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UX Statistics You Should Know In 2020

UX Statistics You Should Know In 2020

Even if you are a local business owner, you still need a website to make your business succeed. To gain recognition online, the best way is to create an effective design that your target audience will love. Our tip today focused on defining whether your web design matches your end user’s expectations. 

It takes a few seconds for users to form an opinion about your brand once they’ve accessed your company’s website, so if you want them to stay on-site, your project should have best UX practices. In this way, poor user design can slow down online leads and distort customer perception of a product. 

In this post, we have gathered some interesting stats for 2020 to help online entrepreneurs brainstorm design ideas and create stunning business websites. 

UX Design
UX Design

Website Design Statistics

  • 81% of customers make purchase decisions online without leaving the house;
  • 59% of online users spend no longer than 15 minutes reading articles they land on. Stats show that people prefer well-designed websites over content sites;
  • 39% of people abandon websites if they are too slow to load;
  • 85% of online businesses admit that effective mobile web design plays an important role in customer experience;
  • 71% of web designers use peer referrals to find new clients.

Today, the total number of active websites is 200 million.

Before we delve deeper into the statistics, let’s look at the big picture here. Out of the total number of Internet sites (approx 1.5 billion), less than 200 million are being managed on a regular basis. In September 2014, the number had exceeded 1 billion; it was only by the turn of 2016 that the number of websites hit 1.7 billion.

48% of customers say they will bank upon your business only if it has a visually appealing website.

Such a high degree of online engagement emphasizes again the importance of excellent UX design. Recent SEO ranking factors study reveals that slow page speed and poor layout design can result in a small percentage of online leads. To prevent that from happening, all necessary measures should be taken to ensure that your design is intuitive and simplistic.  

71% of web designers use peer referrals to find new clients.

Web design stats also commonly show that WOM marketing is a very popular way to find a customer. In comparison, email marketing  (4%) and employment-oriented platforms such as LinkedIn (1%) and Facebook (3%) are less popular promotional methods, especially among the 20-35 age group.

39% of people abandon slow-loading websites. 

Average conversion rate stats reveal that most users will leave if load time tops three seconds. Before starting a website, businesses should check whether the server they are using has fast connectivity. One important thing that they should keep in mind is that successful user experience is a guarantee for their product or service to be recognized.

If your site takes too long to load, visitors won’t be able to fully appreciate your brand. Therefore, lazy loading images or content can be a cause for frustrating user experience.

59% of online users say they would spend 15 min on surfing through beautiful websites rather than on reading lengthy articles. 

It’s not big news that visual effects play the role of a triggering factor for the user’s liking. After all, the main point of having an entertaining web design is not just to attract more users. It also should help you in retaining potential clients and convert them into sales. 

Unclear site navigation makes 61.5% of visitors leave immediately.

Small businesses usually create cluttered websites that are ineffective in drawing an audience’s attention. This statistic shows that most business owners don’t see what the hoopla is about great web design; they generally stick with old methods which unfortunately do not help to achieve the desired results. Further, 84.6% of web designers consider crowded web sites the most common of plagues. 

To make navigation obvious and easy to use, the best way is to get rid of sliders – they suck and will do your website no good. According to statistics, only 1% of users click on the carousel slide. For best web design, try to look out for current UX trends e.g. flat design or extensive typography and you’ll see sales grow immediately. 

Cutting load time from 8 to 2 seconds can bring a 74% increase in traffic.

Website speed optimization has many advantages that you are often looking for in vain for the competition. to help your business website load faster. Google’s page speed insights suggest that by improving your website load time, not only will you generate targeted leads, but you are also likely to rank high in Google’s results. Because SEO ranking algorithms assign the speed of a website more importance, a high search position can be achieved by shaving off a few seconds from the website’s leading time i.e. eliminating Flash files or optimizing Caches. 

DIY website building platforms grow by 4.9% every year and are currently estimated at $24 billion in the US.

The latest web design statistics say that most businesses go for professional web design agencies when building their brand online. Obviously, a skilled development team is the most important factor determining your online success, but not every company can afford it. Very often, young businesses, especially startups, choose to design their sites on a shoestring budget. This is where DIY platforms come in. These web buildings platforms provide a variety of ways to save money on a tight budget.  

55% of adults say that mobile websites are more important than desktop.

According to statistics, mobile optimization should be your major focus when developing efficient interfaces for a site. Why? As we mentioned earlier, users do not stay on your website if it does not load within 3 seconds. Furthermore, if they struggle to zoom in and out, preventing them from seeing your website’s content. Responsive mobile designs must look good on every handheld device. Make sure to help your responsive designers create authentic UX that will appeal to your target audience. If you don’t want to miss out on customers trying to get them using your app, the least you can do is create a mobile version for your desktop site. (Sweor)

90% of visual information processed by the brain is visual.

There is clear evidence that people tend to consume more visual info, and this concerns all the visuals the human brain can process. Particularly, we respond to photos and videos 60,000 times faster than other types of data. This can give you a hint of the impact a good web design has on a customer’s perception of your brand, namely how a fancy layout can change the user’s first impression.  (Clique)

70% of B2B websites don’t use striking call-to-actions.

The following web design stats can provide you with insights you can use to improve your web design. This is particularly relevant for growing businesses and start-ups. 

Now, do not expect to generate more B2B leads if you don’t insert a call-to-action phrase/button at the end of your message on your landing page. Call-to-actions can be very effective for converting your visitors. Work out some targeted messages that match the user’s needs and check how visitors are interacting with them. (FVM)

Dropbox Home
Dropbox Home

Three-quarters of most online minutes are spent on mobile devices.

In the world where you can learn about the latest digital marketing innovations from the Internet, business start-ups have all the chances to succeed in online entrepreneurship. Find out about the best working web design practices from 2020 stats. 

Today, smartphones generate 52.2% of all website traffic. In addition, the majority of businesses (68%) that created mobile-first websites in time have seen a significant increase in their sales. Note that it’s not about the quantity of mobile traffic, but rather about the quality of your unique UX layouts in both mobile and desktop design environments. (Finances Online)

50% of eCommerce revenue is generated through mobile traffic.

The importance of mobile designs is more relevant than ever. In today’s social media landscape, everyone’s using their smartphones all the time. Not only do smartphones are driving all growth in web traffic, but they also dominate most of online shopping today. Businesses do not even realize they live in the best times for internet marketing. Here again, to be sure you are doing well, make your mobile browsing experience as excellent as desktop. (UK Web Host Review)

47% of visitors go to the products/services page before surfing other areas of a site.

These essential web design stats shed light on how to make the most of your web design strategies and draw your attention to other features that need improvement. If you are doing business over the internet, you would definitely want your customers to view these pages first. When scrolling e-commerce sites, visitors generally look for product information, availability, size charts, delivery and shipping costs, and so on. To ensure your products and services page is accessible, brief, and contains the right long-tail keywords, you can check your site at different screen resolutions.  (John Kramer Marketing)


We hope that you’ve learned something from these statistics, and will use our advice when creating your own design inspiration. Indeed, great content plays an equally important role in driving your website leads, but as the number of smartphone users grows, businesses should put all their efforts into optimizing their sites for mobile and developing design solutions that will best satisfy their clients.  

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