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Top Open Source Frameworks for Backend

Top Open Source Frameworks for Backend Web Development

We are living in a highly technological world where most people along with their lives and businesses are located online. Everyone is becoming more and more demanding, looking for the best products, customer service and overall experience.  

It is hardly possible to impress anyone with a simple website, where everything seems to be in place but does not, unfortunately, evoke wow emotions. People are expecting all of the businesses to correspond to the recent trends, otherwise, some brands are fated to remain unnoticed. 

All of the above has become the main reason for companies investing a good chunk of their budget into web development in order to create their unique online identity which will stand out. While customers are seeing the website as a smartly crafted page where they can easily find what they need, the companies have a dedicated team which is working on the backend of the website to make it fast and efficient. 

Backend Web Development
Backend Web Development

Let’s find out more about backend web development, how it works in terms of attracting more potential customers and check out the best rated open source frameworks to start using. 

What is backend web development? 

Backend web development, in easy words, is something that happens behind the scenes. All the processes to optimize the website, control the database, allow easy connections, happen on a server side and involve scripting, coding and overall web development. 

The person, who is responsible for making it all work, has particular responsibilities: 

  • knowing the website main goals in order to find the most effective tools to achieve them; 
  • ensuring the correct storage and display of the data; 
  • working on all the processes related to the payment system; 
  • managing the system logic which is connected across numerous devices;
  • ensuring the correct work of APIs resources;
  • analyzing all the data;
  • working with languages such as Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc. 
  • building algorithms;
  • solving problems related to the system and the website.

Backend development is making the website and all the frontend processes work properly and without hitches.

What is it useful for? 

Backend web development is an integral part of any process which happens on the website. While frontend development is mostly about the visual part and what the clients will see in the end, the backend is helping to create it all from scratch and keeps it all in good condition, eliminating any problems and trying to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

However, in order for all the backend processes to function in the best possible way, the company should have a good open source framework to start with. There exist numerous variants available on the market but not all of them will fit the needs. A good framework allows developers to use it without hitches and learn whatever it offers throughout each and every process.

Backend framework is required to control the website, manage all the processes, upgrade it, use its extensive functions and allows better communication and cooperation with both the frontend and admin side of the website.

Top Open Source Frameworks for Backend Web Development

Let’s look at the top-rated open source frameworks for backend web development which might become very helpful in managing all of the web related processes.


Open Source Frameworks
Open Source Frameworks

The framework (Ruby on Rails) appeared on the market in 2005, does not require any payment and its main language is Ruby. RoR is known on the market and is actively used by different web developers. It is simple and accessible and allows the users to create everything very fast due to smaller codes. The framework is said to be beneficial for creating lightweight applications and increases their overall adaptability.  RoR has a system that tracks repeated information and helps to eliminate it in order to avoid mistakes and various errors in the system. In the list of the different companies who have successfully used it are SoundCloud, Airbnb, Square, etc.


The framework was launched under Pivotal Software and is mainly used by backend developers when they need to build an application which should be strong and showing great performance along with those which are rather simple. Spring has amazing configuration features along with DispatcherServlet which is beneficial for script roles separation. Spring can be used when there is a need to build various systems working on JVM.  Allocine website along with Mascus one have been launched with the help of a Spring framework.


PHP framework works well when it is required to work fast in terms of website creation (especially e-commerce ones). Existing features and various tools allow users to build work in a logical way. Another valuable advantage of the Cake is a reusable code. It gives an amazing chance to save time while working on a project. There is no required payment and Cake, as a framework, is overall easy to start working with which makes it a pleasant experience. Due to a very good and optimized security system, Cake can be freely used while working on a commercial website.


Developers were able to test Laravel in 2011 and since then it has been constantly showing amazing results and has been repeatedly used by many web developers across the globe. Same as Cake, Laravel will help with building websites that are related to the commercial industry and is also based on PHP. All of the existing features are helpful and allow the users to work fast and more efficiently. The security is on a high level and ensures that all the data is protected on each and every step of its way.


Django is another option to consider when the company needs to create quality and efficient apps. Django is using Python as its main language and is being extremely loved by users because it gives them an opportunity to work really fast. Django has an amazing reputation and a long list of loyal clients as it offers outstanding features which include messaging, authentication and extremely high levels of security. Django will not be suitable for beginners in the field of web development as it is aimed at creating more sophisticated projects and requires deeper knowledge. The framework is being used by world famous companies, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google and many others.


The name of the framework speaks for itself. It is said to be stable and convenient to use with complex and more difficult projects. Developers, who use Stable, have an opportunity to work on a website and easily change it if it is required later on. The world is constantly developing, and there will always be regular amendments to the existing applications in order to adjust them to the new and upcoming trends, so the above feature will be highly beneficial. Stable consists of PHP features that work very well together to maximize efficiency of the website.


It is all about simplicity and flexibility in terms of web developments when it comes to using Express. When users need to work both on the websites and on the mobile apps, they can easily choose Express which will be rather handy for them and save their time. Express offers many existing features in the way of plugins and its main language is JavaScript. Many well-known websites have already become framework’s users while it continues to expand their clients’ network. 

Microsoft is the creator of the framework, which first appeared in 2002. has already won appreciation and value due to the fact that it allows users to work on everything from simple web portals, numerous web pages to outstanding websites. is appreciated by its users as it allows them to conduct work faster, follows all the security measures and has several types of possible authentication. The framework allows real-time functionality in terms of bringing content to the website without unneeded hitches. Among the framework users, one can find Ups, Raygun, Stackoverflow and many others.

Web Development
Web Development


The Ember framework was launched in 2011 and since then has massively grown. Developers around the world tend to trust the JavaScript Ember framework and consider it a rather mature one. The framework has a set of distinct features such as a good management system, strict and well-maintained organization along with the possibility for its users to work with old and new technologies. Ember has been already checked and used by numerous companies worldwide, year by year earning a stable reputation.


In order for the most sophisticated customers to get truly unforgettable experience from using the brand’s website, it is rather essential to make it look in the best possible way and what is even more important, making it work flawlessly. This is where backend web development comes up to be extremely and undeniably useful. A so-called backside of any website exists to ensure fast and efficient work, helps to avoid any mistakes and system errors, manages all of its security and is responsible for maintaining a satisfying work of every element of the system. 

Depending on the pursued goals, web developers nowadays have an amazing opportunity to choose from a variety of open-source frameworks available on the market. Some will be perfect for commercial website development while others will work best with small and lightweight applications. There exist some of the frameworks that allow users to complete work in the shortest amount of time, offering a set of helpful technological features. 

Acting according to the current trends will allow the brand to stand out and attract new customers. In order to achieve this goal, it is vital to develop a truly great website that will not only look good but also work properly. That is why using the best open source frameworks for building successful websites is a very important factor that web development companies should always remember.

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