running them.

4. Layer your ads. Consider the layers as filters that you place on top of your main advertisement. Thus, you mix demographics with local awareness and communicate with people in the area who have certain inclinations and are in the right place.

Facebook provides you many options when it comes to targeting your ads. 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you filter your ads on Facebook using any of these methods – specificity is more expensive. 

Keep in mind that the smaller and more specific you define your advertising audience, the more expensive it will be their reach. Try to find good middle ground, not too wide and not too specific. In some places, fewer layers are required.

Unless you have a large number of pedestrians or demographic differences in where your business is located, you won’t be so detailed with your layers if you want your ad to show. Facebook offers real-world controls that deliver ads to the most interested customers.

5. Optimizing your Facebook ads. It doesn’t matter how successful your return on investment (ROI) is you will always want to find ways to boost it up. So, what can help you to optimize your Facebook ads and get better ROI is testing, especially the A/B test. A/B testing is a marketing strategy in which two versions, A and B (Control and Processing) are tested against each other. The goal is to identify changes that increase the likelihood of what you want to happen.  

It requires you to create several versions of your Facebook ads to test against each other. In each case, you make only one variable of the Ad different. Therefore, if you are conducting A/B testing of your headline, use a different one for each variation, however, don’t change the image and description of the Ad. This way you will know what the headline is,s causing the differences in ad ratios and nothing else. We recommend you test both advertising options at the same time. This will make it as quick and cheap as possible to see which option is best converted. You can conduct multivariate testing, in which more than two options are tested simultaneously. But it takes more time and money to see which option is the best.

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Do not start without a certain goal 

The most damageable mistake that one can possibly make is to go on Facebook to advertise for a small business without having a clear strategy.

Having a clear digital marketing strategy generates vision and direction for the whole organization.

Marketing strategy helps you to create an organized plan which is based on the customer’s expectations and fulfills their needs.

  • Forgetting the importance of costume audience

A custom audience is considered as an ad targeting option that lets you find your audience among people who are currently using Facebook.

With a custom audience, you can make a users list including email addresses and phone numbers and that will come into use when you want to set the target audience.

  • Underestimate the power of Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is an analytics tool letting you calculate the effectiveness of your advertising by comprehending the actions people take on your page. It also helps you to optimize ads and build targeted audiences and remarket to the people who previously took part on your page. 

Listed below are some of the Facebook pixel advantages:

  • Targeting with costume audience

When the pixel code is one, facebook notices when someone visits. You can have access to all the audiences such as 

  • All your page visitors during the period of 180 days
  • Top visitors who spend 5%,10%, or 25% of their time on your page
  • People who participate in your events
  • Optimize ad delivery

When you build a Facebook advertising campaign, you have an audience that can see all your ads. Optimization is when you select who has access to your ads among your audiences. Facebook is helping you to save money by showing the ads to people who are most likely to take action.

If you don’t consider using pixel, you will be limited to optimizing for lighter actions like engaging or commenting. Once you have it you can register for a great conversion. 

  • Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads or dynamic banners are banners that automatically change to modify content and promotion especially for each user. Thanks to the Facebook pixel, what appears in the ad will depend upon user behavior.

The bottom line, not utilizing Facebook pixel will result in a hard battle. You don’t have an accurate target, you are not able to optimize for the action that you want, and tracking your result is impossible.

4. Broadly targeting

if you are new to Facebook, this issue might trap you. When outlining your overall targeting, you need to pay attention  to a few things listed below:

  • Age range: the age range that you select to display your ad should be close to your target demographics.
  • Interests: being aware of your target’s interests plays a key role. What they see must be relevant to their interests.
  • Location: targeting outside of your market is a ridiculous error. If the vast majority of your audiences are in one state, don’t target the entire country.

 5. Abandoning the ad

The importance of analyzing the ad’s effectiveness is clear. Do not create a new ad and just abandon it for days. You also have to make sure that your audience doesn’t see the same ad every day. Monitoring the ads will help you to know whether your campaign is achieving its goals or it is trapped in a circle of repetitive outcomes.

Here is a highlight of elements that you have to keep an eye on :

  • Ad frequency
  • Conversion rate
  • Generated leads
  • Clicks by interest

Scanning your ads regularly will help you to know whether you need any modifications or not.

6. Lack of a clear scheme

When it comes to marketing, creditability and value are the most important aspects. 

Do you have that much value to convince people and companies to work with you or to use your products instead of your competitor’s?

To make sure that your Facebook ads have a considerable amount of creditability, these items should be on the list:

  • Clear and easy to understand
  • It should inform what benefits the user will get out of purchasing the product
  • Should not  include slangs
  • It has to showcase your products or service’s difference from other competitors
  • It should be persuasive

7. Facebook ad fatigue

If one particular ad is displayed over and over again, the users might reject clicking on the ad. This will result in poor engagement and negatively impact your ROI. this scenario is known as Facebook fatigue in the social media realm.

Facebook ad fatigue
Facebook ad fatigue

8. Bad choice for the ad placement

Choosing the accurate place to set the ad on is important. 

You can place the ad on:

  • Feeds
  • Stories
  • Facebook video ads 
  • Facebook instant articles

Don’t forget that the right place to put an ad is as important as the content of the ad. If you want the audience to install a Demo, don’t put it on Instagram story.


Achieving success in the Facebook advertising campaign is not an overnight accomplishment.  The important thing to know is that being aware of the audiences and their needs, plays a vital part in succeeding. It takes courage for small and local businesses to start a campaign on Facebook, but the odds of winning this huge competition will raise.

Also, while your Facebook ads are still running, it is recommended to place various campaigns on top of this engagement campaign, it will help you to be more visible and attractive. 

The success of your Facebook ads will largely depend on your distribution, how well you target your audience. It may play a critical factor in your advertising campaign, therefore it is better to get a hand from professionals. Let your original ad show for a while, analyze the results, and don’t be afraid to test. The audience, budget, and creativity must be checked and optimized every time. Run two, three, or four campaigns against each other and see what works better. 

Perfectly done advertisements will bring amazing results and lead to the fast growth of a business.


As we determined before it is highly important to customize your advertising campaign correctly. Dewzilla is a digital marketing company that specialized in customized Facebook ads for local businesses. Our professional marketers will analyze your business, products, or services and pick up the right strategy to go on. They will choose the most suitable options of ad types, target the audience, and set up the ad budget. We understand the importance of Facebook ads and are ready to launch the marketing campaign that will work for your local business. Dewzilla is worried about its clients and doing the best to make them happy.


How do I advertise local business on Facebook?

Advertise with a local audience
Post locally engaging content
Get involved in the community
Offer a loyalty program
Build an email list

Are Facebook ads effective for small businesses?

When deciding whether to advertise on Facebook or not, some points should be taken into consideration. If your company is capable of handling social media and has a suitable amount of budgets to support the efforts, the answer is yes.

How much does it cost to advertise locally on Facebook?

The cost of Facebook advertising depends on your ability to engage with the target audience and your bidding type.

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