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Pay Oer Click Trends

Pay-Per-Click Trends to Follow in 2021

Since 2019, Google stats have seen the average percentage of ad clicks double, compared to organic clicks. This encouraged marketers to search for new ways to implement SEO strategies that correspond with today’s user behaviour. 

The article explores the growing PPC trends that are going to dominate the market in 2021. Read on to get the whole picture of current PPC trends. 

Pay-Per-Click Trends to Follow
Pay-Per-Click Trends to Follow

PPC Automation and ML

Google has recently emphasised on its automated rules to get the most out of the PPC efforts while keeping the advertising simple yet powerful. 

In 2021, we’ll see advertisers use first-party and third-party automation methods more due to the wider range of their advertising capabilities. 

PPC advertising is based on AI and machine learning that automate the crucial aspects of paid search automation such as bidding and targeting; marketers always struggled to manage these procedures manually, but now they are able to adopt the latest machine learning applications for PPC that extremely facilitate their job, from keyword research to testing ads. 

The following year PPC experts will spend apprehending the functionality of automated PPC technology to compete with the excessive number of platforms and networks.

If today your company does not use the latest technology for SEM optimization, then it is likely to give way to prompt advertisers. 

During the past year, the world’s biggest technology companies have developed and distributed a great amount of machine learning algorithms (take Google’s BERT in 2019, for example), thereby improving the way we use AI to optimize our AdWords campaigns. 

Automation allows you to spend time on other necessary work, while all the monotonous processes are being processed algorithmically.

Today, with significantly enhanced yet simplified automation technology, you can find a suitable algorithm for your business which can determine what work you need to do to fulfil the customer’s need and your SEM goals.

In 2021, automating the search engine marketing process with technology will help you stay at the forefront of the market. Once you learn the basics of PPC fundamentals, you’ll save your effort on adjusting your bids and concentrate on the finite results of your marketing campaign. 

Branching Out With PPC

If you are going to use PPC, you should know that you can expand your marketing campaigns far beyond Google or Bing. Other platforms offer the same flexible and PPC-friendly environment. If you aim to attain great outcomes of PPC in 2021, you should think of other options.  

Alternative platforms to consider for branching out your WordAds:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Pinterest;
  • Instagram;
  • Reddit;
  • Amazon*
  • Walmart Marketplace*
Branching Out With PPC
Branching Out With PPC

*Platforms for Ecommerce advertising

However, advertising PPC ads on every platform is not a good idea. To make a smart decision, you need to analyze your target audience, including their online behaviour and purchasing habits, and place paid ads on the platform where your segmented client will engage with them the most. 

Carry out a research of where your audience prefers to spend time online, and whether they have a habit to move between platforms. Then analyze your WordAds performance to see if a specific platform can serve favourable channels for displaying your ads. 

Video Ads

Video ads are another valuable SEO trend that has commenced in 2019 and is accelerating rapidly with the whole wide capabilities of modern video advertising. Statistics show that 90% of consumers make a critical decision after they watch a video ad. 

The following list represents the annual video marketing statistics for 2021: 

  1. Brand association strengthened by 139% after watching a video ad;
  2. The rate of rich online presence on home pages with videos has grown by 88%;
  3. The conversion rate has improved after including videos by 86%
  4. 83% is the number of marketers admitting that video ads boost ROI
  5. 80% shows how much leads have been converted after including video ads. 
  6. 80% of users claim they have a habit to cancel online search in favour of video advertising when shopping online. 

After you observe impressive stats of the outcomes of PPC, and how it captures consumers’ attention, you come to realize the importance of integrating more videos for successful marketing. 

Today’s major technology conception is about reducing its complexity, and the Google company, a huge proponent of facilitating its technology systems to make it globally available, has created the means for any digital advertiser to create ads with YouTube. 

Bumper Machine provides you with means of designing 6-second bumper ads for the purpose of extending your existing campaign. This tool is available through GoogleAds. 

Video advertising is also widely used in social media and actively grabbing a lion’s share in the value of sm advertising. 

Considering that one in three users who watch videos on SM are vulnerable to video marketing campaigns, integrating video ads might be vital in your journey to PPC marketing success. 

Voice Search for PPC

Voice search is another example of next-generation marketing advances that expand our list of marketing trends. The overall consumer’s switch to voice search encourages advertisers to invent new ways of targeting voice searches with Adwords. 

In the year of 2021, the revenue from pay-per-click ads is estimated to reach $40 billion, Hence, companies that complement their voice search marketing strategies with innovative trends are predicted to grow their eCommerce profits by 30% by the end of 2021.

Also, more than 50% of owners of virtual voice assistants say they would prefer the brands to use voice activation and integrate shopping-related voice assistants. 

Pay-Per-Click Trends in 2020
Pay-Per-Click Trends in 2021

For you to launch a well-executed and cutting-edge paid search marketing campaign in 2021, we have analyzed the new tech trend and gathered the most actual features needed for successful PPC advertising. 

  1. Mobile Optimization. According to recent data, 20% of voice searches accounts on mobile devices. This means that apart from voice-activated technology, you should consider optimizing for mobile. By running responsive ads, advertisers can engage more customers and generate leads to their business website. Make sure to provide your site with responsive CSS layouts to target 52 of those users that are bouncing unresponsive websites. 
  2. Long-Tail Keywords Integration. With the growing percentage of users that perform local searches using fragmentary queries like “vegan market” and “near me”, companies can integrate a set of authentic long-tail keywords for their ad content. PPC marketers should also examine voice search stats.
  3. Conversational Keywords Integration. Other stats reveal that 65% of all voice search queries are conversational. When optimizing PPC ads for voice search, apply conversational keys to lead those voice search queries directly to your ad campaign. And since most conversational queries tend to begin with “what” or “where” question words, you can adjust your ad content accordingly.

Summing up

To stay ahead of the competitors with an enhanced PPC marketing approach, you’ll need to integrate the new features and keep pace with ongoing MarTech developments. This year has brought many paid search innovations, and hence many new challenges for both SEO and PPC experts to puzzle over. 

If you don’t know where to start, why not contact our digital manager for a free consultation? Dewzilla is always here to answer your questions! Our skilled team of marketers and devs provide the latest smarts of PPC advertising that you may find of interest. 

Call us today and find out how we can help you with digital marketing optimization.

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