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How to Create a Facebook Sales Funnel

How to Create a Facebook Sales Funnel

The Facebook sales funnel is designed to catch the interest of users and move them until they are ready to buy your products or services. The idea is to use relevant messages that appeal to users at different stages of the purchase process to slowly bring them closer to conversion. This can be done through organic posts, but it is often more effective with reinforced or sharpened, highly targeted Facebook ads designed to reach users at certain stages of the funnel.

You can create your Facebook sales funnel step-by-step, by capture users’ interest and involving them in the purchase procedure. After the caught of the consumer interest, you need to keep him by your side, by sending him interactive emails, freebie, and detailed information about your products or services. Try to do as much as possible to get your consumer to the final point – purchasing the product or service.

Facebook has a massive selling scale, but not without a sales funnel. People using Facebook to relax and offend relatives with their political beliefs rather than buying random products they’d never thought of before. Sales funnels are designed to generate demand, reminding users of pain points or needs that they did not know. The Facebook sales funnel will help you stand out from the other white noise and get the conversions you hope to see. The main steps how can you create a Facebook sales funnel: 

Understand how Facebook Sales Funnel Works

The sales funnel is the path that users walk through during your marketing activities. There are different ways to identify and break down your marketing funnel, but usually, it looks something like this:

Understand how Facebook Sales Funnel Works

Highly necessary to recognize and understand what your Facebook sales funnel looks like to optimize your cross-strategy. Before launching the whole process, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Which sources and channels of brand awareness you are gonna use?
  • What are the milestones in your sales funnel? Think about the number of touchpoints you are having with your prospects (website visits, form fills, types of actions, etc.).
  • How long does it take for a consumer to get through the top of funnel to the bottom of the funnel?
  • Where are the leaks in your system? Consider steps where you can lose your clients.
  • What freebies can you offer to your consumers? And how can you motivate them to purchase your services or products?

After you will find answers to each of these questions, you will be ready to get started. 

Structure Your Facebook Ads Account

Now, when you know about how the Facebook sales funnel works, it’s time to talk about the configuration of the Facebook account. The way you structure your account can affect your ability to effectively manage and optimize your sales funnel to your business goals. Facebook sales funnel as a shell of ad sets. Besides your goals, most decisions should be pre-made at the step of the configuration of Facebook ads. This includes your strategy, audience, ad budget, ad bidding, and optimization. And within each ad set, you have your ads, in which you can highlight an offer, creativity, and messaging.

Create segmented content

To get started, you will need to have several different forms of content at your disposal. This may include a blog post, infographic, video, slideshow, webinar or ebook. It doesn’t matter which particular path you go to as long as it’s attractive, high quality and relevant to the specific product or service you’re promoting. Just make sure it’s on your website, cause this will be important later when you eventually move to your leads and work on them further down your funnel. You need to have several types of content to reach different segments of your audience. One-size-fits-all approaches are usually not enough because you have different people at different levels of the buying process. Some people may be cold with very little interest in buying and just do some research. Others can be warm and seriously consider making a purchase right away. Having a variety of cool content will provide you with something for all the little kicks in your audience. And when they discover your content, they are in your sales funnel

Promote Content to Your “Warm Audience”

First of all, it’s highly recommended to promote your content to people who are already familiar with your ads. These are people who have already been exposed to your brand in a certain capacity and who have shown at least some level of interest. These are mainly your existing Facebook fans but may also include a retargeting list for your site. What you want to do is pay attention to the level of interest and determine what content leads to most purchases. Take the time to fully analyze your data to see the best results. Chances are if your warm audience responds favorably to the content, so will your cold audience.

Target your “lookalike audience”

Lookalike audiences is a term that Facebook is using for consumers who look like your current customers, visitors or fans. Otherwise, these are people with habits, behaviors, and interests that are similar to your existing main audience. You can think of this demographic as a cold audience that can be easily warmed up to become viable, so they are exactly those people you want to target. To do that, you will need to navigate to the Audiences section of Facebook ads. Then click on “Create a Lookalike Audience”. 

Target your “lookalike audience”

Then you will see this pop-up

another step

Start with choosing from several options Custom Audience, a conversion tracking pixel, or a page. Think about what will work best in your situation. Then choose a location and audience size that might vary from 1 percent to 10 percent of the country population. Keep in mind that the smaller the percentage of your audience size, the closer the lookalike audience is to match your existing audience. After you finished with the configurations, click on “Create Audience”. Afterward, your Facebook sales funnel will have a great opportunity to attract new customers from a lookalike audience.  

Promote Your Best Content

Remember the content that worked the most for your warm audience? You need to do the same with your cold audience, just take that content and expose it to them. It could be a blog post, video, a webinar, or something else, it’s the content you want to promote. Hopefully, you will move a large portion of your cold audience deeper into your Facebook sales funnel and they will become part of your warm audience. At this point, they will learn more about your brand and should have at least some interest in making a potential purchase.

Effective Remarketing 

So here’s the thing about Facebook advertising. You can’t rely on that a lot of people will move from your cold audience to consumers who are going to buy your products or services. It doesn’t work like that. In most cases, your cold audience will need to be exposed to your brand several times before they make a purchase. So the method that will help you to proceed with your consumers forward through the Facebook sales funnel – remarketing.  And Facebook is the perfect place to do that.

Use the Facebook Pixel

One of the most effective features of Facebook Ads is the pixel. Here’s how it works:

  • First of all, you need to create a Facebook pixel 
  • Then add the pixel to your website code
  • You use it for remarket and take consumers back to finish the purchase

Remarketing With the Video

There are many different methods of remarketing right now. When it comes to Facebook, it is helpful to use video to move people further down the sales funnel. So let’s just say that someone checked out a video, blog post, guide, and more. They have already been exposed to the brand and may already have some interest. Recommended to do video ads for deeper communication and encourage consumers to visit a landing page. Video lets the users put your face behind the brand and generally helps to connect all the points. At the end of your video, you can say thank you for watching out my content and forget to mention the information, that can be found on your landing page. Don’t need to force consumers to make a purchase right away. Simply encourage them to go a little deeper and learn more. This is an effective way to proceed users further down the Facebook sales funnel to the landing page without imposing it.

Remarketing Yet Again

You are about to make some conversions at this point. Naturally, not everyone is going to convert. What can you do? Dewzilla suggests you create another remarketing advertisement to reach those who have not converted and to encourage them to join your email list. For example, your ad can say something like, “Thanks for visit this page, but you didn’t sign up to our (trial version, free ebook, or some other kind of freebie). As long as you will offer useful things, a good part potential non-converters will continue to participate in the program, and you will get them to your email list and continue to warm them up until they are ready to buy.

Warming Up Your Leads Even More

Excellent, so you have motivated some of your audience to participate. Of course, that’s great but it is not enough. Approximately 25 percent of the people who took part open your emails, so you’re still missing out on about 75 percent of potential sales. Let’s suppose that someone visited your free trial or used your freebie but didn’t convert. We recommend you to create ads that explaining all the benefits of the product to them to alleviate any skepticism or concerns they may have. This may include providing a contact from your side, detailed explaining the features of your product, mentioning notable numbers or brands that could be relevant to your product, and other things. Just do whatever makes sense to instill more trust in your brand and believe people to trust that your product truly will do what it has to do.

The Hard Sell

Till now you did a great job, but there is one more step left in Facebook’s sales funnel. This is when you go to a heavy selling yoke. You can resort to this tactic when you want to get people who have used your freebie, visit a free trial, downloaded eBook, etc., however, a consumer still didn’t make a purchase. We have analyzed, that the best approach for this segment of your audience is to record a personalized video that says something like, thank you for checking our content, but for some reason, you didn’t purchase our product. Then resort to hard-sell with an overt sales message of why consumers must purchase your product or service. At this point, all your consumers should be familiar with your brand and warmed up about as much as possible. Now, they are ready to purchase.

Efficiency Through Automation

The best thing about setting up this Facebook sales funnel is that it is largely automated. After you have created several different remarketing campaigns for users at different stages of the sales funnel, there are already a lot of things, that don’t need to be customized again. That’s fine cause you can spend your time tuning to existing content and developing new features that will attract even more customers to your Facebook sales funnel. From now on, you are simply optimizing your campaign and maximizing conversions.

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