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the most pupular wearable games

top 30 Wearable Games

As technology improves, gaming improves with it. History has shown us that they tend to develop together. Technology can affect anything, but games are made to go hand-in-hand with the concept of technology.

The latest trends in gaming are focused on giving the user a better experience. Therefore, specialists are trying to link technologies together and use them to make gaming something else. Some experts predict some of the new technologies will help gaming to grow faster in the future.

One of these technology fields that is gaining more attention in the last few years is wearable gaming. 

Wearable technology refers to any device that can be worn and be used to execute different functions.

Wearable devices enable the user to do many things. Smartwatches, for example, have many functions of smartphones but they are lighter and smaller and you don’t have to carry a watch and a smartphone together. It’s just a smartwatch. For instance, you can make calls, access the internet, send messages, and even play games with your smartwatch. As you can see these devices can cover some of your basic needs of a smartphone.

In this article, you’re going to review some of the most popular games available on wearable devices, called wearable games.

But before that let’s have a statistical look at what is going to happen in the future for wearable devices and what is going on now.

How popular are wearable devices?

According to the analysis by the international data corporation (IDC), the wearable devices market is going to explode in popularity in the next few years. We’re talking about 149.5 million shipments in 2021. 

The point is that in 2018 the number was almost 62 million shipments.

wearable devices
How popular are wearable devices?

These numbers show that demand for these devices is increasing so fast and people are understanding the importance of them in their lives.

Smartwatches games

Before starting this part, you should be aware of what you’re going to have on your smartwatch. Some limits will affect your gaming experience.

First of all, smartwatches have a small screen. So, your options to control the game are limited.

smartwatch games
Smartwatches games

The Next limitation is simple graphics. A device with the size of the smartwatch probably doesn’t have strong hardware in it. Therefore, developers have to consider the processing power of the smartwatches. So, you should manage your expectations of the gaming experience on a wearable device.

But it doesn’t change the fact that gaming is fun and if you’re a person who enjoys the nature of gaming you will be pleased by gaming on any platforms.

Now let’s have a look and some of the best smartwatch games.

1- 2048

You probably have played this game on your smartphone before. This game has a simple objective. You should combine similar-numbered tiles until you reach a specific number- which is 2048, as the name suggests.

This game is really easy to play on a smartwatch because of its simple mechanism- You just need to swipe the tiles. 

Even though 2048 is truly a simple game the smartphone version was extraordinarily successful. This puzzle game is challenging but it’s not frustrating. It gets you playing for weeks. So, if you’re looking for a game to keep you playing on and on, we suggest you try this out.

This game is completely free and there is no advertisement in the game.

2- Standland

Stanland is not just a game. To be honest, it’s a gamified fitness app that encourages you to do more physical activity like standing up. Some people believe that sitting down is considered to be new cancer. Therefore, this game is trying to help you live healthier. 

The game is based on a creature that mimics what you do. It creates a relationship between you and the creature. If you want to make the creature happier, you should do more physical activities. And if you reach a specific movement goal, new creatures can be unlocked. 

The main objective of this game is to make you move around or at least stand up for 1 minute for every hour. But it’s just the minimum. 

The game records the quantity of the times you stood up per day and gives you statistics for periods like week or month. 

3- Pong

As mentioned before the environment of a smartwatch is perfect for basic games, like Pong. 

It’s one of the easiest games you can play on your smartwatch. Just need to use the paddles and rotate them on the screen. 

And being easy is the biggest problem of this game. Unfortunately, your AI-based opponent doesn’t challenge you so much. Some people are addicted to winning and Pong is made for them. But if you expect a game to challenge you, it’s not a good option for you. 

4- Invaders mini

This is made for the people who are looking to combine high-end technology with nostalgia. If you remember this game and if you’re into nostalgic stuff you will download it. And if these factors don’t make you download it, the appearance of the game will. 

As the name shows, Invaders mini is inspired by the game Space Invaders. 

This game settles down very well on your smartwatch. You don’t need much graphics and the controls are very easy. You just need to move your spaceship on the screen to destroy colorful waves of aliens.

Invaders mini is pretty challenging and most of it is because the screen is small. You have to put your finger on the screen and you cannot see the whole picture. And as you go further the aliens will get faster and stronger. You must be sure that you will lose many times and you will need to start over. The mechanism of this game is old-fashioned but infinitely appealing. So, I want to call this game highly addictive.

5- Infinity loop

Connect everything- it’s the main objective of this game which consists of a series of interesting puzzles. On paper, this game may look truly easy but as you complete the primary levels, you will find it highly complex to make it done. Infinity loop is logically challenging but it’s a great way to relax if you’re having a stressful day at work or anywhere else. Aside from the name, ironically, this game disconnects you from the real world. You should keep in mind that the Infinity loop is free to play for the first 100 levels, but after that, you need to pay a small fee. 

When you reach that level, you will have a pretty good idea if this game is worth paying for.

6- Ingress Prime

Just like the original Ingress, ingress prime is an augmented reality game that makes you walk around the town. Can you still remember the craze of Pokémon GO? This game has a similar mechanism, somehow. 

The main objective is to find portals on a map based on the real world. You have to walk up to these portholes and claim them for your teammates. 

If you don’t need high-quality graphics and if you’re interested in working to make the game more interactive, this game is made for you. 

7- Runeblade

Runeblade is one of the most story-driven role-playing games on a smartwatch. This game is very complex and the story is truly deep. 

It also has all the trappings of a classical RPG. You should upgrade your characters, solve the quests, find magical artifacts, and beat legendary monsters. 

Despite the simple controls, you will find yourself eager to upgrade your weapons to complete the next quest. It is also one of the most artistic games you can find on a smartwatch. 

So, you should keep in mind that this game can be a little too addictive. Because you can play it everywhere and at any moment. 

8- Space War

This game is very similar to Invaders mini. It has the same gameplay and same mechanism, but the graphics and items are different. You’re in a spaceship and your objective is to destroy aliens. 

This game we’re genuinely popular back in the 80s but on a limited platform like a smartwatch, they are still popular.

Motion controls let you steal your spaceship through 12 levels by moving your wrist. This game is free to download with optional in-app purchases.

9- Lifeline 2: Bloodline

This game is a follow-up to the popular text RPG games, Lifeline: Silent Night and Lifeline: Whiteout. 

It’s a text-based game with actually no need to have graphics. You choose your special adventures to help a woman named Arica on a quest to avenge her family. You control hair over where to go or what to do and she reports back when she faces a problem or needs more guidance. 

Lifeline 2: Bloodline is in a narrative style in the gameplay is like texting back with someone. 

The game costs 99 cents to download with no ads or in-app purchases. 

10- Wear droid

It’s the first Android Wear game on this list that features 3D graphics. 

This game is based on a similar game called perfect Droid and in fact, it’s a collection of mini-games. Wear Droid gets player testing robots under the control of a mad professor. The player should test the robots for their durability. The main objective is to unlock different kinds of robots as you move forward. If you’re one of those people who like to show off what your smartwatch can do, you certainly want to have it on your smartwatch.

This game isn’t free but it’s cheap -for just 99 cents. Also, there is no in-app purchase.

11- BugDroid land

Whoever has played the legendary flappy bird,12- easily can recognize that BugDroid land is a game based on the flappy bird. Yes, the gameplay is the same, but the graphics and items are not similar. In this game, you should steer your BugDroid through obstacles of giant cats, lollipops, and Oreo cookies. It means most of the items are based on Android mascots. 

This game is free to download but you will face a lot of ads.

12- Tilt

This game is one of the most innovative motion-based controlling games for Wear OS. It’s a mixture of classic wooden maze toys that task players with guiding a metal ball through labyrinth and augmented reality. To play this game, you should use both your smartphone and your smartwatch. Looking at your watch through your phone’s camera, you can see the game board and tilting your wrist to navigate the ball.

The main problem with this game is that it drains battery life so fast.

13- PetQuest Virtual Pet

In the 90s people used to love games about pets. These games are simple: you have a pet and you have to take care of it. PetQuest Virtual Pet has the same mechanism, but the graphics are remarkably low. You may see this as something bad, but some people look at this factor as a differentiator. Low graphics also help your battery to work way longer.

You can choose from a virtual dog cat or reptile and your main objective is to raise the pet while teaching it new skills and talents. 

The game’s emotional feedback system will get you attached to your pixel pet, so we can call this game addictive if you’re an emotional person.

This game is free to download and there’s no ads or in-app purchase. 

14- Roll the Dice

This game is addictive, simple, user-friendly, and works well on a watch.

Roll the dice fundamentally is a game for you to test your luck. You don’t need to have a great mind to be successful in this game. Also, you don’t need any specific skills. You can use this game to play other games that need a player to roll a dice, or you can just tap on the screen to test your luck and compete with a friend. 

15- Tic Tac Toe

As an old-school timekiller, Tic Tac Toe has always been one of the greatest options.

It’s a classic game with classic rules and everyone can play it. It doesn’t need complex controls so it’s a great game to be played on a smartwatch. You can play by yourself to compete with AI, or you can play it with a friend in the battle mode.

As you expect, this game is free to download and use.

16- Wear Maze

One of the great options that you have on your smartwatch which you cannot find an even expensive console is the tilt function. 

Using this function Wear Maze is created to challenge you. This game is surprisingly fun and can be addictive, even though there are only 25 levels in this free game and each one is more challenging than the last one. The game uses tilt functionality to move through the maze, so it’s a great game to be played on a smartwatch.

Wear Maze is free to download and there’s no advertisement in it.

17- Bubble Shooter

Bubble games are one of the favorite game genres that have found the opportunity to be shown on devices like smartwatches. There are tons of games in this genre, but this one is playable on your smartwatch.

Bubble shooter has hundreds of levels and its atmosphere that takes place underwater is something amusing. The effects in animation are beyond your expectations and you will be satisfied with the game. But the worst thing about the gameplay is it drains the battery.

18- Rubik’s cube

This game is one of the most challenging, mathematical, and logical puzzles out there. Many games emulate the Rubik’s cube experience on the smartwatches. The small screen makes it a little hard to play, what functions like pinch and swiping gestures let you play easier. 

If you install this game on your smartwatch, the same version of the game will be installed on your smartphone as well. Then you can play the game on both of them.

This game is completely free.

19- Math it!

Because of having small screens, it certainly makes sense that most of the playable games on smartwatches should be of the puzzle genre. So, you will find many titles in application stores like Google Play store that are simple puzzles.

Math it! is one of them.

This game can come in handy if you want to use your brain for action with some quick-fire mathematical questions. 

The mechanism of the game is very simple: it displays some mathematical equations on your smartwatch alongside a possible answer. All you have to do is to indicate if the answer is right or not. As you go further the equations get harder.

If you’re not very comfortable with playing the game on your smartwatch, there will be a version of the game available on your smartphone, too. 

This is one of the other free games on this list. 

20- Galaxia

This arcade game is a combination of Space Invaders and Galaxian. Galaxia lets you control the game using your wrist. You should control a spaceship that will fight against aliens and asteroids. The graphics are surprisingly great and there is even a retro mode for the people who are into nostalgic stuff.

This game almost costs $1 but if you like this genre it’s worth it to invest in it.

21- Sookie Says

Sookie Says is a memory title that you can play on your smartwatch. The mechanism is very simple but the game itself is so challenging. 

You have four colored boxes on the screen that will blink in a pattern and your object is to remember and replicate the sequence by tapping on the same boxes and based on the same pattern. 

As you progress, this sequence has become longer and longer so the challenge gets harder and harder. It’s a good time killer and it helps your memory to work better.

22- Ball Escape

A simple game with simple graphics in simple mechanisms, but very challenging and fun.

In this game, there is a moving ball that resembles a gas molecule and your objective is to prevent it from leaving the screen by tapping and its sides. 

When the ball hits a wall, it moves in another direction. Then you have to be fast to stop the ball from the screen. As you go further the ball goes faster and faster.

23- Repulsion

Repulsion is a finger-runner Android Wear game that is extremely addictive. The main objective of this game is to pick the object with either the plus or minus sign and navigate it through a twisting and turning path. Also, in this path, you should avoid your object from the opposite sign. It may look easy, but think again; the small screen or the smartwatch will challenge you more than what you think.

This amusing game is free to download.

24- Wear Shooter for Moto 360

The title may confuse you if the game is only for the Moto 360, but don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t judge a game by its name. It works well on any Android Wear device. Although, the game gets a red landscape rotation on square devices. The game is honestly so cool that you can have it just to show off your smartwatch abilities. 

The mechanism and gameplay are so simple: you just move around by rotating in your wrist that makes the game a little bit challenging. 

This is a free game and we strongly recommend you to give it a shot.

25- Bow Man

This title is developed to play on Android Wear devices. It’s a simple archery game with simple graphics. You have to play against a computer opponent that you need to defeat to move to the next level. Having simple graphics, the gameplay is engaging enough to put this game on this list. We predict you will keep playing on and on as long as your smartwatch’s battery lasts.

Bow Man is free to download and Google Play store.

26- Save the Troops

It’s a game in the genre “catch ‘em All” in that you have to save paratroopers from falling from the sky and catch them in a boat. Unless they will drown in the river. 

To control this game, you can use both motion-based control and also tap control. If you are a more kinetic person it’s better to choose the orientation-based method. 

The game has pleasing graphics that are not cartoonish nor stellar. 

This game is free and it’s not bad to give it a try. But also, to get more content, it features in-app purchases, too.

27- Wear Rider

High-speed traffic dodging is one of the most popular genres on devices like smartphones or mobile consoles like smartwatches. 

This one is fundamentally an endless runner that’s you navigate a bike through traffic and your main objective is to avoid collisions. Doing different stunts gives you more score. But as you can guess, as you move forth, the gameplay will become more and more challenging.

This title is free to download and works well and almost every Android Wear smartwatch.

28- Tamagotchi

Some games used to be great before, and they are still great. Tamagotchi is one of them and that’s why this game is being ported to mobile and wearable devices like smartwatches. In this game you take care of a digital animal by fading it, giving it attention, and generally caring for it.

Yes. There are other options in them you can take care of a virtual pet. But this one is one of the most favorite titles out there in this genre.

This game is not free and to play it you have to pay 99 cents.

29- Walkr

Like Standland, Walkr is a gamified fitness app, too. This game rewards you with in-game currency for hitting your step goals. It has a simple mechanism: you get more steps; you get more points. Using these points, you can upgrade your spaceship and explore the cosmos.

The graphics in this game is so amazing, with a cute and cartoonish theme. 

Having this game on your smartwatch helps you stay active and healthy.

This game is free.

30- Best Fiends

The oddly named mobile app is ported to wearable devices. And the good news is that it’s still addictive as it used to be.

Playing this game on your smartwatch is no less fun.

This game is enjoyable to play on your hand. The game can be described as a colorful combination puzzle game that adds collecting elements and monster fighting.

With hundreds of collectible cute characters and very engaging gameplay, you will surely love this game and kill your time by playing it for hours a day.


Modern life makes everything easier. Wearable devices used to be simple to meet the basic needs of the user. But entertainment is also one of those basic needs. 

Smartwatch-based games used to be hard to impress everyone, but they are evolving. As we can see there are many entertaining games out there. Of course, the appealing factor of most of these games is their mechanism, not graphics; but still, they are playable and they can be your favorite time killer. Games on smartwatches are very limited, but their main concern is to help you pass the time. Like when you’re waiting for food or staying in line at the bank.

So you better manage your expectations and see them as a helpful thing to do. Smartwatches, after all, are watches. Being small is in their nature. So, it’s not their fault and it can’t diminish the value of a smartwatch at all.


What are other types of wearable devices?

When we’re talking about wearable devices you may think about just smartwatches. But as we mentioned before, any kind of device that the user can wear is considered a wearable device. It can be a pair of glasses or even more interesting items that you might not even imagine.
You should know many different forms of wearable devices are developed for different operations. 
Now let’s have a look at some of the most interesting wearable tech devices that will come in this year.
Oculus Quest
If you want to dive deeply into the Virtual reality realms, you will need one of these wearable devices. Oculus Quest is an all-in-one PC quality virtual reality device that works with ultra-wide-angle sensors and can track everything around your head. As we said its quality is as great as PC-based virtual reality. Oculus Quest is a gate to another world. 
If you are a professional ski tourer, Pomocup is a wearable device designed for you. After you stick it to your skis, it starts collecting data like time of the tour, speed, altitude, etc. The data is transmitted in real-time to your phone and you can use them to improve your skiing skills. 
Beddit sleep tracker
Of course, there are smart watches that help you monitor your sleeping status, but some people are not comfortable with them. So, this wearable device can be placed between your mattress and bed sheet to monitor your sleep and track sleep patterns.
The last item we’re going to mention is BabyPod. We are going to introduce BabyPod just to challenge the concept of wearable devices in your mind. 
BabyPod is an intra-vaginal device that can stimulate the vocalization of babies before they are born with the help of music. 
Interesting enough?
If these items were not interesting enough for you, you should wait for the next coming years to see more strange wearable products to make life easier for humankind. But if you look at them you will find them a little scary. Of course, we may face cyber humans very soon.

How can I download a game for my smartwatch?

The mechanism of downloading games on your smartwatch is very similar to downloading games for your smartphone. First, you sync your phone with your smartwatch. Then you go to application stores and download them for your watch.

Is it dangerous to wear a smartwatch all the time?

The thing is science has proven that the closer you are to a radiation source, the more hazardous it gets.
Summer smartwatches have shown side effects like mood swings, headaches, and destructor sleeping patterns.
So, the answer is yes, but not for everyone.

What phones work with wearable devices?

You just need to have a phone running Android 4.3 (KitKat) or higher, or an iPhone running iOS 8.2 or higher that also supports Bluetooth technology.

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