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How SEO Can Attract, Engage and Retain Consumers for Brand Building

How SEO Can Attract, Engage and Retain Consumers for Brand Building

In the current situation when everyone is stuck at home, surfing the Internet and being able to enjoy favourite things from home has become a great solution. People all over the world can now shop, learn, watch movies, read books, connect with others and access all kinds of information with a few clicks. They don’t need to go anywhere as everything they might possibly need is in front of them on the screen of their laptop or mobile device. This is convenient and easy. This saved many people from getting overly bored during the quarantine. 

Brand Identity
Brand Identity

On another side, so many companies and brands have gone online. Shops that have been already developing their online presence have increased it, while those, who were available only offline, have made a huge effort towards establishing their online branding niche. In order for both to attract more traffic and make sure customers are getting the right message, brands need to get acquainted with SEO (search engine optimization). It is a useful tool which can simplify many processes once the company knows how it works. 

Let’s find out more about search optimization and how it can help different companies in a difficult journey of brand building. 

What is so special about SEO?

SEO is an amazing tool for expanding a brand’s online presence and meeting customer’s needs. SEO is aimed at increasing the quality and the number of visitors to the desired web page by optimizing the results of organic search engines. 

When we talk about the traffic quality, it means that customers, who are surfing the Internet and changing one site for another, are looking for goods and services that the company or a brand offers and are interested in purchasing them. Such people are more likely to become loyal customers rather than the ones who have found your page by mistake. Speaking of quantity, it means that as soon as the website is getting interested people, the goal is to increase the existing amount of the website clicks. The more the better. And lastly, traffic which is driven organically is the one that hasn’t been paid for. People, who come to the website not because of the advertisements but because of their genuine interest, generate organic results. These three main things are important to consider when it comes to getting involved with the world of search optimization. 

SEO works in its own unique way. When people surf the Internet in search of a desired item or article, SEO helps with giving only the most appropriate pages with the help of an algorithm which is based on a number of factors:

  • Location of the user;
  • Settings of the user;
  • Words that he uses in the query;
  • Page relevance;
  • Page usability.

The thing is that depending on what people search for, the role of each factor may be completely different. If the user wants to read the latest news, the content freshness will be in the first place, however, when the user is looking for a tart recipe, the freshness will not be that crucial. It doesn’t matter when the post has been published as soon as the tart comes out to be delicious.

While SEO helps Internet users get relevant information, it plays an integral part in building the brand’s presence and getting an overall picture of its customers’ needs and preferences. With the help of search optimization, brands can get more leads, increase clients’ engagement and improve the overall website performance.

How to use optimization for Brand Building?

google search console
Optimization for Brand Building?

According to statistics, the existing search engines are the beginning of successful website traffic. In order for any brand to attract more clients and encourage them to visit their web page, it is essential to start using the SEO tools which contribute to achieving better performance indicators. The experience that the users get while surfing the Internet and looking at various websites, should be outstanding, without hitches and unnecessary problems. Nowadays, it is especially relevant, when all the communication between the clients and the brand has gone online. 

Establishing brand visitors

When the brand has just been launched, it can only have new and potential clients, people, who are interested in provided goods and services and in trying something that has recently appeared on the market. When the brand starts to build itself, getting trust and establishing its presence, apart from the new customers, it gets the ones that already know it – brand visitors. People visit the page either because they know something about the brand or have heard about it from their friends. The task for the company is in converting new visitors into the brand ones. SEO is the right tool to accomplish that, as it provides all the required information on those people who check the website, gives a wider picture of the things that people search for, and helps increase the company’s position in the search lists. It is a well-known fact that people tend to choose brands that they know or have already tried them out. It is always a risk to go the unknown way, so if the customer is familiar with the product, chances are they will choose it rather than go to explore the new ones. Although there are so many new and developing companies that are potential competitors for the existing ones, if the brand is consistent and already established, it has all the chances to build a strong customer base. 

Providing outstanding experience

There is an interesting fact that the homepage of any company will not be every audience landing page. Let’s say that people go online with a specific thought of purchasing a certain item. And while the brand can have all the required products, its homepage, as a matter of fact, might not have that kind of information that will suit that specific customer need and will not correspond with it. In order to avoid losing customers, it is essential to start using SEO. It helps to conduct a thorough analysis and determine those website pages which are less visited as well as those ones that attract more people and help visitors to find things they were initially looking for. The more the company knows about its visitors, the easier it is to increase the customer’s overall experience with the brand and particularly, its web page. If the company knows what exactly customers are looking for and what kind of pages bring the best results, it will be able to build and design such pages accordingly. If the client finds a page that has everything they need, including pricing, terms and conditions, other reviews, etc., they will want to stay and end up buying something. A relevant entry page is a key to higher conversion and a loyal customer base. In fact, customers, who visit a webpage and cannot find the required information, are gonna leave and find it somewhere else. This will result in losing a client because they have lost their interest in the brand who hasn’t made enough effort to provide the customers with a tailor-made experience. Sounds difficult? Unless you have SEO.

Providing outstanding experience
Providing outstanding experience

Less complexity, the better 

Companies, which are working hard on establishing their brand and its presence both on the market and online, constantly try to make sure that the experience they provide is consistent and seamless. At the end of the day, it is all about the customer. However, it might seem quite a difficult task to manage consistency online due to numerous changes and coming upgrades, which have their effect on the page’s source code. These all can change the way brand’s customers interact with it. Hence, it is rather essential to protect the performance of the existing SEO software. First of all, it is cheaper than buying a new one when things go wrong. Secondly, SEO is able to provide maximum control over a company’s online presence by viewing every stage of the search optimization which allows the brand to avoid losing both SEO and its clients in case of an error. 


It’s been a while since all the companies around the world started to invest in building their brand’s online presence which is aimed at increasing the overall awareness of the company and the customers’ satisfaction. However, the recent situation with massive lockdowns has pushed more and more businesses to get acquainted with online platforms and develop their own marketing strategies. The truth is that even when everyone gets back to normal lives, the demand for online inquiries will not decrease. That is the main reason for making sure that the company has all the required tools for providing greater experience and more interaction with the clients. 

SEO is the kind of tool that cannot be called cherry on top and should be integrated at the very early stages of the company’s development and establishment. SEO helps to build the company’s website in the very best way and make sure it ranks at various search engines. The company, which aims at increasing the client’s experience, needs to use optimization consistently in order to have great outcomes and desired performance results. As the websites are constantly upgraded and changed due to tech updates, SEO will ensure all the data is in place and help to avoid losing all the clients. Once the company fully integrates optimization, making it an important tool in the main strategy, it will be easier for the brand to keep all of the existing customers and attract even more of the new ones.

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