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Offshore Web Development

Ways Offshore Web Development Can Improve Your Business

The website of the company is its face which helps to sell a particular product or service and tell the world about the business. Due to this reason, it is essential to hand the website development over to the professionals. 

Web developers are the experts who deal with the structure of the website and the backend of the site or application. Despite the fact that the set of skills of web developers and designers often looks similar, the designer’s role is different and focuses mostly on the look of the product. 

What is offshore web development?
Offshore Web Development

What is offshore web development?

The businesses tend to outsource website development to other companies. Offshore web developers offer a wide range of benefits. Offshore custom software development is also called offshore custom software engineering. This profession helps to maintain different kinds of software applying different technologies used in IT. Offshore website development often uses various fields of knowledge related to information technology like mathematics and project management.

The technological services offered by offshore web development include:

  • product architecture and designing;
  • finding intranet and Internet solutions;
  • testing and coding through the development of SaaS;
  • web development with MySQL and PHP;
  • project management;
  • providing specialized services like Web 2.0.

Need for offshore development

Businesses are looking for new ways to expand their influence on the market. The online marketplace is defined by the products that have entered the scene which are laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This triggers a need for the application developer who will code up the apps that will be useful for the company’s market strategy. However, this is not a one-fits-all solution. That is how the offshore developer’s profession has emerged.

The offshore developers usually have rich professional experience, a specialized set of skills and expertise in the specific field. These are the reasons why the companies prefer to choose the offshore web developer over the full-time developer. The four major technological bases in the world are the UK, USA, Canada, and the Gulf where the companies tend to hire offshore developers to build their applications.

Offshore development
Offshore development

Benefits of hiring offshore developers

Remote job opportunities

The pandemic of COVID-19 created a new environment for businesses where the companies need to adapt their schemes of work to the current realities. Some people are more adapted to working remotely than others. The outsourcing partners are used to indirect communication with the clients without physical presence. In comparison, full-time developers often stick to the office job with fixed hours, a sense of organization, and a clear chain of command.

So, the first benefit of employing the offshore specialists for developing your website or application is their ability to work remotely and past experience in telecommuting which is of high relevance to the employers now.

Reduction of costs

Building the application or website is a project work so you do not necessarily need to hire a full-time developer. It is a good opportunity to save costs on salaries, benefits, and fees for workers. The calculated prices often help to save costs. 

Business owners can find qualified workers from Eastern Europe, Asia, or Latin America for the lesser costs comparing to hiring the freelancer or staff member from the United States or Western Europe. However, you need to be alert if the employees’ salaries are too low. There is a risk to face a low-quality work or additional fees for the extended timelines of the project. 

Skillful and experienced professionals

The website reflects the condition of your business, so it should be of high quality. The customers will not take into account the number of accolades you received or the number of years you are on the market. If the website is unprofessional and inconvenient, you would probably lose the clients and sales. 

If you choose to outsource the website development, it means you are entrusting the project in the hands of the skilled experts. The offshore web developers often have a high degree of professionalism and plenty of experience to help your business stand out from the competition.

Time effectiveness

Hiring the outsource developers or company for developing your website or application often means that you can free your staff and help them focus on the other priority tasks. The outsourcing team may build your online presence while the full-time developers would be developing the application for your business. 

Offshore companies are focused on meeting the requirements of the employers, so you can be at ease about the quality of the project because it will be in safe hands. In addition, the offshore web developers are not involved in the other projects of your company, so they will not be distracted by the problems that are not related to their tasks. They will pay attention only to the important tasks they are dealing with at the moment, so you will achieve satisfying results. 

No infrastructure required

One more benefit of outsourcing is the ability to do without providing special resources to the employees because they already have them in place. You do not need to offer management, training, equipment, or software. Moreover, if you are addressing the external provider of web development services with his own resources and staff, the project will require a lesser degree of control and involvement on your part. The offshore web developers may even provide their help and consultation on the improvement of your website as the international contractors. 

24/7 communication

There a wide range of tools for remote communication including Zoom, Slack, and email. These tools are very useful for keeping in touch with your remote employees and tracking the state of your project. The outsourcing companies are usually focused on meeting the needs of their customers remotely, so they will provide you with immediate responses. 

If you are looking for constant communication, you may search for the outsourcing company located in the same time zone as your online business. This approach will help you to receive reports about the project faster. For instance, if your company is located in the United States, you may look for the offshore website developers in Latin America. In the case of Eastern Europe, it is better to look for business partners in Western Europe. 

How to make a competitive product
How to make a competitive product

Competitive product

Offshore developers have not only technical expertise and skills but can offer innovative abilities that help to make a product of high quality. When you start partnering with the outsource web developers, they can take a fresh look at your product and make it even better than you pictured before. The task of the offshore developers begins from giving the specification to the software, coding, and testing that leads to the creation of a competitive product. Thus, when the product is introduced in the market, it brings significant revenue. 

In addition, the outsourcing companies often provide search engine optimization services which help to introduce the new visitors, increase sales, and achieve your business goals. 

Efficient and profitable business

Offshore developers create the software for intranet and extranets. The software created by the developers helps to maintain the data. Web applications are useful for receiving the best web content. Also, the apps help to manage new articles, publish blogs, and run online shops. The software is helpful in operating businesses by developing a weblog system, shopping cart, content management system, product catalog, and photo gallery. 


Hiring offshore web developers has many advantages for your business. These are the high quality of services, experience, time- and cost-effectiveness. While choosing the offshore web developer you need to take into account some important options.

The most important thing is the interview with future potential employees. You need to examine the portfolio and recommendations carefully. The social media pages are also essential while choosing the perfect candidates. When you are analyzing a portfolio, try to test the features and construction of each website instead of the cursory glance.

You might begin your partnership with the low-stakes project. If the employee’s work satisfies your requirements at this stage, you might shift to the larger projects. If the cooperation turns out to be successful, you could have a lasting partnership.

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