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Top 10 trends in web design to expect in the next few years

Top 10 trends in web design to expect in the next few years

Before we know it, the end of this year is going to be around the corner.  Many professionals and, especially, designers are waiting for changes that usually come in the new year. What design trends and aesthetics will be leading the charts?  What trends and aesthetics will leave the market for good? 

Senior Director of Product Design of product Adobe XD says that nowadays current trends come back to looks of web design that are more traditional print or graphic designs.  If we compare modern designers and designers from five or even ten years ago we are going to see that now they can be more creative, flexible, and open to things they want to see in web design. 

Khoi Vinh is quite right in his statement. Those professionals, who have been analyzing possible future trends,  are fully agreeing that these design trends only prove the increased level of creativeness in designers who wish to make web design similar to print design and graphic design. If you work as a designer or a big fan of web design then you have come to the right article. We have prepared for you the top 10 trends in web design that will be in favor in the following few years.

Heroes with text only

In web design, there is such a notion as hero areas. They mean a certain part of the website when you first load it or above the scroll area. In the span of 2019, it has become more evident than before. It has become an experiment that was text heroes. 

Of course, some hero areas are still more mixed with various kinds of elements than the basic set up of text on the image. At the same time, the trend dedicated only to text is attractive as never mainly because it erases the background image and puts all the attention on the efficiency of typography. 

As an example, there a website Phase3 that has removed extra things in the hero area and concentrated mainly on typography. However, they still added a feature of color-changing background that still looks good.  Many designers notice that their web design has character, while common sans-serif on many websites takes it away. The New York Times actively uses this trend. For the Food Festival website, they have combined animations and custom font with text headers. 

Inventive illustrations

Inventive illustrations
Inventive illustrations

As illustrations have been mainstream on websites for many-many years, lately some designers started to push a new trend where they create detailed, custom, and professional illustrations for website. We are sure this is only the beginning of this movement. 

Fixate and DottedSign websites are great examples of this developing trend.  Both of them make use of nuanced and thought-through illustrations not only in hero areas of their websites but all over the websites to make connections between pages. 

Combining the illustrations with some amount of animation can improve user’s attention and is useful in an alternative way of communication with your users.  Thus, animated illustrations are a strong supportive tool for your text and can be even better in communication with visitors when you make use of it as a secondary and faint feature instead of making it quite noticeable. 

Vintage-styled typography and colors

More and more designers and businesses seem to be interested in old times and, as a result, bring it back in their design. Some believe that this is due to great influence old school media like magazines and television that has a certain throwback to an era where there was no internet.

Nowadays, designers are hoping that this trend turns into another form.  It is time not just feeling nostalgic over the past and going full retro-mode but also trying to mix retro legacy with a more modern style. 

For example, among the popular variation if this trend is the usage of vintage typography and color and implements them in quite modern websites saving a little bit of nostalgia feeling. The new website of Chrissy Teigen is a proper example where the designer implemented a vintage color scheme (something bright earthy) and vintage font. 

If we are talking about Typewolf, the well-known website of typography trends, it also has vintage colors and typography that influence website design while keeping a modern layout. It may feel vintage, however, it does not mean it is fusty. 

Black and white 

While this trend was quite widespread in 2019, in 2020 designers are still experimenting with monochromatism. Now they have gone even further making this trend as minimalistic as possible. 

Cahn Wilson Website
Cahn Wilson Website

For example, the website of Cahn Wilson has used the absence of the color to the fullest.  Designers concentrated mainly on black and white emphasis with grayscale pictures. All in all, the website is fresh, clean, modern, and trendy with other relevant websites. The website of Alexandr Yaremenko also dedicated to this color scheme in his various portfolio examples. 

Dominating grids with cards

Most designs of websites have an unseen grid system that organizes and keeps in line different items of the page. This year, however, experts are hoping to see said grids become more dominant and visible and used as the main design aesthetic that is empowered by the well-known card design trend. 

For example, the Frames for Future website uses the grid as the main aesthetic in its design and not some secondary tool. Designers organized their content in big rectangles that are aligned in a well-known grid format. The Evergib websites are also mostly formed by grids, however, it has cells of different sized to create more visual attraction, dimension and to go into cadence. 

Outlined typography

In the world of typography once again another rising trend. This one is outlined typography that will become only popular with the upcoming years. 

Nowadays it is quite important to have distinctive typography of the website. This way can be created brand identity. However, some years ago designers worked only with few developed fonts. Nowadays, more and more designers create customized fonts to match typography with a more daring web world. This idea is part not only of this web trends but also many of many others.

The website of Phase 3 has been mentioned at the beginning of our article and also has this outlined typography. Among other vivid users of this trend is Redscout that has a big outlined font that is fully part of its web design aesthetic. Moreover, it is added to pull out of the letters foregoing only the outline when your scroll down the chosen page. 

Huge font sizes

One more popular trend that is based on typography. You must admit that enormous font that can be seen across the room has all the chances to become a crucial trend in this and following several years. The New Times Food Festival and Redscout can pose as good examples in this trend. One more good example is Baina that enhances the font size of its name to in heights. As a result, such fonts take almost all the view space of the main page.  Then there is HalloBasis that has big typography that occupies the view space and this way helping visitors navigate around its websites with easiness. 

Geometric patterns and shapes 

While last year we had an organic and fluid shape in trends, now we see the domination of geometric lines, shapes, and patterns that will only become more popular in upcoming years. 

Future London Academy
Future London Academy

The website of Future London Academy has animated geometric shapes and lines that are located mainly in the hero area as well as some other geometric shapes that have been mentioned above. the website of  XXXI makes use of geometric shapes for the Intro to coding page.

Animations with trigger for visitor 

As a rule, if we think of animations we imagine them working independently from any outside actions that come with visitors or users. However, now we see an upcoming trend where animation is triggered by some kind of action or input from the user of the website.

Many experts agree on the thought that a mix of interesting animation, visitor interaction, and unique font can become a great possibility for typography that has not been seen in years. Even though web design is catching up with print design, implementing type in possible motion in answer to user actions adds a new layer to how we see written communication. The more, the better. 

The website of Romain Avalle is a good example in our case. The same goes for Intro to Coding page.  We can see that in the center of its website the contours of initials change position according to the location of the cursor.  This way businesses can engage with visitors and make them pose to access the animation. As a result, they become an important part of website experience. 

Edgy color schemes work their way up to the websites

Anyone of us heard at least one about trendy color schemes and color combinations that prevail in clothing, music, social media, etc. Experts believe that this year among trendy combinations is going to be pink or dusty blush or primary blue scheme. These schemes are popularised by Instagram and Pinterest.  The websites of Datalands and Collate Art both use the color scheme in their web designs. 

Among other examples of edgy color schemes are earthy tones (browns, tans, greens, and textures), jewel tones (purples and greens), and pearl color schemes (different pastels that combine like some liquid creating similar to metallic look).


Among the most promising design trends in the following few years are going to be illustrations, animations, and typography that are combined with brand new kinds of interactions and color schemes. 

Typography is going to become the most leading trend, while many professionals hope to keep its popularity for a long time.  Vinh from Adobe has his point of view which he actively expresses. He says that brands and designers need to leave uniformity behind that dominated typography previously. There a lot of tech businesses that try to leave roundish fonts like sans-serif that everyone has seen enough in his or her life. Moreover, a lot of consumer brands make use of serif typography strongly believing in some kind of hipster classicism. 

So, starting from an outline and larger typography, combination of vintage color schemes and edgy color schemes, and finishing in other trends, nowadays seems to be a good period for designers and design fans who want to develop their skills and knowledge. They are looking forward to making use of these trends to create an efficient and trendy website design for clients.

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