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how much digital marketing cost on 2021

How much does digital marketing cost on 2021?

The average digital budget ranges from $30,000 to $145,000 per year for small-to-midsize businesses (SMB). Digital marketing costs as much as you are ready to spend on it. As far as your business grows a digital marketing cost, of course, if it brings the results. You may spend all of your money and not get any success as well as spend a minimum sum and generate an incredible increase.

If you are willing to start your small business from scratch and you don’t have any budget available, you can promote your campaign by yourself. There are a lot of free or cheap steps, which might not be so effective, but still will bring you some successful results. The marketing plan is what you need to start. Think about who will buy your products or services and how you can reach them out. There are a lot of ways you can spend your money on digital marketing, however, you need to minimize the risk of their loss. Without any strategy, your budget will be overspent or you will get nowhere.

Is digital marketing expensive?

I’m pretty certain most small businesses and startups won’t have the solution to this current question. notwithstanding that you have got the solution, I even have a gut feeling you’ve misunderstood digital promoting as an inexpensive strategy because of varied blogs and articles on the net. That’s why I’ve felt the necessity to clear the air and inform all novice marketers concerning what reasonably a budget they’ll have to be compelled to initiate an efficient promoting campaign.

Remember, that the free ride is over. 

Without any doubt, we can say that digital promoting may be a cost-effective technique, however, you can’t assume it is cheap. There was a time when people would say that we can simply promote products and services on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit. By the way, as soon as the platform reflects promoting potential, it’s solely a matter of your time before they monetize it with paid advertisements.

Digital marketing is pricey, however, any business will counter these prices through effective designing and plotting. character Beatrice  McGraw is a digital promoting professional UN agency who works for ExportHub – an internet B2B marketplace specialized in connecting Chinese suppliers with international purchasers.

For example, one comparatively new social platform that started displaying paid ads is none other than Snapchat.  As much as I dislike this update as a user, businesses square measure amorous it. Actually, according to Statista, within the fourth quarter of 2020, Snapchat’s revenue amounted to 911 million U.S. dollars, which was the greatest revenue the company recorded up to now.

Yes, that’s what quantity businesses all around the world can pay on this origin of digital marketing. Doesn’t sound cheap, does it?

One issue I’d like to inform all digital marketers is that you just can’t ignore Google AdWords if you want to arrive anywhere close to standing tall with the market leaders. With over 3.5 billion daily searches, Google is the place you’d wish for your name to appear upon each time your potential prospect searches. To manage your ad expense, all you’ll do is become a connoisseur in creating a productive campaign. Believe me; it takes a lot of time and skill to pull it off and succeed. That’s why PPC connoisseurs are increasing in demand, and this trend is still on top of all.

There is still one digital marketing strategy that’s effective in paid and also free. If you have got the budget, you usually purchase links and publish delightful and high-quality content on blog sites that have high traffic. On the other side, if you’re on a tight budget, many nice websites appreciate your art of writing and producing great content. They’ll allow you to publish for free and conjointly allow you to step up a link that will bring traffic to your website.

Content marketing not solely generates traffic, but it, in addition, enhances your gullibility within the business. Your content can indicate to the readers that you are a connoisseur in what you are doing. This mental attitude will get you many loyal prospects that will stick to buying greats and services from you.

How much does digital marketing cost?

This is an extremely commonly asked question, with no certain and straightforward answer. Many elements affect how the cost adds up, and how you define your budget.

Digital marketing costs cannot be decreased the same way you deal with the costs of commodities, like flour or eggs. Going for the cheapest option is not very wise here. Cutting costs on digital marketing equals getting lower effectiveness and lower quality. Having ineffective digital marketing beats the point of having one at all.

The good news is, marketing has already become a lot cheaper since it has evolved from offline channels to online alternatives. Moreover, you get better results with these lower costs too. Digital marketing is more efficient than putting up big banners and paying a lot of money to be broadcasted on the radio.

You must look deeply into your business and its needs. Consider what stage your business is at currently, and your overall financial situation. Every business has different priorities, preferences, and options. We do not intend to give you a final answer to this question but to go into the elements that create your marketing budget.

Deciding on your marketing budget

There are many views on how a marketing budget must be established. Different philosophies suggest different methods. Many use mathematical formulas to give an ultimate final answer to this question.

Many businesses designate a percentage of their budget toward marketing and advertising, though this said percentage varies widely. Some businesses dedicate 20%, or even more of their revenue to marketing, while some others put in as little as 5%. There is no ultimate answer. It seems like the companies will never reach a shared conclusion to this question, as the answer depends heavily on your company’s circumstances.

Based on a research survey operated by Gartner CMO, the average budget put aside for marketing is 9.8% of the revenue at the moment.  

Another survey collected not only the percentages each company invested in online advertisement and digital marketing but their business characteristics as well. The research discovered that the budget greatly differed based on the industry and other factors. They found that the size of the budget is directly linked to who are the company’s customers, and whether the business is selling products or services.

Business to business companies providing services dedicated 8.7% of their budget to marketing, while B2B product sellers dedicated 8.6%. On the other hand, business-to-customer companies selling products dedicated 9.8% of their revenue, while ones providing services dedicated 15.6%!

According to a study by Brafton, it is more common for small to mid-sized companies to dedicate 10-20% of the revenue. The smaller your company, the smaller the budget needed. This is because while big companies need to optimize more than 1000 pages, smaller companies will be optimizing smaller sites, and can focus their advertisements locally. Some other factors that affect your budget are your timeline and marketing objective.

The most famous digital marketing components

The three most known digital marketing components are search engine optimization, social media advertisement, and pay-per-click advertising. These three are the most commonly used and efficient, but there are many other methods out there. Such as Email marketing, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, etc.

Search engine optimization, aka SEO

One of the oldest and most efficient forms of digital marketing, SEO can mean both paid search, and search engine optimization. SEO-website optimization, webpage structuring, keyword researching, content optimization, content development, etc, can be done all for free. But that is if you know how to do it and can afford the time it takes. If you do not, then you might want to hire a professional to do it for you.

Always verify the legitimacy of SEO freelancers and agencies. Look deep through their references, speak to them personally if possible, and read their online reviews. Look at the other sites they have worked on, and how they are currently performing.  

Based on Moz’s data, a marketing agency specializing in SEO, the average costs of outsourcing SEO services are:

– To hire a professional freelancer, you will be paying from 80$ to 130$ hourly.

– To hire a digital marketing agency, you will be paying from 750$ to 1500$ monthly.

– If you decide to work by project, each SEO campaign or project costs roughly around 1000$ to 7500$.

Any of these plans you decide on, even if you choose to DIY, plan ahead. Do a lot of research, plan strategies, and create a timeline. Think thoroughly about how you can measure the efficiency of the project as well. Otherwise, all your efforts might end in disappointing results.

Social media marketing aka SMM

How much does social media marketing cost?

Social media marketing branches into two main categories: social media advertising, and social media optimization (SMO). Here again, there is the possibility to do it yourself. Social media marketing can be completely free if you have a skilled team in this subject and enough time as well.

Most social media platforms offer different paid advertisement services. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all provide pad options such as posts. There is no limit on how much one can spend on social media advertisements. There is no minimum budget, you can spend anywhere from 100$ a month to more than 10000$ monthly! Some platforms, like Facebook, are cheaper and you can spend even less than ten dollars a month. Depending on the company’s size, budget, target audience, as well as the frequency of ads or posts, the costs usually tend to fall between 3000$ and 7000$ a month.

While you do not necessarily have to pay any social media platform to be seen on it, it does certainly help to do so. Social media marketing is way more than sharing images and using great hashtags, through these platforms you can reach even further out to your audience. If you are just starting your marketing journey, or have a business in the early stages, paid social media advertisements will fit you like a glove. You can grow your brand awareness like you could have never imagined.

Advertising on social media gives you a better reach out than any other non-digital advertising method might. Facebook alone has over 2.4 billion monthly active users. Moreover, through Facebook, your ads can be directed towards the most suitable audience out there. This is especially a great tool for local businesses, as they will not be searched for on social media.

Let us dive a little bit deeper into some of the biggest social media advertising platforms to understand this even better.


There are two main ways to purchase a Facebook advertisement service: CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-thousand). A cost per click campaign usually costs between 0.50$ to 2$ per click, while a cost per thousand campaign is usually around 11$.

We will later delve more into Facebook advertising as it is one of the most popular advertisement methods.


Both twitter ads and Facebook ads, let you reach out to users who are not following your account. Just like a Facebook ad campaign, a tweet campaign will allow you on the users’ feed. Twitter provides a CPC option where you pay an average of 1.35$ for every time a user interacts with your account by retweeting, commenting, or clicking on it. The cost of CPC widely varies, as it functions like an auction, where users bid according to their competition; the more the competition, the higher the price.

Another feature Twitter-ads is currently offering, is paying per follower. For each new follower earned through the ad, you pay roughly between 2$ to 4$. There is also the option of promoting hashtags and trends to become a popular topic among the users. The average cost for this feature is a flat rate of 200000$ per day and is meant to target big game businesses, with huge budgets, and a noticed online presence.

PPC or pay-per-click advertisement

PPC is a marketing strategy, where you pay for an ad click or impression. One of the most well-known names in this method of advertisement is Google ads, originally known as Google AdWords. With Google Ads, you can appear on the top of the search results, and pay by the number of times people click on your website. Another famous search engine PPC advertisement provider is Microsoft ads, originally known as Bing ads.

Through advertising on search engines, you can be seen the moment someone needs your product or service.

Here again, you will have to bid for a higher ranking and will have to pay more based on how much your competitors are paying.

Both Google and Bing ads are extremely flexible and can be altered to fit you the best. It is common for small-medium size businesses to monthly spend between 9000$ and 10000$. This number adds up to 100000$ and 120000$ yearly. It is scary to imagine giving out dollars, each time your website is clicked on, but these numbers are just a start. Google and bing are super customizable, and though an ad on Google usually costs 1$-2$ per click, you should not be disappointed, there is a ton of variability in costs.

Email marketing

Old school, cheap and effective: email marketing brings brand awareness and brand loyalty. It helps keep your brand on the user’s mind and often leads to increased conversion and sales. In the best-case scenario, well-done email marketing can give your business a 4300% return on investment. Dell is a perfect example of this: after adopting this strategy, its revenue grew about 109%!

The biggest perk to email marketing is its versatility. It can be easily used and integrated with other marketing strategies, such as video marketing or content marketing. The video and content you have created in those campaigns can be repurposed and redelivered in your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing can be done completely for free, if (again) you have the time and resources to manage it all by yourself. Email marketing providers like MailChimp offer a free monthly plan, and the other plans start at 10$ a month. You could also outsource for email marketing. This will cost between 300$ and 2000$ a month. This will save you a lot of time. You will no longer have to develop an email marketing strategy, maintain your email list, and write your emails.

Video marketing

Video marketing is very similar to content marketing and sometimes even known as a branch of it. It can increase brand awareness, engage the audience and influence their purchasing choices, by creating worthy, informative, and engaging content for them.

If you have already invested in content marketing, you can easily repurpose the created content into new video content. You can create videos for your blog articles, white papers, and e-books. Video content grasps the audience’s attention and can offer great growth in profits.

According to Tubular insights 64% of customers purchased a product or service after watching branded videos. Moreover, companies that use video marketing see an increase in profits 49% faster than those that do not. The moment you add videos to your marketing campaigns, you will see an upward trend in conversions.  

Video marketing does not necessarily have to be very expensive; you can even DIY it! Phone cameras are becoming more complex and sophisticated day by day. With a good cell ‌phone, you might not even need a professional filming camera. These kinds of homemade videos receive a very nice response on social media. They are seen as less of a scam and connect to the customers on a personal level.

If you are looking for a polished high-end result, hiring professionals is the other option you have. Professional videography can become quite expensive, and outsourcing video marketing can cost between 1200$-50000$.

Voice search optimization

VSO or voice search engine optimization is the new and hot marketing strategy. Like SEO, it focuses on highering your rankings, but now on voice-activated assistants, like Cortana, Siri and Google Now. You tweak your featured snippets, with relevant keywords to enhance voice search.

Voice search is rapidly growing in popularity and so is VSO. At this current moment, over 20% of all web searches are done through voice-activated assistants. It is very smart to invest more in this part, to keep a cutting edge against your competitors. Currently, businesses are mostly investing between 600$ and 2000$ on voice search optimization.

A great digital marketing example: Facebook

Why Facebook ads?

Here are our top six reasons why you would want to advertise on Facebook. At short:

– You will be heard.

– You will find your perfect matching audience.

– It is easy to set up.

– You will save money.

– Facebook ad campaigns are extremely customizable.

– Facebook is ever-evolving!

It is highly effective to advertise on Facebook.

Not a single soul back in 2004 could have guessed that Facebook would one day become what it is today. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users and close to 1.5 billion daily active users, Facebook has a population bigger than china. It has over 22 billion ad clicks yearly and without a doubt, it is a great advertising opportunity for any business.

The data agrees. Over 51% of total advertising costs spent in the United States were on Facebook. Of course, your audience will be there somewhere in the 2.2 billion users as well, you will just have to find them. Facebook will exactly help you do that.

The perfect way to reach your ideal audience

Facebook provides you with the perfect tools to discover your perfect audience match. It caters tons of valuable information and detailed strategies to come in contact with specific people based on their habits and behaviors, hobbies, what they like, who they interact with, etc. It also keeps demographics, such as age, gender, language, and location in mind. Facebook offers an amusing level of granularity that is unachievable anywhere else.

A study in 2017 found that over 57% of consumers believe that social media highly affects their shopping choices. And about 44% of that 57% believed that Facebook was the most influential platform out of all the other social media. With a good understanding of the tools Facebook is offering, you can learn to layer and dig pretty deep down the user base to find your gold. Location targeting is especially useful for local businesses interested in advertising on Facebook.

It is very simple

 It takes almost no effort to set up a business campaign on Facebook. With the right campaign, digital marketing can quickly result in a great ROI. Facebook is a perfect marketing platform, both for big corporations and small businesses. It is simple to get on Facebook and start a campaign, it will only take a couple of minutes at most. Even more, through the help of an ad creation tool, such as AdEspresso, you can fool around and find the lowest cost per lead.

 Facebook is way simpler than other digital channels such as Google, and you do not need a large budget to do it as well.

It does not require that much money to advertise on Facebook

Organic activity tractions seem to lessen more and more each day. That is why it is a must to advertise. 

Good thing is, Facebook is way cheaper than your other options out there. While it costs about 2.75$ to advertise on Google AdWords to 1000 people, it costs around 0.25$ on Facebook. By spending one dollar on Facebook, you reach out to about 4000 people! That is a great number that would add up to a monthly cost of 30$. And that is the minimum you would have to spend on your business.

Make sure that you calculate how much that cost adds up in the long run so that you do not exceed your budget. “It’s not a question of how much Facebook costs, but how far your money will go,” says Brett. “If you go into Facebook advertising with a clear focus and follow a simple strategy, the cost-efficiency of the platform will astound you.”

You can create the perfect ad experience.

 Facebook ad campaigns are incredibly customizable. Unlike the other giants in the digital ad space, like Google, because of the many available tools and formats on Facebook, you will be able to build your Facebook ad experience in a way that best attracts your target audience.

 Facebook has over 11 different objectives that you can choose from. Such as brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversations, catalog sales, store traffic. To make it even better, when you find an audience that perfectly matches your business, you can discover more of them.

Facebook offers a feature called “lookalike audiences”. Through this feature, you can take a custom audience, and Facebook will discover similar users who will probably be interested in your business. Conversion pixels, install data from mobile apps, and the fans from your Facebook page can be all used to discover lookalikes.

 According to Julianna Cassell, the Content Marketing Manager at Nanigans:” This approach takes the guesswork out of targeting for user acquisition, leading to increased revenue. Wine eCommerce company Club W saw a 5X increase in revenue when they ‘paired’ their video ads with Lookalike Audience target.”

Another great feature Facebook offers is remarketing through custom audiences. By concentrating on an audience that has already visited your site and may be interested, you have a higher chance of actually selling.

New features are constantly added to Facebook.

The biggest reason Facebook has survived for so long is that it is constantly adding new features and improving the user experience. Facebook is ever-evolving and constantly trying to make its ad network easier to use, and more efficient. Many changes happened in 2018 that impacted everyone, and more changes are yet coming.

Why are Facebook ads ideal for local businesses?

Facebook ads are an extremely efficient advertisement place for local businesses. Generally, when speaking of digital marketing or advertisement, Google is the first name that pops into mind. Though Google might be a perfect fit for many businesses, it is probably not the best option for local ones.

When people shop for something locally and on a more day-to-day, regular basis, they usually do not search for it online. Google AdWords is probably not your best option, as you will not be looked for on search engines. To gain more sales through online ads, you need to both be targeting the correct people in your area, and find the perfect place to reach them. Facebook is a platform that allows you to do both.

The number of options and possibilities might be overwhelming but still, there is a Facebook ad campaign type that lets local businesses run ads in their general area, and do that easily. This type used to be called “local awareness” and is now called the “store traffic” campaign and It will be a grand aid in raising awareness about your brand locally. This objective can be the perfect tool to attract the perfect audience and help you achieve your goals. To make it more clear here is a list.

Why Facebook is the best option to advertise your business locally:

– Google is not where you will be discovered: as stated earlier, there is no denying that Google Adwords is a great marketing platform, but most people do not search for the products they consume regularly and locally online. On Facebook, the perfect customers will discover your business in the area you are located in.

– It is very easy to target people in your area: on Facebook, you can target your Facebook ads with geofencing. Geofencing uses GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary. This ensures that your ads will be displayed to the customers that can reach you by a walk or drive and make a purchase.

– You can hand over coupons and offers efficiently: you can use a third-party app like Facebook offers or Facebook coupons to conveniently advertise your coupons and engage people with your business.

– You can retarget old customers: through Facebook’s custom audience testing option, you can reach out to people whose address and/or phone numbers you already have. You probably have this information, especially if you cater to any kind of loyalty plan. Customers who have purchased from you before are more likely to trust you and come back again.

What factors does depend on the price of your campaign?

The price of your digital marketing company depends on several things. First of all, the size of your business: how big it is, who is working with you, which kind and how many products or services do you offer. The second one is the scale of your project: how many cities or countries would you like to cover. The third thing is the flexibility of your budget, is it limited or not. It is highly recommended to start from the small step and see how it works. If you are planning to cover your country, then, first of all, start with your city and check out the results. 

Is it worth it to pay for it?

Every successful company is using digital marketing today, which costs them millions of dollars. Of course, digital marketing might cost a lot, but it brings in several times more than has been spent. Therefore, there is no need to ask if it is worth it to pay for, it’s better to think about how to achieve that point, where you will stand, and wonder how did I get here. Digital marketing is always a good investment, especially if you customize it in the right way. You should always pay only for useful things, which will take you closer to success. Before you buy a suggested service, think about how you can use it and if it will be helpful for your business. Search the web and analyze it properly because there are a lot of useless services and products on the internet, which may trick you.

Services of digital marketing and their cost

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the main component of digital marketing, which helps you to increase the traffic of a website or web page. The average cost of SEO in 2019 varies between $500-$2,500 per month. A one-time project will cost you around $3,000-$25,000. And hourly rates of experts starting from $50 to $200. 
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. On average it is 5-20% of monthly ad spend. It might vary from around $3,000-$7,000 per month.
  • Email Marketing – this is a way to promote products or services through email newsletters. On average, a mid-size business can expect to spend $9 – $1,000 per month on email marketing if they self-manage their campaigns (depending on the platform and number of subscribers) or $300 – $500 per month if they work with an agency.
  • Social Media Marketing – complex events created to promote companies or a brand and solve other business problems. On average companies spend around $4,000-$7,000 per month. The most influential factor that depends on social media marketing costs is social networks. It might vary from one to five networks.
  • Website Design – the platform where you will promote all of your services or products. It might start from $1,000 to $100,000 depending on your scale. On average it is $5,000-$20,000.
  • Content Marketing – a set of marketing techniques based on the creation and/or distribution of information useful to the consumer. On average, content marketing costs $3,000-$35,00 per month. 
  • Mobile Marketing – a set of marketing activities aimed at promoting goods or services using cellular communications and with the delivery of advertising messages to mobile devices: telephones, smartphones, tablets. On average mobile marketing costs $2,000-$4,500 per month.

Payment and engagement methods

Most digital marketing companies often use one of these three common engagement models: project-specific fees, monthly retainer contracts, and hourly rates. We have included a fourth additional alternative option, to make sure you are aware of all the possibilities.

The engagement models listed below are categorized from potentially the least expensive, to the most expensive. Of course, you must keep in mind that where you live, what service or products you provide, and your company’s specific needs, highly affect these numbers.

Hourly rates

According to a survey done on freelancers from 16 countries by, most freelancers typically charge between 50$ to 100$ an hour. But based on what we have observed, most high-end freelancers in the United States start at 100$ an hour and go up to 250$ hourly, depending on their market, niche, and expertise.

The good thing about hourly rates is that you will be paying only for what you use. The downside is that if you are not careful enough, these hours can add up pretty quickly. When working hourly, most freelancers charge for anything that takes any amount 

of time, this includes answering your emails, your calls, time in meetings, etc.

All these numbers can add up pretty quickly, and overall might be more expensive than what you had initially imagined.

Project-specific fees

SEOmoz performed an informal survey and discovered that project pricing is immensely popular in the digital marketing industry, and the prices vary from 1000$ to 7500$. Keep in mind that the said price is only for one project, without the follow-up work included.

The reason project-based work is so popular is that it theoretically gives you a final answer on your marketing costs. Although the accuracy of this number depends on how well you make sure the scope of the work is accurate. Any holes left unnoticed, and you will find yourself immensely shocked with the new costs. And after all, once the work is done, you are all on your own again.

Monthly retainers

There is a large range of monthly retainer fees, starting at 1000$ a month, and going up to 100000$. The reason behind such a huge range is that this model is very flexible to different-sized companies. The bigger prices are meant for bigger companies with bigger marketing projects.

The monthly retainer model is especially perfect for busy companies. Once you buy a service you will have constant support. The scope and the monthly fee are determined upfront, and after that, you will only need to communicate your needs to the agency. The agency will be responsible for providing you with constantly updated creative services and adapting to your company’s changing circumstances and needs.

This model is not good for you, if you are running an especially seasonal business, or currently financially unstable. You will be receiving a marketing fee every single month. That is a huge downside if each month’s income is unpredictable. Some other businesses do not even need marketing services all year round. If any of those applies to you, a freelancer or project-based fee will be a more suitable option.

Hiring a full-time employee

It is impressive that this old-school way of thought has survived all these digital years. Many companies still believe in hiring full-time employees, and in most cases only one, as it is affordable. This said person will be responsible for fulfilling all of the company’s digital marketing needs and desires.

Hiring a single person comes with great disadvantages though. Each employee has only limited knowledge and a limited set of experiences and technical skills. This is put together with the natural human limitations, and you will receive limited performance.

Hire an SEO expert and most probably, the video marketing results will not be that attractive. The other problem with this model of engagement is that if anything happens with or to the said employee, your business will be affected greatly, and you will have no backup.

The costs of hiring a full-time employee vary from 35000$ to 100000$ a year, depending on their niche and expertise. Add on to that number, the additional costs of a paid time off, and health insurance, etc. These extra costs, such as sick leave, dental care, and more, usually boost the cost by 25% or even more!

The upside and the main route to this traditional engagement model are that you will have someone within arms reach.

How much does digital marketing cost in different countries?

The price of digital marketing also depends on the country where you are located or where you are going to start your business. Mostly it depends on services and agencies, which ones you would like to work with. You need to choose the right person, who will help you to launch the marketing company. There are different options: 

  • you can find a local agency in your country and start to work with them; 
  • you can find a company from a different country and try to save money or pay more, but get better results. 
  • you can try to find particular persons, who are specialists in their industry. It could be freelancers or just trustworthy people.

We need to understand that the quality of digital marketing does not depend on the price you will pay for service. In different countries, you might pay a different price and get the same result.

1. Digital marketing cost in Europe

There are around 350 million active users in Europe, therefore digital marketing has become al number one channel for commerce companies, which are struggling to increase their profit. The opportunities are huge here, you just need to find the correct uses of your money and you will get much more than having spent. The average cost per click (CPC) in Europe is around $1,35 and the average click-through rate is 0,6%. The average salary of a digital marketing specialist in Europe is around $3,200. 

2. Digital marketing cost in the USA

There is no successful company in the USA, which is not using digital marketing, therefore a lot of agencies, companies, and freelancers are working in this industry. Let’s take a closer look at how much exactly digital marketing costs in the USA. An average cost per click in the USA varies between $1 and $2, while the average click-through rate is 0,47%. Digital marketing specialists are making around $4,000 per month.

3. Digital marketing cost in CIS

Competition in CIS is not so strong, accordingly, the output is less. In the remaining year, competition for customers is growing. However, it is not related to the market’s rapid growth, but because of the economic crisis. Specialists are trying to keep their clients as possible as they can. But the market is always ready to meet your new ideas. An average click-through rate in CIS is around 0,4% and the average cost per click is around $0,10. The salary of digital marketing specialists in CIS is varied from $700 to $1,200.      

4. Digital marketing cost in Australia

Australia’s market for digital marketing grows daily. There are a lot of possibilities, where you can realize yourself. As digital extends into all areas of our lives, every tweet, post, blog article, and video can bring you a new customer. The average cost-through rate in Australia is 0,46% and the average cost per click is $0,95. DIgital marketing specialists in Australia getting one of the highest salaries. The amount varies from $5,000 to $7,000.

5. Digital marketing cost in India

Indians started to infiltrate the IT industry quite fast including digital marketing. Because of the high competition, they are offering a cheaper price for their service. Therefore, you can try to take advantage of this and launch your digital marketing campaign with them. The average click-through rate in Indian is about 0,2% and the cost per click is $0,33. Indians digital marketing specialists are making from $400 to $800 on average.

How to reduce the costs of your digital marketing campaigns  

Your expenses will grow as far as your business does. Do not be afraid to invest more in your digital marketing campaign if it brings you great results. However, if your expenses equal your profit, you will need to think about reducing a digital marketing cost. The best way to reduce the price of the marketing campaign is by approaching the campaign strategically. Find the weaknesses of your digital marketing and eliminate them. The best way to reduce the price of the marketing campaign is by approaching the campaign strategically. Find the weaknesses of your digital marketing and eliminate them. Concentrate all of your energy and money on the most effective advertisements and keep going with it.       

Analytics and tracking

Analytics and tracking are helping to manage all data with a unique code that you set on every page of your site. This code is a small piece of Javascript code or coding language that runs in the viewer’s browser when you visit these pages. Each time the user visits the site, the code tracks information about his visit. Always good to know who has visited your website or web page and what he was looking for. Analytics will help you to maximize the performance of your advertisements, which can bring you to another level of success.

Campaign optimization

Optimizing your digital marketing campaign is the key to turning your strategy into a powerful marketing tool. Many professionals are trying to stay on top of best practices. Here it is smart solutions on how to optimize your digital marketing campaign:

  • Strategy. It is what you need to start. Create a specific plan and stick to it, don’t launch the marketing campaign without any strategy, cause it will bring you only losses. 
  • Testing. Test your campaign on a particular person and see how it works. You can always change the process of your work.
  • Personalize. Marketers should use the behavioral and demographic data of customers that they collect from previous campaigns. Not only does this do for deeper and deeper analysis, but customers also appreciate that you only set up a message for them.

Top digital marketing agencies

Now that you have read about different engagement models, you may want to get to know agencies better as well. Marketing agencies provide you with a skilled group of experts that can consider all the aspects of your business’s digital advertisement, and provide you with digital marketing strategies.

What is a digital marketing strategy? A plan that aims in making your business grow, and achieve its specific digital goals, by a mindful selection of online marketing channels.   

Digital marketing agencies are way more reliable overall. They know what they are doing, and different marketing aspects and responsibilities are well distributed, and better-taken care of. Your budget will be spent more efficiently while working with an agency. They can perform social media audits to create the perfect strategy, and target the most suitable audience as well.

Marketing agencies have enough time and resources to consider all the small details, keep your competitors in mind, and determine how you can best stand out.

A good digital marketing company should provide clear solutions to your problems. They should not be lazy when explaining what they are doing, their plans, or their pricing models, while choosing an agency, look through their resume, and their work samples. Evaluate their creativity and the quality of their work. Do research on what experience the other clients had with this agency. Do they understand your business, your niche, and what your goals are? Are they a compatible choice in the long run?

Here is our list of some of the best, and most famous digital marketing agencies out there.

Peak marketing service

They offer an amazingly vast variety of services, anything from DIY solutions, to completely take the burden of handling SEO off of your hands. You know you can trust them as they recently won the BBB torch award for business ethics. They include services, such as pay-per-lead campaigns in 50 markets, SEO, content creation, guest posting services, press release solutions, website design, managed and DIY options, and more.

LYFE marketing

LYFE concentrates on social media marketing and management. Their services will transform your social media, through high-quality creative content, constant online presence with daily activities, and an increase of followers. They aim to stay cost-effective and have a great resume in accelerating growth.

Other than social media advertisement and management services, they include other things such as email and SMS marketing, SEO, Google ads and PPC management, consulting and coaching, website and graphic design, content writing, and more.

Disruptive advertising

Another award-winning agency with a great resume. More than 76% of Google and Facebook advertising budgets are wasted. This is where Disrupting advertising comes in. They believe in a more simplistic approach and aim to make the most out of your digital marketing campaigns, and their expertise can provide you with clear solutions and plans.

They provide three different digital marketing techniques they deeply believe in. These techniques are AdWords and Facebook Ads, Site Experience testing, and Analytics reporting.  


An amazing choice for local and/or small businesses, Boostability is another award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO. They provide many other great services, such as mobile web design, local search marketing, link building, and more.


Award-winning BadRhino works with many different clients, on many different scales. They provide full services to local, national, and global clients. Their A-class team is made up of leading social media experts that just know what your business needs. Bad Rhino dedicates to each client the quality time and effort needed and deserved. Each client’s social media process is customized. This is how they describe their process:

– Social media audit

– Content creation and approval

– Community enrollment

– Strategy development

– Identifying the key strategies

– Implementation

– Monthly analytics

– repeat

In conclusion 

Nowadays, there is no way to have a business and avoid an online presence. Through digital marketing, you can achieve a new level of engagement. It makes it possible to interact with your current and future customers, answer questions and solve problems. Social media marketing is a great way to reach out to a wider audience that has been looking for just what you are offering. You can seek opinions, and gain valuable insights for decision making.

In this article, we discussed the costs of social media marketing and management, engagement models, and which may be the most suitable for each business. We also discussed the prices of SEO, social media, and PPC in the US. It is not a question of whether or not you should do it, but a question about how much of your resources can be dedicated towards it. A digital marketing campaign is just what you need to gain new followers, become more visible online, and beat your competitors.

Communicate your needs, desires, and sales goals with your marketing team, and update them with the data as you go. This data is of immense value and importance, and a great part of a marketer’s job is to analyze data. The more time and effort put into analyzing data, the more expensive it is going to be but these are all relative to your higher sales income.

Marketing is one of the most rewarding parts of handling a business. Relax, think your options through, and do not cut costs on it.

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