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Ways to Improve Your Web Design to Increase Sales

The key to success of any Internet project is its design and usability. Whatever the results of website promotion, you will always receive minimal returns from it if it is not convenient and does not inspire the confidence of visitors. Therefore, before ordering services to promote the site, we strongly recommend that you consult a specialist in site design, which will significantly increase sales.

Website design

A good site generates an endless stream of leads and sales in the long run. Design is the first thing a client sees, a starting point in a chain of big sales.

Nowadays, such a thing as design is unlikely to raise a question from someone. For our part, we want to highlight the main points in the design of the site that characterize it as high-quality:

  • Uniqueness. Personally, we are categorically against ready-made templates and would not undertake such a project.
  • Identifiability. The site design should reflect the direction of the company and consistent with the corporate identity.
  • Attractiveness. It is determined by many necessary conditions. The graphic part must be performed at a high level. Texts must be imposed carefully. Pages are recommended to be layout in the same style on a predetermined grid.

Stay unique, stay cool

The main task in developing the site design is to inspire the confidence of visitors, which is why a professional designer should be able to deal with them, who can outline the topics of your business.

increase sale

If you are offered site development on a ready-made template, paid or free, do not agree to this. Remember, a design must be unique and recognizable in the first place.

What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

CRO is a set of actions that aim to increase the percentage of the users who execute the desired action. It’s a process and has many stages and components. 

What is a conversion?

In general terms, the conversion is having a visitor who has done the desired action. This term usually is shown by percentage. the whole is the number of all of your visitors and the variable is the number of visitors who have done the wanted task, 

there are two types of conversion based on the types of the desired tasks:

  • micro-conversion: when the desired task is something to reach a bigger goal, it’s called micro-conversion. this can be signing up to an email list, creating an account, etc.
  • macro conversion: It depends on the purpose of your website. If you have an online shop, your primary goal is to sell your stuff. So, the macro conversion here is to make visitors buy your product. 

What is a conversion rate and how to calculate it?

Conversion rate refers to the ratio of total visitors to visitors who take the desired action/s.

To calculate this ratio you need to have the exact number of your sessions and the exact number of times that the visitors have done the task. The number of the let’s say purchases, for example, divided by the number of sessions, gives you the conversion rate.

If your landing page has 1500 visitors per month and 15 of them have purchased, the conversion rate would be 15/1500 = 1%.  

Of course, it’s just an example. There are many other ways to calculate the rate based on how your website works. Some websites’ desired goal is just to have visitors, so, they don’t need to check if the user buys anything or not. 

Is CRO related to SEO?

Well, not directly, but yes, it does. 

Here are some examples in which CRO helps SEO:

  • Enhanced ROI (Return On Investment)

CRO helps you have more advantages than what you already have. So, it means you can make more money without investing more money in advertising. So, you’ll have more money to invest in SEO. 

  • Better customer insight

CRO helps you get closer to your customer and understand his/her needs. It enables you to send the right message for them and get more interactions. 

  • Improved user experience

When the user feels your website is smart, it makes them feel smart, too. It’s all because of the power of human-like interaction. After the feeling is created, the following consequence is that the user tends to like your website and stick around.

How to improve CRO?

Improved CRO helps you in many ways. So, let’s have a look at some points where CRO can be justified to perform better. 

UI/UX design

The main factor to make a successful landing page is the design. A well-designed page aims to make it usable and user engaging. It also should consider Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. So, a designer should keep an eye on some factors when designing to get the best results. Some of these factors are strategic marketing goals, value proposition, buyer personas, input data, etc. 

Let’s have a look at some of these factors.

Value Proposition

Your landing page should show your value proposition. A value proposition is a sentence that demonstrates the value of your products or services. But not all the value propositions have the quality to deliver this job. They better be formed using these tips:

  • These sentences should explain why people should buy from you instead of the other competitors.
  • It also should describe what are the benefits of your product compared to other similar products.

When somebody reads the sentences, s/he should clearly understand how your product or service will solve the customer’s problem

Strategic marketing goals

Before designing a landing page, the designer must be aware of your marketing goals. This factor can determine many things and elements in designing. For example, if it’s about getting the customer’s email, the design is different from when your objective is to sell something. 

Buyer persona

A buyer persona is a profile that is created based on some research. This profile includes many characteristics of your ideal customer such as their interests, activities, hobbies, etc. having the information helps the designer have a better understanding of the customer and what s/he likes to see. So, knowing these, the designer can create something special cart for the customer. It helps the customer feel at home and it’s the best thing that can happen to your landing page. 

Business goal and the designer role

The designer is a bridge between the customer and the business. He is supposed to make an interacting channel for these two parts. And his tool to make it happen is just some codes. The designer tries to translate what the business wants to show to get what the business wants from the customer. So, it’d be best if the designer understands his role in the mechanism to make something that pushes the customer to do the desired actions. If the designer clearly knows about the specified objrctives, he can perform much better. 

Good design is something, being perfect is something else

But it’s not the whole of the story. There are other things that we should care about while designing a website. Let’s check some of the most important factors that can make your website a better tool to sell your services or products:

  • Keep it simple: Some people believe if you offer so many products are services on the homepage, you’re more successful in selling. I want you to allow me to disagree with this. Because when you suggest a few products on your homepage that contain more description and details about the products, the customer can focus on those products. It also helps your company to be more ready to answer questions about those bold products. 
  • Using crucial media: adding videos to your landing page can result in a dramatic increase in conversion. It’s all because our brains process visual information 60000 times faster than text. You may have noticed that you can get information from videos really better than texts. So, you can use videos to transfer data faster and more efficiently.
  • Utilities live chat: the purpose of any activity on your website should give your brand a more human-like behavior. What can make your website more human-like than real-time chat?

This tool can answer your customers’ possible questions and also give them the sense of being supported.

  • Address objections: keep everything simple and clear. For this, you have to address any objections or questions that may not be directly answered through the content. Keep in mind that you want to keep up with your customers, not your competitors. Make sure that everything is easily accessible; not just for you or someone with your information, but someone who doesn’t know anything about your business. 
  • Try making little differences for good: thinking about increasing your conversion rates, you might be surprised if you try very little things like texts on call-to-action buttons. You can also no try different headlines at the top of your traffic-heavy landing pages. You can also try to replace new images with old ones. Try all the possible changes and choose the best of them.


In addition to design, usability, which is directly related to it, has a large role in sales. Usability includes such concepts as: usability of the site, conveying the necessary information to visitors, useful services.

For each site, one of the most important roles is its navigation. The menu should be noticeable, convenient and cross-browser. It is advisable to accompany navigation with graphic elements. It is also recommended to use the path on the site when the user has the opportunity to go back.

Clear and convenient navigation, useful site tools, highlighting important information, this is what makes the Internet project successful.

Top 6 Ways To Increase Sales With Improved Web Design

1. Responsive design

A good responsive website design will help you increase sales for your business. Responsive design will allow your site to adapt to any device. Therefore, if a consumer visits your site using a smartphone, the responsive design ensures that your site adapts to a smaller screen or to a larger one if you access it from a laptop or computer.

According to statistics, 37% of users often buy on mobile responsive sites, so you should consider integrating responsive design into your site.

2. Outstanding CTA

To increase sales through web design, you also need to focus on CTA (Call to Action).

When, after familiarizing themselves with your product or service, visitors want to take the next step and purchase it, they will search for the CTA button. If your calls to action do not stand out on the page or do not tell your audience how to proceed, then you can skip sales.

Having a convenient website design, your CTAs will stand out on the page and provide detailed information about what happens when they click the button. Therefore, instead of calling for action labeled “Click here,” you can use a more descriptive option, such as “Click here to sign up for a free trial!”

By developing calls to action that are easy to find and attract your audience, you will get more consumers who click on them, which will lead to increased sales for the business.

3. Quality images

If you want to increase sales, focus on using high-quality visual elements. They play an important role in attracting an audience to a page.

You run the risk of pushing the audience away from participating in your site if you have different blocks of text on the page and you even have nothing to separate them from. Walls of text can be overwhelming, forcing users to bounce off your site.

Moreover, if your images are of poor quality, your visitors will not be able to see them. This can negatively affect their impression of your site and may even make consumers perceive your site as unreliable.

Good web design includes high-quality visual effects that will help improve the user experience. You can use videos, photos or graphics to add a visual part to your site.

4. Organized navigation

Using organized navigation, visitors can more easily and quickly find your services or products, which will increase the likelihood of their sale.

It will be much more convenient for your visitors to find relevant information if you organize everything correctly. Use broad categories and create appropriate subcategories below them.

5. Empty space

Many business companies make the mistake of filling their entire site with visual effects or information. Such an overload of the website can make it more overwhelming and distracting for your audience.

Empty space is the basis of good design, which allows you to have a clean site and focus your audience on important information.

6. Website Acceleration

Did you know that slow sites bring $ 2.6 billion in annual losses?

If your website does not load quickly, then you risk skipping sales. But with web design, you can improve download times and increase your company’s sales.

To see the current loading time of your website, you can enter your URL in Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and see the current loading time of your website. If your site does not meet the requirements, you can take advantage of Google’s offers and try to improve your site so that it loads faster.

How website design affects user behavior

Many site owners are not sure what matters to their audience in the context of web design. Others simply do not understand whether it is worth updating the web platform and how appropriate such a step is. This is natural, since terabytes of profile information that search engines give out on this issue can only be studied and processed by the same robots.

How website design affects user behavior

Design and layout

  • 48% of people called site design the number one factor in deciding whether to trust a business;
  • 2/3 of people prefer to read a beautifully designed article than plain text;
  • 38% of people will stop studying the site if the content seems to them unattractive;
  • the owner of the web resource has 10 seconds to convey important information about the platform and leave the right impression about it; if this is not done or done over a longer period of time, they will leave;
  • web design overloaded with ad units, colorful fonts and inappropriate images is no better – three-quarters of visitors click the return button after going to this page.

The appearance of the pages is of utmost importance to users. Imagine that you are inspecting a new house or apartment that you intend to purchase or rent. If it looks like a dump or is outdated, what is the likelihood that you will go to view another object?

It’s not that this is the only factor that is important for users, it makes them feel comfortable and creates a certain confidence in the resource. This does not mean that you need the chips and fantastic graphics that are available on reliable corporate sites to establish trusted contacts. But it is very important that you constantly update your site and keep it in excellent condition.

Page Download Speed

  • many users form their opinion about the site in terms of page loading speed; they only need 0.5 seconds to do this;
  • 47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less;
  • 39% of people, as a rule, stop interacting with the site if the images do not load or start to load for more than 8 seconds.

Users are becoming more advanced every day. They want to satisfy their needs in an instant and know that most sites will load quickly. If loading the page takes too much time, they simply leave it and move on to the next one in the search results.

If you want a web resource to be in demand, first make sure that you can attract the user’s attention as quickly as possible, and immediately inform him that they will find exactly what they are looking for on your site. With PageSpeed, you can check the loading speed of your site.

Contact Information

  • 47% of site visitors check the company’s products and services page before viewing other sections of the site;
  • after visiting the company’s homepage 64% of users want to see contact information;
  • 44% of site visitors will leave the site if they do not find the feedback form, mail, phone or other contact information.

The content of your site is of utmost importance to users. They want to be able to quickly and easily find the information they need. Do not use “sheets” of text, break it into paragraphs and semantic blocks. Also, set visual accents, use lists, quotes, tables, and other formatting attributes. You need to divide the content into small parts, the contents of each of which will be clear from the header. This will give users a sense of control over the process and significantly save their time.

Adaptive design

  • 62% of companies that developed their sites for mobile platforms increased sales after launch;
  • 40% of people will choose another site in the search if the one they visited is not suitable for viewing from mobile devices;
  • 48% of users believe that if the company’s website is not adapted for viewing on mobile gadgets, this can be considered as a lack of customer care, which negatively affects consumer confidence;
  • 2 out of 3 minutes spent on the Internet, users use mobile devices;
  • 90% of people constantly use screens of different resolutions.

As mobile technology evolves, users are increasingly interacting with mobile sites. Although laptops and desktop computers are still in demand, smartphones are quickly catching up with them, and in some segments they are already ahead.

Make sure that the mobile site is not only functional, but also attractive. It’s not enough just to fill it with content. Analyze the interests of the target audience, think about how users interact with smartphones, laptops, tablets and make the necessary changes to make browsing as comfortable as possible.

Some tips to make the most of it

Let’s talk about other things that design can help you with.

Bring them back

It’s really easier to sell your products to your current customers than to attract new customers. There are many ways to stay in touch with your existing customers, but we’re going to talk about just two of them which are widely common. The first one is through remarketing ads the second one is email campaigns. 

remarketing ads aim to bring your previous visitors back. It means the only people who will get these remarketing ads are those who have visited your website before. Hopefully, there must be a reason that they have checked your website before so there’s still a chance that they still need something there. 

Having a compelling design combined with their special offer helps you to stick to the visitor’s mind when s/he is back.

Another thing you can do with designing is to design a template for an email and tell your previous customers that you miss them. It really works and you will see it. But be wise with choosing the words and shapes.

And the last thing: make them trust you

It is important to make a usable website with a very fascinating design, but having just these two won’t help you if you are not known as a trusted business by your customers. 

When you’re designing a website make sure that there are specific spaces for your customers to leave their comments about your products. 

When people see that other people have shared their thoughts about a product it encourages them to share their opinions, too. It’s a sign that somebody has walked through this route and it makes other people more confident about buying it.

But there are some tips that you might need to know before designing somewhere for the customers’ opinions and comments:

  • These parts shouldn’t make call-to-action buttons unseen or overshadowed.
  • If it is possible, ask your customers to add pictures to their profile (at least one) to make it easier to relate with the quote and the person.
  • Don’t forget that not every font is suitable for your website. Consider the character of your business that you want to show to your customers and choose a font based on that character. It of course will help your website to be more trusted.


Your website is one of the most important channels to interact with your customers and sell your product to them. If your website doesn’t won’t look good, your business doesn’t look good. But it’s not just about the look, it’s important that the website is working and it’s easy to use.

By excusing some small changes on your website, you can form an eye-catching increase in your sales.

But if it doesn’t look good or takes a long time to load there’s something wrong. And when there is something wrong you cannot sell satisfyingly.


  • How long does it take to build a website?

We don’t really know. It depends and what you want. If you need a mega site with more than 1000 pages of course it will take more time than creating a text-based website with less than 10 pages. But the average time for an average website is 14 weeks; 3 weeks for discovery, 6 weeks for design, 3 weeks for initial development, and 2 weeks for modification.  

  • Why should we redesign our website?

Life is an ever-changing concept so changes are always welcome.

You may have many reasons for designing your website but the answer is always yes, it can be redesigned. These changes should aim to get better results. You may need more visitors or you may want to sell more using this platform. So, why not?

  • Some people use WordPress to create or develop their websites. What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free website designing platform that provides flexibility in functionality everyone would love. 

  • Can we migrate your website to press?

Yes, you can. But you should check about SEO concerns to keep previous customers and make yourself easier to find

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