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How to Use Automation Across Multiple Platforms

How to Use Automation Across Multiple Platforms

As the presence of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok become more common and widespread companies accordingly adjust their online reach. According to statistics, about 40-42% of humanity makes use of social platforms. It is about 3.2 billion users around the globe. This number of users keeps growing day after day. 

Marketers should take into consideration this potential and use it to the fullest. Although it can be quite challenging it is still rewarding and lucrative a lot. To achieve certain goals on social media you should remember that your brand has to be available,  coherent, and updated on social media. Moreover, remember to follow trends, engage with the audience through your social platforms on a daily basis, and calculate the social performance. Of course, it is a real quest to do all these actions by yourself and still successfully work on many marketing campaigns at once. Thus, you have social media automation that can come in handy and play an important role in making your business successful. 

content for different social medias
Automation Across Multiple Platforms

Social media automation, as you see from the name, helps you automate many processes connected with social media to save your effort and time and get the best return on investment from your performance on social media. Automation includes content measuring, publishing, and tracking. 

Moreover, automation works with scheduling content posts, managing trending content, republishing trending content, and checking on engagement performance on certain posts. There are also some advanced tasks for automation that include sentiment and social listening analysis. Based on results, you can form a proper engagement with your clients on a more trusting level. 

Automated Posting

To muse social platforms and automation to the fullest and best way, you need to learn more about automated posting and how it can support your business growth. Social automation offers you: 

  • Effective planning and scheduling

If you want your post to be seen by your target audience in specific social media you need to know a suitable time for publishing them when you can get the most number of views from your clients and users. 

Social media optimization can help you plan and schedule all your posts in a certain and suitable for your way. Moreover, you do not sign in all your social media accounts to post something on your own, automation does it amazingly without your intervention. 

As a result, you have more time and concentration on other more crucial processes of your business. There is also a feature when you can schedule your post according to a specific strategy. That means you can attract more targeted clients during a more lucrative period and get more recognition if you have done it on your own. 

When you wish to schedule and manage your post in certain ways, there are always tools that can be smoothly combined with automation. Among such tools is Trello that provides systematized visual planning. Moreover, Trello can help in working and collaborating with various teams while developing marketing campaigns. It includes project management of software and web design. As a result, you can save your time while making campaigns. 

  • Coverage of many platforms at once

The more social media platforms you work with the more targeted reach you are going to get on the market. Thus, automation can help you post your content on multiple platforms at once. There are various effective tools for this purpose that can be used by you daily. Among the popular variants for multi-publishing are Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest. 

First of all, use only needed platforms for your brand and then develop a strategy for social media platforms that will help you the most.  Another good point about automation is that it helps you find and use the main platforms for your brand. While you are working with several platforms, there is always a risky situation when you may not remember to past important post on a certain platform. However, if you have automation, it will prevent such situations. 

The most important advantage here is saved time. While you are working on effective and creative ideas for social media strategy, automation will do for you monotonous work. 

  • Individualized Content 

With the help of automation, you can build more customized content. It is a well-known fact that users are more interested in engaging content. Moreover, these users wish to see relevant posts. Thus, automation can become quite a useful tool while you are going to be concentrated in developing and managing content. 

how to automate posts on social medias
Automated Posting

 There are tools like BuzzSumo and that can help you to find the latest and useful content on social media or manage your content by regramming it from other clients. If you are still doubting automation than remember that automation enhances the quality of engagement with clients. Related tools can send you notifications about new feedbacks, messages, or other inquiries. Now you get all feedbacks quicker and can respond as quickly so that communication will stay fresh and strong. 

  • Use chatbots to support communication with clients twenty-four-seven

Nowadays you likely to communicate with chatbots than with real managers. There are a lot of variants like Facebook Messenger bots or digital concierges offered by e-commerce sites. More and more users enjoy working with chatbots mainly because that can offer them a quick answer from businesses they are trying to communicate with. 

With bots quick development and their better services, their usage has become more widespread and gained a high level of popularity. For instance, Sephora has a Facebook bot that can find a suitable agent for the client and answer basic questions. 

There also cases when bots can recommend certain products on a professional level. Such a solution is suitable for cases when your sales or managers’ teams do not work around the clock. 

Moreover, bots can become a good addition to your business’ database or question-answer. For instance, bot of Adobe Photoshop asks detailed questions to offer users later full and needed solutions for their issues then and there. 

3 Most effective tools for social media automation 

Effective tools for social media
Effective tools for social media

Nowadays, there are a lot of tools for social media automation. Each of these variants provides a personalized set of features for automation.  Some tools have a complex set of many needed functions in one place, some other tools concentrate only on some main functions. Among the most popular options are:


This name has been in the field of social automation since 2008. Since then it has become one of the most well-known tools in its field. This tool is a complex and effective automation platform that has a full range of features for you to experiment in social automation.

Hootsuite offers you social planning, adjustable reports, real-time updates, calculating social return on investments, notifications on mentions on social media, and integration with a wide range of social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and others). Among the advanced features are sentiment analysis, social listening, extensive reporting for enhanced campaigns. 

Moreover, Hootsuite will support you with searches of content based on a specific location and suitable social influencers. A basic set of functions can be used for free, you just need to have an account that is connected to three social accounts. If you want to use an advanced set of functions you will have to pay $18-$650. 


BuzzSumo is quite a popular platform that is concentrated on searching for trending social topics that are related to domains, industries, and keywords. The platforms can simplify the task of tracking popular content and calculating its importance and performance. As a result, you can choose trends where you can benefit and leaves those that unprofitable. 

BuzzSumo offers such functions as post scheduling and publishing, integration with various social platforms, content analysis related to a domain, location, and platforms and tracking of influencers.  You can use a basic free plan that has a limited set of features or pay about $99-$499 to get a full package of features. 


CoSchedule helps you simplify the scheduling process of publishing posts beforehand. It is quite a useful variant for those marketers who want to have access to the management of several social accounts at a single location.  Moreover, you can try scheduling at least 60 social posts simultaneously. As a result, you have a smooth experience with your social calendar. 

Among other notable features of CoSchedule are headline identifier, social organizer, in-depth analytics, social inbox, and readjusting of content. It also has a diverse set of features for other marketing processes like asset management, the marketing calendar, and content management.  You need to pay about $100-$300 each month for using a set of CoSchedule features. The more set is advanced the bigger price is going to be. 


3 crucial recommendations to do well with social media automation

If you think that with the help of social automation you going to get ahead automatically then you are not quite right. To finish properly, we are going to provide three crucial points to remember when you work with social media automation and want to thrive among other opponents. 

  • You are still working with human beings

So, this is quite an important thought to keep in mind. Your hard-work on social presence and recognition is not finished after you start using automation. Even after implementing such technology, you still need to think through how to stay human even if some technology is behind your posts.

Thus, try to make your posts and chats colloquial, with funny captions, emojis, and friendly language. These small adjustments immensely improve any kind of connection with users even if this connection goes through social media automation. 

Remember, you are the only one who knows your target audience the best. When you get used to automation, you still have to make an effort to be present on your social accounts. Social media automation is a supporting tool for your branding, not the main one that can replace even you.

  • Discuss what is going to be automated exactly

Before you start investing in social media automation, you should think through what you really need from this technology. For instance, popular automation aims can be:  

  • Enhancing the reach to a target audience
  • Quickening the response time to your clients
  • Boosting your general rate of social engagement
  • Offering more personalized service to your clients

In the long run, any mix of these aims can create a great benefit for you. Thus, always discuss your ideas on the implementation or adjusting of social media automation for your business.

  • Control your advances

This recommendation always reminds you about two-way interaction. As we said, you can not just turn on automation and forget about monitoring. You have to remember to control scheduled messages and working chatbots so that everything is working properly. 

Moreover, your control should be also related to all KPIs and metrics to have a full picture of whether social media automation brings you any advances. For instance, are you reducing your response time to your clients? Has this adjustment brought any increase in social sales? 

Thus, be very attentive to any changes. They might signal you about the need to adjust your automation or be more involved in the process or otherwise, you are going to lose your money in vain.

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