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How Long Does It Take to Design a Website?

These days having a good-looking and functional website is a must-have for almost any business. So, at some point, you can ask yourself a question: How long does it take to design a website?

The answer to this question might vary, as it all depends…. You might wonder: depends on what? While it is almost impossible to give the exact answer as to how long precisely it takes to design a website, one could have some rough predictions about the web design timing.

It might take approximately from a few weeks to a few months (from 2-3 weeks to 4-5 months). Again, it all depends on a number of factors, like your budget, the size of the website, the team working on the project, and so on. So, to give a full answer to the question How long does it take to design a website? , it is necessary to look more thoroughly at the factors that directly influence that process and, of course, to have a better understanding of that process.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Making a Plan of Designing a New Website

At the very moment, you made a decision to have your website designed by the professionals, you would naturally want to know when it is ready. And it’s not uncommon to expect that the design of your website will be ready as soon as possible.

So, not to make a mistake of setting an impossible deadline and rushing too much, you should, first of all, ask yourself several questions to be able to communicate your ideas and expectations clearly.

1. What Is Your Budget for Designing a Website?  

If you are in a business area, you, probably, know that it often comes to the question of money, especially when you have to order some services. Your budget can define whether you can hire a more advanced website designer with vast experience or the designer who are at the initial stage of their career.

The budget can also define the complexity of the design itself. The simpler the design, the less you’ll have to pay for it.

The budget can even partially influence the timing of the website design. If you are really in a big rush and would like to have a good website design, you could pay the designers for extra hours work and have your website design ready in slightly shorter terms.

2. How Big Is Your Website?

If you would like to know when the design of your website will be ready, the next question you should ask yourself is about the size of your website.

It comes as no surprise: the bigger your website, the more time it will take to get it ready for launch.

The design of a 10-15 page website can take approximately 4-8 weeks to design (if talking about custom-design), while a 25-40 page design could take from 6 weeks to even 6 months depending on the complexity of the design.

2.1. Do You Run Small or Big Business?

Think in advance whether you need a bigger or a smaller website to start with. Not only the bigger website would cost more, but it would also take much more time.

What kind of business do you have? If it’s big business, by no means you would need a bigger website, just be prepared to wait for the website a bit longer.

3. Do You Want a Custom Design or Prefer a Template-Based Approach?

Before having your website designed, the good question to ask is whether you prefer a template-based approach or a custom design.

Custom design is often preferred as it’s geared towards your specific needs.

With website templates, you simply use pre-designed pages, then you insert the content and images and have the website ready to go. You can even do it on your own or hire the professionals to do it.

The template-based approach is much less costly and much quicker than custom design; on the other hand, only custom-built websites can be optimized specifically for your business needs, and, of course, they will be more unique.

Understanding the Process of Design Building

In order to know how much time it might take to design a website, you should also understand the whole process and its stages.

Designing a website is comprised of several stages, each of each takes some time to accomplish.

Process of Discovery

Have you ever noticed that some websites, even though they look very nice, are hard to navigate and soon you can get irritated without having any desire to visit that website again? And, on the contrary, some of the websites, are very functional and appealing.

And it answers the question of why it’s important to go through the initial stage of discovery while starting the process of website building.

At the stage of discovery, it’s important to clearly define your target audience and your expectations. You should understand that it’s a collaborative project, and the more information you share about your business, the better.

No matter whether you work with the website agency or individual designers, try to give them as much information as possible about who you are, what’s your business or services about, and what you are trying to achieve.

1. What’s the Main Purpose of Your Website?

While starting the process of website design, it is always helpful to clearly understand the target audience and the purpose of your website.

What are you trying to achieve with this website? Who are the people that are most likely to visit your website? What kind of experience would you want them to have?

Share al this information with the website designer, especially when it comes to the purpose of your website.

2. Creating Mockups

After you explained everything about your business, the purpose of your website and your expectations to the website designers, they have all the necessary information to process and to start working on some mockups or sketches on how your potential website might look.

At this stage, the website designers are creating several variants of the website, so that you could choose the website design you like the best.

3. Communicating back-and-forth with the team of developers and designers

After you received the mockups of your potential website, you will choose the one you would like to get implemented. At this stage, you might also have some questions and ask for the suggestions as to which website might be the best in terms of not only look but also the functionality.

This is the stage, during which you would communicate with the website designers, share your thoughts, give and listen to some suggestions, and so on.

4. Approving the Project

This is the final stage of the web design process. During this stage, you can give final suggestions regarding your website.

If there are some small things you would want to be different, you can share it with the designers and developers, so that, if possible, they could make some final arrangements.

And if everything looks good and you are satisfied with what you’ve got, you should approve the final project.

So, How Long Does It Take to Design a Website?

Now that you know the whole process of web design and all its stages, you, probably, now understand better why it’s very difficult to tell exactly how much time it will take to design a website.

But, of course, it’s still important to understand how much time (more or less) it might take to design a website so that you know what to count on while developing your business.

So, taking into account all the factors and all the stages of website design, we can set an approximate timeframe for each stage particularly.

1. Making a Plan

This is the initial stage, during which you talk with the web design agency (or individual web designers) and share with them all the information about your business and the idea of how you would want your website to look like.

After that the web designers come up with the theoretical plan, can give you some insights of what might be the best option for you, give advice on whether or not you might need this particular feature, and so forth.

It usually takes from 1-2 weeks to come up with a good plan.

2. Starting the Process of Website Design

After the plan is approved, the actual process of the website begins. This process also involves two stages:

2.1. Creating Several Sketches

Usually, web designers or the agency come up with several sketches (mockups) for the website, so that the customer could choose the design he/she loves the best.

At this stage, you can also ask for some changes, as the development process hasn’t really started yet.

It might take from one to three weeks.

2.2 Approving the Final Mockup

At this stage, you should choose the final sketch and give your approval to the website designers, so that they could start the actual work.

It usually takes a few days, depending on whether or not you would want to take an extra day or two to think about some other possible changes.

3. Approximate Timetable for Website Design and Development

After having the final sketch of website design approved, the actual work begins.

This is the main and most important phase when the magic begins, and your website is coming to life.

Good developers can show you things in progress so that you can see yourself how it’s all working, and, of course, trace the progress.

This is the stage that takes the most time, and it can last from 4 to 8 weeks.

4. Final Assessments

At this time, you can have a closer look at how your website functions and ask for final revisions if you have any.

You can ask for some corrections and compare the result with the initial plan of how your website was supposed to look.

It might take up to 1 week to do all the final revisions.

Issues That Can Cause Delays in Timely Website Design

So, now you know approximately how much time each stage of website design might take if everything goes smoothly. But, at times, unfortunately, there might be some unpredictable issues that can cause delays in timely website design.

1. Leaving Out the Planning Stage

The planning stage is important, as it can help website designers understand more about your business, target audience and expectations.

And if you decide to save some time and skip that stage, you might face some undesirable consequences. When the website designers don’t understand your needs clearly, they might design the website that wouldn’t meet your needs, and, thus, you will have to ask them to redo a lot of things, – and it will take a lot of extra time.

2. Miscommunication

Miscommunication can lead to misunderstanding and to the frustration of having the website you aren’t quite satisfied with.

To save time, it’s always better to clearly communicate with the web designers about your business, ideas, and expectations and to do so at every stage of website development.

3. Unplanned Delays

Don’t forget that website also requires having some content, and if the content is delivered later, you might find out that it doesn’t fit the layout, and, thus, some things need to be redone.

And, of course, issues like not meeting the deadline or when the designer gets sick might happen too. Just take it all into account before setting a rigid deadline for website design and development.

So, now you know that designing a website isn’t a single-step process and that you should take into account a number of factors before answering the question: How long does it take to design a website?

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