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making high quality youtube videos

how to make professional quality video for youtube

The world’s leading video platform was founded in 2005. Google acquired it in the following year. As proof of fact, People watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube every day.

No matter whether you are a business owner or a content creator, YouTube is the best place to upload your video for your viewers.

Let’s look at some YouTube statistics:

YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users.

It’s the second most popular social media platform.

720’000 hours of video uploaded every day to YouTube.

Take a deep breath and think about it.

How many times have you thought about filming a YouTube video but then you paused it? 

Have you ever thought about what do I need to make my YouTube videos look better?

For recording high-quality audio and video for YouTube even at home with mobile you should know about some tips, we provide to you.

Let’s get into it.

This platform is fully covered with lots of opportunities. Why don’t you upload your videos and enjoy this game?

We are going to cover some key factors for shooting a professional video on YouTube.

1. Content Is the King!

First, you should know about your whole journey. What are you talking about or what type of video you are going to publish on the platform? 

Be aware of your video planning and goals. Defining your goal is a part of planning for strategy. for instance, you can put a call to action (what do you want from your audience? 

You want them to visit your website? Or maybe you just want to entertain them?)

It is recommended to know the needs of your target audience to grow faster and get more views, these are some popular video types on YouTube uploaded daily by real people:

Educational Videos 

In this part you can educate your audience. Teach them some new skills – teach them how to use tools or applications on computers. You can even become an online teacher if you have enough passion.


Vlogging is the right choice if you enjoy sharing your ideas and thoughts with other people. A good option for those who are talkative and love speaking freely about their own lifestyle and tell others about their daily routine. Playing video games, doing some workouts, or even cooking a delicious meal are some cool options to start a vlog. If you have consistency and plan to record some high quality content for a quite long time, you can easily become an influencer.

Product Reviews 

Although product reviews may seem to be a part of companies’ content, you as a person can shoot product reviews too. There are some formats like unboxing the new products or expressing your experience on products you enjoy. It is as easy as it seems.

Fun Videos

People will love you! Make them laugh and the audience will share your videos. Fun videos must have some standards based on their content. Pranks, reactions to a trending video, playing games, talking with friends, etc. are some of the most popular ones.

A content calendar may help you the most in this section and don’t make it weird or big, open an excel chart or draw a table in a paper sheet and put your contents – date to be uploaded with their genres (as mentioned above) and put any other information which is necessary for example its location – people in the video and any other things that need to be mentioned to be more prepared and organize on that particular time.

2. Perform a Keyword Research 

By conducting a keyword search at the start point of your project, you will get better results. Viewers will click on the keywords which are most relevant to their needs at the moment.

Keywords and titles are the key factors besides your thumbnail (which is described later in this article) that will encourage the spectators to click on a video.

Keywordtool & ahrefs are two popular tools for conducting a good search.  

Find out about other peoples’ choices will also help you to get inspiration on writing good titles and descriptions that generates the values for your audience

3. Write a Script and Create a Storyboard

A professional action that will help you continue on the right path and will reduce a large amount of your stress level. 

If you are filming an event or a series of actions, it would be a good idea to create a storyboard to know the details of each action which are going to happen in each series.

Draw each movement scene with a little brief about what’s happening at that exact moment. 

Read your scripts before filming, try to read them 3 times at least (depends on yourself). Read it loudly in front of a mirror and it is also recommended to do some voice warmups in order to speak fluently.

4. Be Ready to Perform in Front of the Camera 

Be prepared to speak in front of the camera. Keep in mind that you are posting your video on a huge platform that can be seen by millions of people. 

Act normal because you are talking to real people. Nobody wants to engage or listen to a boring robot. Be yourself and act normal as you do every day. 

Perform for yourself before recording videos. practice in front of a mirror and be aware of your own emotion and feelings at the moment.

Take a deep breath and action! 

As we covered these are personal tips on creating a video or running a good channel in the long run.

So, what are the key types of equipment to shoot a YouTube video?

Nowadays people are more involved with videos. Think about it.

What are your favorite social media platforms? What type of content is more interesting for you?

That’s it! That’s why cinema is the seventh art. It is the combination of the other arts.

But, don’t worry! You are not going to create a movie. You can engage other people with every kind of content you are interested in.

Start with a Camera

 As a beginner, it is better to start small with the pieces of equipment around you and get the most out of your current situation.

You can start a video with a mobile or a webcam on your laptop. Any type of camera which can record a good quality video (at least 1080p) is a good choice for the start point and now you may think about your smartphone. Yeah, that’s a good idea!

You have a lot of choices: camcorders, webcams, mobile phones, digital cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras are the various types of cameras you can shoot YouTube videos with.

The important thing to remember is to know your mission for starting a channel. If you know the kind of video you are going through, you will decide your equipment more wisely.

Your budget is the game changer in this section. For instance, there is no need to start a vlog with sony alpha 7 unless you want to be a part of the red carpet of the academy award!

It is a good idea to look at some online stores and educate yourself about the options you may need or the amount of money you want to spend on this section.

Video resolution, storage, optical zoom range, image stability (stabilizes shaky videos), low light compatibility, autofocus, and user friendly are the most important things to focus on when you want to buy a camera.

Dream big, Start small, Begin now!

External Microphone

 As soon as you fix your camera to film a YouTube video, you need good microphones for audio recording YouTube videos. Nowadays one of the useful and important things for having a good audio recording and filming on YouTube is high quality sound. There are many types of mics that are available and can be useful for you. 

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Lapels 

 Lapel microphones are one of the popular mics for recording audio between YouTubers. They are small mics that can you clip onto your shirt or belts and connect to your smartphone or camera. These are easy to use products, so you can record YouTube videos indoors and outdoors comfortably. Lapels are good when you record your sound from your desk or interviewing.

2. USB Microphones

 USB mics can connect to a PC system for recording audio, so it would be difficult to use them outdoors. You would be better use them indoors. They directly connect to your systems. They can give you a clear sound.

3. Shotgun Microphones

 Shotgun microphones are the most famous mics for recording sound among YouTubers. These mics are a high quality option for audio recording. The Shotgun mics are a good choice for vloggers and interviewers, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Light Equipment

 With good lighting, you have no limitation to record YouTube videos. It actually makes the viewers pay attention to the thing you want them to look at.

The other benefit is that you can shoot videos without concerns about daylight. Imagine you are taking a video in your room with a good angel of light in your face and talking about a serious subject in the middle of the night. It has no difference using these lights in the daylight or in the evening. Both of these situations are enhanced by your lighting tool. 

Try different angles in order to recognize the smooth quality you want your viewers to see from you. These are the actual values you are giving your audience.

We are going through some kinds of lighting pieces of equipment that can affect your videos and help you with picking the right one for yourself.

Ring Lights 

 The most favorite item in the market. Probably after the massive audience of TikTok tries using lights. Also a good choice for beginners.

It is a good option for tight budget people. It covers all around your face. 

One more option: Easy to carry around.

One tip about this tool is that it will show you a kind of view without any shadows. A bright one is especially interesting for make-up artists or every other people whose subjects need in the center of the frame.


 A softbox is a great tool for softening shadows and it emulates natural-looking light in one single area.

Softboxes come with two, so you can position a softbox on each side of your subject to film a YouTube video.

This is studio professional equipment that you can use for interviews, product reviews, vlogs, or even a podcast. They also have different shapes, square or rectangular (common ones), but there are also long strips, parabolic, octagonal, hexagonal, and round ones, too.

Umbrella Lights 

 They are much easier to use than softbox lights. Umbrella lights can lighten the whole area. 

Umbrella lights are portable and easy to carry so this is a good option for those who shoot videos in different locations. 

Umbrella lights generate soft light that gets even skin tone in videos. It can also provide enough light even in difficult light conditions.

LED Lights 

 These lights’ main benefit is that they take place right above your camera. 

LED lights are portable and small, so these are a good choice for adventurers. 

The color temperature and the color coming out of this equipment are adjustable in some of them and in some, you can see the amount of battery usage.

Try to shoot a good, normal type of video. Dealing with people requires acting normal. So avoid creepy artificial lights. Be conscious of shadows and try some new angles. Now you understand each light’s usability and it’s time to pick the right light based on your need. You even may notice that your natural light coming from your home window is enough to film a YouTube video.

Video Background

 Based on your video mood, it is better to pick a background more related to the video. You can engage more with your spectators feeling when you pick more proper backgrounds.

Many YouTubers use their own wall as the background of their videos. But if you want to start a YouTube channel it is better to understand what do you want to do there and who are your viewers.

Do viewers prefer to see a natural statement? Maybe they are more engaged with some actions.

Fake Backgrounds

 Fake ones are a good choice to focus their attention on the specific subject or show them something more than the subject you are talking about.

Fake backgrounds use Chroma key which is a visual effect tool for compositing videos or images together based on color hues. The recorded videos are mixed together in many soft wares such as adobe after effects and the final project looks smooth and easy.

Fake backgrounds are a good place for creative people where they can use some virtual objects for both beauty and attraction of the video.

Your subject is the main focus of your frame so, keep the back part simple and clean.

Don’t forget that spectators are at your YouTube channel reviewing your uploaded videos to learn about your ideas or every kind of value you are generating for them.

Edit Your Film

 Editing is the last step for recording high quality audio and video that is going to be uploaded on YouTube. 

This is actually the software part of making a video process. Mobile and computer

software are essential tools for the last step. 

Try to edit your videos in a way that has both meaning and beauty. 

Try to guide your spectators through the whole video. If it is necessary to try to write or tell them in words to give them some more information.

An important tip to be remembered in the last part is to start in an attractive way. Answer their questions or point to the views they are interested in.

By searching about editing tools you can find out lots of free and paid applications and many of them have YouTube format saving.

We recommend you start with simple ones and put the perfectionism aside. After a while, you will pick the right app that is easy for you. YouTube is also a good start point for learning professional editing tools like adobe premiere or apple final cut. 

Try to search for editing applications and pick the right one for yourself that has a better and easier user experience for you.

Don’t forget this quote:” practice makes perfect.” It may seem a bit uncomfortable at the first sight and your first trying’s but as you go on you will act quicker and more efficient

Some Tips on Both Your Videos and Channel

Some tips are good to know about the video before you want to share it. It’s important to know about your target audience and your goal. Whenever you catch these two you can have a good channel on YouTube.

Having Good Content Besides Equipment

After providing the equipment you need to focus on the things that get you to your goals. Start writing opinions for the video that you want to share. Search about it and see what others do. Remember that the first important thing in a video is the content.

YouTube can help you receive money, but how? You can also learn more about YouTube ads cost here, the tool that will get you more views by spending money.

Upload Your Video

First, you need to upload your video on YouTube. Then, add discretion, write the searchable keywords for your video, keep it short and useful. Choose a photo that is suitable and appropriate for the video uploaded. 


YouTube thumbnail is a small image that has a huge effect on your views. The thumbnail is a small picture that shows the goal of your content before viewers watch your videos. It can attract viewer’s attention and make them watch your videos. You need to know that not everyone is going to read the title you write. So YouTube thumbnail is the important key for having viewers.

Watch Time

Time is the second important thing on YouTube. The more others see your video the better is for you. Make your filming interesting that others want to spend their time on your videos. The more people watch your videos; your channel will be recommended to other viewers.

Have relationships with your viewers

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel in the video any time you can. Tell them to comments under your video. Ask them questions. Try to reply to every comment you receive, but if it’s possible ignore the negative comments. Remember that every business has negative comments.


What subscribers stand for? The viewers who like your videos and content. They want to see more. They want to realize when you share something new. The third thing that you should focus on is subscribers that helps you achieve your goal.


For recording professional high quality audio and video for YouTube you have three options: know target audience, prepare yourself and use good equipment. 

Before filming, uploading, and shooting a YouTube video, you need to focus on the content you want to say. The more ideas you have, the more videos you can film. After that, you need to check out your equipment to make your YouTube videos look better.

Prepare yourself on the content and the way you want to present it. Calm your body and mind. concentrate on the topic, search for good keywords to get more clicks, and try to add some value to your viewers. 

For good filming, the camera is the first option that you need to pay attention to. For having a better sound, just figure out which microphone is good to use for audio recording. Editing, light, and the background you use are the essential factors that can help you make high quality videos.

No matter even if you are filming with your mobile or camera, you are at home or outside. The things that matter are your goals and how to make your videos look better and useful. Write down the goals you want to achieve, turn on your camera and start filming.

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