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Sales Funnel in Messengers

Sales Funnel in Messengers

Today around 2 billion people are using messaging applications, and according to forecasts, by 2021 the number of users will increase to 2.5 billion. This is a trend, and brands should capitalize on it until the trend declines. According to a CTIA study (The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association), a new message in the messengers will be read on average within 90 seconds, and in email – 90 minutes. Also, SMS can be attributed to fast channels, but even there the indicators are worse: 90% of messages are opened within three minutes after receiving. So, it is highly recommended to use sales funnel in messengers.

Sales funnel in messengers is a sequence of steps that a potential customer goes through the chat, from brand recognition to the final conversion. With proper construction, sales funnel in messengers increase the number of potential customers, visibility among potential clients and the total income from your business. That’s a perfect fit for any business, cause sales funnel in messengers not only attracting leads but turning them into repeat clients and fans of your brand. The advantage of sales funnel in messengers is their versatility. In addition to communication, brands can use them for advertising mailings, placing orders, as a tool for digital marketing.

Why Sales Funnel in Messengers are Important 

Currently, messengers are great communication channels that have almost all of your prospects. You need to use them to be the most convenient for your consumers and don’t miss the opportunities to generate leads from different platforms. Therefore, you have to figure out how messenger bots work for your products or services, and then incorporate the messengers’ marketing strategy into your sales funnel. For people who are thinking about why they need to use a messenger’s sales funnel when they already have an email address of their customers, we will provide some statistics numbers. On average only around 20% of your recipients see what you want to say or to show. Besides, less than 5% of those persons will open the page with offers or content. So if you want to run a successful business and generate as many leads as possible, you should be in trend and use messengers sales funnel.         

How Sales Funnels in Messengers Work

The messenger’s sales funnel is like a marketing campaign that you can launch with tools like Infusionsoft, Drip, or Active Campaign: both use an automatic messages sequence with a conclusion. Your goal is to make as many consumers as possible into the funnel using a message such as a lead magnet offer. Subsequent messages then lead them through a journey in which there is a conclusion or conversion. 

This is how a messenger’s sales funnel looks like.

How Sales Funnels in Messengers Work

At the top of the sales funnel, you have a big number of cold traffic that just sees what you want to say. When they decide to go deeper into what you want to say, the group of people with whom you communicate becomes progressively smaller. Some consumers may lose interest after buying a cheap product. Other people can buy your low-ticket and continue to keep with your content until they become raving fans. These people love everything that you are saying and consume all of your things.

In the Messenger sales funnel, the high click-through rates at the beginning also increase the number of consumers, that are moving down the funnel. Messenger funnels are also more active because people in your funnel share their preferences when they interact with you.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Sales funnel in messengers is a tool for turning cold traffic of Internet users into a warm audience that will move through your funnel until they will ready to make a purchase. This is a connecting link, that might allows you to get a big number of amount profit, from the small investment in advertising. Paid advertising is a continuous channel of customer acquisition. Unlike the origin blog posts, which could be not seen by many consumers, the paid advertisement will cover all of your audience and bring even new users, that might be interested in your products. It depends on how you customize your ads. Everyone who is investing money in advertising and turning them into the leads will only benefit during the crisis and other difficult situations. Because during the crisis, advertisers, especially large ones, leaving the market. And everyone has the opportunity to get people’s attention and take them to the sales funnel.    

Messengers Equal Browsers. Bots Equal Websites

It is difficult to find a person who doesn’t use a messenger. Big chance that you can count them with the fingers on one hand. Chatbot platforms appeared in almost every self-respecting company that enters the market of communication with people. Today chatbots can be compared with email marketing – from promoting a business by its technology, these tools are identical. It is based on the automation of the usual delivery of content from a single source of business to a mass audience of subscribers, perhaps thousands, tens of thousands or millions. Messengers are convenient. We are available to use them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our digital devices. And chatbots, in this case, will perform a function for a business similar to a site’s function, though, in fact, they will not be. A new paradigm for the next 5 years. At least, according to different forecasts, some experts suppose, that if your business would not have messengers and chatbots attached to them which will generate customers for you, as it is with the website, your business might be missing a lot of potential clients and as a result – money. Because people started to be widely used messengers.   

What is Chatbot and Why It’s Important in Sales Funnel 

The smartest decision of optimization of your sales funnel in messengers is the integration of a chatbot. Sales funnel messenger chatbots are AI-based communication programs that allow you to automate your customer responses without human intervention. They are similar to frequently asked questions on steroids: instead of a static page where people must search for an answer on their own, the bot personally finds the answer for them and sending it directly. Instabot found that companies which are using chatbots increased the number of potential customers by 33% compared to traditional web contact forms:

What is Chatbot and Why It’s Important in Sales Funnel

In 2016 when chatbots were released, marketers have realized that they have almost unlimited potential in generating new leads. Chatbots are important cause they streamline interactions between service and people, increasing the customer experience. Chatbots are important cause they streamline interactions between service and people, increasing the customer experience. Chatbots are important cause they streamline interactions between service and people, increasing the customer experience. Moreover, they allow companies to attract new opportunities to enhance the consumer’s engagement process and increase operational efficiency by reducing typical customer service costs. To be successful, an integration of a chatbot in sales funnel messengers must be able to efficiently complete both of these tasks. Human support plays an important role here. Regardless of the type of approach and platform, human intervention is crucial in setting up, training and optimizing the chatbot system. To better understand how to use chatbots to attract visitors to your sales funnel, check the next steps.  

Step 1: Install the Chat

There are two ways to install a chatbot: Use a standard chatbot or external chatbot tool, like ManyChat, Chatfuel or MobileMonkey. If you decide to use a standard messenger’s chatbot you will able to highly customized it, but it’s will be more difficult to proceed. If you have money and time, you can easily go in this way. On the other hand, using an external chatbot tool is much better suited for marketers who want to launch it faster. Choose the most suitable option and then install the chatbot on the messengers. Once you have installed a chatbot, it’s time to start developing your sales funnel!

Step 2: Generate the Lead and Deliver the Lead Offer

The first step of a sales funnel in messengers is to engage and connect with your target audience. You need to do this by using your content to take them to your website – something that goes beyond the sales funnel – and then offer to your consumers something of value. Let’s say you were browsing through an article, like the one below, and midway through the article, you get interested in the topic. And out of nowhere, you see a window pop-up appear, that wants to send you an interesting offer through the messenger. Although this article is located at the top of the sales funnel, that is stands of brand awareness, also it is focused on the middle of the funnel, as it gives you some useful information. In this way, a company is catching your interest and involving you deeper into the sales funnel. The pop-up window with an offer, that will appear on your screen might look something like that:        

Generate the Lead and Deliver the Lead Offer

And after you click on it, you understand that this is a relevant magnet that is connected with the topic of the article. In this situation, the chatbot plays a dual role, causing interest to get an offer and delivering it. It works landing page, that integrated with an email marketing automation campaign. As there is not much space in the chatbox, use it as an advertisement: you have a headline and some other under-headers, that must reveal the most important information that you want to say. For example, in the headline, you can mention the name f the lead magnet, and below it explain all the benefits that the user will get from that special offer.    

Step 3: Engage and Qualify the Lead 

After you have generated interest, you still have to keep in touch with your customer. In this step, the lead is very susceptible (that’s what marketers calling “warm”) an action approaching the final conversion, so you want to use this opportunity to attract and qualify them. Let’s say that your lead is signed up for an e-book about the price of SEO. After you send him an e-book, your chatbot may ask about how much the consumer is spending on SEO every month? Based on that information, you can see if it is a big company, a small agency, a freelancer, a beginner or anything that is between it. 

This is how a HubSpot’s, the famous sales and marketing software company looking, chatbot looks like: 

Engage and Qualify the Lead

As you can see they provide consumers with several options that are focused on their solutions. Afterward, you pick up the most suitable option they created a bit of rapport and transfer you to their product website. Doing the same, you are killing two birds with one shot:

  1. Redirecting your visitors to the website with the main products;
  2. Improving future communication, that will help you get them to the conversion. 

After they collect personal information of their potential leads, which may include an email address, phone number, full name or company name (at least one key piece of info), you can continue your attracting through a diverse set of channels, like a phone call or email marketing.      

Step 4: Get Your Prospect to Take Action

As soon as you attract and qualify a consumer, you need to send them the final offer, whether it be a sales consultation, a trial version, a demonstration or something else. The important point is that all these steps can occur in one long conversation. It might take less than 5 minutes, but help you to engage the consumers, qualified them and if they are interested, transform into profitable clients. Instead of long hours, days, weeks or even months of waiting when your sales funnel will work, chatbots provide an opportunity to speed up the whole process required to turn a lead into a client. 

A Chatbot Sequence for Lead Generation 

Now, after we have discussed the most important aspects of a sales funnel in messengers, it’s time to talk about how to structure each message of your campaign.

  • Segment the audience. It is a little bit weird and you don’t want to start every conversation with the same message, so start with the right questions. Just as you request a piece of personal information (phone, email, full name or company name, revenue and others) in your standard lead generation page, you should do the same with your chatbots. There is no right or wrong set of questions you have to ask; rather, you have to ask the questions that will allow you to uncover the key information to segment them correctly. 
  • Map the information that the lead needs before making the decision you want to see. Know exactly what messages you will send to consumers, according to the various steps that they take and the score you give them through the lead rating system.
  • Develop the sequence that you gonna send, according to the segment and the corresponding trip. This means that if you have two audiences, you need to identify the exact messages that you will send to everyone to get them to complete the last action.

The Messages Sequence You Can Use in Your Sales Funnel in Messengers

  1. Introduction and acquaintance. Be sure to introduce yourself in the first few, reveal some information about who you are and what kind of services or products do you provide with. Ask the consumers the key questions you identified before to segment the user.
  2. Playful content. One of the main aspects that allocate messengers so different from other channels is the personalized approach, that they provide to every consumer. They make people feel like they are talking to a real person and not to machine. Therefore, using playful content is a good step to break the ice and create some relationship helps tremendously before asking to make a purchase.
  3. Soft sell. Now is the time to use soft sales that encourage users to convert without pushing too hard. To begin with, you can ask another question about a user issue that justifies previously downloaded content. Copywriters call this strategy  problem-agitation-solution. First of all, you are mention the problem, then keep explaining the problem – what does it mean to them, like lost time or money – and then resolve it by providing a solution.
  4. High-value content. If the user didn’t sign up yet, it is time to provide a higher-value piece of content, such as case study, a webinar or even a live demo. With this material you want to show the user the solution, you can provide with. No need to complicate the message too much. Until now, the user is very interested in your product or service, so just send your offer immediately.
  5. Hard sell. At last, it’s time to ask for a conversion. In this latest message, you give to the warmed audience a clear action to sign up for a trial, purchase an item, or schedule a consultation with your company.

Launch Your Sales Funnel in Messengers with Dewzilla 

Want to integrate a sales funnel in messengers, but don’t know how to do it or experiencing some issues with it?

Dewzilla is here to help you. Our professionals will take care of the whole process from the first steps of creation and customization the ads to the final optimization of chatbots in your messengers. 

Contact us and we will provide you with all the details 


(447) 366-491-118

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