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How To Get More Traffic On Etsy Shop?

Google Ads for Local Business. That's why you should use it

One of the most considerable ways to get found as a local business today is to show yourself in front and the center when someone takes out their phone and searches Google for products or services next to them. This is important because when someone does such a search, they usually look for a local plumber, coffee shop or find a repair shop for a bicycle. The 3 packs of local maps are a great start, but Google ads, along with an emphasis on SEO, helps you dominate the local search market.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to promote your local business in the market while staying in control of the audience you are reaching, Google Ads is a great way to go. This is a competitive and time-consuming method of advertising that requires more service than traditional advertising, but with a good marketing budget and with the right use, Google Ads can generate a fantastic return on investment for your local business. So, let’s dig deeper into how Google Ads works, how you can use it, and why it is such a brilliant choice for local businesses looking to attract local customers.

How Local Businesses Can Benefit from Google Ads

To put it simply, Google Ads spinning around the keywords. What you need to do is take the keywords that you know that people use to find you on the Internet and create ads around them. When you create the first advertising of Google Ads, you can set it to show to people based on certain criteria. This is especially useful for owners of local businesses, as one of the criteria is for people who are searching for keywords in a particular location. 

Thus, if you are a luxury car mechanic in New York or Barcelona, you can create an ad that will be triggered to people who are looking for any specific keywords of luxury cars, such as: A car mechanic in New York; Range Rover repairs; Mercedes services in Barcelona.

If you create ads using targeted keywords and taking into account your local criteria, you can find a completely new set of customers who did not know about your business before.

Getting Started with Google Ads 

Before moving on to Google Ads, there are a few things to remember. The most important thing is to know what you want to achieve with the Googe Ads campaign, your ideal result. If you do not know about this ahead of time, you will likely spend a lot of time and money on creating advertising and getting bad results. You want to be able to capitalize on Google Ads and get results that positively impact your local business. Here are some examples of common goals for the bigger part of local businesses: 

  • Increased sales; 
  • Increased phone calls;
  • Increased visits of the landing page; 
  • Increased visits to your physical place (store, office, service, etc.).

All of this can be the result of the Google Ads campaign, so know what you ideally want to get before you get started. Another important factor is your market. Although Google Ads will work for most companies, if you have a brand that offers something very new or in a very small niche, this may be not suitable for you. The best Google Ads campaigns are those which have a specific target market that searches for specific keywords in a common area. So, if you manage a business such as a mechanical store, printing house, bookstore, hairdresser or bookkeeping firm, and many others, Google Ads is exactly what you need.

Finally, you have to make a little research. Keyword research, which we will examine in more detail in the next section, is very important for your success. You should know what keywords your potential customers are looking for online to find you. You also need to pay attention to your competitors. Pay attention to when and where they appear in online searches. If they are currently showing ads, check their copy and headings. Fortunately, you can use a tool like SpyFu to directly track any specific keywords that your direct competitors use in their marketing campaigns.

The study also includes your current customers and online audience.

Never be afraid to communicate with your customers to see what they like about your service or what they want to be improved. Look for online reviews and find out what they think about your competitors too. Create a simple Word or Google document where you can keep records of all this information because it can come in handy when it’s time to launch your ads.

Launch Effective Google Ads Campaign for Local Business

Google Ads is an excellent solution for local businesses. With many of keywords available for bidding and new every day, you have an almost unlimited target audience. With millions of keywords, you can add new ones to your campaign to increase the traffic. Once you achieve a profitable pay-per-click campaign, you can always increase the daily expenses of your marketing campaign to get more clicks. Since keywords are ranked in the bidding system by paying more per click you significantly increase your ranking position. For example, If your current position on google search is 4, you can increase your average expenses and boost to the second stance. The higher your rating, the more clicks and more traffic you gonna experienced. Potentially, once you increase the bid for your keywords, you might attract as many visitors as you want or you can afford. 

It’s All About The Keywords

From the earliest days of online search, when Google competed with Yahoo, AltaVista and Ask Jeeves, and Bing was just a glimpse in the eyes of Bill Gates, search engine optimization (SEO) was the key moment for marketers seeking to reach their audience on the Internet. Although many conversations on this topic can be perceived by people who are looking for loopholes or exploits in search engines using reverse engineering, in essence, it is simply an acknowledgment of the fact that any piece of digital content that you release must be balanced. useful and attractive to your audience and be easy to find.

The main aspect of all of this is the keyword, a flag that helps Google understand that your local business might be exactly what a user is looking for. The best thing to start while launching your Google Ads campaign is with keywords. The good news is that Google provides you with a free tool to do all the research you need to get started with your Google Ads Keyword Planner. Regardless of whether you are promoting a paid campaign or not, you will receive useful information for creating and updating a list of keywords with highly targeted keywords list.

After you log in and provide the Planner with the necessary information about your website, you will be offered many options for potential keywords that you can bet on. Pay particular attention to setting up “Locations”, as it is a really important component for local business: you can target specific ZIP codes so that your results are targeted to potential leads or customers near your business address.

Starting a Google Ads for local business is not such an easy process, as you can choose not correct options for your campaign and get to nowhere. You will get a list of words that Google believes are relevant to your website, so it’s better to take a hand of professionals than make some experiments.

Write a Great Google Ads Copy

You don’t have enough space to contribute to Google Ads, so you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to truly reach and engage your audience. This is largely marketing 101. What is your unique value proposition? How do you make someone an offer that he cannot refuse? How do you make yourself look like a safe bet?

The complexity of Google Ads is that you only have two 30-character headlines, one 80-character description line, and a link for all of your marketing funnel. The good news is that you already know one thing – what your user is looking for. Let’s imagine that someone is looking for a locksmith, he probably has in mind the following questions: How fast can they get here? How much will it cost me? Can I trust these guys?

Use Small Ad Groups 

Segmentation is the most popular thing in marketing because it allows you to create more personalized campaigns that will target specific groups of customers that you are trying to reach. If you are doing home repairs, a pitch that novice homeowners will love will be very different from what is intended for those who are trying to get their house in order so they may sell. We talk a lot about segmentation on mailing lists, but this idea also applies to Google Ads campaigns through the concept of ad groups.

Essentially, you have to break down your keywords into ad groups that make sense together. You don’t have enough space in Google Ads and you need to make sure that your message really draws the attention of your audience. Again, this is about understanding what the purpose of the keyword search is and creating a message that matches this intention. A good rule of thumb is to limit yourself to no more than 20 keywords per group.

Customize Your Landing Page

Landing pages can give you an advantage behind your competitors, so it is necessary to have it, even for a local business. In this way, you build trust, answer any questions the visitor may have and lead them to a strong and well-posed call-to-action. There is so much to say about creating and setting up landing pages that drive conversion, but it’s enough to determine that you have to set them up depending on your business and mentality of each ad group included in the search.

Focus on Your Customer’s Mentality

While creating a Google Ads campaign, what matters is that you can think of someone trying to help with a problem – a problem your business is prepared to solve. If you can focus on the different mindsets that can encourage a customer to consider calling you, you have everything you need to run an excellent AdWords campaign for your local business.

Track Your Results

If you just launched your Google Ads campaign that’s great, but the work is not finished yet. You need to be able to track how your ads work, otherwise, you won’t have any idea if you created a successful ad or something that needs to be set up. The good news is that Google makes it relatively easy to track your advertising campaigns with conversion tracking.

Focus on Your Customer’s Mentality

First of all, you have to choose a conversion source. It just means which conversions you want to track. Remember, in the beginning, when we said that you need to keep in mind the goal when it comes to what you want from your ads? Well, that’s where they come into play. Most owners of local business will have conversions mainly from three areas:

  • Websites: When a customer performs an action from your landing page, it can be an appointment or subscription to a newsletter in exchange for a coupon or discount code;
  • Phones: When a customer calls you from a phone number in your ad, on your website, or calls you from a mobile device by tapping a number on your mobile website;
  • Imports: This is used a little less often than the other two, mainly when the buyer can see your ad and call your office, and you sell them by phone. In this case, you will have to import this data into Google.

The most common are website and phone conversion tracking.

Website tracking. Essentially, all you have to do is log in to your account, follow the instructions from Google Ads and you will get a Conversion, Tracking Tag. You want to copy this piece of code and put it on the conversion page. Therefore, if an ad directs people to a landing page requesting a reservation, the potential customer signs up for an appointment and receives a “Thank you for booking page” – this is the page on which the tracking tag will be displayed.

Calls tracking. Another primary way to track conversions is through phone calls. You can display your phone number in an ad. There are several advantages to this. Firstly, it will make people call (this is always good), and secondly, it works great for people who work on mobile devices. Instead of accessing your site or landing page, they can call directly from the ad.


With the right use and customization, Google Ads can boost your local business to a new level. It is a complex process that has to be executed well, otherwise, it may be not effective and bring unwanted losses to your business. If you don’t know how to target your audience, set up a budget or optimize your campaign – let professionals help you to save your time and money.    

Launch Google Ads for Your Local Business with Dewzilla 

If you think that Google Ads is exactly what you and you are ready to invest some money on it – you are in the right place. Dewzilla is a digital marketing company that specialized in customized Google Ads for local businesses. Our professional marketers will analyze your business, products or services and pick up the right strategy to go on. They will choose the most suitable options of ad types, target the audience and set up the ads budget. We totally understand the importance of Google Ads and ready to launch the marketing campaign that will work for your local business. Dewzilla is worried about its clients and doing the best to make them happy.

Contact us and our managers will provide you with all the details 


(447) 366-491-118   

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