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how to use instagram as a marketing tool

Using Instagram as a marketing tool

Social media has indeed changed the way that people think, act, and respond.

With the huge number of online users, which is almost 59% of the world’s population, marketers shouldn’t miss out on their chance of marketing on these digital forums where they can reach the maximum number of potential buyers compared with any other advertising tool such as print or television media marketing.

The fact that the majority of users are youngsters and people who are scared of missing anything new, has developed lots of opportunities for business owners to showcase and promote their products and services on social media.

It is vital to employ platforms that are commonly used by customers so that you can reach out to your target audiences at a more effective rate.

Choosing the right platform for marketing is the first marketing strategy that should be taken into consideration.

Employing high-rated apps that are popular among users gives you the chance to make your brand visible and memorable.

Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing platforms allowing users to tell their stories. According to studies, Instagram is the second most accessed network behind Facebook. Users browse for an average of 53 minutes per day on this platform which is not an ignorable time.

Besides, it’s an image-based platform that has double power over text-based ones.

Marketing through Instagram allows marketers to interact with consumers by sharing photos and videos and leaving comments as a way of sharing information and receiving comments as a way of gaining feedback from customers.

Promoting a post on Instagram is a great way to introduce yourself to new people. It also allows you to expand your brand awareness. Instagram marketing can be competitive but it’s not impossible.

Marketing tools for Instagram

For promotion and get to know the audiences, there are ways known as marketing tools. Marketing tools refer to any techniques, strategies, and materials employed for the promotion of services and products in the social media platform. Here is a highlight of the main ways to turn Instagram into a marketing tool:

1. Brand identity

It refers to Internet identity or internet persona which is a social identity that an internet user establishes in online communities. We can also refer to it as a formed presentation of oneself. It’s the same story for a brand.

Developing an identity for the brand simply makes it look stronger and memorable. It also builds trust which is rare in social media. Moreover, brand identity supports product launches. Always remember that creating an identity is not about promoting your brand, but it’s about promoting how your brand is different.

Owning a clear brand identity is like a north star. It guides you in the right process of making the proper decisions that create a steady company experience for customers

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed logo.

A logo builds trust and gets the audiences to stick around and provides instant recognition of your brand, product, or service. It informs your potential clients who you are and how you benefit them. It communicates with the audiences that have no background knowledge about what you do and it certainly is the first thing that a customer observes in an image-based platform like Instagram.

the importance of logo on instagram

A well-designed logo can tell a lot about what you do. Since it’s social media marketing and customers aren’t able to see you psychically, the logo and any other image-based advertisements matter.

3. Optimization

As we proved that Instagram is an undeniably viable platform for marketing, it is safe to say that SEO plays an important role in the process of recognition of your product or service. The technique that you can employ to optimize your Instagram profile is fundamentally the same as a web SEO. The trick is that you should use what you’ve already known about SEO to derive organic growth to your Instagram account. You have to take Instagram as its search engine. Consider the platform as a mini Google. Once you achieve these basic steps, you can move to the more technical optimization steps. 

·        Switch to a public account.

·        As mentioned before, choose a well-designed logo

·        Generate a searchable username

·        Create an easy to remember the business name

·        Register for a business account

·        Add a trackable link in your bio. 

You have to pinpoint your elementary keywords in both your display and username. This will increase the chance of being picked by the algorithm.

Hashtags on Instagram

Treat the hashtags as keywords. It is known as the most crucial part of social media marketing. By utilizing hashtags, the chances of your content to be discovered, raise and it allows you to make a strong connection with relevant content and let you engage other users based on a common principle or interest.

Incorporating hashtags will result in awareness and expand your reach and the majority of your audiences.

using # on instagram
Hashtags on Instagram

There are other available functions for hashtags, too:

  • hashtags help you organize your posts.
  • they make your posts easier to find.
  • hashtags can expand the overall reach by showing your post with other posts that have similar hashtags.
How to use hashtags to get better results?

For encouraging the audiences to use your hashtags, you should make them unique and simple. Long and irrelevant hashtags will easily get forgotten. It also should be clear to get your audiences an overall idea about the topic that you are referring them to. It is highly recommended to use viral hashtags to get your message seen by a much larger audience and increase your brand visibility.

For making your brand more seen, you should use hashtags through several social media channels. Using hashtags multiple times on different channels will make it stick in the minds of your audience firmly.

Track everything with Analytics that every social media provides you. Keep in mind that tracking your new Instagram strategy is impacting your overall social media goals. Analytics help you understand your audiences better and create more traffic. By diving deep down into analytics, you are capable to forecast your followers’ needs and generate what they are seeking.

Review the analytics, give attention to the stats like follower growth, page views, number of posts, likes, shares, impressions, clicks, etc.

for getting more information about the hashtags read the: how to use gashtags on social media

Keyword search

One of the recently added features of Instagram is Keyword search. When you type a keyword in your search bar, you will get 4 different categories of the results: Top, Accounts, Tags, and Places.

But some factors have been changed to improve this feature. Instagram claims that these factors will determine the results for the keyword search:

  • Caption
  • Type of content
  • Posting time

Instagram SEO Ranking Factors

Some factors can have a great impact on your Instagram SEO:

  • Username
  • Bio
  • Display Name
  • Hashtags
  • Captions
  • Alternative Texts
  • Mention
  • Comments 

4. Observe the target

Choose one story to tell and make it stronger by sticking to a single part of the map. The content that you are sharing should be based on the needs and interests of your audience. Focus on profitability, not revenue growth.

Knowing the reason why they’ve followed you in the first place, will avoid the irrelevant content being shared.

Defining your goals is an important factor because it will result in posting appropriate content. Without defined goals, a brand will struggle with achieving its plans because it won’t be clear on what it wants to do. These goals involve increasing your posts view, gaining more followers, and getting more social media engagements.

Importance of demographic

Be aware of the demographic. Demographics are the basic information of your audiences such as age, gender, marital status, and education demographic segmentation divides the market into smaller categories based on demographic factors. Instead of owning an entire market, you can use this method to focus resources into a defined group within that market and fulfill their demands.

Although each consumer has a unique set of criteria, they use to make a judgment about products, the practice of classifying consumers by characteristics (based on their demographics, interests, and other factors) into manageable groups, or market segments, is common. You can’t prepare a product or service that would appeal to every customer. Choose the segment that spends more money and serve them willingly.

5. Interact wisely

Don’t be scared to follow back your followers and interact with them. To be more visible and memorable and to gain more credit, participate in their daily interactions. But also, be careful and remember to always set boundaries and don’t go far in their personal life. Social media engagement is more than just the expansion of followers across social platforms. Social media engagement is the measurement of likes, comments, and shares. The key element is an engaged audience. What matters is quality not the quantity of engagements.

6. Share quality visual content

The aim of sharing content on social media is to boost your engagement. In other words, social media posts with more active and thoughtful interactions will get more reach. Since Instagram is a visual platform, utilizing image-based advertising is highly recommended. Studies show that we remember 20% of what we read and the rest belongs to the visual system. Based on that it’s considered a major fact that sharing a proper number of pictures containing your product or service, is a real hand reached to help for you. The pictures that you share should be as unique as your product and showcase the reason why you think it’s superior to other relevant services and products.

make quaity visual content
Share quality visual content

7. A professional caption

Don’t forget the power of a great caption. create engaging social media caption intentionally.  Dedicate some quality time to think about your caption. It should encourage the audience to have a conversation in the comment section. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Predict what they seek to read under a great picture and be aware of their expectations. Avoid telling a story in the caption part, leave that for influencers. The bottom line keeps it simple and brief.

Can influencers help your brand?

What makes Instagram a great platform is that many are finding that they can implement influencer marketing to help them reach a wider audience. There is a large number of users known as influencers who focus on ways to create the impact they wish to have and achieve the outcomes they are aiming for.

By giving constructive feedback they will create an atmosphere that people trust and finally it will lead to the recognition of a brand they are advertising for.

People usually recognize influencers as an expert and regard their recommendations highly.

Compared to the traditional way of promoting a brand which was by celebrities, influencers enjoy having interaction with their audiences.

They can easily drive everyone’s attention to your brand. The return of investment known as the ROI factor of influencers is as high as 650%.


As mentioned before, it’s not a difficult task to turn Instagram into a marketing tool. By taking all the steps mentioned above into consideration, you can build and expand your business. Keep in mind that since Instagram is mostly about visual content and a picture worth thousands of words, covering the whole content is on the shoulder of great photography and editing. 

No matter how hard you’ve worked on the marketing strategies, it wouldn’t turn into a success if you underestimate the power of professional aware of the fact that people tend to look at the picture first and in case of interest, they will decide to take a look at the caption. As a result, images are more powerful than ever, especially on Instagram. Social media and especially Instagram are worth the investment, so use every opportunity you gain and make the best out of it.


What’s the best time to post on social media?

It depends on your platform and industry and since it’s Instagram, launch time (11 am-1 pm) and evening (7 am-9 am) would be the best options.

How often should a post be shared?

It’s highly recommended to post at least once per 3 days. Again, it depends on your audience’s expectations.

How to gain more followers?

Growing social media followers involves lots of planning and strategizing as well as posting the right content and predicting your audience’s expectations.
What percentage of your followers see your post?
It’s not officially announced, but the answer is 10%. According to the Instagram algorithm, accounts that you have more interaction with, see your posts more often.

How to handle negative comments?

First, find out the reason for the negativity and try to fix it. you can also turn to the content moderation solutions provided by social media platforms and use the filtering options.

How to measure ROI on Instagram?

ROI is calculated by subtracting the initial value of the investment from the final value of the investment, then dividing this new number by the cost of the investment, and, finally, multiply it by 100.
What mistake should you avoid in Instagram marketing?
Spamming, having multiple accounts, not interacting at all, inconsistency.

How to get my audiences engaged?

By the options that Instagram has provided you such as poll, question box, quiz, countdown, and running a contest.

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