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the best digital marketing strategies for start ups

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startup Businesses

The Internet is one of the most effective channels for the promotion of your startup business. To achieve success and reach your long-term goals your startup organization needs to apply the working digital strategies we will describe in the article. 

analyze the market

Analyze the market

First of all, you need to analyze the methods and techniques that your competitors usually use in their digital strategy to attract more clients and build the customers’ loyalty. If you are trying to expand your business in a certain market, the knowledge about the digital marketing strategies used by your rivals will be very helpful. 

The next step is to analyze the website of your startup business from the user’s point of view. You should check the UI/UX, analyze whether your site is convenient for the customers, simple to browse, and aligns with the visitors’ requirements and needs. The best way to achieve the above-mentioned goals is to improve the design of your website with the help of skilled experts. 

Some tips to make your website look more professional

Reach out to the experts 

You may start by hiring the skilled website designer to estimate the current state of affairs and the style of your startup’s site. The designer might apply your suggestions or vision or offer his or her innovative ideas that might lead to a better result in the future. For instance, you can use minimalistic design which is very trendy now. 

Consider blogging

The blog is one of the vital components that your website should have. With the help of blogging, you can produce useful content and inform the clients about the updates. Your existing and future customers will be able to receive the news about discounts, further plans for development of your project, and other essential information from your blog. 

Place articles on different websites

To get more traffic and maintain the popularity of your website you need to publish articles on the other directory platforms and websites with the link to your pages. This approach will help to save some costs but also attracts new visitors.


The customers will use your services or buy your products if they read positive recommendations and testimonials provided by the other people who are satisfied with your service. Due to this reason, you need to encourage people to leave feedback on social media, your website, and other sites with your links. 

make your website professional

Email marketing 

If your startup organization has a limited amount of costs, you may take into account email marketing. This is a perfect way of promotion that will be a great part of your digital strategy and allow you to save some costs. 

Create a list of clients 

First and foremost, you need to create a list of possible future clients. The research of how your competitors handle this task would be very useful at this stage. Find out what approaches of your rivals are working the best. After the research, you will have a lot of interesting ideas about how to develop your own list of clients. 

It is important to choose the potential customers that are already interested in your product or service your startup company provides. That is why the list should include only those clients who appreciate your service or product. 

Regular monthly newsletter 

The following step is to provide your clients with up-to-date information about your startup company on a regular basis. You need to create a newsletter that will inform your clients about the updates once a month. A reason for this frequency is the following: if the client receives the email occasionally without the fixed interval of time, the letter might get lost in the mailbox. Thus, it is vital to use a good software for e-mail marketing in order to notify you about the exact time you need to send the emails.

Affiliate link 

Once you have customized the regular newsletter, you can move to the next phase and develop the affiliate link. You need to remember that people would join you only if they have interest in your activities. 

There are various ways to evoke interest in your clients. For instance, you can send them the emails with the call to promote your product or service and provide some benefits. Moreover, you may offer discounts or rewards for registering on your website or subscribing to updates. Providing a free trial of your product is also a great way to involve more people in your activities and turn them into future customers. 

what is affiliaite link?

Social media marketing 

Social media marketing includes the following promotional activities to raise awareness about your brand:

  • blog sites;
  • site promo;
  • conversation boards.

The above-listed methods are extremely effective if your goals are to build the loyalty of your customers, get in touch with potential clients, and draw the attention of the visitors to your website.

The clients would learn more information about your organization, ask questions, and discover what you are doing from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Connection with the clients via social media is a perfect form of a long-term relationship with your existing customers.

Social media is not only an integrated neighborhood with a friendly atmosphere but also space where your company might develop something like a fan base. 

The drawbacks of paid advertising

Paid promotion and paid advertising might seem very tempting methods to involve more clients, however, there are some pitfalls and challenges that you may face if you try to use these approaches. The mentioned ways of advertising might fail but before you would invest a lot of effort, time, and money in the questionably effective strategies. 

The first reason that explains why your paid advertisements may fail is the quality of your content and material. You need to have some catchy announcement that draws the attention of your potential clients and they click on the advertisement on Facebook to find out more information about your product. If the quality of the content is poor or the advertisement is not good enough you would not attract potential clients.

The content of your website needs to be helpful for the users to drive traffic to your website. So, the success of paid advertising greatly depends on the quality and usefulness of the information provided on the page. To avoid the pitfalls of wasting time and money you need to think about every single detail or fact provided in your articles. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization is the technique that will definitely drive more traffic to the website of your startup company. 

To make the website more engine friendly, you should include keywords, meta-tags, and crucial phrases in the articles of your site. The idea of this digital marketing strategy is to make your site more visible by the online search engine and attract the target audience to your website. Furthermore, you need to use various kinds of media in your articles like the following:

  • graphics;
  • videos;
  • animated images.

The content of your website should include all the necessary information related to your company as the services, history, contacts, list of founders, etc.

Content marketing 

As we stated above, the content on the website of your startup should be of very high quality. To check the rate of the material provided on your website, you need to examine it in detail and compare the content you provide with the material provided by your competitors in the same niche of the market. 

Another way to ensure that your content is of appropriate quality is to address the professional writers who will compose the articles with keywords written for your organization. This approach will help you to save time and energy, and also it will drive more traffic to the site of your startup.

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