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Why email marketing is important? Emails Are Dead?

Why email marketing is important? Emails Are Dead?

Email is a big part of our lives as individuals, professionals and even consumers. Think about how many people do you know without an email address? There is a high probability that you can count these people on the one hand.

Email marketing is important because it is a cost-effective way to reach a huge number of consumers. It is a very affordable way to approach the clients, which allows personalizing messaging and adapt them based on customer actions. According to the Radicati Group, as of 2019, more than half of the world’s population uses email. It is expected that by 2023 this figure will increase to more than 4.3 billion people. A Pew Research study also shows that 92% of adults in the United States use email, and 61% of these email users are checking and sending emails on an average day.

Consumers Prefer Email

The reason number one why email marketing is important is that consumers prefer email. Most small businesses operate with limited marketing budgets, meaning that they are not able to waste time on marketing tactics that will not fit well with their target market. Email also provides a professional and direct environment that allows businesses to reach their leads and customers. Moreover, most consumers prefer to communicate with brands via email. The most likely reason is that it is permission-based. The people on your list have signed up because they want to receive updates from you. They are interested in learning more about your brand, including your promotions and discounts.

This alone makes email marketing an important and effective strategy for reaching consumers. One Sherpa marketing study reports that 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional emails. You may be wondering why consumers prefer to receive brand updates via email. Here are just a few reasons why email marketing works so well with today’s consumer:

  • It’s personal. Today’s consumers are bombarded with marketing messages, and they tend to respond best to personalized and relevant ones. With this marketing strategy, you can personalize your messages and content based on customer preferences and purchasing patterns. Email marketing makes it easy to deliver the most relevant offers and content for consumers.
  • It is convenient. Having access to email directly on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices most consumers find this type of connection very convenient. Consumers can not only stay in touch with their favorite brands, wherever they are, but they can easily use any coupon codes or other special offers directly from their devices.
  • It is instant. Consumers like the opportunity to receive last-minute exclusive offers and deals. Emailing campaigns allows small businesses to instantly and directly inform users about sales and promotions so than they can take advantage of the opportunity to save.

Email marketing is economical and cost-effective

No matter what new strategies or tactics appear in the next few years in the world of digital marketing, one thing will always remain the same. Companies must find tactics that allow them to maximize their marketing budgets while achieving common goals. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies that you can use to attract and engage your target audience. It is easy, efficient and inexpensive. Although traditional marketing tactics, such as advertising on television or in print, as well as direct mail, can be quite expensive considering all the fees, the cost of email marketing is very small. Depending on your internal resources, you may need to hire help to create email content, and most businesses also pay for using email marketing automation services, which make effective email marketing less time-consuming. However, these costs are quite minimal compared to buying, adding space, or paying for printing and sending promotional materials to potential customers and customers.

Email marketing helps to reach more mobile consumers

most popular activities on mobile

We can not talk about mobile marketing when it comes to the importance of email marketing. The number of consumers using mobile applications that support emails daily continues to grow. Scientists predict that the number of global mobile phone users this year is expected to exceed five billion. With this in mind, businesses need to find ways to better engage with mobile consumers if they want to remain competitive in the digital market. Because two-thirds of emails are read on smartphones or tablets, email marketing is an effective tactic to promote business and reach consumers who use their mobile devices. Think about it, how many times per day do you check your phone for emails or other messages? Every time a consumer checks their phone, it presents a new opportunity for the brand to reach and engage that consumer. While some marketing tactics are simply not built to attract mobile devices, email marketing offers businesses many opportunities to get their message out to mobile users. If you want to make your email marketing more effective, there are a few things you can use to improve mobile emails: 

  • Keep it simple. Use a clean and simple email design that can be displayed well on a smaller screen. Start with a responsive template that you know your audience will open and read on their mobile devices.
  • Limit your images. Image is a great way to engage your consumers. However, you should limit the number of images in emails. Uploading too many images can take a long time, and larger images may even not appear on a smaller screen without scrolling.
  • Optimize your text. You should pay attention not only to the images, that you use in your emails, but you also need to be aware of your text. You need to make it easy to read and scroll on the smaller screen of mobile devices. Make sure the message gets to the point immediately and avoid using long paragraphs.
  • Use the CTA buttons. When we are talking about call-to-action of your email, use the button instead of the link. Buttons are easier to click on a touch screen than a link. Make the button big enough for those who have thumbs up to easily click and move on to the next step.

It helps you to keep in touch with your audience and customers

Email marketing allows you to keep both potential new clients and existing customers informed about the last news in your business, a new assortment of products or services, promotions, etc. Besides, most of the people on your list knew about you and your business or even cooperate, so they already have a certain interest in your updates. This helps with attracting customers in general.

The email marketing process could be automated

email marketing automation

Email automation will remain the main topic of discussion regarding the importance of email marketing. Many digital marketing processes simply can’t be automated, at least not successfully. However, email marketing is well suited for automation. Automating your emails helps increase the relevance and timeliness of your campaigns. You can use triggers and workflows to automatically send messages to consumers after they take a specific action. In addition to increasing the relevance and timeliness of your campaigns, marketing automation can also help you save money and time in the process. By using automation, you don’t need to worry about waiting for the right moment to send a message, as your automation system will do that instead of you. This allows you to focus on your core business, leaving the rest of your team free to perform other important tasks.

Email marketing makes it easy to personalize content for better response rates.

The further we enter the digital age, the more personalization becomes important to consumers. Instead of getting ads for the same products as everyone else, digital consumers want marketing to be more personalized and tailored to their needs and preferences. In fact, in a study by Davidson & Company, they found that researching what your audience wants is a key factor for success in email marketing. By using triggers, mobile integration, and data collected from other platforms, enterprises can help increase the relevance of their campaign content. Email marketing makes it easy to personalize the messages and content that you deliver to subscribers. Using the data that you have gathered from your subscribers and potential customers, you can work to provide more personalized and relevant content that your readers are more likely to enjoy and act on. This can improve both your open click-through rate as well as your overall conversion rates. Simply using a consumer’s name can play a crucial role in communicating with customers and leaders. The HubSpot report shows that emails that include the recipient’s name in the subject line have a much higher click-through rate than those that use subject lines without the recipient’s name. Segmentation is one of the most effective tactics you can use to enhance the personalization of your messages and content. This is the process of dividing your list of subscribers into different groups based on common characteristics. For example, you can combine people living in a common geographical area with a similar climate into one group, while dividing those who live on the other side of the country. You can also split your listings based on subscriber interests or demographic information.

Email marketing is very affordable 

Even if some people intuitively feel that social networks (because they are free for users) are probably the cheapest marketing prospectus on the Internet, in fact, this is not so. For example, marketing on Facebook can be quite surprisingly expensive, especially for a start-up company with a limited marketing budget. Not to mention Google Adsense and similar services that might be valuable otherwise. However, in the case of email marketing, the CPA is just a penny per dollar, which of course depends on the marketing plan you choose. But in general, this is one of the most affordable ways to reach as many people as possible in a short period, and, most importantly, a steady expansion of this list. This is what marketers should focus on. In the world of digital advertising, email marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to attract a large number of customers. According to, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the return on investment is $44.

You can quickly and easily measure your email marketing efforts.

The only way to find out if digital marketing tactics work for your business is to measure results. Another reason your business needs email marketing is that email marketing metrics are easy to track and measure over time. So there are no guesses or questions about whether the tactics you are using are working or not. Using email marketing analytics, your company can see which users have opened your emails, whether they clicked on any links, or whether they took the desired action (or converted). You can also see how many people have unsubscribed from your list after opening the email. This information becomes valuable when you work on analyzing your digital marketing strategy and make adjustments for improvement. With the right email software, you can even run A/B tests that let you see which specific elements of your email messages provide the best results. For example, you can test different subject lines to see which ones lead to higher opening rates, or test different offers to see which offer influences the most conversions.

Email marketing is a better way than other tactics (social media, for example) to generate brand awareness to the next level

Since subscribing to your email updates requires a certain degree of commitment, rather than just clicking “like” on something, this gives you a better idea of how many people find out about your brand. After that, you can use this initial interest by providing exactly the type of content, updates, and information that a specific profile or segment can search for in your client base. Most often, this is what ultimately gets the transformation. Do not get us wrong, social networks or any other methods are an extremely important component of any business marketing strategy. Social media is a great channel to interact with your audience and strengthen your relationships with them. And so this is an important first step towards achieving your ultimate goal – conversion. But when it comes to turning people into customers, members or supporters, email marketing is the best way to go.

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