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Pay-Per-Click Marketing: a guide for a newbie

Pay-Per-Click Marketing: a guide for a newbie

If you ask every second person what Google is, he or she will tell you one or two variants like:

  • Google is a global search engine;
  • Google is a Big Tech.

However, do they know how Google has made a name for itself in the world where there are a lot of opponents? People who see Google only as a search engine tend to think that this is it for the company. They never let the idea linger that Google is everywhere. In their laptop, in all mobile devices applications, even on websites. Google has quite an everpresent footprint. 

So, this ubiquity works mostly because their pages have advertising space that they sell. To understand the importance of this space we have an example. Back in 2016, Google’s revenue was about 71% that was based mostly on ads. Google’s search pages are like Times Square billboards only on the Internet.  However, not the whole planet can see Times Square everywhere that is why proper advertisement on Google’s pages will be more effective than any other real alternative. 

If you are the owner of the small business and think that such an advertisement is only for big companies or brand you can relax. AdWords PPC ads are affordable for anyone who has Google account and dares to try it. 

Now we can discuss why PPC ads can be useful for your business and what elements you should learn to launch productive PPC campaigns.

How can you benefit from Pay-Per-Click marketing?

PPC assists on a path to business goals

PPC is known as a strong supporter on a path of achieving various goals. You may want to increase brand exposure or looking for new leads or even e-commerce sale, PPC can help you with everything. Most importantly you can track and adjust all traffic until you reach your aim. 

PPC can be measured and tracked

If you wish to see how a campaign goes just use Google Ads and Google Analytics. These two tools will show all the clicks, impressions, conversions and other performance details.  All stats are transparent and available at any time. One more plus is that you can track all money have spent on this or that campaign according to your plan and aims. Can billboards do such a thing? We think no. 

Quick results

Your rivals have been using PPC marketing all this time and you have discovered about it only now? Do not worry.  You can catch up with them even if you do just small optimization. In comparison, SEO needs a lot of time and effort to get on the top of your market.

Another beauty of Google Ads is that you can reach an audience that somehow already knows about your business and not only those whom you have on your list. 

Total control

PPC allows you to set your budget on every campaign. You can even start with the smallest prices. At any moment you can level up the budget or put everything on pause. The money will not be lost. Other tools do not always give such an opportunity to be flexible or change your decisions. 

Thus, with PPC you always do additional edits, optimizations or even try various tests for each campaign. Everything is up to you. 

PPC cooperates with many marketing channels

It does not come as a surprise that PPC and SEO is a good peer to peer. This mostly due to common users that use Google in search of specific services, news, information or products. SEO and PPC can both benefit from each other’s data. 

For instance, Google Ads have information on certain insights or direction for keyword search. This data simplifies the tasks of SEO. In return, SEO gives information on certain data that PPC would need for planning content marketing and other goals.

Stunning options for targeting 

One of the interesting approaches is to use Google Ads on several levels. This way you guarantee higher engagement with your target audience across various platforms. These levels could be concentration on certain target audience dependably from their location, targeting keywords through ads in text or launching ads that are based on audience behavior. 

So, these several options combined can enhance the chances of your campaign to be noticed and achieve as many impressions as it has been programmed according to your strategy. 

Big amount of marketing data

All this data on a performance you get from Google Ads can also be used for the advantage of SEO campaigns, content planning or even budgeting. Even more, you can this data for planning keywords and looking for a specific audience. 

What elements Pay-Per-Click Marketing has? 

Keyword Research

However insignificant keyword research might be, it still plays an important role in effective PPC campaigns. Sometimes small details can do an about-face and make your business more productive, engaging and recognized on the market. 

So, what is the keyword search? It is mainly used in search main words that can enhance conversions, clicks and even revenue as a whole. There is a classification for all keywords. Among them:

  • generic and brand terms – words connected with your business;
  • competitor and related terms – words connected with your opponents respectively.

Before starting any campaign, it is important to think over suitable words that are related to those types. Here comes in the handy the deduction method. Start compiling words from a broad sphere to the specific one. For instance, you have laptops for sale, so you can be interested in: various brands, their details, deals and so on.  

To optimize this process unite online tools and clear vision, values, and needs of your business. you may also include problems connected with the customer, their location and even their level of acquaintance with technologies.  

The Building of Your Campaign

First things first, you need to sign in to Adwords. In case if you still do not have an account, sign up, because this way you can achieve the best results with the full list of keywords. Then click on the button “Create Your First Campaign”. When you see an option of campaign type, do not try to experiment too much, especially if you beginner. Thus opt for “Search Network Only” in the meantime. 

After you see the results of the keyword search, you can choose the most suitable once for your campaign and business. Remember, in the beginning, choose no more than ten words for one campaign. This way you check a volume of search before going further.  

Now turn comes to the ad itself. It should not be random and done half-heartedly because you put at stake the opportunity to meet success quicker than before. Also, you put a lot of commitment and time into it. Thus, you should create such a campaign so that ROI would be as good and even better as your effort. 

If we talk about the headline you will have only about 30 characters. Thus, make the most out of it, use the most important keywords that are related to your business. Due to such a small amount of characters, you will need to abbreviate sometimes. The second headline is about a short but attractive offer or certain feature of the product. This defining feature will help you outshine other opponents in the same market. 

Then you need to decide on the maximum cost per click.  It also can be called as “default bid”. However, there is a trick. Each keyword might belong to a completely different market. Thus, Google may ask to put a bid price for each main keyword in your campaign. 

This part mostly depends on your budget. It is up to you. Will you turn AdWords into the main tool of your business’s promotion or will you start at a slower pace than others. In the second case, after learning all the basics you can level up your advertising game and enhance your budget for this purpose.  

After you finish with adjustments, study the campaign several times and look for any possible misters or add billing information. 

Landing Pages

Okay, we have keywords but what customers should do next? If they click on these keywords, the customers should be sent somewhere.  Here you need to have fully developed websites or some suitable service page that can be used as your interaction with users. If you wish to have a more successful outcome try to launch several campaigns at once on various categories.

PPC Landing Page

Practice shows that it is better to develop PPC landing pages separately. It is not even related to your main website or pages. It has its purpose. This way campaign has more chances of focusing on the customer’s attention. Still, while trying to attract customers, you should remember that this page should be developed specifically to the situation and user’s mood, location or even wish to purchase things.  

So, to create productive PPC landing page you need:

  • proper title with a specific purpose
  • consistency of brand
  • conversion point
  • powerful and attractive offer
  • copy that correlates with a target audience

Likewise, remember that if you use a properly organized landing page it will help you to A/B test all your campaigns in a more managed environment. As a result, you can enhance your results immensely. 

Factors of Ad Ranking

At any time the basis of PPC ad ranking becomes “Quality Score”.  Google opted exactly for such value and it has not led users down. If you can not find it, this feature is hidden in the “Status” column. To achieve better results this Quality Score is split into several components  such as: 

  • ad relevance
  • expected clickthrough rate
  • landing page experience

We have a surprising secret to open for you. For instance, your opponent spends more money on a campaign, and you spend less, but still, have high Quality Score you are likely to outshine them. One of the main Google’s portal informs when you calculate influence ad formats and extensions take into consideration several factors such as clickthrough rates, relevance and effect of those formats or extensions on the search results of the page.  If you play the cards right these factors may influence the situation in your favor. 

Management of Campaign 

Marketing and advertising detest ignorant regard to them. Thus, if you wish to achieve your business goals from your strategies and campaigns you need to be focused and motivated. In a time understanding of campaigns and how to manage them will become clearer. However, for now, you should remember that each campaign needs constant assessment and adjustment otherwise all your budgeting will go in vain. 

So what this constant assessment is about? It means you are constantly checking the relevance of keywords and add new ones or delete some of them if there is a need.  It may help come upon new words you have not been even looking for. They will help enhance your traffic. Likewise, start to look for negative keywords that lower your traffic. You should be always strict about the keywords you use. 

This should be always like this because it is your money you put in a campaign and not someone else. Why else the search for negative words is important? For instance, if you do not sell some product but your ads still have it, Google will award you with things you may need. Google awards for one simple reason. This situation means you will not put bids on ads connected with this keyword. You save your budget and can spend it on perfecting your ads with better clicks and traffic. Thus, remember if you help others and Google will help you. It is as simple as that. 

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