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New Normal of digital marketing

What's “New Normal” In Digital Marketing?

Today, the “new normal” is one of the most popular topics for discussion. By this concept, for the most part, people understand the current uncertain situation associated with the development of the world economy, politics, marketing and others. Such a situation must be accepted and work in the new conditions of the prevailing reality. In this article, we will tell you about this new concept in digital marketing and its impact.

What is the new normal?

The new normal is a new post-crisis state of the economy with high unemployment, aggravation of debt problems at the level of countries, legal entities, business people, a noticeable slowdown in economic growth and uncertainty in the markets. It assumes a barrier-free environment at the level of individual physiology and communication and works with it in the new prevailing conditions.

An analysis of the trends in the work of business entities in such conditions made it possible to create an up-to-date customer-oriented model of new normal digital marketing and determine its most effective tools, orienting the actions of retailers and manufacturers to individualize work with the target audience, taking into account the digitization of society and general informatization.

Marketing develops using new media technologies in developed markets and in the face of constant changes in the economy, science and practice. The introduction of digital technologies, increasing the speed of metabolic processes, increasing complexity and interconnected markets are new.

New normal
New normal

In the context of the transition to a “new normal” economy, which reflects a change in the metric of key characteristics of the dynamics of the development of economic indicators, there will be a transition from advertising to marketing communications, diversification and the emergence of new digital marketing functions and competencies.

Using new trends

Of particular importance in managing the economy and marketing of companies is taking into account the structure and dynamics of such economic development trends as urbanization, demography, automation and artificial intelligence, climate and resources, geopolitics, the introduction of digital technologies and changing marketing trends in industry and world markets.

Thus, in the context of the introduction of digital technologies, marketing trends characterize trends in the use of innovations in the activities of corporate structures, which form the basis of marketing in a new normal state. The following trends are found more often in marketing activity:

  • Analysis of big data and their analytics on the basis of which a forecast of the search demand trend is carried out using individual work tools with a partner, for example, content on the Internet (Triblio, Follaze, Evergage and others);
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;
  • The use of search engine optimization, the use of video content, collaboration and marketing automation:
  • Chatbots are a trend, the most convenient tool for marketing communications of business partners and clients, using a computer interlocutor with machine-based speech analysis. In 2018, more than 1.4 billion people used chatbots in communication. In the future, the trend of their use is likely to increase;
  • Interactive video content with a 360-degree all-round view, which makes the experience perception more impressive, and in collaboration with opinion leaders (bloggers) is aimed at creating native advertising with a focus on public opinion about a product or service;
  • Beacon technologies for working with brand clients in the context of targeted notifications in space and premises;
  • Predictive system for predicting customer segmentation and automation.

At the same time, it should be remembered that the continuous diversification and wide functionality of digital technologies require constant attention to the market and changes in digital technology innovations in order not to lose the competitive advantage and not leave the market.

Knowledge and use of digital technology trends and their dynamics as the basis of new normal seems necessary and quite effective in the face of increasing competition, which requires staff and management to constantly learn, collaborate, communicate with the audience of business entities, and do joint projects so that they stay behind or out of the market.

In conditions of new normal in digital marketing, the interaction of partners will require the integration of intellectual and information resources in the process of buying and selling existing values, where the purpose and essence of the marketing resource as a factor of economic growth is revealed.

A marketing resource or its totality acts as a prepared means necessary for the implementation of the production process (creating new needs and offers), distribution (as a tool for promoting values) and use (as a brand mediating customer satisfaction in obtaining the desired value). Thus, relations become the object of purchase and sale, exchange of values ​​as a result of interaction balanced in supply and demand, that is, relations become a product, an object of materialized labor.

Digital tools
Digital tools

Marketing resource, as a set of knowledge and skills, competencies that marketing experts possess, prepared for use, has mobility and can move in space and time, and thereby act as a material and spiritual reserve of commercial and state structures.

New Normal Tools in Digital Marketing

For a better understanding of the essence of the conceptual client-centered model of new-normal marketing, examples of its tools are given below.

  • More Niche Product Development

For example, the offer of goods for the age, “retirement” audience, the creation of shops or special departments for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Personal offer

For example, a consumer compiles a shopping list on a point of sale website, arrives after work in a store and receives a personalized package with collected goods (very important for grocery stores or retail outlets specializing, for example, fruit-vegetables-greens, when a potential buyer forms an order guided by the recipe for a certain dish)

  • Assortment mix

For example, pharmacies expand their assortment through the introduction of food products, store design – bicycles. The idea of restaurants is grocery stores, where a very confidential and positive atmosphere reigns. You can take a recipe from your chef for your favorite dish and a master class, immediately cook semi-finished products, that is, you can eat, relax, chat and at the same time go home with the necessary purchases.

  • Omni channel

This is the provision of integrated trading through all available sales channels such as an online store, an offline store, mobile devices, by phone, on social networks and much more.

The use of this tool can be used when registration takes place on social networks, the retail store finds out about this and with the help of such information already knows in advance what the given user wants, and when the potential buyer comes to the outlet, they are already offered what was interesting online. Also, for example, a men’s clothing store reads the mobile numbers of visitors. If the user selects a field that allows him to determine his location, then at the entrance to the store all his previous purchases will be visible by phone number, and the seller will be able to offer him what he often buys without wasting customer time.

  • Webrooming

It is a continuation of the Omni channel tool. In this case, the consumer begins the buying process on one platform on the Internet, anytime and anywhere, and makes purchases – on another, in a regular store or with delivery.

As an example, the American manufacturer of premium electric cars in the room only selects a couple of cars. With the help of a digital kiosk and a consultant, a client can study the car in detail and make a decision on the results of a test drive, and the goods will be delivered to the selected place and at the specified time.

New York’s oldest department store switched to the following scheme: the buyer selects the goods that he would like to try on in the store on the terminal’s monitor, and the number of the fitting booth is displayed on the screen, and the necessary models are delivered there by a special pipe.

  • Focus on saving customer time

For example, the creation of a corner for mothers, where all the goods that may be required (from milk to diapers) are collected in a circular rack, that is, a mother and her child enter the circle, take everything she needs and quickly go to the cash register.

  • Click & brick

For example, using a storefront as an online storefront. Thus, the exhibition displayed in the window implies that you can read the QR code from each product displayed there and instantly order this product through the online store, that is, you no longer need to enter the store itself.

What can be done during quarantine?

Many experts say that this pandemic will change our world. It will become more online, and people will eventually get used to online services and will work more from home, make purchases, make deals and organize negotiations on the Internet. Until the global quarantine has ended with an understanding and people continue to adapt to life in isolation, you can do the following things:

  • Take care of your customers
What can be done during quarantine?
What can be done during quarantine?

People are already worried about the situation and annoyed because they hear news and recommendations every day from all sources of information. Better try to bring positive and usefulness to the client’s information field.

Caring can be expressed in various special projects where the brand can talk about how to spend time with benefit during the isolation period like educational content, entertainment materials, partnerships with other brands, challenges and more.

  • Improve user experience

The tendency to go online and, as a result, the influx of new customers to the site makes it possible to improve usability by showing its advantage over competitors: simple and convenient navigation, integration with instant messengers, interactive content and more.

  • Don’t be afraid of experimenting with creativity and testing new segments of the audience

Remember that there is one thing in common that unites all crises – they will someday end. Therefore, while many businesses focus on reorientation issues and forget a little about their client, about their interests and needs, take this opportunity and get closer to your audience. A proactive game will give you everything you need to overcome the crisis and strengthen your position after.


Currently, the world has undergone a transition to a new state of the economy called New Normal. The consumer market has lost its leading position, and in this situation new trends in trade marketing come to the rescue, which increase real incomes, which positively affects the state of the consumer market.

In turn, new normal marketing tools will help manufacturers and retailers gain new competitive advantages based on knowledge of the individual characteristics of their target audience with competent work with databases, understanding of new processes in society, the need to refuse to work in old-fashioned way and use all new opportunities that the modern trend towards informatization and digitalization gives.

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