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Why Voice Search is Where the Puck is Going for Digital

Why Voice Search is Where the Puck is Going for Digital

Many advertisers see the struggle of riding the next tech wave as a means of sustaining their competitive position in the market. We are now at the threshold of the discovery of new marketing techs and strategies. One of the next-generation marketing advances is the New Voice search feature which has already transformed the way advertisers get people to know, value, trust, and ultimately buy products. 

In this article, we will consider the major benefits of smart speaker advertising that will help brands establish a unique audio branding. 

The ever-changing social media landscape is primarily determined by features related to information and interactivity. However, it won’t be for long because these days people tend to prefer voice to text search. It makes total sense because, according to the statistics, the typing speed of an average human is 50 wpm, while an average speaking rate is 150 wpm. 

Voice Search
Voice Search

Specifically, Gen Z and Millennials differ from the older generation in the matter. As is well known, voice and video calls and voice messages remain the most preferred medium of communication of today’s youth. The reason for this is the ability of visual and audiovisual content to provide real-life interaction experience that stimulates our physical and chemical processes. 

According to Comscore research, 55% of all web searches will be voice-based by 2021. Moreover, it is estimated that nearly 30% of search results will be done with screen-free devices. 

And there is more. Google suggests that voice searches are more likely to be “action queries” than typed searches. Essentially, “instant searching” on desktop devices may signal that people are looking for general info, while voice-based mobile queries indicate people who have very clear intent to use the info for specific purposes. 

As we can see, oral communication is spreading, but what impact will it have on social media? To examine the global voice search phenomenon, let’s take a closer look at the likes of HearMeOut, an audio social media platform that focuses on 42-second voice recordings. 

HearMeOut: The Voice-Based Social Network 

HearMeOut has successfully collaborated with the Connected Car space, which makes a perfect fit for the platform that seeks to get a big market share by providing ultimate in-vehicle communication service. With in-house voice assistant devices being on the move, it seems like the next logical move.  

Above all, voice is starting to dominate the advertising industry. More and more users appear to be amenable to voice-based advertising. Obviously, old static banner ads have become a pretty simple means of advertising since they do not attract large globalized customers.

With the advent of voice ads, promoting the brand’s product has become an art for marketing specialists. As a result, they had begun a fierce competitive rivalry in an attempt to contend with new advertising trends by approaching new interactive voice ads functionalities. 

Let’s proceed with the key advantages of voice search and how it fuels the continued advertising of global well-established companies. 

Clearly Spoken

Voice messaging is perceived as a more personal and thus more effective way of digital communication than text-based content. The reason for this may be that the voice message conveys more information about a person transmitting it e.g. your voice tone and volume can dramatically affect the intended meaning of a message. 

Therefore, to smartly deliver the idea of an ad, marketers need to consider other indispensable factors that enhance effective communication; the advertising content needs to have soft and attractive voice qualities. The art of selecting the right voice-over artist with distinguishable verbal features such as pitch, accent, intonation, and rhythm is a very important skill that marketing experts need to acknowledge to compete against each other for customers. 

The Long Tail Keyword

Voice searchers can be typically described as a three to five keyword long inquiry that begins with “what”, “who” or “how” question words. Taking into consideration this factor, the advertisers need to examine and determine the structure of most common web inquiries and their specific parts.

When an advertiser is carefully planning what content to advertise and adheres to long-tail search phrases e.g. “Buy Breathable Sneakers”, he/she can more precisely forecast the searcher’s intent and adjust the content to consumer-specific preferences. 

Featured Snippets

If you master the art of creating targeted and unique content that will trigger your ad to appear alongside search results, the chances that your product will be an answer to voice searches are very high. To achieve this goal, you have to conduct keyword research to create an ad that fully resembles the content that people enter in search engines. By means of the latest AI technologies, you can track and detect the queries people use to search for a product and advertise your service\product accordingly. 

Keeping Up with Expectations

In today’s tech landscape, the idea of voice becoming an indispensable multi-complex integration seems logical and necessary. According to Google stats, the main types of voice search inquiries can be divided into the following categories: 30% general information, 27% personal assistant, 22% local information, and 21% entertainment. 

To achieve their ultimate marketing goals, advertisers need to examine the user behavior as well as have access to a variety of user information corresponding to his/her preferences and dislikes; this way marketing professionals can provide their target customers with equivalent content. The process of keyword research implies being ahead of the potential consumers and keeping “one’s hand on pulse” in case a consumer bypasses your ad in favor of another. 

How to Optimize for Voice Search

In this section, we will talk about the important strategies every marketer needs to implement for effective advertising. The following information will be useful for marketing experts. 

When you pose a command to a voice assistant, they usually will go through your featured snippets of search history, – these are search results that are stored in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It’s crucial to understand why you need to start caring about On-SERP SEO so that you can enhance your content in correspondence with featured snippets. 

The following list contains expert tips on organizing your content creation process using Voice Search SEO:

  • Design a service/product-relevant content 
  • Arrange it in a question-answer format 
  • Improve your ad content quality 

In the nearest future, featured snippets will play a decisive role in SEO analysis thanks to their simplified functionality e.g. you don’t need to click anything to view the lists. 

Voice Search SEO
Voice Search SEO

The semantics of Search Will Change

The way users search for specific information differs in terms of how they “build” inquiries. It is a common practice of typing in Google search “Brooklyn weather”, as well as switching on to a more formal version “What is the weather in Brooklyn?” instead when voice searching. Generally, users are more likely to pose questions that are prioritized in high-volume search queries. To succeed, marketers need to conduct a deep SEO analysis to reconsider the key phrases and measure marketing objectives. 

The best way is to use long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy and learn what consumers feel and value about your brand. Businesses will have to imbue their products/services in consideration with the tone of voice of advertising, idea of brand, content and deliverance.   that will comply with voice search and eventually lead to high website traffic and generate leads.

Local business is voice search king

Back in 2015, the number of mobile searches was dramatically bigger than that of desktop searches. This has given rise to statistics we observe today. 

Indeed, voice assistants can be especially helpful as they contain reliable in-program answers to a vast number of questions. They can give you access to SEO-optimized information with local results and the ability to select and note them.

If your client wants to incorporate voice assistant, they would need a great SEO-optimization for local search purposes; you can help your local businesses with managing their online listings so they can concentrate on more important things like identifying other emerging trends in voice search statistics. Make sure that the reference data you provide features high accuracy levels – GPS (Location and Scale)  – and thus ensures a « trusted» online source.

Final thoughts 

The voice capabilities and search could be the next biggest marketing trend soon as users become more accustomed to this way of finding information online. Marketers, for their part, should adhere to the new trend and figure out the best approaches for website optimization; once they conduct an in-depth SEO-analysis to identify the business’s current audience, they can proceed with conversion strategies for improving consumer’s affiliation to the brand. As a result, local businesses get a well-designed social content that works best to get engagement and positions the brand’s voice and status in the market. 

As technology evolves with new interactive breakthroughs and breaks down the barriers between brands and consumers, we should learn its intricacies to better optimize the development of businesses to higher overall sustainability. We hope that this article has helped you form the picture of the beneficiary of voice integration today and learn about the essential marketing tricks and advents to comply with the new shift of IT.

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