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How to Make Marketing Automation and Personalization Work Together

Automation has become a very popular technology in the 21st century. Nowadays we cannot imagine our everyday lives without automatic bill pay, ice cube makers, and programmable coffee makers. 

The automated technology is widely used in digital marketing. However, some business owners are afraid to apply marketing automation. They think that it will make the messages from their company depersonalized or not authentic. This is a misconception. Due to marketing automation, businesses can create the perfect messages for all segments of their target audience. Also, this approach helps to collect more information about the customers and study their typical behavior. In this article, we will describe how to apply the automation to your marketing strategy together with the personalized approach.

marketing automation

The reasons businesses are afraid of automation

The goal of any business is to create a great experience for the clients and, accordingly, to build customer loyalty. A good relationship with the client is a very important point for any business that is essential for the company’s success. 

Automated marketing emails may seem like a threat to many owners of businesses. They are afraid of making the messages depersonalized. The other reason is the fear to lose control over business operations if the routine tasks will be delegated to automation. Despite this fear, the experience has shown that delegating email campaigns to automation helps to make more time for the companies to focus on the other important tasks. 

One more reason why the entrepreneurs often renounce marketing automation is the desire of business owners to be involved in the process of creating the content. It enables them to take part in the interaction with the clients and learn the behavior of the customers on a more personal level. In the opposite, the automation helps entrepreneurs to focus on those customer segments that are more interesting for them and keep in touch with the clients who are taking part in marketing activities in a less active way.

The reasons businesses are afraid of automation

How to merge automation and personalization together

There are plenty of methods to make personalization and automation work together. The first strategy will be aimed at the new customers and visitors to your company’s website. When the clients visit your site for the first time, they might be offered to enter the email to receive the discounts and complimentary newsletters in the future. That is why the landing page of your business should look perfect. If the potential lead gets interested in your page, he or she will fill out the special form with the topics concerning their location, gender, and the topics this person is interested in the most.

Usually, these simple steps take a little time but provide a lot of useful information about the customer. Also, the client is more involved in the interaction with your brand which means you can save efforts for your company and get more engagement with a lead.

Once you have collected some data on your potential customer with the help of your website you can start sending the emails to the clients. The emails should be customized to the customers which means that every person will receive a different email depending on the information they provided to you previously. Keeping track of the clients’ interaction with your website is an effective marketing strategy that helps you to learn more about the customer segments.

The automated email system will monitor whether the letters from your brand were opened by the customers and which links were clicked. This will be helpful to create a more personalized approach and conduct a successful deal with a potential client in the future.

Having more data helps to understand customers habits

The companies are competing for the customers’ attention and the winner in this competition will be the brand that understands the requirements and needs of their clients and gets the brand message in the right way. 

A large amount of information collected due to the automation of marketing campaigns is essential to analyze because it helps to improve your company at all levels. Due to this reason, the data provided by the clients should be translated to customer relationship software and protected with a cloud back up. If you back up all the data of your company, you can be sure that the information remains accessible and safe. 

Having more data helps to understand customers habits

How to increase personalization by applying marketing automation 

Free products and discounts

We already described the importance of an attractive landing page that has the call for action and the offer to sign up on the updates from your company. The other important step is to provide a discount on your product or service to the customers. To use the special offer the visitor of your website needs to provide their email address and select the product or service he or she wants to apply the discount to.

This approach will help your brand to find out the products and services which are preferred over the others by the clients of your business. Later you will be able to create an automated marketing campaign based on these preferences. Also, you will have the opportunity to improve the segmentation of your clients and build customers’ loyalty by offering them free products before they make a purchase from your company.

Holiday-themed emails

One more way to create a perfect automated marketing campaign is to send the themed emails depending on the time of year and other conditions like weather and current events. This approach would draw attention of the customers and would give them the feeling of connection to your brand. It would also be useful to build customer loyalty due to the positive message related to the holidays. 

Avoid making assumptions

On the other hand, it is vital not to forget about the assumptions about the customers that may seem offensive in some cases. The company should not reveal how much information it has about the customer. In addition, it is better not to make assumptions based on the demographical data collected from the users of your website. For instance, if your customers are women aged 25-35 providing the discounts for toddler products may seem inappropriate and annoying to them.

Send emails to the interested customers

The best recommendation will be to send emails to the customers who signed up on your website and already provided a considerable amount of information. Then you need to wait for some time until you receive some more data and will be able to create a more personalized approach. 

Include the client’s name into the email

You can start by sending emails to the users that have already shown a high level of engagement like leaving comments or downloading something from the company’s website. If you include the customer’s name in the email, you will also be able to increase the level of personalization significantly. If the customer sees his or her name included in the email, there are more chances that the client will open and read it. 

Choose the perfect time

Timing is one of the key factors that influence the success of your marketing campaign. You need to collect the data about the time zones where your customers are located. If the email is sent at the wrong time, there is a high probability that it will not be read and get lost among the promotional emails from the other companies. If you choose the proper time, the customer will see the alert on the phone and definitely read the email.

The marketing email campaign which is automated provides a lot of benefits to your business. This approach helps to generate sales and increase the users’ engagement. The new users that have recently joined the subscription on your website will receive the welcome letter with a few words about your company. In the first email, you may introduce the products and services of your company, provide a basic overview of the brand, and explain how your business works.

In addition, you can create automatic reminders and send them to the users who have not completed the registration process or who have not visited the website of your company for a while. The list of other things that can be automated includes:

  • online payments;
  • social media integration;
  • contact management;
  • transactional letters.

What to avoid when applying automation to the marketing campaign

The popular mistake that is being made by the companies is to overload the users with a lot of promotional emails. Try not to send too many emails to the customers without an emergency. Otherwise, the clients might block or unsubscribe from your newsletters. Due to this reason, it is vital to collect all the necessary information in advance including the location, time zone and some important facts about your customers to develop the personalized but not too intrusive approach.

Also, even if the customers are aware that you have access to their location and transactional data, the clients might feel uncomfortable once they realize how much your company actually knows about them. Try to be tactful when making assumptions related to the customers’ gender, age, and other personal data. 


The personalized strategy is a way that helps many businesses to achieve their goals. Automation is useful in terms of embracing the wider segment of the target audience and understanding their needs and behavior. 

The automated email campaign will increase your sales and take your business to the next level. It will be useful for your company if your goal is to continue improving the customer experience. The personalized automated emails will convey the right message to the clients of your business. If you want to boost your business and incorporate automated emails into your company’s daily routine reach out to Dewzilla and you will receive the best poossible level of service.

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