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How Digital Marketing Continues to Change

How Digital Marketing Continues to Change

In a broad sense, marketing is a complex discipline that includes the ability to analyze a niche and competitors, predict consumer demand, and skillfully build communications with the target audience. Its aim is to make a profit by satisfying the needs of customers. Communicating is the main part of that formula while channels of communicating are constantly developing and changing. In short, a professional marketer should understand how to turn the needs of people (B2C) or organizations (B2B) in services and goods into consumer demand. Actually, it is the major purpose of brand marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a marketing field that involves the promotion of a brand, its product, and services using digital technologies at all stages of interaction with consumers. Digital marketing uses not only the Worldwide Web but also offline tools such as smart gadgets, POS terminals, etc.

The main task is to attract and retain customers for the business. In addition, digital marketing can be used for collecting contact information of interested users, increasing brand awareness, forming a positive image, increasing consumer loyalty, and promoting new goods and services.

Using advanced capabilities of digital technologies allows the company to reach the maximum of target consumers and establish the effectiveness of interaction with them, which ensures the high efficiency of this approach and a base of regular customers.

How digital marketing channels are changing

Digital marketing has several channels that can be divided into those related to online and offline marketing. The main difference between them is that digital marketing channels work exclusively on the Internet, while offline marketing channels are connected to digital devices that are not connected to the Web.

Recommendations and feedback

Sites that provide reviews of the clients have recently started to be in great demand. First, it is connected to the importance of a company to have a good image and reputation and make its service five-star. Secondly, customers mostly rely on other people’s feedback and reviews on the Internet. 

Recommendations and feedback
Recommendations and feedback

Site reviews are socially useful as they not only sell but also tell people about the real quality of goods and their possible shortcomings, helping users make a choice. Only one user out of ten who is loyal to the product will write a good review, but in case of bad reviews, nine out of ten will write them. Good customer support will be able to smooth out the disadvantages of the product and reduce the level of negativity. The user should feel the company’s concern and desire to improve its product.

A few customers are eager to spend their time to express their opinion on purchased products or services. Therefore, it is worth asking them for their feedback on the website or in a letter that will catch up with the customer after the purchase. For reviews on the site, the company can give bonuses, in order for people to write them more often. If the site does not yet have a single review, the company usually orders a couple of them from copywriters, because customers prefer to leave reviews when there is already some of them written before them.

Negative reviews are now also a good way of establishing customer loyalty. A site with a complete lack of negativity is perceived by the user as a site well edited by the owner. Negative reviews increase the credibility of the site. Such reviews, however, should be taken into account, answered quickly by managers who then will offer possible solutions to the problem. 

At the same time, website visitors may be skeptical about the company’s good reputation, that is why third-party reviews are particularly useful here. Here are some third party sites with reviews: Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Zomato, Trustpilot, Amazon Customer Reviews, and so on.


SEO marketing is mostly the attraction of clients or target users with the help of search engines. Its task is to achieve business goals by:

  • attracting customers, employees or partners;
  • improving the company’s reputation among search results;
  • increasing the number of orders for certain goods or services;
  • the increasing trust of the target audience;
  • maximizing brand reach.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

The sources of traffic, in this case, can be not only organic issuance, but also other services of search engines, such as Google My Business, and work is carried out both on the site and on the other resources where the company may be mentioned.

SEO takes a long time before the first results appear, but at the same time, it is less expensive than contextual advertising. This channel will attract a huge number of customers over a very long period of time.

SEO voice search

Voice and text searching exist simultaneously with each other. Someone types text for searching, others prefer the voice version. But, one way or another, for each type of search, there are different queries. Accordingly, the next features are important for voice search SEO: 

  • user’s language (regional);
  • conversion of text queries into longer and more detailed ones; 
  • emphasis on the results; 
  • importance of authoritative results; 
  • quality content.

The level of spoken language in text and voice searches greatly differs. We normally write: “the best restaurants in the nearest area,” but we usually ask: “Google, what is a good restaurant nearby?”. As we can see, since the spoken language is leading one for voice search, the content consequently should be optimized directly for such possible inquiries.

In order to prioritize Google with snippets (authoritative fragments in the search results), quick and accurate answers to search queries are the key to ranking. If Google recognizes the site as a snippet, then this leads to an increase in sessions, speed, and the number of clicks (CTR), and better visibility. The reason for this is that the content is considered by the search engine as informative and fairly authoritative. And therefore, it becomes possible to select this particular resource as a source for a quick response to a certain user request in text or voice version.

The popularity of voice search among users affects how customers search for products and services which makes it relevant for digital marketers and, thus, ensures the quality of the content visible for each type of request (voice search, text questions, etc.). As people start searching differently, websites, previously optimized for text searches, should now be optimized for voice queries.

Google My Business

Voice search is a victory for the next evolution of SEO. First, a company needs to make itself known on Google My Business list. Afterward, it will need to ensure that its site is optimized for mobile devices. Almost all companies in the world use Google My Business profiles. Google My Business is an online business directory. Organizations create pages in it for free and provide information about themselves. After confirmation, this information is displayed on Google services (in Maps and on search). Today they are also optimized and tuned so that they will be more suitable for voice search. Complete information and accurate, thematic images can bring the page to the first results.

At the same time, companies need to be sure that all the marketing work is aimed at exactly how people formulate their requests so that the information on the site corresponds to these requests. Local SEO is a section of search engine optimization, which is engaged in website promotion according to local requests, tied to a specific territory, which has a clear geographic location. Local search is three times more often requested in voice form than in text, that is, local (regional) SEO is now more important than ever.

Mobile optimized version

According to research, 34% of users are those who enter local queries on a desktop computer, and 50% of users are the ones who enter such queries on smartphones, visit the store and buy services on the same day. That is, we can say that customers who are looking for a company with the help of local requests are “hot” customers who intend to visit the company, take the service, etc in the nearest future and place an order.

Social Media
Social Media

The major factor that companies should take into account is the optimized website loading speed. In mobile issuance site speed is in the top 3 factors that determine traffic. To increase speed, the company can use the standard recommendations of Page Speed Insights and AMP (Google Accelerated Mobile Page Technology).

Social Media Marketing

Today social media invests in tools, e-commerce, targeting, and sales funnels within the network. Social networks are becoming a full-fledged sales tool.

Among popular main platforms for social media marketing, today are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. The list of channels is constantly growing. The brand-new TikTok has already become very well-used by consumers. All in all, interactivity is changing marketing all the time. Exchanging and engagement between consumers and brands wouldn’t be possible without social media and digital transformation.

Brands should choose the right strategy for campaigns with the help of social media marketing, evaluate its capabilities and results. In social networks, the effectiveness of influence on target audience depends on the correctly chosen method of advertising promotion, the reach of the audience on the social networks, the number of subscribers and visitors to a page or group, the number of actions on the network (“likes”, participation in promotions and contests), brand resonance, quantity and quality of traffic to an external site.

Video digital marketing

The US digital video market is growing at an annual rate of 30% ($2.5 billion). The minimum time for viewing Internet clips by users is proportionally increasing. Let’s see the next facts.

Video digital marketing
Video digital marketing
  • People spend 1 hour 16 minutes a day on online video. 
  • Thanks to visualization, people remember your brand and become more loyal: Tubular Insights believes that 64% of users buy a product or service after watching a branded video.
  • Instagram claims that online video will cover about 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021. 
  • In Forbes, it is mentioned that 65% of users visit the company’s website after watching a video about it.
  • 83% of companies that have an explanatory video on the main page say that it is an effective marketing strategy that brings new customers.

That is just quite a few reasons among numerous why video marketing today should be an indispensable part of a marketing strategy.

Content that is made in video format is used to increase conversions and sales, increase trust, and attract even the laziest customers who do not want to read the text. Video can explain everything, even the most complex and little-known service.

Social networks are also actively showing love for video. Instagram launched IGTV in addition to stories and live broadcasts, Facebook uses 360-degree video, live video, and stories. In addition, YouTube has become the second most popular worldwide social network.


Digital marketing has been massively transformed by technology. Automation of artificial intelligence, immersive, and intelligent technologies are changing the way brands analyze customer data and interact with their audience. Customers, in turn, become more experienced and expect truly personalized content.

In order to keep up with the course and increase conversion in the upcoming years, companies will need to improve user-generated content, in particular audio and video, and share it with the target audience.

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