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Software Developer Trends of 2020

Software Developer Trends of 2020 and Beyond

2020 is the beginning of a new year – and it is also the start of a new decade. Notably, the year is expected to bring significant tech changes and trends, and software developers are eager to navigate their benefits and challenges. 

Software and hardware advances in computer technology have a significant impact on every aspect of our everyday life; with the advent of highly-developed gadgets, society has experienced dramatic communicative and behavioral changes. Moreover, we can now access mind-blowing facilities and luxuries that yesterday would have seemed science fiction. While some innovations are hard to predict, there are some revealed tech trends that will come into existence in 2020 and beyond.

In this detailed article, we will explore the software development innovations of artificial intelligence, programming languages, cloud services and more. 

Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Dominate

Artificial intelligence has been entrenched as a successful mechanism to automate and advertise business domains as tech companies continue to bring it within various commercial and non-profit organizations. Developers suggest that in near future AI will act as a major progress driver across global industries. 

The leading tech pros predict that all socio-economic industries including healthcare, education, automotive, tourism, media, and entertainment will implement AI and machine learning for marketing, content adaptation, and big data analytics. The unique combinations of machine learning and AI have proven their value to companies in giving unprecedented predictive analytics, changing the way we think of customers’ involvement and business value. The Deep Learning framework Tensorflow 2.0 is predicted to become the major update of 2020.

Python Trend Predicted to rising Alongside AI and Ml Developments

Python Trend Predicted to rising Alongside AI and Ml Developments
Future trends

From machine learning to gaming and web development, Python remains the ultimate lingua franca of coding, and with the growing power of ML and AI technologies, it is predicted to dominate computer science, specifically by providing high-level IT development innovations e.g., ML-powered chatbots.

Since the idea of Python as a “universally loved language” is undeniable, the data suggests that it may rise even higher in ratings. Developers use Python primarily for data analysis and web development. However, it has minor shortcomings which have thus far restricted it from achieving an ultimate market dominance: Python lacks web development capabilities and has speed and performance limitations. 

5G in 2020 May Be the Next-Gen Network to Open Doors for Developers

5G in 2020
5G in 2020

The wireless network can make us forget about lags forever. Mainly, 5G is predicted to change the way we interact with our devices, – from the fastest download and internet speed to enhanced user experience. 

The most anticipated technology innovation of 2020 is the 5G network. The arrival of the fastest internet speed in the world might bring into play previously unknown challenges. Nevertheless, 5G has every chance to transform the handheld devices and the current mobile app development landscape. Namely, by means of a distributed cloud, developers can expand the possibilities of Ambient Computing. 

Naturally, the necessary CPU power of 5G remains an unsolved challenge for many developers, since forecasters suggested that the wireless network is likely to threaten weather prediction technologies. Also, many believe that the integration of 5G technology will take years to achieve because we need new mobile networks and phones to maintain it. Regardless of the challenge, the founders believe it to be the big engine of progress. 

Edge and Cloud Computing Use Predicted to Rise

In addition to 5G, there is a possibility for achieving Edge computing, a highly decentralized paradigm that brings computation to the location where it is needed. The technology may improve response times of IoT devices and frequency range of web applications; moreover, it is believed to expand the possibilities of cloud computing which still stores information and handles less time-sensitive data processing. Cloud computing has proved to offer astounding benefits to companies’ infrastructure and, as cybersecurity threats continue to rise, companies refer to wireless providers in order to provide security of the most vulnerable computing devices.  

Furthermore, the worldwide public cloud revenue is predicted to rise from 227.8 billion US dollars to 266.4 billion by the end of the year; as for changes in the worldwide Edge computing market, experts predict a sharp increase in its value, from 1.47 billion USD in 2018 to 26.84 billion USD by 2025.

Languages Predicted to Conquer the World in 2020: Rust, TypeScript, Kotlin, and Swift

In the last ten years, a lot of coding languages have been emerging to solve new business challenges. With the advent of newer technologies, the old ones are becoming the thing of the past. The vast variety of modern programming languages offer much higher developer Ergonomics, including but not limited to a more concise coding, improved parsing and data storage realization, program portability, built-in support for concurrency, etc. 

StackOverflow research data shows that the fastest-growing programming languages that will be in demand in 2020 are Python, TypeScript, Kotilin, WebAssembly, Swift, and Rust taking over the leading position.

Kubernetes Emerges As the Victor Over Mesos and Docker Swarm

As cloud computing has risen to become a mainstay of technological breakthroughs, developers can now use it to run containerized applications. Containers provide a packaging mechanism in which applications are isolated from the environment in which they run.  Once an app is in a container, it’s portable. To the point, Kubernetes are by far the most used containers in the market, and surveys show that their popularity is growing rapidly.   

Languages Predicted to Conquer the World in 2020

Web Frameworks: Why React Will Dominate the Market in 2020 

React has proven to be the best JavaScript library for building interfaces, and its growth continues to dominate – according to statistics, 63% worldwide developers use react. Though other frameworks offer many exceptional features, React is considered the top-drawer due to the number of advantages – the library facilitates the process of writing components, further maintenance and ensures faster rendering. And, because of the fact that React is the Javascript framework backed by Facebook, the demand for it will increase exponentially over the next decade. 

Self-Taught Programmers on the Rise

The tech industry may seem to comprise the giant pool of experts, when in fact there’s an overall shortage of skilled software developers resulting from discontinuation of education. International students encounter financial problems as they have to spend a lot of money on education technology. The barrier to university access is forecasted to lower to reduce programmer deficit by 13% and help self-taught developers realize themselves. Moreover, experts predict a change toward low-code or no-code development because of a lack of coder’s expertise in the market.

Particularly, LCNC describes a process of drag-and-drop app building without any custom code or loads required. By means of simplified app development, the growing trend of employees is going to provide competition for ambitious developers. There are many E-learning programs available on the web, and this is one of the reasons why software development houses are switching to no-code. Online programs and courses show that it’s possible to build an entire app or website, and ultimately a career. Therefore, in 2020, the LCNC program development approach lets enterprises meet their business goals relying on little or no IT supervision. 

Final thoughts 

To sum up, 2020 is going to be a great year as new Innovations approach the IT industry. The hottest trends are 5G network, MI developments, newer programming languages, LCNC and much more. Other trends, not included in the above list, are blockchain technology and AI. The blockchain technology has helped many startups to create their blockchain-powered apps and blockchain-based software solutions. Moreover, the blockchain service allows app developers to connect to third-party cloud services and manage users on the app. The top features of implementing AI are chatbots and valuable data. The future chatbots will provide better and automated customer dialogue and will imitate human interaction.

We hope that our short guide will help your business focus its energies and concentrate its resources on necessary trends. 

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