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Our duty is to serve our clients, cutting-edge mobile app development services in every single field. When our professionals keep your company, no technology is far-fetched, no matter it’s a native-developed app (Android, iOS), hybrid-developed, IoT, wearable, OTT, or even an AR/VR app.


We build responsive and engaging mobile apps for every industry, every platform and every user

NATIVE APP DEVELOPMENT Native applications are software programs built for a specific OS and only accessible from platform-specific app stores. We at Dewzilla are capable of designing and developing unique, consistent, and creative native applications that will be your every hour companion.

NATIVE APP DEVELOPMENT FOR ANDROID Our knowledgeable and skillful Android developers are ready to build you innovative and scalable apps for Android, which is the highest demanded OS on the market. They're fully armed with all the related programming languages (Java, Kotlin, and C++) and all the android development tools such as Android SDK, Firebase, and Android Jetpack.

NATIVE APP DEVELOPMENT FOR IOS Developing for iPhones, run by the second-largest mobile Operating System, can facilitate the rapid growth of your businesses. Our geek iOS developers hold a notable presence in developing iPhone apps in languages like Objective-C or Swift and also in the latest technology and frameworks of iOS such as Foundation, UIKit, and Cocoa Touch.

Advantages of Native App Development
Cross Platform Development

Cross-platform applications or hybrid apps are a single-code-fits-in-all, meaning they are not limited in the devices and operating systems boundaries and can work without friction across all of them.



Ionic applications are coded in CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript moreover utilizing Angular.js for more usability. Ionic, the most popular hybrid framework thanks to its pro features, is investing nowadays in enterprise support. It assists more native touch that makes more aesthetically-pleasing UI and helps your app mimic native feel.



RN is the framework that pioneer applications like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook rely on. React Native brings you the pure feeling of JavaScript modeled on flux patterns, which provides rich UI components and the highest performance. Take the RN and use your application across operating systems (Android/iOS).



The first-class framework, employed by Google, eBay, BMW, is one of the best. Thanks to being free from JavaScript bridge, Flutter is one of the fastest in overall performance. The layered architecture and powerful compositing capabilities make Flutter a hero of UI/UX.

Advantages of Native App Development Cross Platform Development

Cross-platform applications or hybrid apps are a single-code-fits-in-all, meaning they are not limited in the devices and operating systems boundaries and can work without friction across all of them.



Apache Cordova, formerly known as PhoneGap, gives you full access to native APIs to make the apps use all native features. Our geek developers leverage their CSS, HTML, and JavaScript coding skills to develop one-time code for entire mobile platforms.



Our team of developers uses its C#, C, & Java codebase knowledge to creates amazing cross-stage local Xamarin applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. Xamarin saves your time and cost if you're budget-tight. It's also remarkably simple to maintain by only making small adjustments in source code.

Advantages of Cross Platform App Development:

Quick and easy development, Cost efficient, Native APIs, simpler to maintain

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

There are numerous gigantic companies using PWAs to retain their users, attract new ones and earn more revenue. Our team, including our business analysts, project managers, designers, and developers, are ready to stand by your side and help you reach your business goals through an engaging and responsive PWA. Our developers deliver you an app-like experience through the web using common web technologies, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The very functional nature of PWAs engages customers and offers them functionalities such as speedy caching, offline support, multiple browser support, push notifications, and above all, Cross-platform support. All the Dewzilla-developed progressive apps use the latest app shell models, which provide app-like navigation and interactions.

Wearable Apps Development

Wearable gadgets are opening their room among the high-tech smartphone industry in recent years. This digitalized era needs a constant update. We are working shoulder to shoulder at Dewzilla to move as fast as technology and not fall behind. Our customized wearable applications work smoothly on any wearable device including, smartwatches, trackers, Fitbits, wrist bands, glasses, waist tuckers, etc. By making the most use of utility tools such as maps and navigation, timers, etc, our developers build astonishing apps for wearable devices irrespective of their Oss like Android wearable apps, Google glass apps, Apple watches, and more.

OTT Apps Development

OTT, standing for over-the-top, is a media platform that is offered directly to the viewers through the internet. Our business analysts have foreseen an explosive growth for OTT revenue in less than a decade. We help you set foot into this playground and make the most of this opportunity by developing user-centric OTT apps. The video streaming apps have to be engaging and fast to fit the OTT platforms. Therefore, it matters more than ever who you work with. By featuring functionalities like real-time resolution adaption, thumbnails, voice search, reminders and notifications, suggestions, family account management, and reviews and ratings, our OTT app never let your customers down and bore them.

IoT App Development

IoT, standing for the Internet of Things, is the hot topic of today's technology and the way you can connect technology and products or services. IoT has made an impact on different fields and spreads its web across home automation, security systems, connected devices, etc. This connectivity benefits the users with ease of management, high supervision, smart utilization of resources, and decreasing operative cost. Our well-versed developers in Raspberry Pi and Python are ready to collaborate with hardware teams to build you a synchronized app from scratch or maintain an existing one.


We build apps of every single genre. We make what you aim.



















By having a personal meeting with our clients' representatives, we’ll try to dig deep into your business and educate ourselves about your business strategy and your app idea.



We analyze your requirements and try to align our expertise to what you're looking for. It helps us to come up with a first draft.



Wireframing is an important stage in our creation process and helps us reach a blueprint of the app features, functionalities, structure, and layout without getting involved in aesthetic details.



As soon as the wireframes have been accepted by both our experts and our clients, we start developing a first draft of the app and then let it be tested by the real users. The recorded feedback analysis helps us make thoughtful adjustments till the design is just right.



The designing process starts with UX. We'll try to create exemplary user experiences that are simple yet efficient and useful. The process is followed by UI design to form an appealing look.



This is where our team of skillful developers appears and starts coding to develop your app across different platforms, considering the app type.



Our competent testing team delivers your app after it makes sure that it is bug-free and it'll be staying up and running.



In case there would be a bug, we would be there for you 24/7 to give you support and handle your queries.

Our Stack

Whether you're looking for native or hybrid app development or any other new technology, our knowledgeable and skillful stack at Dewzilla is ready to meet your needs. Your development language can play a large part, so leave it in safe hands. Our geek developers are well versed in programming languages for both front- & back-end. You can see a portion of these languages below.


  • What is custom software development?

    Custom software development (aka. bespoke software) is defined as the process of designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific user or organization. Whether you need more security or have old applications that need to be updated based on new needs, a custom software solution can achieve these unique goals faster and more efficiently. These products are usually created from scratch and are more unique than other market-ready products.

  • Why not choosing off-the-shelf solutions?

    Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom software goes for the more important requirements. COTS usually aims for a larger audience and needs, which will not fulfill some organizations’ precise demands.

  • How is software made?

    By Dewzilla, a group of in-house teams design and then create your desired solution that will meet the unique requirements. These solutions are made through the usual steps: first constructing the initial code, run multiple tests, deployment, and maintaining, and finally out for customer use.

  • What are the advantages of custom software development?

    A custom software solution can meet almost every unique need a business may have; from financial matters to security concerns, the final product can be flexible between all the needed aspects. Proper custom software development will overcome competitors, bring more loyal customers, and function more efficiently overall with the lowest cost possible. Finally, the owner will have full rights to its unique solution and is free to make any further changes throughout the product.

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