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Why Outsource Web Development?

How To Outsource Web Development Projects

The digital world we live in, everyone has access to the Internet 24/7. Individuals that offer web design and programming services on popular employment-oriented platforms can reach out to global companies with instant click. Similarly, access to the global employment services market gives businesses the possibility to reach out to professional development agencies overseas. 

With today’s stable network which runs much faster than older programming technologies, the time to open up new possibilities for web development has never been better. There are no limits to the size of the Internet and business have the ability to reach employment targets. 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you will try to find a comprehensive digital agency or small team of skilled individuals to help you make the best of your business strategy.

You can choose from a wide variety of IT professionals from cities across the world. One way is to research the best cities for modern-day IT specialists taking into account the ratio between median salary and engineering skills. The company you are looking for might be found in India, Ukraine or Philippines. In this case, the country is irrelevant for the purposes of determining your business’s success, – what matters is full-stack expertise in software development.

If you are interested in outsourcing web development, continue reading to find out how to make the best out of outsourcing for your business.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is considered to be a business method of borrowing or hiring an outside party of the company to conduct services and create stuff that were customarily performed in-office by the company’s staff.

This method is employed by companies to reduce labor costs such as personnel’s salaries and equipment.  It also helps the company to focus more on the essentials and to spin off the less crucial operations to outside organizations.

As a result, it will have a huge effect on the jobs including customer support, manufacturing, and non-public facing section.

what is outcourcing?

Why Outsource Web Development?

As mentioned above, nowadays, there is wide access to the internet, and everything is done online. Therefore, the design matters. When businesses decide to outsource web development and design, they generally tend to think of the process either as hard to accomplish or easy to entrust to the agency and forget about for good. Even if your web development plan is well-posed, it can still be ill-conditioned, meaning that communication mistakes in outsourcing relationships can result in much larger mistakes in the final product.

The best answer to “why development outsourcing?” is to make a for and against list to leads you into making the accurate decision.

Listed below are the pros:

  • Control over the costs: the most important reason to go with outsourcing is cost-efficiency.  
  1. You don’t have to hire and support an on-site team and spend money on payroll taxes, training, bonuses, and insurance package.
  2. Besides, there is no need to purchase software and hardware tools, and other equipment for the team to work with.
  3. you can plan the expenses monthly.
  • Remain high quality: the nature of the web development industry is highly competitive. Therefore, web development companies should raise their standards and perform at a high level to fulfill their client’s expectations. This constant pressure has to act out as a motivation for producing outstanding results on the client’s project. Unfortunately, this idea rarely exists among in-office marketing staff.
  • A fresh point of view: working with an outsider can provide you with more flexible ideas and creativeness which ultimately improves your marketing message and increase functionality.

Even though finding a responsible and super understandable team is not an easy task to do, we  highlighted a list of cons for you to take a look at:

  • Communication limitations: When you are searching for an outsourcing development company, don’t forget about the linguistic differences and time zone. Time zone differences can cause meeting postponement or even be canceled. These two are considered to be the most disappointing drawbacks on your way to achieving your goal.
  • Different business doctrine: each company has a certain functioning style that is designed based on an individual’s needs. An outsider, on the other hand, might find this strange. The tech team is habituated to a specific management framework. drastically different management frameworks can cause distrust and you might lose the direction of where your company is heading to.
  • Data theft: en masse, outsourcing comes with risks. third party providers might steal your thoughts, concepts, and technologies. You are not able to have full control over the outsourced project, even if the team that you cooperate with has signed a confidentiality agreement.

We have weighed all the pros and cons, but this is not the end of the story. Finding a suitable development outsource company requires proper management and technology experiences.

Notably, businesses usually fail to realize that if they put a development company in complete charge of their business website, they risk severe budget losses. Further, if a client does not participate fully in every stage of the development process, he can’t ensure the level following the terms of the contract.

If you aim at a business web page that will conform to the standards of a modern and optimized website, you need not just a low-cost development service, but a reliable software development company that offers the best UI/UX design works, AI integration (chatbots), great SEO solutions, effective CMS and many more. 

And then, after the outsourcing company helps you establish your business online, you will need a post-launch service for code review and follow-through error corrections. To keep your website on the run, you will have to find a dedicated team of devs and establish strong long-term following cooperation to ensure their continuous operation.  

Taking into account the above said, a potential outsource company must know the sphere of your business and the service/product you provide so that it can offer the variants for creating your website. The following is the host of factors that need to be considered before you move onto the next stage: 

  • Do you employ a competent project manager that will develop an action plan and budget?
  • Do you have a skillful team of UX designers capable of creating awesome interfaces and delightful UX? The team that is aware of the latest web design innovations and can adapt to new technology?
  • Do you have an enthusiastic development team that aims to create beautiful products while maintaining a healthy working environment and promoting the exchange of ideas and views?
  • Do you have a talented content creation team to grow a strong content marketing footprint?
  • Do you have a dream team of marketers that know everything about today’s consumer needs and the latest digital marketing advancements?

If there are some things that your company is missing, you got to choose either hiring an in-house development team or pump up the team by growing it with an international workforce. Recruiting a foreign employee requires stamina and investment. To make a well-informed decision, you need to conduct extensive research of your outsourced workforce. 

Which Web Development Jobs Can You Outsource?

To understand what positions you need to outsource, take a closer look at the team involved in the process of website creation. We believe that the best way is to assemble a mixed team of professionals which embodies the image of a modern service organization, knows how to efficiently use technology and top development trends, regardless of industry.

Our six innovative years of experience have propelled us to our present position of a highly reputable leader in the IT market. During these years, we’ve managed to form a full-stack team of software architects that can handle tasks of any scale and technical difficulty. Our digital experts create custom and WordPress websites, design cool web applications, develop effective CRM, and deal with everything from staging to post-launch support activities. 

At Dewzilla, we aim to exceed the customer’s expectations, not just live up to them. Our clients love the products we create for them, and thus our primary focus falls on servicing businesses globally and achieving wide recognition in European and EU countries. Click to see what we have to offer. 

And we continue with the following list of key software development team roles:

Project Manager

A good PM is the driving mechanism of any IT project. They manage the project life cycle, analyze user feedback, develop the budget plan and the terms. Sometimes a close communication between PM and the client may not fit your business narrative and create dissonance in your head, but it is what it is – constant communication is crucial for the successful project realization; since a PM’s mission is to carry the business with great competence, while taking into consideration the wishes of both parties, it should be in your interest to help things along.  

 Listed below are the responsibilities of a PM:

  • Planning activities: planning meetings on deadlines require a powerful understanding of the time. A good PM defines the project outlook and verifies the output. A good PM also knows how to set time realistically and evaluate the team’s capabilities.
  • Governing and encouraging a project team: extensive documents and complex checklists are not the tools that good PM employees. They create easy strategies that motivate their teams to achieve their full potentials. They guide the team to a straightforward path to end the target.
  • Controlling time management: a project’s success is judged by delivering on time. A professional PM knows how to set the meeting on time and reasonably.
  • Cost measuring: keeping the project within its set budget is a sign that you have chosen the right PM. even if the project goes on time and satisfies the clients, it’s still a failure if it’s beyond the set budget.
  • Warranting customer satisfaction: under one condition a project is a success and that the satisfaction the client reach. One of the key responsibilities of a PM is to reduce uncertainty and avoid any unwanted event.
  • Evaluating and managing project risk: 
  • Observing progress
  • Managing reports

Web Designer

Digital agencies usually refer to them as UI/UX designers. A modern web designer knows all the intricacies of responsive web design. He or she has to be able to equip your website with a dynamic interface, user-friendly functionality, appealing animation, and overall branding strategy. This also involves actionable SEO keys: if combined with UX smarts, they create an ultimate experience for the users of your website.

A web designer’s tasks are listed below:

  • Creating content
  • Designing the website layout
  • Update the website
  • Generating backup files
  • Solving code problems
  • Monitor the website’s traffic

A web designer, also have to be qualified in these fields:

  • Good communication skills: a web designer needs good communication skills to present and negotiate for your work.
  • Open-mindedness: a designer should be open to try anything new and to receive advice.
  • Problem-solving: besides the aesthetic of the job, a designer has to enjoy the problem-solving part too. He has to think logistically to make things work. Creativity is not only needed for creating something brilliant but also to work out how the pieces fit together.
  • Be trustworthy: Clients are looking for more than just talent. They want to get to know someone trustworthy. It’s critical to be dependable, to manage client needs, to establish continuity, and to demonstrate trustworthiness. It’s a surefire way to ensure a long and fruitful working relationship.

Back-end developer

His work is the most important angle of the project. Your website’s data storage, load speed,  functionality, and overall system performance depend on his output. To ensure that everything works on the client-side of your website, you need to hire a uniquely-skilled front-end specialist that will ensure high code quality and ease testing. 

what is backend development?

Back-end developer responsibilities are:

  • Combining the user-facing elements developed by a front-end developer 
  • Forming reusable codes and libraries in case of the future need
  • Optimizing the application for the best speed

Here is a highlight of the required skills:

  • Basic understanding of front-end developments and platforms
  • Perfect understanding of CSS 
  • Scripting, transforming, and migrating data
  • Suitable understanding of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) security

Front-end developer

The main goal of a front-end developer is to establish the design and structure of a webpage. Every tiny detail, every visual element we see are created by using common elements of UI and HTML effects. Find an experienced UI designer that will put together the design and technology of your website. 

Front end developer responsibilities are:

  • Chose web page design and structure
  • Develop features to improve the User’s experience
  • Make sure the design is mobile-friendly 
  • Make sure the web page is optimized for the highest speed

Required skills to become a front end developer are listed below:

  • Have a degree in computer science 
  • Be an expert in codding language
  • Understand CSS
  • Be experienced with graphic design applications
  • Skilled in the field of SEO
  • Capable of communicating with teammates, bosses, a  .especially and clients


In today’s digital marketing landscape, coming up with relevant SEO keywords or PPC strategy is not enough. More fundamental and deep seated aspects of marketing need to be considered too. If poorly implemented, pay-per-click ads do not provide a 100% guarantee of your website’s ranking performance. To develop the best marketing strategy that will boost a website’s online recognition, search for a knowledgeable marketer with a diverse skillset and appreciation for AI. 

Factors worth consideration when evaluating web development companies:

  • Experience. A relevant industry experience is crucial for your web development project because it determines the quality of the final product. The more designs you see in a candidate’s portfolio, the better your chances of succeeding with this company.
  • Portfolio. The company’s portfolio holds great significance in your decision making. Choose the best portfolios with the most projects – they are the most fair indicators of candidate’s proficiency. 
  • Personnel. It is very important to get to know your future employees before the conclusion of the contract. What is the company’s labour protection policy? Will you need to train each prospective recruit to divest himself/herself of ethnic and linguistic differences? To foolproof your recruitment process, these issues are necessary to be ascertained. 
  • Competence. Every good website has some noteworthy features, but a great website is perfect in everything. The overall development experience is important, but it needs to be supported by a capacity to turn interest into a commercial sale. With today’s constant flow of tech innovations, it’s essential for an ambitious team to master the best of them.
  • Communication. If you decide to outsource your web development project, your digital squad’s geographic location should never be an excuse for a delay. Build strong communication channels and make sure to check their language competence. Miscommunication and language barriers should not impede the organizational workflow. 
  • Security. Before you entrust an agency with your startup patent, you need to verify their trustworthiness. A credible IT company must provide devices, equipment, and safety measures to receive excellent business’ reputation.  
  • Flexibility. A reputable outsourcing digital service company must be scalable and flexible, meaning that their lifespan for long-term business relationships is unlimited. However, one day you might want to pass on your project due to its impertinence, – that is when mutual flexibility will provide you with security to bring a successful mutually beneficial partnership to an end.

Ensuring effective outsourcing

  • Clarify the scope and schedule of your project:

Any professional outsourced project begins with a simple statement of what you want to achieve. Make a list of the project’s specifications ahead of time. To present you with practical plans and quote you a fair price, service providers need correct, complete details. Make a list of the deadlines you demand from the provider.

  • Search for specific experience fit

The service provider that  you pick should generally have specific experience of the same kind of project you’re working on.. This is important specially when you are outsourcing complicated projects, like software production.

  • Price shouldn’t be the only factor

Never choose a provider merely based on price, no matter how appealing it sounds. The highest-priced and lowest-priced deals are almost certainly rejected by experienced investors who have outsourced several contracts and reviewed hundreds of proposals. According to Buyers, their most profitable projects were ones that had a fair combination between price and service.

  • Observe portfolios and samples

Examine the provider’s earlier work (their “portfolio”) to ensure that their previous work fulfills your expectations. If you’ve reviewed the portfolio and still weren’t sure about hiring the provider, ask them to do a Demo. However, never cross the line between requesting a Demo and demanding a completed work “on spec” from a provider.

  • Don’t forget to support after the project is completed

It’s a smart idea to have a warranty or insurance clause in technology contracts so that you’re ensured of continuing service and support from the provider after the project is completed.

Which Country You Should Outsource Web Development To

The decision should proceed from a selective approach, taking into consideration the cost and quality factors. The actual offshore development costs depend on tasks difficulty, technologies used, geographic location and different elements of service, for example, the number of specialists to be involved, data transmission etc. The current offshore development rates are the following:

As for the quality factor, there are particular researches that intend to estimate which countries succeed in which areas of development. See the overall score rates above: 

Summing up

We hope that you find this information useful and as interesting as we do. If you’re looking to outsource a web development project to an esteemed company, why not try Dewzilla? Contact our digital manager for a free consultation to find out more about what we do. You can see our latest projects on the portfolio page. 


What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is considered to be a business method of borrowing or hiring an outside party of the company to conduct services and create stuff that was customarily performed in-office by the company’s staff.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Better service quality
A fresh point of view

What are the key problems with outsourcing?

Linguistic and cultural obstacles
Time zone differences
Lack of control
Lack of projects (especially if you’re new to the industry)
Lack of mutual understanding

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