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Finding suitable mobile app developers

Finding mobile app developers

Finding mobile app developers can be hard for business owners. The searching process requires a detailed insight and a profound understanding of the candidate’s skill set.

To make the right decision, you also need to understand the concept of your business venture fully. This article talks about the development strategies and tips for hiring the right developer that will guide a successful app launch.

Understand the Business Logic of the Project

That includes the application concept, a function it performs, and your view of the app design. A brilliant idea, if expertly implemented, can make your business the talk of the town; the wrong one can fail it.

But most importantly, complementary and hence successful cooperation is highly probable if a developer is concerned with a venture you are starting, not just the development process.

A programmer you are looking for has to sympathize with the idea you want to convert into reality. Moreover, he or she has to be experienced in a category your app fits under.


Look for a specialist with good reviews and expertise. The previous experience clients had with the developer can shed light on his/her professional approach. Check his\her UX/UI. Apart from dedicated commitment, look through their portfolio and check the app’s interface and positive user experience.

They must be on the high level to meet business-to-business inquiries. According to a study by Localytics, about 24% of users abandon an app after their first experience, which is about a quarter earning opportunity lost.

App development process
Mobile Development: The process, stages, and costs

What kind of professional are you looking for?

There are different kinds of mobile developers based on their selected platform and method of delivery for the apps they program. Once you define the business developmental stage and its organizational form, finding the right developer will be practically implementable.

To the point, you have to decide whether to hire an in-house team or an outsourcer. Often project scale is an issue in business partnerships and both outsourced, and in-house app developers need to be considered.

If you are launching a start-up project, you are likely to focus on hiring a freelance specialist to save both budget and time. The detail and finesse of coding define the value of the project and its outcome.

If this is the case for your HR selection, ensure that there is a well-organized group of innovative young coders providing cross-compatible development skills and native code knowledge.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring an In-House Developer

The advantages of hiring an in-house employee are primarily workplace communication and deep integration in the venture’s flow. Furthermore, if you decide in favor of an in-house programmer, you may rest easy on the company’s intellectual property being stolen. Such employees are enthusiastic, establish effective communication with their co-workers, and can resolve any issues that come up fast.

The disadvantages include high salary expectations, medical coverage, specialized equipment, employee meals, etc. The number of potential candidates available is also restricted to the city you are searching in.

In-House VS Outsource
In-House VS Outsource

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Nowadays, more and more companies are switching to outsourcing. The vast number of them, like Alibaba, Google, and N-iX offshore to countries that have lower labor costs. If you plan effectively the hiring process, you’ll save up energy by outsourcing platforms like HireKhan, Upwork, Freelancer etc.

These platforms display a wide range of IT services and hundreds of professional individuals (e.g., GitHub platform). Instead of having to educate your team, you can reach tens of thousands of offshore app developers ready to take on your start-up and have the experience to complete it quickly and qualitatively.

First, this can eliminate the sequence of processes required to select, train, and orient staff. Second, outsourcing can enable the project to be completed in the shortest possible time.

The disadvantages involve the lack of direct control of employees. The absence of direct communication can be harmful for organizational success. With an outsourced project, a team or an individual may be working for more companies than just yours.

Besides, different time frame and physical location can influence the overall idea of how the application should look like. When dealing with remote employees, patent and project details can be leaked.

App Development Trends of 2020

The upcoming trends in 2020 are blockchain technology and AI. If you want to implement new technology, you are to consider a specialist from an outstaffing company. The blockchain technology has helped many startups to create their blockchain-powered apps and blockchain-based software solutions.

Moreover, the blockchain service allows app developers to connect to third-party cloud services and manage users on the app. The top features of implementing AI are chatbots and valuable data. Many app developers are integrating chatbots in their apps and websites.

The future chatbots will provide better and automated customer dialogue and will imitate human interaction.

Mobile Development: The process, stages, and costs
App development trends

How to Choose Between Freelancers and Companies?

An app design agency is to provide you with a project plan. That incurs all of the activities related to the project, from conceptualization to completion. Furthermore, these companies have expert teams of designers with UI-UX skills; the product they develop is multi-platform, handy, and has excellent design.

While there is no guarantee that a freelance coder won’t suddenly leave the project, a company cannot afford to fail a movement of the work process and have a functioning communications management.

The two options can lead to a positive outcome for both parties. The decision comes down to the project’s specification, the category it falls under and the product it serves. Remember to consider the employment costs, coder’s professionalism, his/her commitment and willingness to devote himself/herself to full-scale development of the application.

Your decision also depends on the types of languages the prospective employee is familiar with. What is their competence in writing in Java, Swift, or X-code? Or maybe they are expert in writing in Objective-C, the language for creating iPhone apps.

Is it essential for them to have practical knowledge of specific build systems? You will have to define the nature of the work which will be carried out, the right app technology stack and provide him/her with basic coding tools. These include a great editor, database tools, good-working browser etc.

These factors play the biggest role in how you choose between in-house hiring and outsourcing.

Keep Them Hot on The Trail

Post-progress tracking is very important. Talk through the best approaches that can benefit both of you. If an app developer considers a project to be a trifling business – bailout. A systematic and genetic approach is best.

Prospective developers should be able to outline the project’s scope ahead of time; this involves deadlines for the product’s outcome and future payments. Further, supporting your application throughout the entire project will provide security.

In case of having any bugs coming up, a programmer should be able to find the solution and solve it.  


To conclude, investing your time and expertise in the hiring process before mobile app development is crucial for both your project and business goals. Conscious research will secure the project’s costs and prevent developmental problems. Remember that making an app that works well is more important than finding an idea that is perfect.

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