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Rebranding Your Product: 15 Questions to Get You Started

Rebranding is always a challenge for any business and also a tricky thing. It takes a lot of time and money but might turn out to be a failure in the future. Moreover, rebranding might be not evaluated by the existing target audience in the right way. A good example was Starbucks when the company suddenly changed the logo and removed the name of the brand. The reaction of the market was intense. That is why rebranding is always a big decision that every business should consider carefully. Before taking this important step you need to ask yourself the 15 essential questions to simplify the process of rebranding.

What is important to your target audience?

Identifying the target audience is the key factor that influences the future profitability of any brand. When you know the target market, you can easily create a marketing campaign that will prove to be successful. Firstly, you need to define the three characteristics of the audience which are:

  • geographics;
  • demographics;
  • psychographics.

It is vital to understand how the people in the target market perceive the world around them, their values, and factors that are used to construct the meaning in their environment. The analysis of these issues will help in creating the profile of your customer and prototypical groups of the customers.

Then you can use the collected data to build the elements of the rebranded product and explore how it resonates with the market. Pain points are the things that matter in understanding the needs of your target customers. 

macdonalds logos changes during the time

What are your customers’ pain points?

The next step in the rebranding of your business is to define the pain points of the target audience that will be solved by the product. The clients do not just purchase the products, they buy the solutions to the problems. That is why building the correlation between the problem and the solution provided by your business helps to generate more sales. 

The identity of the brand should convey the right message of how you solve the customers’ problems, so the target market would understand the reason they purchase your product. The ability of the business to solve the problems of the clients is a fundamental part of your brand image, so you need to explain it to your customers.

What is the personality of your brand?

The personality of the brand is a set of human characteristics that can describe your brand. The brand personality should have diverse features by analogy with human personality. The absence of the brand personality makes the company faceless, so your customers cannot identify themselves as belonging to the target market. This affects the sales and the overall success of your business. 

big five personality dimensions of luxury and high end brands.

A strong brand personality helps the audience to relate to the company on a more personal level, boost product purchases, and build the loyalty of the customers. The brilliant example of the brand personality is represented by Apple. This approach allows the company to grow and set higher prices compared to other technology companies.

In what way does your brand differ from the competitors?

Competitive analysis is an important step that should be taken by any business. You need to define the characteristics of your product that differentiates it from the competitors. Also, it is essential to analyze the vulnerabilities and issues that need improvement in the products by your competitors. Try to focus on the unique features of your brand and not to copy others. 

How do you make your audience feel?

The answer to this question will become a great selling point for your brand. Think of what feelings the brand evokes in your customers. Then you can apply this knowledge to your marketing campaign and emphasize the meaning of your brand to the other clients. 

For instance, satisfied customers of your brand might tell about the inspiration from working with you. When rebranding your business and creating the identity of your brand you need to identify the positive emotion that is expressed by your clients most frequently.

What is the positioning of your brand?

If your goal is to stand out from the competitors you need to understand the positioning of your brand. This means that you need to identify the place your company occupies in the minds of the clients and how it differs from the other similar brands. For this purpose, you can use tools like perceptual mapping. The newest technologies allow analyzing the positioning of the brand in multiple dimensions. Once you find the distinctive feature of your business, you need to display it in the message by your brand. Positioning your brand as identical to the other brand that is more established or larger might lead to failure.

the positioning of brand

What are the reasons your clients trust you?

At this point, you need to think about why the customers trust your brand. Then you can use these reasons for building your promotional campaign. It is essential not only to create a trustworthy company but also to understand why the existing customers trust you and use is to further market the brand.

What is the story of your brand?

The creation of a strong brand’s story is useful in building a stronger image of your company. The well-designed story that is relevant to your target market provides your clients with the reason to purchase products and services from your company. You can use humor to describe your story in a more detailed and colorful way.

What words can be used to describe your brand?

Find out the 5 major words the clients use to describe your brand. This will be very helpful in the rebranding of your business and gives you a hint of what to emphasize in the message and what elements to choose when designing the fonts and choosing colors. For instance, the clients might characterize your brand by using the following words:

  • consistency;
  • quality;
  • perfection;
  • values;
  • environmentally friendly.

What needs to be changed in your existing brand image?

Before rebranding, you need to identify what changes should be made to your existing image of the brand. This is essential to create the perfect marketing strategy and to develop your brand further. Whether it is the philosophy of your company, the goals, or the culture of the brand, you need to define these points clearly to ensure the rebranding will be successful in the end.

What brands inspire you?

Think of the brands you admire the most. They might belong to the different industries, however, you may adapt the knowledge gained from the analysis of the image of these companies to improve your own. Also, you can search for some brands you admire on Google. Then you need to define the criteria that are common for all of these brands and the factors that are possessed by none of them. After that, you will have a starting point in rebranding your product because you will understand what makes the brands from your list unique and productive.

Test brand perceptions 

When you have created the alternative branding of your product you need to test the perception of your brand by the customers who constitute your target market. The company needs to conduct the A/B testing in front of the audience of your brand. You need to analyze how the new colors and fonts, and other aspects of the brand are perceived by the existing customers. The A/B testing does not necessarily imply only two options, you can combine various points and monitor the reaction of your clients.

Does your brand leave a memorable impression?

The aim of rebranding the product is always related to making it more memorable for the customers. If the audience remembers your brand, the clients are more likely to purchase the products and recommend your company to their relatives and friends. If your brand is not as memorable as it should be, think of the ways to change the situation. You can incorporate more color or create different imagery.

apple logos changes during the time

What are the colors of your brand?

The colors play a great role in the building of the image of your brand. The right choice of colors tells about your brand more information than other factors because people get the idea from the color palette that you pick. Before making the final decision about the appropriate colors for the brand you need to make a research about the feeling and the mood that is generated by certain colors and tones. For instance, the black color represents elegance, luxury, and strength, purple — spirituality, luxury, and royalty, blue conveys the feeling of tranquility and also is associated with intelligence and trust. 

The meaning of certain color depends on the context significantly. Red color can represent an emergency and it draws the attention of the viewer. Due to this reason, many brands use this color to signify the essential information. 

Is this the perfect image of your brand?

Every business needs to stay flexible and adapt to the challenges, requirements, new trends, and needs of the customers. Hence your following task is to look at your brand image as if it is the first time you see it in your life and think about how you can implement the new solutions to your business. You need to consider new ideas related to handling customers’ problems. 

If you answered all the questions above, you now have a more clear vision of how you can perform the rebranding of your business. Although rebranding is not cheap, it would take your business to the next level, boost sales, and attract more potential clients.

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