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Types of Content

4 Types Of Content That Keep Readers Curious And Engaged

When crafting powerful content for a website, content marketers usually struggle to adjust the execution plan to the ever-changing preferences of readers. The times when internet users spend too much effort on reading lengthy articles are gone. In today’s digital landscape the best way to retain your target audience is to keep your website’s content short and sweet. 

Creating unique, compelling, and most importantly, well-written articles, is one thing, but you must also maintain actionable SEO techniques that usually impede these writing conventions. 

In this article, we will explain how to develop the best content marketing strategy while maintaining a healthy balance between effective SEO and sticky content. 

First and foremost, every aspect of the content marketing process is crucial to establishing successful online performance. To prove that your content is worth attention and the product/service you offer is trustworthy, your marketing experts should lay out a clear plan while accentuating the tech-savvy advances.  

Content writing
Content writing

As has been already mentioned above, providing entertaining content does not guarantee great success for your website. Several studies have shown that online users are not quite as patient as once thought, and would not spend hours reading your tedious texts, especially if they are redundant, lack coherence, or even worse – fail to keep the reader interested. 

But, when you ultimately come to a solution, employ a dream team of enthusiastic and professional marketers and writers, your SEO rankings magically increase. You now have a massive base of dedicated readers that love your content and are always waiting for the updates. Sounds good? Keep reading to learn how you can make this a reality!
Below we have listed four types of content that can greatly improve your website’s posts and keep readers hooked. 


In the digital marketing landscape, videos have been the most effective instrument for drawing users attention and the blogosphere is very much aware of its compelling power. Whether you like your blog post to be converted into another type of content or not, it, either way, contributes greatly to your website’s conversion rates. 

By introducing your post updates through introductory videos, you can familiarize your reader with the topic, and even share it on social media to make a statement and present your company to a greater audience. 

This does not necessarily involve great video advertising, but rather a visual aid to back up your content with actual media elements. Your digital team can create a video for each of the posts or use a text-based content to promote the video content; both ways are good for conveying the post’s message. In this manner, users will watch the preview and then proceed with reading.   


In case your company does not employ a professional animation creator, you can try a less skills-based type of content – GIFs. They do not require much brainpower and are easy-to-make; you can also research the top online source for gifs to enrich your written content with unique and relevant animation. 

Types of Content
Types of Content

GIFs are especially efficient if applied to a wordy post. They act as text segregation tool and are aimed to shake off users’ presumptions against lengthy blocks of text. Even if you optimize posts structure according to the formatting standards, the need for the integration of the graphic elements is still crucial to compete in the blogging business. Thereby, you provide the reader with written content that communicates ideas by means of visual entertainment. 


If you choose to incorporate the current content marketing trends, why not do it 100%? We are talking about infographics. This content marketing tool is widely used in different industries to complement heavy research data with visual elements; these include dynamic design, striking images, and text modifications. 

A smart mixture of infographics can transform your website’s content into a compelling story that is impossible to take your eyes off. Moreover, if your website offers sophisticated reading e.g. white papers, infographic elements will enhance the user’s content perceptiveness.

Since today’s IT is simplified to an extent when writing programs does not require coding, you do not need to hire a graphic expert to implement infographics. Canva provides its users with beautiful templates that allow you to allocate certain elements while designing the unique website’s look. 


Another way to enhance your content’s look is to include listicles. Originally, lists are intended to present information in a concise way. Also, the stats show that readers tend to favor articles with scalable and bulleted content. 

The reason for this is that structuralism is inherent to human nature; we tend to recognize things that are smartly organized because they are easy to engage with. Readers love lists, and won’t spend time on following the monotonous flow of information when it can be explained in a few sentences. By incorporating brief lists of information, you enhance the overall display of the content, while allowing users to skim the factual info and focus on the important one. 

How to write enjoyful content
How to write enjoyful content

Wrapping Up

To conclude, today’s state of the blogging industry compels various businesses to adhere to tech-savvy advances. Not being innovative means giving way to your competitors. There are myriad professional and enthusiastic content writers that create brilliant articles; to succeed with content marketing, you’ll need to embrace transparent yet innovative techniques that enable content harmony. 

Another important notice is to absorb intuitively what your target user seeks for, what are his/her preferences, dislikes, etc. In this regard, it would be useful to conduct customer analysis to ascertain this info. Yes, appealing content keeps them interested, but if you want to get the most out of your content marketing, you need to think about features like beautiful animation, social media integration, or call to action. 

To be more specific, you can boost the user’s affiliation by referring to trustworthy sources or “top articles”, provide them with social media share buttons, or keep them loyal by offering subscription benefits. Either way, remember to stay connected with your readers. 

We hope that you will find this article useful and use our guidelines when developing strategic content and visual elements that will generate profits while keeping the audience’s attention and loyalty. 

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