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Why Outsource Web Development?


In the digital world, the skillset we live in, everyone has access to the Internet 24/7. Individuals that offer web design and programming services on popular employment-oriented platforms can reach out to global companies with an instant click. Similarly, access to the global employment services market gives businesses the possibility to reach out to professional development agencies overseas. 

With today’s stable network which runs much faster than older programming technologies, the time to open up new possibilities for web development has never been better. There are no limits to the size of the Internet and businesses can reach employment targets. 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you will try to find a comprehensive digital agency or small team of skilled individuals to help you make the best of your business strategy.

Outsourcing is considered a business method of borrowing or hiring an outside party of the company to conduct services and create stuff customarily performed in-office by the company’s staff.

You can choose from a wide variety of IT professionals from cities across the world. One way is to research the best cities for modern-day IT specialists taking into account the ratio between median salary and engineering skills. The company you are looking for might be found in India, Ukraine, or the Philippines. In this case, the country is irrelevant for determining your business’s success, – what matters is full-stack expertise in software development.

If you are interested in outsourcing web development, continue reading to find out how to make the best out of outsourcing for your business.


Outsource web development is considered a method of building a website or web app by borrowing or hiring an outside party from an outsource web development company like Dewzilla to conduct services and create stuff customarily performed in-office by the company’s staff.

This method is employed by companies to reduce labor costs such as personnel’s salaries and equipment. It also helps the company to focus more on the essentials and to spin off the less crucial operations to outside organizations.

As a result, it will have a huge effect on the jobs including customer support, manufacturing, and non-public facing sections.

In-house vs outsource web development 

Now that we are familiar with outsourcing let’s see how is it different from using an in-house company

outsource web development

outsourcing web development is using an outside workforce and resources for web development purposes and tasks. Usually, the main purpose of hiring an outsource web development company is to be cost-effective. Many areas like traveling agencies, telecommunication companies, retail, and transport tend to consider outsourcing. 

In outsourcing, it’s typical to hire companies that aren’t affiliated with your organization to do some specific tasks. The amount of control your organization has on the outsource web development company depends on your contract. 

You can hire an outsource web development company to have a better focus on your more important tasks. In other words, using outsourcing for your non-core tasks will increase your efficiency in a noticeable range. 

There are three main types of outsourcing web development:

  • Onshore web development companies: onshore web development means that you can choose a website development outsourcing company in your country. For instance, if you are based in the Philippines you can hire an outsource web development Philippines company.
  • Nearshore web development companies: in nearshore web development you can hire an outsourcing web development company from your neighboring countries that are 2-4 time zones away. 
  • Offshore web development companies: the name explains itself. Offshore web development means hiring an outsourcing web development company that is more than 4 time zones away from your organization and is practically overseas. For example, hiring an outsource web development Philippines company for your outsource web development work if you’re based in the US.

In-house web development 

In-housing is basically hiring a team within your own company for your web development projects instead of hiring an outsource web development company. By in-house web development, you are using the resources that are developed within your own organization to achieve your goals. For instance, you might not hire an outsource web development company for your company’s tech support since your team already has the resources to offer tech support to users. 

To simplify, in-housing often uses new processes on-site within the company’s resources. However, it can become expensive for companies to use in housing and not consider web development projects outsourcing companies since companies need to implant new processes and test them out.

So the main problem with in-house web development is the costs since you need to hire a group of professionals and it can be pretty costly. You’ll need to hire a data scientist, project manager, designer, IOS developer, Android developer, backend developer, business analyst and provide them with insurance and benefits. Also, there are advertising costs and maintenance expenses as well. 

The most noticeable advantage of hiring an in-house web development team is that you have more control over the IT professionals to create a website more suitable to your taste and they might show a bit more productivity in the process. You’ll get the full report on how your website is developing and the team is more honest about the process. However, there are more cons than pros in the process of hiring an in-house group instead of web development projects outsourcing companies.

Misbeliefs about outsourced web development

Even though outsource website development and hiring website outsourcing companies is not a new thing, there are still some misconceptions about outsourced web development. So let’s take a look at these stereotypes:


One of the common misconceptions about hiring an overseas website development outsourcing company is the language barrier. Many think that not speaking the same language as the chosen company can cause problems during the negotiations and presenting. However, it’s the last thing to worry about when you are hiring a web development outsourcing company since almost every person in the IT field speaks English.

Intercultural contact 

Working with a web development outsourcing company that has a whole different outlook and way of communication with you can be challenging. Also, living in different time zones from the web outsourcing company that you hired can add to these challenges. 

But hiring a reliable website outsourcing company like will help you avoid these kinds of barriers. In Dewzilla, we can help you with your web development journey by having experience in various outsourcing web projects. 

Bad previous experiences 

One bad experience with outsource website creation shouldn’t speak for all of them. If your first impression with similar companies is not a good one we suggest you give the website outsourcing companies a second chance. Read reviews about the companies and choose the company you’re going to hire more cautiously. 

Quality concerns 

Most people have concerns about the bad quality of work or bad results while working with an outsourcing web development company. Most organizations resist hiring an outsource web development company since they are used to doing all the work. But when a company grows they need to expand and web development outsourcing is the opportunity for them to be more efficient. Also, if a company has concerns about hiring a web development to outsource company they can consult with lawyers and sign a legal contract. 

Privacy concerns 

Hiring an outsource web development company might feel uncomfortable since you’re going to work with strangers and put your trust in them. However, you can check out their website and read reviews about the company that you’re considering hiring. Most companies’ websites tell a lot about them.

If you look at these myths and misconceptions from the right perspective and do your research these points might even turn into positive results for your company. Offshore web development companies can be scary if you just judge through the name but they often have good results.


As we mentioned earlier, in today’s world there is wide access to the internet, and everything is done online. Therefore, design and web development matter. When businesses decide to outsource web development services and go with outsourcing web design, they generally tend to think of the process either as hard to accomplish or easy to entrust to the agency and forget about for good. Even if your web development plan is well-posed, it can still be ill-conditioned, meaning that communication mistakes in outsourcing relationships can result in much larger mistakes in the final product.

The best way to answer the question of “why outsource web development?” is to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing web development work and whether it’s going to work for your business or not. So we’re going to go over these advantages and disadvantages down below:

Advantages of outsourcing web development

These days, outsourcing has a huge digital market worldwide and companies are showing interest in using web development outsourcing and doing their website design outsource. 

Both small businesses and large corporations find outsourcing convenient and appealing even though they already have an in-house team, so why outsource web development? 

Costs and expenses

Every project has its budget. And the budget is limited. Outsourcing is a good idea if you need to cut back on some expenses to achieve business goals. In many projects, if you hire website outsourcing companies you’ll probably end up saving money. 

The cost of hiring an outsourced web development agency as a contractor for a few months is much lower than the cost of hiring a full-time employee. 

Also, there’s a noticeable difference between the hourly rates of developers in each country. You might need to use web outsourcing through one particular stage of your development to a UX design expert while concentrating on other phases of the project. For outsource UX teams the task may only need a few days to complete, but doing it in-house may take a whole week. 

In addition to what we mentioned above, by hiring a website development outsourcing company you can avoid the long-term liability and tax implications of hiring full-time employees. 

By outsourcing web development you don’t have to train your hiring employees or give them employee benefits, there is also the matter of office space, you don’t have to spend money on renting an office since you’re working remotely, and you don’t have to provide your outsource web development company with equipment and resources. 

In outsource web development you can just spend your budget on the time that is spent on outsourcing web services and if you’re a small business and new to online business, outsource website development is a well-fitting option for you. 

A fresh point of view

outsourcing website development will bring new perspectives and more creative input for you. When you hire web development projects outsourcing companies to do your tasks their outsourced web development team most definitely has new ideas, fresh opinions, and different insights that you or your organization may not have. For instance, you might do your web project outsourcing because you are currently a bit busy internally and need backend development outsourcing. The developers you hire can suggest a more efficient way to create various parts of the design or provide information about the work they have done on similar projects in the past.

Worldwide access 

By outsourcing web development you can have access to UX/UI designers, project managers and outsource programming services all around the globe. To build such a team, you need to spend a lot of time and money to recruit the right people, get them on board, and build a real team from people who have never worked together before. But with an outsource web development You are not limited to the few employees available in the office. you can outsource to anyone in the world.

Finding professionals 

Outsourcing Web projects to experts is a reliable way to increase the chances of obtaining higher quality ending results. For example, suppose you want to hire a UX design expert they may give you a daily rate based on the time it takes to complete the required work. Although the rate may be higher than what you currently pay to internal designers, the UX expert may provide a finer and more advanced analysis of the client’s current website. 

Today’s programming relies on a large number of technologies, frameworks, or libraries. To be a good front-end or back-end developer, you don’t have to know all of them. Outsourcing gives you access to various experts, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. Whether you’re looking for PHP or Python developers, or front-end developers with experience in React-based projects, it’s easier (and faster) to hire them as a remote outsourced team.


Through experience, we don’t just mean the qualifications of the programmers. More like how the team works together based on the projects they have completed in the past. This is also the experience of developing IT projects. 

Having expertise in what works and what doesn’t. Building software requires not only knowing how to code but also how to manage processes. When you are hiring a website development outsourcing company, you hire not only developers but also project managers with experience in managing software development. 


Time is usually one of the key factors in a development project. Whether you plan to create new software or redo existing software, you need to keep a strict timetable in mind. 

You can generally expect to save time by outsourcing website development. When you try to hire a full-time employee, you generally have to go through a rigorous process, which in itself takes considerable time. 

An outsourced employee can switch between projects and does not have to be an integral part of your team, they can simply participate in the process when they need to perform important tasks, such as writing code, creating a design, or anything else… 

From a contractor or freelance perspective, there is also a time-saving perspective. Since they usually handle a couple of projects at the same time they tend to keep it professional and high quality. 

By outsourcing web development, you can save time in hiring and onboarding developers. All this reduces the total time required to develop the website, including the time market.


It is easier to expand the project with a team of remote developers. In the beginning, you may want to develop an MVP for the Web application, then collect feedback and expand or pivot. For example, when you begin a web development project, you have a lot of tasks. you may need designers, developers, and project managers, while during maintenance, you only need a few programmers.

So if you need to pivot you need more employees. If you develop the product in-house, it will be more difficult to match the workforce to the work capacity.

Project control

One of the most common concerns about outsourcing web development is the inability to control the project. But in fact, outsourcing allows you to better control the project. If you follow the steps for safe hire of web development outsourcing companies You can successfully reduce the risk of working outsource. These steps are: choosing the correct teams, focusing on the main issues, and reading reviews. 

Choose a website development outsourcing company with good organizational and communication standards, that updates you through every step. Additionally, by hiring a remote team, you will be working with project managers who have experience developing many projects. This also reduces the risk of developing a website. 

Decreasing burn rate 

Hiring your in-house team is tempting but it comes with additional costs that you should avoid if you’re a small business, expenses like the hiring process, renting office space and office costs, equipment, and onboarding the team. 

Since you may not have a stable income yet, because you are just trying to build your product, these costs will have an impact on your rate of consumption. On the other hand, outsourcing allows you to control expenses because you only pay for the team members that you currently need.


If you do your development in-house, it is likely to consume a lot of attention. This is a process that must be carefully watched. As we mentioned, If you outsource web development services for your software development with a team of experienced programmers, QA experts, and project managers, you can focus on core business processes. Since your technology partner will manage the development and update you on progress, you can spend your time on other important tasks such as Customer Service, Sales (for example, preparing mailing lists, product promotion, outreach), and Marketing. This way, when your product is finally developed, you will be better prepared to publish and execute sales activities and marketing. 

Here in Dewzilla, we have experience with a good range of clients from startups to more advanced projects. If you are worried about the quality of the code and want to be notified every step of the way, visit and contact us.

Disadvantages of outsourcing web development

In some cases, your concerns about outsourcing web development work are justified. We have gathered some commonly accepted risks that often are considered cons of outsourcing website development. 

Ongoing communication 

It can be very difficult to communicate with temporary workers or remote colleagues Even with the help of messaging platforms and calling software. 

Consider the time zone first. If you are in the USA and your organization needs help with the back-end development of your website project, you can ask for help in Europe or Asia.  Suppose you hire someone from Portugal for a few weeks of work. They will work at least 8 hours earlier than you, so you will have a small window where you can communicate directly with them by any means other than SMS. Or email. The planning involved in outsourcing can also reduce the time and cost savings you initially anticipate.

Not all outsourcing partners have as strong communication as it’s needed Therefore, to overcome this, you need to check whether your web development partner can communicate clearly.

Branding concerns

When hiring an outsourced web development agency especially outsource web design projects there’s always this concern that will the outsourced web development team get my brand or audience? Can an experienced outsource UX team have better ideas and insights about what you should and shouldn’t involve in your design even though they’ve never worked with you? 

Perhaps, but this is a difficult decision, in some cases, not having to make that decision and sticking to what you have will be the best option. 

Having a deep understanding of the brand’s audiences, their expectations, and user beliefs has been developed in multiple projects and tasks over several months. it is difficult to see how outsourcing certain projects will end up with and whether freelancers provide comprehensive and clear final presentations like internal teams.

Brand recognition 

when you start using external contractors and freelancers who have no relationship with your company outside of financial interests, This is especially obvious that your reputation is in the hands of someone you may never have met. 

It’s fair to say that many people can outsource website development and they will do a good job, but others are not close to your expectations in terms of finding suitable fast delivery while maintaining quality.

Security and Privacy Leaks

Security and privacy are the main issues of every web development project. When integrating with third parties, your personal or confidential information and data may be lost. Unlike internal employees, you have less control over how to safely handle this information, which puts you at risk of leakage or copyright claims. 

If you’re planning for outsourced website development there is a good chance that you might have to face security and privacy issues 

Delay in delivery 

Sometimes, we cannot get a quick response from a third-party provider or outsourced web development team. This can cause delays in the completion of your Web project however, the delay is probably due to their overloaded working schedule and having multiple customers. 

We have weighed all the pros and cons, but this is not the end of the story. Finding a suitable development outsource company requires proper management and technology experience.

Notably, businesses usually fail to realize that if they put a development company in complete charge of their business website, they risk severe budget losses. Further, if a client does not participate fully in every stage of the development process, he can’t ensure the level following the terms of the contract.

If you aim at a business web page that will conform to the standards of a modern and optimized website, you need not just a low-cost development service, but a reliable software development company that offers the best UI/UX design works, AI integration (chatbots), great SEO solutions, effective CMS and many more. 

And then, after the outsourcing company helps you establish your business online, you will need a post-launch service for code review and follow-through error corrections. To keep your website on the run, you will have to find a dedicated team of devs and establish strong long-term following cooperation to ensure their continuous operation.  

Taking into account the above said, a potential outsource company must know the sphere of your business and the service/product you provide so that it can offer the variants for creating your website. The following is the host of factors that need to be considered before you move onto the next stage: 

  • Do you employ a competent project manager that will develop an action plan and budget?
  • Do you have a skillful team of UX designers capable of creating awesome interfaces and delightful UX? The team that is aware of the latest web design innovations and can adapt to new technology?
  • Do you have an enthusiastic development team that aims to create beautiful products while maintaining a healthy working environment and promoting the exchange of ideas and views?
  • Do you have a talented content creation team to grow a strong content marketing footprint?
  • Do you have a dream team of marketers that know everything about today’s consumer needs and the latest digital marketing advancements?

If there are some things that your company is missing, you have to choose either hiring an in-house development team or pump up the team by growing it with an international workforce. Recruiting a foreign employee requires stamina and investment. To make a well-informed decision, you need to conduct extensive research on your outsourced workforce. 


To understand what positions you need to outsource, take a closer look at the team involved in the process of website creation. We believe that the best way is to assemble a mixed team of professionals who embodies the image of a modern service organization, knows how to efficiently use technology, and top development trends, regardless of industry.

Our six innovative years of experience have propelled us to our present position as a highly reputable leader in the IT market. During these years, we’ve managed to form a full-stack team of software architects that can handle tasks of any scale and technical difficulty. Our digital experts create custom and WordPress websites, design cool web applications, develop effective CRM, and deal with everything from staging to post-launch support activities. 

At Drewzilla, we aim to exceed the customer’s expectations, not just live up to them. Our clients love the products we create for them, and thus our primary focus falls on servicing businesses globally and achieving wide recognition in European and EU countries. Click to see what we have to offer. 

And we continue with the following list of key software development team roles:


A good PM is the driving mechanism of any IT project. They manage the project life cycle, analyze user feedback, develop the budget plan and the terms. Sometimes a close communication between PM and the client may not fit your business narrative and create dissonance in your head, but it is what it is – constant communication is crucial for the successful project realization; since a PM’s mission is to carry the business with great competence, while taking into consideration the wishes of both parties, it should be in your interest to help things along.  

 Listed below are the responsibilities of a PM:

  • Planning activities: planning meetings on deadlines require a powerful understanding of the time. A good PM defines the project outlook and verifies the output. A good PM also knows how to set time realistically and evaluate the team’s capabilities.
  • Governing and encouraging a project team: extensive documents and complex checklists are not the tools that good PM employees. They create easy strategies that motivate their teams to achieve their full potential. They guide the team to a straightforward path to end the target.
  • Controlling time management: a project’s success is judged by delivering on time. A professional PM knows how to set the meeting on time and reasonably.
  • Cost measuring: keeping the project within its set budget is a sign that you have chosen the right PM. even if the project goes on time and satisfies the clients, it’s still a failure if it’s beyond the set budget.
  • Warranting customer satisfaction: under one condition a project is a success and that is the satisfaction the client reaches. One of the key responsibilities of a PM is to reduce uncertainty and avoid any unwanted event.
  • Evaluating and managing project risk: 
  • Observing progress
  • Managing reports


Digital agencies usually refer to them as UI/UX designers. A modern web designer knows all the intricacies of responsive web design. He or she has to be able to equip your website with a dynamic interface, user-friendly functionality, appealing animation, and overall branding strategy. This also involves actionable SEO keys: if combined with UX smarts, they create an ultimate experience for the users of your website.

A web designer’s tasks are listed below:

  • Creating content
  • Designing the website layout
  • Update the website
  • Generating backup files
  • Solving code problems
  • Monitor the website’s traffic

A web designer, also have to be qualified in these fields:

  • Good communication skills: a web designer needs good communication skills to present and negotiate for your work.
  • Open-mindedness: a designer should be open to try anything new and to receive advice.
  • Problem-solving: besides the aesthetic of the job, a designer has to enjoy the problem-solving part too. He has to think logistically to make things work. Creativity is not only needed for creating something brilliant but also to work out how the pieces fit together.
  • Be trustworthy: Clients are looking for more than just talent. They want to get to know someone trustworthy. It’s critical to be dependable, skillset, interested, manage client needs, establish continuity, and demonstrate trustworthiness. It’s a surefire way to ensure a long and fruitful working relationship.


His work is the most important angle of the project. Your website’s data storage, load speed,  functionality, and overall system performance depend on its output. To ensure that everything works on the client-side of your website, you need to hire a uniquely skilled front-end specialist that will ensure high code quality and ease testing. 

Back-end developer responsibilities are:

  • Combining the user-facing elements developed by a front-end developer 
  • Forming reusable codes and libraries in case of the future need
  • Optimizing the application for the best speed

Here is a highlight of the required skills:

  • Basic understanding of front-end developments and platforms
  • Perfect understanding of CSS 
  • Scripting, transforming, and migrating data
  • Suitable understanding of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) security


The main goal of a front-end developer is to establish the design and structure of a webpage. Every tiny detail, every visual element we see are created by using common elements of UI and HTML effects. Find an experienced UI designer that will put together the design and technology of your website. 

Front end developer responsibilities are:

  • Chose web page design and structure
  • Develop features to improve the User’s experience
  • Make sure the design is mobile-friendly 
  • Make sure the web page is optimized for the highest speed

Required skills to become a front end developer are listed below:

  • Have a degree in computer science 
  • Be an expert in coding language
  • Understand CSS
  • Be experienced with graphic design applications
  • Skilled in the field of SEO
  • Capable of communicating with teammates, bosses, a  .especially and clients


In today’s digital marketing landscape, coming up with relevant SEO keywords or PPC strategies is not enough. More fundamental and deep-seated aspects of marketing need to be considered too. If poorly implemented, pay-per-click ads do not provide a 100% guarantee of your website’s ranking performance. To develop the best marketing strategy that will boost a website’s online recognition, search for a knowledgeable marketer with a diverse skillset and appreciation for AI. 


There are multiple factors such as lack of time, saving money, or needing experts which lead to choosing web development outsourcing. Whatever your reason might be there are a few major steps to consider when outsourcing web development. These steps can help you through finding an outsource web development company, your contract with them, and walk you through the outsource web development projects. 

Before hiring website outsourcing companies you need to figure out your exact needs, Determining the goals of the website is also crucial in determining the technology required for the project. Websites that collect data from users require the work of back-end and front-end developers. Why do you need this information? If you set goals, you can more easily screen out potential website outsourcing companies. So let’s check these steps out:

Choosing partners

Once you have determined your needs, you must find the right partner. Depending on the size of your project, should a freelancer complete the work or should you work with an outsourced web development team? You might want to hand over tasks to freelancers; this seems to be a cheaper option. However, freelancers have to operate as full-stack developers, project managers, and even work as sales employees. This multitasking begins to have an impact, and as a customer, you don’t want your project to be affected by it.

 Whether you choose a freelancer or a team, the key is to never compromise on quality. Evaluate your potential partners based on their references and previous work.


  • Check out their website to see if it fits your visual expectations and taste. How are their technical capabilities and creative solutions?
  • Portfolio. The company’s portfolio holds great significance in your decision-making. Choose the best portfolios with the most projects – they are the fairest indicators of a candidate’s proficiency. 
  • Personnel. It is very important to get to know your future employees before the conclusion of the contract. What is the company’s labor protection policy? Will you need to train each prospective recruit to divest himself/herself of ethnic and linguistic differences? To foolproof your recruitment process, these issues are necessary to be ascertained. 
  • Competence. Every good website has some noteworthy features, but a great website is perfect for everything. The overall development experience is important, but it needs to be supported by a capacity to turn a skill set into a commercial sale. With today’s constant flow of tech innovations, an ambitious team needs to master the best of them.
  • Flexibility. A reputable outsourcing digital service company must be scalable and flexible, meaning that their lifespan for long-term business relationships is unlimited. However, one day you might want to pass on your project due to its impertinence, – that is when mutual flexibility will provide you with security to bring a successful mutually beneficial partnership to an end.

Specify your expectations 

Now that you have chosen a web outsourcing company for your outsourcing web development services you need to start negotiations. Before signing an agreement, you and your partner should discuss the “obvious” points: who, for whom, when, how much, and for what.


Who’s going to work on the web project outsourcing? Choosing a freelancer means that only one person is responsible for graphics, project management, etc. but if you hire an outsourcing web development company for backend development outsourcing, frontend development outsourcing, website designing outsourcing, and so on more people may participate and you will be informed who is working on your project.

Target audience

Who is this project designed for? Websites that provide games for children will adopt a different aesthetic from online pharmacies or translation combinations. The target audience of each of them subconsciously wants them to follow a specific user experience model. Providing a personalized feel to the website while meeting user expectations is critical to the success of the project.


When will the project be delivered? For fairly large projects it’s important to set a more precise timetable, not just a final deadline to stay on schedule. This will give you some time to test the functionality and damage control before launching your website. 


How much work your web development outsourcing company is going to do? By now, you should have decided on the features and user experience elements that your web development outsourcing company will provide. 

However, because some projects are not fully closed after launch, you must decide when the cooperation with the outsource web development company will end. Is it just a one-time thing that Once all projects have been implemented, they are considered complete? Or will your website development outsourcing company is going to be around for the maintenance as well? 

Even if a content management system is installed to easily add new materials, you may need to implement new features from time to time. Redesigning the entire website from scratch to add new content may not be the best option. Consider integrating maintenance services as part of the overall project.


How much is the web development outsourcing company talking about? What’s the market’s price? Now is the time to determine the specific amount. With all your expectations in mind, the web developer website outsourcing should be able to provide you with a ballpark figure for this type of project, outlining the cost of each step. But keep in mind that if you continue to play around with the features, the total cost may change. 

Additional points

For the safety of your project, we encourage you to specify your expectations for contact and feedback throughout the project: 

  • What is your main communication channel?
  • How often do you make a group call or receive an update email?
  • How long is the required follow-up time, that is, how quickly should both parties respond to any issues that may arise?

Deciding on these issues early will simplify your workflow. Similarly, for a good outsource web development work, it goes without saying that they should at least introduce you to the tools you use for work, especially in project management:

  • What is your preferred system for assigning and tracking work orders (specific tasks to be performed during the project)?
  • Do you have a detailed understanding of your workflow or do you have to contact the project manager every time?

Choose carefully 

Even with sufficient research and detailed cooperation agreements, there are still certain risks in cooperating with third-party teams. This is why if you encounter any of the following situations, you should step in and take action without hesitation:

Late follow-ups

There are reasons to establish timely follow-up. Failure to comply with the deadline will not only be regarded as a violation of the agreement but also indicate poor customer service. Any external factors that may affect the follow-up time should be taken into account, preferably before it occurs.

Not showing professionalism 

This includes not only the deficiencies in experience but also any problems with social skills, motivation, and attitude. Is the web outsourcing company eager to work on this project? Do they show enthusiasm and take the initiative to put forward their own ideas and suggestions to improve the project? Are they patient when discussing the project process?

Professional outsourcing companies will show enthusiasm to complete the work, and employees will not lose their temper in front of customers.

Mutual understanding 

If you have thoroughly discussed the project, then the exact direction of the work should be clear. Of course, you may want to make some changes as the project progresses. If you do, it’s best to advise them as soon as possible. The outsource web development company should consider them and adjust the course accordingly, contacting you in the process and discussing the visual and technical validity of your concept.

Through open communication, there is no room for repeated misunderstandings. If your partners repeatedly miss your thoughts, they may not be the best choice.

Safe outsourcing 

Although outsourcing may seem like a complicated and even dangerous task at first, it will be easier if you handle it carefully and rationally.

  • Before choosing a web development outsourcing company understand your needs first. filter quotations and find an outsourcer that best suits your needs. 
  • Do your research thoroughly and check the portfolio. Decisions are made based on the project that has already been delivered, not the commitment made by the website development outsourcing company.
  • Decide on key and secondary issues when discussing transactions. Remember, a good website development outsourcing company will ask questions—don’t settle for someone who just nods.
  • If you are not satisfied with their performance, don’t be afraid to step in and raise questions. Not only in terms of code or design, but also in terms of communication and transparency.
  • Throughout the process, remember that both you and your partner need to focus on a common goal: delivering the best possible project.

No matter what is the reason for your reach to website development outsourcing following these steps guarantees a safe outsourcing experience. Here in Dewzilla we can surefire you safe and professional outsource website development experience, take a look at


The decision should proceed from a selective approach, taking into consideration the cost and quality factors. The actual offshore development costs depend on tasks difficulty, technologies used, geographic location, and different elements of service, for example, the number of specialists to be involved, data transmission, etc. As IT outsourcing becomes more and more common globally, we are beginning to see other business operations (such as marketing strategy and web development services) being outsourced as well. As network development agencies begin to build development teams and brands overseas and hire professional strategists overseas to strengthen their marketing efforts, outsourcing is increasing now and in the future. 

Although outsourcing can save you time and money and still get high-quality work, you need to implement certain things. First, you should know which countries are the best places to outsource web development:


a report by IAOP, which lists 21 companies that outsource web development in Ukraine as the top 100 outsourcing companies in the world shows that Ukraine is one of the top 5 countries to outsource web development projects and has well-trained web developers in the country. These web development companies usually follow a quality-focused process. This is why this country is a good choice for outsourcing Web development projects. 


The Philippines is also another destination for web development outsourcing many dedicated and hardworking outsource web developers in Philippines. developers who can provide the best results for any customer from anywhere in the world. You can trust your outsourcing web design to the Philippines and they will offer good results. 

One of the outstanding characteristics of the Philippines is its large talent population and its ability to sustain quality and functional development projects. Many web development organizations use remote computers that are proficient in Ruby, Java, Ruby, C ++, HTML.ASP, etc.


Although Asian countries seem to be the main centers for outsourcing networks or software development projects, Serbia is a good choice. With more and more tech-savvy people, Serbia is currently experiencing an information technology renaissance. Today, many countries employ a growing young and skilled labor force. The increase in the number of IT companies in Serbia is an important motivating factor because it provides you with versatility.


We hope that you find this information useful and as interesting as we do. If you’re looking to outsource a web development project to an esteemed company, why not try Dewzilla? Contact our digital manager for a free consultation to find out more about what we do. You can see our latest projects on the portfolio page. 

about what we do. You can see our latest projects on the portfolio page. 

What is outsourcing and what are the benefits of it?

Outsourcing is considered a business method of borrowing or hiring an outside party of the company to conduct services and create stuff customarily performed in-office by the company’s staff.
Talking about its benefits. We can mention: Cost-saving, Better service quality, and
A fresh point of view. 

What are the key problems with outsourcing?

Linguistic and cultural obstacles
Time zone differences
Lack of control
Lack of projects (especially if you’re new to the industry)
Lack of mutual understanding

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