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Social Media Guide

Social Media Marketing and How It Has Shaped the World

Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective methods of online advertising today. Whether you prefer to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, you obey the standard rules. Using their online power, different SM platforms create ads that reach out to millions of people worldwide.

In this article, we have gathered the most actual trends of contemporary social media advertising. Technological advances and user-oriented approach – these factors will help you produce a wide audience for your business. Read on to find out how your business can reach a high online recognition and liking. 

Social Media Era
Social Media Era

During the past decade, SM sites have spread around the globe very quickly – 90, 4% of millennials are active social media users; by virtue of these outlets, marketers teach their customers about their brands and in every country simultaneously. 

Not only Millenials, but every generation tech competent member spends 2.5h daily on social media interactions. Ads’ power of penetration and influence exists because of the variety of tech devices and therefore, users –  you are being continuously fed by advertisers and not realizing it while watching YouTube videos or scrolling through your playlist.

All progressive brands have their presence in most social media. This is the perfect way for them to advertise compared to the scope of social reach 20 years ago; then, businesses used to place their posters along active roads or banners directly on display in their shop’s window. 

Online Advertising on Facebook and YouTube 

Well, those days are gone now. Social media has promoted the development and use of new means of social media advertising i.g. customer services marketing. This is the most effective tool that became possible to execute in today’s favorable environment of “first-hand experience”. Instead of going to the electronics store each time a new wireless burner comes out, people head online, where they can find the product’s information. 

The potentials of social media advertising do not stop there. Social networking sites like  Instagram or Facebook Live offer video and live broadcast features – legitimate marketing tools that marketers can’t ignore. Compared to posts and blogs, video marketing has the most success in hitting your target market. Namely, collaborating with live video influencers that throw something in their feed daily enables brands to communicate their products to a multi-million audience. 

The most common practice among forward-looking companies is to promote skippable 5-second ads on YouTube. The principle of their functionality as follows: these vids pop up every time a user plays or replays the YouTube clip. While this form of advertising has acquired a controversial status among users, it has the ultimate power to reach your potential customers with a vast number of affinities based on user’s needs and preferences. Since video content platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have established an impeccable reputation and impression among Internet users, the brands that are being promoted there is of high-status quo companies. 

Facebook Advertising Policies

Each social media site has its own ad policies and generally works with businesses on a commercial basis. However, Facebook uses a more unconventional approach to the matter. Particularly, the platform shares its user’s personal data to marketers so they do not have to conduct advertising research and follow the changing customers’ online behavior on their own. 

Recently, YouTube has caught up on a personalized approach to advertising. The video-sharing platform now offers marketers free deals and forces payment obligations only when targeted customers engage with their ads. This again demonstrates the ever-evolving nature of contemporary social medial marketing.  

Social Media Guide
Social Media Guide

Japan Is Ahead of Others

The new methods of video and flash advertising are filling the sites with brief yet striking campaigns that only precede the next generation ads. The stunning nature of Japanese brand advertising has gone far beyond any marketing model we embrace today. Along with tech-savvy advances of banners – in Tokyo, every street is alive with hundreds of neon banners with QR code – Japanese marketers come up with smart and entertaining campaigns that generally stem from cultural reasons. 

Specifically, marketers are basing their approach on youth’s preferences, hobbies, and online behavior as younger generations are the shaping and pushing today’s advertising mechanism of tech and non-tech brands. 

These ads usually differ from those of “westerners” marketing campaigns; they convey is a genuine blend of product-oriented messages wrapped into a clear explanation of how the product works, what’s its function, and demonstrates HOW IT SATISFIES the consumer.

And there’s more. The encouraging stats speak for themselves: the prominent Japanese advertising agencies – Beacon, Dentsu, and BIRDMAN – are considered to have the highest percentage of the response variable, and an impeccable market share of world social media advertising. 

Social Media Tools
Social Media Tools

Summing Up

Advertising always was and always be the most powerful tool of persuasion, and this does not necessarily concern commercials. We can now reach each and every social media user with a powerful personalized advertising campaign based on their age, ethnicity, religion, mental set, Internet activity, social media activity, overall online behavior, etc. We can rely on current trends of political agendas, or even refer in ad’s message to the actual humanitarian and development issues, to make users feel wretched of not buying the product/service. The are no rules, except for one – remember that your advertising should support integration with every digital device and be responsive to every screen size. If you want to succeed in the competitive media market today, you need to be rough, you need to become your consumer and keep it innovative.

With social media constant evolution, brands, regardless of its organizational and individual status, are now undergoing a series of core transformations, and this goes far beyond marketing methodologies. Companies offshore tech-aware marketers who focus their efforts on technological advances and are aware of the rise of smart and empowered consumers.

We hope that this article has helped you create an image of contemporary marketing trends and your business will now start developing new strategies based on practical knowledge of the world’s leading marketing agencies. 

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