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How AI Is Changing Digital Marketing

How AI Is Changing Digital Marketing

While many world best companies are mostly focused on developing faster, easing costs and forecasting trends, AI comes to the rescue in such situations. 

  • The way artificial intelligence develops every day, we certainly can say that it alters the way we do our work. Digital marketing is no different to other spheres of human life where AI may influence. 
  • While artificial intelligence becomes more crucial in the sphere of digital marketing, some marketers ignore the importance of it when they try to communicate with the target audience.
  • Those marketers who know how to implement AI in digital campaigns can achieve great results in several ways. 
How AI Is Changing Digital Marketing
How AI Is Changing Digital Marketing

At last, many experts from different industries, who need to maximize their results and data’s value, are taking into consideration a transformative possibility of AI. Nowadays, advertising and marketing are actively using this technology. To be exact, these spheres are using artificial intelligence the most. According to expert predictions, at least 80% of the digital media market will be making use of technologies based on AI this year. 

You may think that the percentage is quite big, however, practice shows that it will become only bigger. Of course, some marketers feel like they do not have the main control when AI implemented. As a result, they work more with their intuition than with smart algorithms that can better their media. With the development of this technology, many advisers have more possibilities to collect, analyze, and store the ever-growing amount of client data. Thus, in the nearest future attempts to connect with clients without the help of artificial intelligence could be a disaster. 

At the same time, artificial intelligence should not be perceived as a tool that you once implement and forget about it for your marketing mechanism. Thus, you are still going to need a deep understanding of a client’s business, full insight on your target audience, and marketing talent. All of this can offer support to digital marketing campaigns that are driven by AI. Moreover, your task is to the active control of what you deliver to your target audience. 

The main difference is in performance

The main difference is in performance

You may like artificial intelligence for different reasons, however, all experts agree on one reason the most: performance. If you incorporate AI-driven technologies in your digital campaigns, you have a higher possibility of achieving better creative impact, get more correct targeting, optimize in simpler ways, and dramatically boost your conversion. If you think that all you are going to get then you are quite wrong. 

In more recent times and even nowadays, wide-scale campaigns would be using corporate tools for campaign management that later created possibilities for marketers to place a big number of different ads across different networks. However, despite the advanced level of AI-powered tools, you still have to do optimization of placement by yourself. 

In case, if you implement artificial intelligence in your marketing programs, they can work on their own. Moreover, optimization is going to be more effective, and you will face the possibility to lessen costs for your campaigns. When AI is engaged, it optimizes not only one aspect of a campaign but almost all of them at once. 

There are some certain campaign optimizations after the influence of artificial intelligence. As a rule, they have the most effective cost per acquisition and cost per mille, providing strong media in accordance with sales funnel, and assigning budget smartly among different tactics. 

Expanding technology gaps

Media experts and campaign managers are not the only people who can thrive on artificial intelligence in digital marketing. If we take a closer look we are going to see that all marketing ecosystem is more data-driven, this way developing a certain need for advanced analytics tools in different business departments. It is no wonder why at least one-third of creative, marketing and IT companies all over the globe invest or are planning of investing in AI technologies.

Some companies need more time to adjust to new conditions. In the long run, these companies will experience the biggest number of challenges when they decide to catch up with others.  The more companies dedicate budget to AI implementation, the more pressure the labor market is going to experience. 

For example, last year, at least half of the American companies widened their data scientists teams, and almost the same number developed new roles to properly support the management of AI-based solutions. Those companies that want to keep up with more progressive opponents need to have a clear idea of talent implications while they develop assimilation strategy.

This does not mean that every employee has to be a data scientist. However, while artificial intelligence plays one of the crucial roles in your marketing strategy, you should have teams that have a clear understanding of solutions of how to optimize data and what things are driven by it. 

One can always ask yourself one important question that is related to the team’s talent: “Is the team or a person is skilled enough at analyzing qualitative and quantitative data in one mix?’

Looking up to world leaders

If we go beyond the marketing world, we will discover that such companies as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify have been using artificial intelligence to alter customer expectations from their brands. As a result, these company’s algorithms to their products, music, or movies have pushed their opponents to concentrate their attention on forecasting customer needs. 

Even media companies have a reliance on algorithms.  It is a well-known fact, that developing good content needs a lot of time. Thus, the use of AI helps these companies in providing their customers personalized and high-quality content at the needed time and place. Moreover, many of us see or read content that is more likely to be made and share by a machine rather than by a human being. 

Tips for using AI in digital marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

The previous examples should give your advertisers and marketers a good indication of how they can and should get the best out of tools that are based on AI. As we said before the best world companies are mainly concentrated on developing faster, forecasting trends and lowering their costs. Thanks to AI all of this is possible. For this very reason, we offer you several strategies that your business can use to get better results in your digital campaigns. 

Perfect your customer journeys

Artificial intelligence creates the possibility for marketers to gather unique insights about customers’ behaviors, motivations, and needs.  Moreover, it greatly reduces the level of struggle that needed in analyzing the data and implementing insights into campaigns. 

While you step by step learn about your target audience, try to forget about the idea that you already know everything about them.  Believe us, this is the biggest fallacy ever.  Instead, continue to learn and ask questions. As a result, the more answers you are going to get, the better and easier you are going to build customer journeys that comply with customer’s expectations and desires. 

Build more thorough media plans.

With the help of AI, your marketers can build digital marketing campaigns on true-time signals that are received from proper data and competitive practices rather than sixth sense, time-devouring research, or guesses. This has certain implications in the realm of deciding what media tactics are going to fit your business. 

At the very least, media planners should widen their knowledge of what digital marketing can do.  For instance, we have voice-enabled platforms powered by AI like Siri or Alexa, programs that develop personalized web pages for individuals effortlessly, and chatbots that are constantly perfecting their communication with customers. These are only some examples of what AI can do for digital marketing. 

Media experts should also percept differently the needed skills to effectively work with campaigns that are powered by AI. Most importantly, remember, that despite all this technological advancement in digital marketing campaigns, you still need to keep a hold of them. Besides, the person in control has to have according to expertise and knowledge to check theories, gather insights, and deliver great results. 

Implementation of AI chatbots

The result of the improvement of AI semantic recognition, voice recognition, and language processing technology has lead to the improvement of AI-driven customer service and overall customer experience. In comparison with manual customer service, it is better in more ways than one.  

First and foremost, AI-driven chatbots offer businesses the possibility to go further the classic tet-a-tet form of customer service.  As an alternative, chatbots offer one-to-many communication, offering support for many customers at the same time and in various time zones. 

Secondly, non of AI-driven chatbots do not need rest, thus they can communicate with customers at any time of any week or month in real-time. This means they are more effective and can even offer support beyond the office hours. 

Aside from these advantages, customers can change the language used by AI chatbot according to their knowledge and needs. This way your brand has better-localized customer service. 

Many world-known brands have already started their communication with customers through certain messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and others. All these examples have AI chatbots. 

Email marketing

AI supports companies in customization of email marketing campaigns that are formed on certain user behaviors. This means many marketers can share emails that are based on certain actions. As a result, companies can provide needed emails to clients’ inboxes, with specific subject lines, messaging and even product recommendations that are formed on the client’s behavior. Similar to better-customized content, artificial intelligence also helps in the optimization of email campaigns to maximize the company’s results. Many marketers use tools like Phrasee to quickly optimize and better analyze their campaigns rather than conducting A/B tests with various designs and messages that can take a lot of time.

Similar to better-customized content, artificial intelligence also helps in the optimization of email campaigns to maximize the company’s results. Many marketers use tools like Phrasee to quickly optimize and better analyze their campaigns rather than conducting A/B tests with various designs and messages that can take a lot of time.

Finally, AI helps brands to connect with the proper target audience at the proper time and assuring that their messaging is up-to-date, engaging, and can convert possible clients. Moreover, AI chatbots offer brands the possibility to perfect analyzing different types of messaging, design, subject lines, and images. 

Create better leads. 

Artificial intelligence offers help in making the company’s sales cycle low-cost and shorter by giving its teams the possibility to focus on strong leads.  There are platforms for marketing automation that mix various firmographic, demographic, and psychographic data point to create a clear picture of the perfect target audience and estimate prospects who are more likely to purchase a brand’s product or service.  

It is a fact, that knowledge is a great source of power.  AI provides possibilities of quick campaign optimization that are much easier and stronger than ever. However, digital marketers who work on certain campaigns with a specific target audience have already a huge advantage. If you are ready to constantly analyze and update your customer data, then you can be sure that your AI-powered tools will only improve and create better possibilities for your business. 


AI in digital marketing becomes a more common thing, however,  we still can argue whether it is well developed or needs a lot of improvement. If you have not already invested in AI tools or your data scientists team, it is not too late to do it. Whether you are building these capabilities inside your company or outsourcing them, you will still need them to rival in a world where marketing trends are rapidly changing. If you start now, you will avoid possible issues in the future.

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